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RE: Question on 5th wheel brakes

Part of my procedure when pulling out of storage is to manually activate my trailer brakes when I am slowly rolling to test them. And those brakes almost immediately activate and yank back on the trailer. That is with my F350. May work differently on other trucks and trailers. Never tried them manually in reverse. I do similarly and even at 10mph, it's hard to differentiate when they engage from when you hit the brake pedal. But slowly creeping back into place, I can tell the difference.
valhalla360 09/20/21 09:27am Tech Issues
RE: roof replace or coat?

Probably simplest would be new rubber but how much is the RV worth. It is highly modified for cold weather camping. Fair market value is probably not wonderful--but replacement cost is over 100 grand. I have champagne tastes--and a beer budget. If you intend to keep the unit 10-20yrs, new rubber starts making a lot of sense. It's not rocket science mostly just labor. Also gives you a chance to check out the underlying roof structure and if appropriate, even beef up if needed. I'm guessing from the upgrades you've mentioned on other threads, you are probably comfortable working on the roof. DIY it's not going to be too expensive. With some scaffolding and a reasonably competent helper, I'm guessing a couple of days to strip everything, lay the new rubber and reattach/seal everything. If you find rot and other issues, all bets are off but better to find them than just slap a coating on the top.
valhalla360 09/20/21 07:50am Tech Issues
RE: Question on 5th wheel brakes

Truthfully. the trailer brakes should engage as soon as you pull the lever. That's actually not how they work. - For trailer drum brakes, once the magnet is energized, the tire needs to roll a bit before the brakes actually engage. Going down the road at 60mph, it's a tiny fraction of a second. It's beyond the ability of the average human to detect the lag. Backing at 1mph, it's not instantaneous and as the driver, you can recognize it. - Brake controllers are designed primarily around road driving conditions. They don't want to lock up the trailer brakes at the first light tap of the brake pedal during high speed maneuvers. But at 5mph, the truck brakes are typically sufficient to stop even fairly large trailers, so it's not critical to design them for maneuvering in a campground. But as others have said, if you chock the wheels, it's a non-issue for the OP's question.
valhalla360 09/20/21 07:28am Tech Issues
RE: Remote duel fuel 2500 watt generator?

Use case is critical. - If you are just charging the batteries, making some coffee or watching some TV, your little 1500w is a great option. - Once you want to run the air/con, something in the 3000w or better is my recommendation. Yes, you can dink around and make a smaller generator work but it's hit and miss. We have a 2400w Yamaha and there are times, it struggles to get the air/con to start up. The other issue with propane is the engines generally put out less power when on propane. So a 2400w generator may only be good for 2000w on propane.
valhalla360 09/20/21 04:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: SUV for pulling hybrid

Those kids will get bigger and they will want to bring friends along...6-10 crammed in an SUV is not going to be comfortable. Also, payload can be an issue With 6 of you, that could easily be 800lb of payload eaten up by bodies...most SUVs don't have a ton of payload to start with, so will there be enough left for the hitch weight. I'd be looking at a full size body on frame 3/4 or 1 ton van. Something with a 2500lb payload, so you could load kids and gear in the van and still have enough to handle the trailer.
valhalla360 09/18/21 08:51am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: roof replace or coat?

We did coating on a prior bought us 3-4yrs on a 20yr old roof but when that started to fail, we sold. Fiberglass is great but without adding a ton of weight way above the ground, too difficult to build up a structure that won't crack due to flexing. If you can get aluminum sheeting wide enough, that would be a good DIY option...but then again, how many more decades do you plan to keep it. Probably simplest would be new rubber but how much is the RV worth.
valhalla360 09/18/21 08:27am Tech Issues
RE: Tow hall mode

Assuming it's a Ford chassis, it's not necessary to use TH all the time. All it does is change the shift points, and it seems most effective at downshifting on deceleration. I use it to keep the RPMs in the sweet spot. If you're pulling a toad, you might use it more. F250 not motorhome but the engine braking when using tow/haul is really a big improvement. It does impact the shift points but not a big difference with freeway driving...once you get to the highest gear you will run generally stay in that gear.
valhalla360 09/17/21 12:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Black Eye

Many peoples idea of safe place to pull over is someone else’s idea of “hell no I’m not pulling onto an unknown possibly soft shoulder”! Without knowing the specifics I won’t say yes or no. This was basically what I was going to say. Give us some pictures of the pull outs you think are fine and we can discuss better.
valhalla360 09/17/21 05:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Class A Low Bridge Accident

9' 9" is almost exactly 3 Meters. Atiny bit more. It is past time that we US Americans recognize we are backward and live i in a metric world. When I took my future( and still) wife to Canada in '81, she could not believe how fast I convertet Km/h to Mp/hr until she saw me glance at the speedo where the speeds matched. As Canada ???? officially switched to metric about 30 years ago against majority voters approval ( CDNs Govs. can do that) acceptance and as part of the world community, Canada is a success story of conversion, in spite of the lniial reaction. The majority gov. in parliament tn that time survived election handily for another majority. Equate measure conversion to learning another language. Its much easier , we have all been instructed in metric, celcius since the mid 1960s I recall celcius as centigrade. Blame could be laid on confusion with measurements to foreign tourists, as many have never been exposed to or taught our arcane system. As a once 16 yr foreign resident, a conservative American I also advocate signage in both systems to convert the resistant. Next we have to dispose of the penny and a paper $ as all other western mations have done. So you are suggesting he thought it was 32ft high (9.9m) contrary to the bridge beam approaching at eye height suggested? There are arguments for conversion to metric...this ain't one of them. Warning thread drift.... As far as arcane: For scientific calculations, metric has clear advantages. For intuitive understanding (such as how high is that bridge ahead), imperial units make more sense. - Metric units are largely based on the distance from the equator to the pole and the relationship of that distance to the mass of water. That is pretty arcane. Can people adapt, yeah but certainly not intuitive. - Imperial units are largely based on the human body...something each of us has and is familiar with. (both systems have been updated over the years for standardization as the distance from the equator to the poll varies based on where you measure it and water's properties vary with temperature and pressure. Likewise not everyone's foot is exactly the same length) I do agree with eliminating pennies but not because coins are bad but because they are too small of value to have use. What western countries are you aware of that have eliminated paper money? I've been to most of them and they all still accept physical cash. In fact, the USA is further towards paperless money than many. Credit cards are generally not accepted for small amounts in Germany...good luck if you arrive on Sunday and don't have Euro already. Had an issue at the major brand grocery store in Amsterdam as it was cash only.
valhalla360 09/16/21 05:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: cleaning 7-pin receiver connector on truck

Is there a lot of crud inside?...might hit it with a power washer. (Shouldn't be an issue but give it a day or so to dry out before towing if you are worried). Shouldn't be any harm as the spray going down a wet salty road is far worse. After pressure washing, you should be able to differentiate dirt from corrosion.
valhalla360 09/15/21 10:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Kia, Hyundai: Please come to the rescue "Pathetic Quality"

So for most people, paying for a better quality vehicle is a no brainer. But for an RV, many folks will forego quality to get a better price, or get the floorplan or size they want. I think the floorplan variety is part of the problem - like look at Forest River - they have 4 bumper pull travel trailer sub-brands (and that doesn't even include their fifth wheel and toy haulers), and each of those sub-brands has between 10 to 17 different floorplans. There's no way they can develop custom jigs and other tooling devoted to each floorplan when they need to assemble 40 different varieties of TT, and they also can't develop best practices for how to assemble them because lessons learned on cable routing or how to mount the cabinets more securely aren't the same for each floorplan. This is the fundamental problem. - 30-50,000 units per year is marginal to keep a model of car going. - A very popular RV model may do 5-10,000 per year. There is no way to do a dedicated production line for each model of RV. There are plenty of threads where people are looking for some oddball layouts...where those layouts exist, it's likely sales numbers in the 100's not even 1000's. Home building is a much more comparable industry and anyone who has had a house built, knows there is a teething period where the contractor is called back to address issues. On top of this, it's boom times for the industry and they can't hire enough workers...let alone high quality workers. Expecting them to give up 30-50% of sales when they are getting top dollar today is insanity. Disrupting the market is far easier when the economy is down, particularly for a luxury item. Companies can be choosy about picking workers. Companies aren't under pressure to get more units out the door, so they can put more emphasis on quality and cutting warranty costs to protect thinner margins. And to be quite honest, probably 90% of buyers of new RVs emphasize layout and cool looks over quality. The guys who buy so they can keep an RV for 20-30yrs are a negligible part of the market.
valhalla360 09/15/21 09:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Class A Low Bridge Accident

I do wonder if putting a sign ON the low bridge/overpass/tunnel is enough. I've been on some roads where it is impossible to pull over or turn around or exit within visual distance of the potential hazard. What do you do? I've seen signs that indicate "last exit before bridge". Should there be signs that say "vehicles over 9' 8" exit now" so the driver can avoid the hazard. Especially in heavy traffic, you could find yourself "pushed" forward. Approaching SB (direction of MH) all well in advance of the bridge: There is a low bridge sign with the height. There is a narrow bridge sign. There is a curve warning sign with 15mph advisory speed. There is the sign on the bridge. There is the large bridge beam at eye level. It's a straight and level wide open approach. It's a rural 2 lane 2 way road that doesn't appear to be particularly busy.
valhalla360 09/15/21 09:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A Low Bridge Accident

SB is a straight wide open approach with no visibility issues. There are multiple signs for the bridge plus a 15mph advisory sign for the curve just beyond the bridge. Plus the bottom of the bridge is right around eye height so even without signs, it should be obvious there is an issue. Pretty much no excuse for this other than driver error. Very lucky it was minor injuries. Driver was 83 which makes you wonder if he really should still have a license?
valhalla360 09/15/21 08:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Little Guy Xtreme mini max tour

Wow, $ they think they are airstream or something?
valhalla360 09/14/21 05:59am Travel Trailers
RE: weight-compatible trailer

You can go to 100% of the ratings. The engineers aren't going to allow more than it can handle. The problem is the "tow rating" is typically NOT the limiting factor. I pulled up the current version of your car and it has a max hitch weight of 350lb. Ideally, you would like around 15% of the trailer resting on the hitch. That gives you 2300lb for the trailer (12% would be 2900lb). Also, on the door should have a yellow sticker that lists the payload. Payload includes people, gear, any bolt on items and the hitch weight. The current model has around 1200lb payload. A family of 4 can easily eat up 500-600lb. If you pack the back with gear, it's easy to get overloaded. As far as trailers, look at GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), there will be a sticker, usually near the front driver side. Start with this as your assumed wet weight and assume 15% of the GVWR is on the hitch. As mentioned a pop-up trailer is probably your best bet. While they have marketed it as an SUV, it's really station wagon. If you want to tow something more substantial, move up to a body on frame truck, which is much better suited.
valhalla360 09/14/21 04:44am Towing
RE: 35 ft 5th wheel toy hauler

To get a living space anywhere close to your current rig, you will need to be north of 40ft probably closer to 45ft. As full timers, it would get old having to load and unload the garage every stop to gain the garage back as living space.
valhalla360 09/13/21 12:16pm Toy Haulers
RE: 400 mile electric RV

So the graph shows lower carbon footprint for a Volvo EV regardless of energy source and about half if wind powered electric energy is used. The one that represents real world is close enough that minor changes in assumptions could shift the winner. - Wind powered is almost purely theoretical. No major grid is running 100% on wind power or anything close and there are no realistic plans to do so. - EU-28 isn't clearly defined. Does it include Germany importing coal power from Eastern Europe when solar/wind fail and then claiming zero emissions within Germany? - How was Frances heavy reliance on Nuclear taken into account? Or the impacts of dams used in Norway? It may be lower carbon but it comes with other environmental costs. - It's interesting that they have moved away from Diesel which gets 20-30% better MPG...and would easily be the winner, if carbon emissions is the priority. There may be specific situations where an EV wins out but certainly not a blanket win for EVs. There is also no cost considerations. EV's cost upwards of 1/3 more to buy and electricity in Europe is 2-3 times the price to support green energy. I believe there are places where EVs make sense and places where plug in hybrids make sense...but there are still a great many places where ICE makes sense.
valhalla360 09/13/21 08:19am Tech Issues
RE: Domiciling in California

I'd like to note how this thread is going. The thing of note here is that nobody who has responded, is trying to avoid taxes. That is where most folks get tripped up. I would update to reflect, there is a difference between: - Legitimately avoiding taxes - Illegally avoiding taxes. There is nothing wrong with changing domicile to avoid taxes. It's when people try to claim a domicile in a lower tax jurisdiction without meeting the requirements, that they get tripped up. The OP is correct that if he spends most of his time in California and has no other state he could reasonably claim, he is legitimately domiciled in California, so until his situation changes, he's stuck with California.
valhalla360 09/13/21 07:36am Full-time RVing
RE: Domiciling in California

We ran into this in Michigan. They specifically refused to consider a PO Box with the logic that you can't actually live at the post office.. Finally put down my parents address at their hint. If you have family or a friend, you trust and they are willing, that's a good option for official govt mail. You can always send other things to your PO Box. If that's not an option, go in and explain your situation and ask what you are supposed to put down. If they don't come up with a good answer, ask them what they use for homeless or illegal aliens when they need an address.
valhalla360 09/13/21 04:37am Full-time RVing
RE: 400 mile electric RV

Well they do state 14,000lb for a small class B MH that would normally weigh in at 8-10,000lb. That's good for 2-3 tons of batteries. My class C with all tanks full (black, grey, fresh, and fuel) and loaded with food, clothing and the like for a trip came in at 13250 lbs. At that time I had 7 group 29 flooded batteries. I was not overweight for the axles, but was overweight on the driver's rear tires. I solved that by going to a taller but narrower rim. Side benefit was 1.5 extra inches of clearance. But I consider MOST class C's to be pavement ponies. What size class C? From the pics this looks like a 20ft B+ with SRW. Update: I looked at your profile, you list a 28ft Class C...roughly 1/3 longer than this not surprising it's a good bit heavier.
valhalla360 09/12/21 09:42am Tech Issues
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