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RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

Norway who in March had 58% of new car sales are EV is planning of curb wireless charging. European countries, unlike us, don't see EV vehicles as political, tree-hugger socialist plot. Just that's economical, practical and environmentally sensible. Ummm...norway sales are almost completely a political tree hugger socialist plot...the govt MANDATED EVs and heavily penalizes anyone who doesn't buy them. Funny thing is Norway can afford this political boondoggle because...get this...they sell huge amounts of that nasty oil to fund it.
valhalla360 12/06/19 12:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

BYD has produced 500,000 Bev buses. Most travel 155 miles on a charge with a battery capacity is 150 kwh. The buses range in size from 23 feet to 60 feet. These units are by no means perfect. But the operating costs are well below diesel units. Not really a comparable example. These are mostly city busses that operate at 0 to 45mph (vast majority of time under 30mph). Assuming an 8hr shift, 155miles translates to an average of just under 20mph. Aerodynamic losses are a couple orders of magnitude less than an RV running at 60mph steady and they have dedicated yards with custom charging stations to park at night. For a city bus route, yes BEV will work now and likely you will see them take over the city bus market on fuel if nothing else. A diesel bus running 8hr a day burns a lot of fuel for the cost difference diesel vs electric fuel can pay for a pretty big upcharge on the initial price. Of course, this assumes the battery packs hold up long term as these busses get far more use than your average passenger vehicle.
valhalla360 12/06/19 12:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

I think it makes sense to have the power for electric vehicles embedded in the roadways to keep the batteries charged as the vehicles drive along the road... kind of like trolley busses. LOL how many millions of miles of roadway are there in the US? Aha! There are about 4,071,000 miles of road, changing all the time of course. And figuring a conservative $100,000 a mile to electrify that would be $4,000,000,000, that 4 Trillion bucks plus operating and maintenance costs. And that does not include all the dirt an gravel roads that we like so much out west. Not to mention the fact that wireless charging is very inefficient and wastes a lot of energy. There is also the factor of voltage drop over long distances.I have thought about this alot. You would not need to wire every road. Start with the interstates, then the seconday highways and major roads. The beauty of is that with the car being constantly charged while driving, then the on board battery can be a lot smaller, as it would only be needed in residential areas. Cars could be cheaper and more efficient, and the nasty stuff in batteries would be lessened. If we ever get to 100% EV use, there will be some crashes,,, and a crash could turn into a hazmat situation real easy when two huge battery packs run into one another. Keep in mind, his estimate of 4million miles of road is sort of incorrect. If you are outfitting lanes, even small roads will have 2 lane miles per mile of roadway...freeways and arterials generally start at 4 lane miles per mile of roadway. And his estimate of $100k per lane mile is wildly low. I would be shocked if you could keep it under $500k and that's if the road is already being rebuilt. Then you have the maintenance costs. I work with traffic signal loops (essentially wires embedded in the pavement)...if the pavement isn't in top condition, it's a nightmare trying to keep sensors operational. You could expect similar with embedded power cables. Now one option would be to bury them deeper but the deeper they are the less efficient wireless charging is and the losses increase with the square of distance.
valhalla360 12/06/19 12:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

Tesla said they have a goal of installing solar panels on the roof. Yeah!!! If can now adds 50ft of range per day. I'm exaggerating a bit but run the calculations on how much power you can generate given the surface area and angle to the sun available. It's simply not a viable solution to anything.
valhalla360 12/06/19 12:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Warranty work on TT v 5r v MH

It seems to me that the MH will be more liable to have issues simply because of the complexity. If you include "tow vehicle and trailer/5th wheel", then that might change the odds. I doubt the tow vehicle changes the equation much. They build literally a million F150's per year...while there are still warranty claims, the level of quality control is much higher than a MH chassie that might see a few thousand per year. Even if you say it's 50-100k per year, they are unlikely to have the same level of quality control and then you have the chassie producer vs the final MH manufacturer working on things.
valhalla360 12/06/19 12:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Can my truck tow this?

What you are ignoring. Is the fact that with a lower gears the tow rating are increased. So what may be pushing the limits for a truck with a 3.15 rear, is well with in the limits of a truck with a 3.73 rear. The truck is rated on how it is equipped. Higher gears equals lower tow rating. Lower gears equal higher tow rating. It is simple physics. Lower gears deliver more power to the ground at lower speeds, and most important of all. From a stop. You only got one low gear / starting gear to choose from. and there is a HUGE difference in a 3.15, and a 3.73. Your TV will let you feel the difference by raising up on one side when you start off, if your gear is too high. Upper gears / 4th 5th 6th, mean nothing if first gear can't get you started. No, I'm not ignoring it. If you are trying to tow a 9k trailer with an 8k rated truck...dropping the rear end to a lower gear to get 10k rating does change things (mostly limited to hard mountain runs...not so much on sea level flat land). But no one ever suggested it was a good idea to tow over the trucks limits and expect good performance towing...the presumption is always that both trucks are within ratings and everything except the rear end is identical. Yes, gear ratios make a difference...with 10speed transmissions though, you can pick the ratio you want to get the performance you's overall gear ratios that matter for performance and for most practical purposes, they will be the same. As far as 0-60 acceleration...generally, most RVers don't do jack rabbit starts but.... If you look at the new 10 speed transmissions, 1st gear is far deeper than the old 4 speed transmissions. Example: 1990 Ford 1st gear was 2.84:1. 2019 1st gear 4.69:1...that will negate the issue you describe with needing more torque to start a truck while towing.
valhalla360 12/06/19 12:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can my truck tow this?

Is the engine the only part of the vehicle that takes a strain? Yes, the more verity of ratios in trans is better for engine. Just pulling numbers off the donkey, I don't know what would be real on a RV. If it takes 1000ft/lbs of torque at the wheel to move the load, with 4:1 rearend, the driveshaft is only carrying 250ft/lbs plus friction in rearend. But if the ratio is 2:1 the driveshaft must carry 500ft/lbs plus more friction in the rearend. And that increase in force is also applied to frame, motor mounts and more. Again, assuming you are within the tow ratings...driveshaft and everything else is designed to handle the strains in both trucks. Of course, you example is extreme...I've never seen a 2:1 rear end...certainly not put up against a 4:1 rear end in any kind of realistic scenario. With more normal comparative rear ends say 3.55 to 3.73...the extra strain and more importantly, internal friction changes are not that big to where it's likely to have a measurable impact on efficiency or parts failure. Friction will be different in the rear end but you will get an opposite effect on friction in the transmission...Net effect is likely in the range of a rounding error.
valhalla360 12/06/19 12:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Have our trucks got too much power yet?

I cant think of an application where two different displacement turbo diesels are offered in the same vehicle but the Honda Accord Sport is available with two different turbo gasoline engines of different displacement and I know the smaller engine is rated to get somewhere around 10 - 15% better fuel economy. It seems to me the Honda engines are both designed to make similar power per liter. In the example I'm talking about .... a 6.7 making 475 horse vs a 5.0 making 300 I would expect a greater spread in the low load fuel economy than in the Hondas case because the 5.0 liter can be designed with a higher compression ratio than the 6.7. You see it a lot in boats and assuming you don't use those extra horseys, they difference is typically to small to measure.
valhalla360 12/05/19 11:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Warranty work on TT v 5r v MH

If anything it's the opposite. MH's TEND to have more complicated systems and more systems equal more failures. A small simple bumper pull has the fewest system, so is least likely to need warranty work. Of course, this is TYPICAL. If you buy a stripped down small simple MH and compare it to a large fully tricked out bumper pull, you might see the opposite...
valhalla360 12/05/19 03:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Generator handling?

Yes a ramp but still not getting why you are changing. Get a 2000w unit if just charging batteries and run the 6500w unit if running the air/con. I doubt, the 4500w unit will save much if any fuel compared to the 6500w unit and when you load up the new inverter generators, they can be fairly noisy.
valhalla360 12/05/19 03:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Who has sold everything and started rving for life

We did it. But why do you want to do it and what are your resources? What is your camping experience...particularly longer term trips? Full time is a much different world and short vacations are not the same thing. DW looked into work camping a couple times...It wasn't hard work but the two she checked out were going to work out to the equivalent of $2/hr when you looked at the hours vs benefits. If you are just looking for something to keep you occupied but have sufficient financial resources...go for it. If you think you are going to completely or substantially support yourself doing it...look for another option. And as someone else mentioned: Have an exit strategy. At some point you may want or not be able to continue...what happens then.
valhalla360 12/05/19 01:11am RV Lifestyle
RE: Can my truck tow this?

My contention is that a lower gear will give you a higher tow rating / capacity, and in fact the engineers back me up with their tow capacity numbers. A 3.73 has a higher tow capacity / rating than does a 3.55. Why. Because the 3.73 can deliver more power to the ground at lower speeds. According to the engineers. The idea that rear gearing no longer matters in towing is completely wrong. If that were to be true. It would not matter what rear gear was installed in the truck. They could be using 2.15 and tow the same thing. And we all know that isn't going to happen. I can tell you having just went from a 3.55 to a 3.73. there is a world of difference. The honest truth is GM, and Ford put in high gears in most of their truck to meet the CAFE numbers mandated by the Gov. And in so doing make most of their trucks gutless. But for most customers that doesn't matter either. They are not going to use the truck to work, or tow. They just use them like a car. I have a friend that just bought a F150 with the EcoBoost, and a 3.15 rear. We were talking, and he told me. it has a low tow capacity. But he wasn't planning on towing anything any way. So it works for him. If you are pushing the truck to it's absolute towing limit...yes, a deeper rear end will increase the tow rating. But if you are within the ratings, it won't improve the towing. If you compare two trucks identical except: one with a 10k tow limit (& lower numerical rear end) and one with a 12.5k tow limit (& higher numerical rear end) and you are towing really doesn't matter with modern 8-10 gear transmissions. Basically, the transmissions will pick different gears to effect the same overall gear ratio (or at least close enough it won't be noticeable when looking at engine RPM and efficiency). This is different from the good old days of the 3 or 4 speed transmission. Yes, in those days the low numerical rear ends were about getting better MPG. Most miles ran empty and the set up the transmission around that. Problem as soon as the engine can't hold top gear...with a 4speed, you are going from say 1.00 to 1.36 or a 36% change in gear ratio (some transmissions can be upwards of 60%). That was often WAY MORE of a drop than the engine needed, so the engine would race like mad (36% increase in RPM) to keep the RPM up high enough to maintain highway speeds. By upping the rear end, the truck could hold top gear and stay at a reasonable RPM...when towing... but will run higher RPM than needed when not towing hurting MPG. But say the modern Ford 10 speed transmission, dropping from 10 to 9 goes from 0.63 to 0.68 or about a 7.5% change in gear ratio. So if the engine can't hold top gear and drops down, the engine sees a 7.5% RPM increase to hold the same speed and that will often be enough...if not, it can drop to 8 or 7 and so on but it can dial it in with small percentage changes. It can do this with either rear end, you will just see different gears being used for the same conditions but for the same speed the engine RPM and load will be within a few percentage points...the rear end simply doesn't matter if you are within the tow limits.
valhalla360 12/05/19 01:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Have our trucks got too much power yet?

^^^^ You may be right that the difference in mpg cruising down the highway might not be "that much". It would probably be 10% and overall mileage would be affected by about 15%. So in my case if I owned a smaller engine truck for 10 years I could expect to save $5500 .... I don't think it would pay for the electric axles I would want on my RV if I had the smaller engine. Going from 5.0l to 6.7l in the same truck...I would be very surprised if there was a 10% improvement. I'm thinking more like 2-3%...maybe none. Even empty both engines are far enough into their power bands that efficiency won't be greatly different.
valhalla360 12/04/19 11:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Aftermarket trailer backup assist

If you are traveling as a couple and you both have phones...just need a mount on the rear of the trailer. No need for an extra phone. My wife would be pretty upset if I mounted her on the back of the trailer, or extremely pleased depending on your definition of "mount." However that gives me an idea about where to put the mother in law, she has a phone too.... Reading comprehension...I said "need a mount"...I did not say "mount her phone permanently to the rear bumper". Kind of like the windshield mounts they have for phones...2 seconds to mount the phone and it's ready to go but you can pull it out in 2 seconds also to return it to normal service.
valhalla360 12/03/19 10:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can my truck tow this?

I'm skeptical what the "tow package" includes if your truck has 3.23 gears, by the way. A hitch receiver is not a "tow package." Get your head out of the 1970's. The days of 3-speed transmissions and needing 4.10 gears to tow an empty wheelbarrow are long gone. This truck has an 8-speed transmission with a super deep first gear, and well spaced gears between there and the double overdrive. Where you get the gear reduction is irrelevant, as long as you have it available. 3.23 is a perfectly fine towing gear. Wonder why the engineers give the lower gears a higher tow package??? Just saying. His last sentence covers the answer. If he's within the tow ratings of the truck it doesn't matter where the overall gear ratio comes from. But if he is exceeding the truck ratings, that suggests the necessary gearing is not "available" and the only way to get that without upgrading the engine or chassis is a lower rear end gear. Now of course, those ratings are assuming fairly tough conditions (climbing a steep grade in hot conditions), so if you are running on flat land, you may be able to cheat and get away with it but this is a different issue.
valhalla360 12/03/19 10:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Weight capacity for 2019 Ram 1500

Valhalla360. think about this ... manufacturers that bother to list COG, list the COG as a number. Got any idea why they don’t just give a range to match what you say changes? I’ll help. It’s because it’s a static measurement. No, it doesn’t change just like the weight/height/width don’t. It’s ok to be wrong, and in this case, you are. If you want to talk about the weight on front axle and weight on rear axle, do that. Just don’t confuse COG with those numbers which will never be known until you stale the truck/TC. The listed COG is for the empty unit...the manufacturer can't know how you will load it, so that's all they can provide. It gives you a starting point which is better than, they don't know or won't tell you.
valhalla360 12/03/19 10:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Have our trucks got too much power yet?

I think the point is that a 5.0 liter turbo diesel designed to make 300 hp will use considerably less fuel moving a pickup truck down the highway at 60 mph, where the power output is only about 60 hp, than will a 6.7 liter turbo diesel designed with a low compression ratio to allow for high boost levels and a 475 hp out put doing the same job. I suspect, you won't find that much difference when those engines are mounted in the same truck. Now if you compare a light 1/2ton to a 1 ton dually, you are likely seeing the result of the extra weight and aerodynamics.
valhalla360 12/03/19 10:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Aftermarket trailer backup assist

If you are traveling as a couple and you both have phones...just need a mount on the rear of the trailer. No need for an extra phone.
valhalla360 12/03/19 01:38am Travel Trailers
RE: 15 Amp Service

Keep the high draw electrical devices off and you should be fine (air/con, electric water heater, space heaters...maybe microwave). It's just not a big issue without those devices being on.
valhalla360 12/03/19 01:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can my truck tow this?

So like any other new person that's bought a travel trailer I probably have put the cart before the horse. So ultimately the question is can I tow this... I have a 2019 GMC Sierra Elevation DC 4x4 with the tow package and the L84 engine and a 3.23 gear ratio. The limitations are 9400lb Towing capacity 7000lb gvwr 15000 GCWR 3800 GAWR RR 940 tongue weight The trailer I bought was a 2020 Venture Sport Trek 322VRL with 1010 dry hitch weight 7580 dry weight 8820 loaded weight So I know that the owners manual for the truck gives specs and limitations and states any trailer must have a WDH and then shows 50%? So can I tow thing or what? Thank you all in advance and will appreciate any feedback. You are well over on the tongue weight limit. Also check if you aren't over the payload limit. With only a 7000lb GVWR, once you take the curb weight plus hitch weight, you may be out of payload before loading anything in the truck. I'm also suspicious of the trailer payload. By the numbers there is only around 1200lb CCC in the'd be surprised how quickly you can get up above 2000lb of cargo.
valhalla360 12/03/19 12:23am Tow Vehicles
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