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RE: Handling “hard dried stuff” in the black tank ?

Unless it's the dreaded pyramid of poo...just don't worry about it. Use plenty of water when camping and worry about the beer getting warm. Magic elixirs don't break it down any faster and the next deposit and it will no longer be sanitary.
valhalla360 10/13/21 02:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What now??

I am so sorry for your loss. I counsel surviving partners frequently and advise that you make no rash decisions RE camping or anything else. It's tough but unless you are desperate for the money from selling, another vote for sit tight for at least a few months.
valhalla360 10/12/21 09:07am RV Lifestyle
RE: My water heater drain plug is metal, is that a problem?

High probability, it is also the don't want to replace the anode with a plastic plug. Something will corrode and if there is no anode, it's the tank.
valhalla360 10/12/21 09:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ever hear of this camping company? Harvest Host

They hide it because they know the host couldn't care less if you are a member or not. They get no site fee. They get nothing from the Harvest Host company other than advertising. I am sure 99.9% of the hosts would let someone stay under the exact same terms who weren't HH members. There is actually no difference to them, financially or otherwise. Only Harvest Host company has a vested interest in keeping the info secret until you join. It is their only incentive to get you to pay that $99.00. It is the only thing they offer for the $99.00. If you could get it for free, why pay? That's consistent with what I suggested and I completely understand. What rubs me the wrong way is they feel the need to feed a bunch of BS about the hosts wanting "privacy" and being "upsetting" to the hosts in their FAQ. Just be honest that it's because they don't want people who don't sign up abusing the system.: Quote from HH FAQ: Out of respect for our Hosts privacy, complete details of the Host locations are only available to members. Please understand that if we released the Host information to the general public, too many people would abuse the info, upsetting the Hosts and harming the program. We don't want to put our Hosts in the awkward position of having to turn away people who are not in the program and think they are RV locations.
valhalla360 10/11/21 12:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ever hear of this camping company? Harvest Host

It's not necessarily a scam but you misunderstand their purpose. They are not intended to provide sites for you to stay a week in the wilderness. The idea is a winery/brewer/golf course/etc... offers to let you spend the night (typically without utilities) in a field or back lot with the expectation you patronize the business. I do agree completely with your #2 issue. Why they would hide the locations makes zero sense. They give some BS answer about the businesses wanting privacy but what business wants to hide from potential customers. They indicate that your purchases are the only benefit the business receives. So my guess is hosts don't really care if you are an official member. They make the same amount if you are officially a member or not. So this is a way for the parent company to make sure you buy a membership. We considered it but decided not to join as we couldn't determine if there were sites suitable for our needs. With 1 night, it would be mostly when we were just quickly passing thru an area and if we have to drive 10-20miles off our route, it's not worth the trouble.
valhalla360 10/10/21 01:50am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Extended warranty experiences

So you don't think auto & health insurance are profit-driven industries??? LMAO! It's the difference between getting a mortgage from a bank and going to a loan shark... Both are intending to make a profit. One is abusive and uncontrolled...but as a salesman, they are great.
valhalla360 10/10/21 01:30am Truck Campers
RE: Extended warranty experiences

In all the purchases I have made since my first vehicle in 1975 I have never purchased an extended warranty. I have never regretted not doing so. Its a scam IMHO. I will not be buying one in the future either First off, just for the record, most of these are not extended "warranties", as a warranty is issued by the manufacturer. They are "service contracts", which usually have nothing to do with the original manufacturer. That being said, service contracts are purchased and serve the purchaser much like auto insurance or health insurance -- you hope you never have to use it, but if you do, you're glad it's there. Being in the automobile business for 30 years, then in the Real Estate business for another 12 years, I have seen many, many of these service contracts pay out hundreds of thousand dollars to purchasers over the years, and I have had scores of auto buyers and home buyers share stories with me of how happy they were that they made such a purchase. So is it a scam? No more than your auto insurance or health insurance is a scam. The difference is auto/health insurance is heavily regulated (and still problematic). These are profit making schemes that have very little to do with protecting the buyer. You could as easily point to lottery winners and say the lottery is a great way to get rich...ignoring the horrible odds.
valhalla360 10/09/21 06:42am Truck Campers
RE: An Australian Class C liked by Lazydays

Ruins one of the big advantages of a cab over design where you can move the cab completely clear to get great access standing next to the engine. No Off Road Cabover Motorhomes which need more maintenance than any other Motorhome, have only a portal. Pusher Class A's have similar access. Didn't say they needed "more" maintenance...just that a cab over that can flip up out of the way makes maintenance much easier as you can walk up and stand next to the engine. Grew up with vans and it was a pain getting to much of the engine.
valhalla360 10/09/21 03:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Extended warranty experiences

I don't rhink it's a scam - I just think they don't care enough to return your money promptly. I'm betting they were hoping you eventually forgot about it and went away. These plans are like 30-40% profit for the dealer. If they cancel it, they have to give back that 30-40% profit. I expect the next response will be since it didn't get processed within 30 days, there is nothing they can do. (total BS but I give it about 80% chance as their next response)
valhalla360 10/09/21 03:03am Truck Campers
RE: An Australian Class C liked by Lazydays

Class C uses an existing front truck body (typically from a van) with the house custom made by the MH manufacturer. Class A the MH manufacturer builds both the house and the cockpit enclosure all as one structure. Looks like this one uses a cabover truck retaining the cab, so it would technically be a Class C. I assume the cab can't flip forward for easy engine access based on the pictures. No engine access is in a portal section in the Cab like other Cabover Motorhomes Ruins one of the big advantages of a cab over design where you can move the cab completely clear to get great access standing next to the engine.
valhalla360 10/08/21 07:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fresh water tank drain.

There should be a plastic pipe coming down from the tank bottom. On most it's relatively small (1/2" pipe) Empty would be my preferred option. If you don't drain it, you do want to put in antifreeze but it will take a good amount to dilute the water in the tank and then you will have to fill and drain several times in the spring to get the taste out. Our current trailer has a really nice setup. They fit it from the factory with a 1.5inch blade valve (similar to the gray water drain but white and clearly labeled for fresh water use). A quick pull of the handle and the fresh water tank quickly drains with no tools needed.
valhalla360 10/08/21 03:51am Beginning RVing
RE: Tonneau Cover

You might want to reconsider soft covers with the tri-fold. I've had the old snap/velcro/slot type and yes, they have some serious drawbacks. We've had a newer tri-fold soft cover and it solves a lot of the issues: - 2-3min to install or remove completely. - You can fold up the back two sections if you don't need the entire bed uncovered (takes just a minute). - So far stays dry. Had it for about 1.5yrs so far and very happy. The only thing we'll have to see is how it holds up long term but at $200, I could replace it 3 times over for the cost of hard cover.
valhalla360 10/08/21 03:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Air compressors

I bought a PorterCable 3 gallon unit from Home Depot. Pumps to 150 psi. Works great for me for tires and small jobs. My tires run 110 psi. Not running 100psi but that's what we have and seems to do fine.
valhalla360 10/08/21 03:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: An Australian Class C liked by Lazydays

Class C uses an existing front truck body (typically from a van) with the house custom made by the MH manufacturer. Class A the MH manufacturer builds both the house and the cockpit enclosure all as one structure. Looks like this one uses a cabover truck retaining the cab, so it would technically be a Class C. I assume the cab can't flip forward for easy engine access based on the pictures.
valhalla360 10/08/21 03:37am Class C Motorhomes
RE: black tank digester

The only time I tried anything like that was when we first got our current 5er. The first time we went to dump the tanks, there was a build up in the pipe. We were not going back out for several weeks so I got a box of RidX, and put plenty of warm water down the toilet then added the RidX and parked at the storage yard for about three weeks, when we dumped when we went out the next time I saw a lot of crud go down the drain. We don't use any treatment now just lots of water. Water at any temp and 3 weeks will break a lot of the solids down. The reason people pass gas is because those microbes are already present and enjoying a good feed while in your gut. In the holding tank, they will continue to feed and multiply breaking down the solids.
valhalla360 10/07/21 09:13am General RVing Issues
RE: black tank digester

Pro: Makes you feel like you are doing something. Cons: It costs money and doesn't accomplish anything. Just use plenty of water and the tank will be fine. It's a holding tank not a digester and there are plenty of microbes in your natural deposits to digest the poo anyway.
valhalla360 10/07/21 06:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Question about freshwater tank use

As mentioned, if you never plan to use it...who cares. That said, we use the tank and pump even on full hookup. Had an experience on our boat many years ago, heard a slight hissing sound late at night. Searched it out and found the city water had sprung a pinhole leak. If it hadn't been dead silent, it would have continued for hours or days without us noticing. Running off the water tank with the pump, if there is a small leak, we will hear the pump kick over periodically alerting us that there is an issue. The RV may not sink but the floors can certainly rot out.
valhalla360 10/06/21 02:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Mount 100lb mini-split condenser to rear wall?

What's occupying your hitch carrier? Might be able to get a shop to weld up something that will hold the air/con and the bikes (?). I wouldn't trust the walls. In a house, they drill into the 2x4 studs. RVs don't have anything like that.
valhalla360 10/04/21 07:35am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Does such a Class A exist?

Toilet: Easy to swap out. Air/con: Assuming it has a separate bedroom and ducted air/con, you should be able to shut off the vents to the main living room to focus it on the bedroom. But as mentioned, it's really not a big deal Slides: They are pretty the point you will probably have to special order to find one without (or go with an older used model) Twin Beds: Don't see too many of those anymore...again, probably a special order as they will likely have to move cabinets.
valhalla360 10/04/21 07:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: simple laptop solution for RV travel

Agreed with above. If your budget is more than $400 I would look at a tablet or iPad for convenience based on the usage you described. Any cheap laptop will do the trick. Tablet versions of websites are often awkward. If there are forms to enter or other more complicated actions, the laptop is easier.
valhalla360 10/03/21 01:15pm General RVing Issues
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