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RE: Water Heater electric element

So apparently I burned out the electric element in my Atwood GC6AA-10E water heater. My questions: where is the element located, I can't see it anywhere, and how do I get it out? Two questions and easy answers On the "inside" (Plumbing side) of the water heater there is a black box. inside this box is a relay, box has both 120V and 12V wires going into it. The element is behind and above under the Styrofoam insulation. The element: Get a replacement at any hardware, LOWES, Home Depot, Mennards et-al Suggestion: The element you have is 1250 or 1500 watts at 120 volts (Lowes does have those I checked) Get a 1500 watt 240 volt element. WHY: Well at 120 volts that is 375 watts (1500/4) and also 1/4 the amprage.. when you are parked on 30 amps it makes a big difference in how many times you need to go out and reset the P_)@(#$*&-234R CIRCUIT breaker and of course Murphy says it will be raining when you do.
wa8yxm 05/18/21 04:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Is my inverter fried?

Odds are the inverter is good the batteries are a bit low. " IF the inverter is "Fried" odds are good it's the "T" fuse inside the inverter And that for that inverter might be as much as sixty dollars but likely less. And user replacable I might add. the fuse. if blown is a flat copper bar with a big "barrel" around the middle of it 1-3 inches long two bolt holes (one in each end of the bar) The LINK is **NOT** the fuse you need but the design is the same (Too small a fuse) Click here to see a 100 Amp version you likely need 250 or 300 amps
wa8yxm 05/18/21 04:01pm Tech Issues
RE: OLder man and new Corvette

Old one saw it coming in fact still smiling. But then I used to dispatch state Troopers before I retired Still get paid for telling cops where to go :)
wa8yxm 05/18/21 03:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: Coffee Survey

Whatever is on SALE at the grocery store. Grew up on ranch Worked Oilfield NAVY Power Plant Camping Black, thick and strong It's just coffee Ah The kind of coffee where the spoon you stir it with stands up.. for a few seconds before it melts down :) Know it... I drink a lot of coffee..... Including one day the last cup at a Fire House.... but I can not drink, Starbucks.
wa8yxm 05/18/21 03:55pm Around the Campfire
RE: dinging towing

If you want to know what you can tow go to Remco Remco towing that is.
wa8yxm 05/18/21 05:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: suggestions for screen door with dog

Plexi is good but blocks air flow Extruded aluminum Grid might work but Well there's a downside there too. Here are two suggestions that allow air flow.. NOTE: Google searched never done business with the company so this is "Idea" only. Expanded Aluminum Screen Peforated aluminum sheet
wa8yxm 05/17/21 05:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Indicator Lights

The lights have only one purpose - for the salesman to explain "what a great monitor system this rig has". Nomination for best, and most accurate, Comment in the thread This is way better I do a lot of shopping via wish, it's china stuff for the most part but it should work. NOTE that voltage is only an indiation of State of charge when battery is RESTING (neither charging nor discharging) A condition that almost never exists inside and RV.
wa8yxm 05/17/21 05:19pm Tech Issues
RE: 50th Anniversary

Speaking of Gold. As you know the streets in heaven are Paved with gold Well someone got the idea of "how much would it cost" to not so much pave with gold but Gold plate the freeways.. less than the concrete under the gold it turns out. (I forget how thick he was purposing to plate) A rich man was going to die and he was one of the rarest of the Rare. He was going to heaven.. So an Angel was sent to him and he was told "Since you are the rarest of the rare. A Rich man who's goign to heaven, God has decided you should be granted one special favor.. So Ask away.. he though and though "you know you you can't take it with you?" (yes) "I want to take it with me" Zip-Zip (Back to heaven and then to the rich man) and the Angle had God's approval. So he sold everything, bought gold and a suitcase and took it with him. He gets to Heaven and St. Peter asks about the suitcase You know you can't bring it with you. "Well I got special dispensation from God. check it out" So St. Peter checks with God. Who confirms. Ok, God says you can bring it with you but I get to inspect it first. No problem and with a great heave he puts the suitcase on the table and opens it. St. Peter looks inside and exclaims: "Pavement, You Brought Pavement".
wa8yxm 05/17/21 05:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: Coffee Survey

Kuring is ok if used daily but other than the MINIs they do not empty so if they sit sit sit the water stagnates.. Coffee should be very consistant but the pods.. Well Folks there are thousands of tons of plastic from Green Mountain Coffee in land fills now.. Of course you can use a re-fillable "pods" and Maxwell House if you like. I have a 4-cup Auto Drip right now with Duncan Donuts but usually Folger's I have a convertable (Uses pods or a filter) single cup machine as well. it empties fully for storage.. i do not use it often Kurig Pods are I think (Do not quote me on this) Argon filled, it is one of the Inert Gasses and thus the pods should be goods to brew decades after purchase. What can change day to day is the water. Use a PUR or Brita filter to fill the supply side.
wa8yxm 05/17/21 05:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Want to replace incandescent bulbs with brighter LED

I have not used that specific product. I've used many LED's both in RV and house Some are "As Advertised" some are not.
wa8yxm 05/17/21 05:02am General RVing Issues

I have multiple computers here and one of them is fully logged out of everything. Tested it today. Would not log in. Logs in fine to other places. Consider this a status of issue post.. Not a complaint
wa8yxm 05/17/21 05:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Retirement

Retired younger started SS at 62.. It will be a long time before SS runs out of money.. in fact Congress owes SS over 2 Trillion that they "Borrowed".
wa8yxm 05/17/21 04:58am Around the Campfire
RE: Yellowstone Next Week - Freezing Temps Concern

Another factor people forget 32 degrees F or 0 C is the freezing point of DISTILLED water at precisely one atmosphere pressure.. Different pressure will change the freezing (and boiling) points. Impurities will also LOWER the freezing point (And generally raise the boiling point) That water in the black and gray tanks... VERY VERY Impure.
wa8yxm 05/16/21 08:34am General RVing Issues

I use a T-Mobile phone in most places.. Some CG's the WI-FI is decent. Some it's actually good. Some it's ****.. I sometimes tell the story of one CG (it now has decent) that had Verizon 2-way Satellite that proved some things suck even more than an electrolux (Pun on an old commercial) When I had a Dr's appt I'd head to the hospital a few blocks from the Doctor, check into my favorite hospital room (Cafeteria) have breakfast and wi-fi then hike to the doctor leaving the car at hospital... I can not tell you how much I enjoyed those walks but alas it's getting harder and harder to walk like that.
wa8yxm 05/15/21 04:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: 6 v GC batteries versus 12 v lithium deep cycle batteries

There are both advantages and disadvantages not counting price Li Type batteries are fairly fussy eaters. the better ones have on board charge regulation... And some companies say "Do not connect in parallel". (Others I do not know about my LI battery is "Do not parallel" (not a problem) They also have the advantage of LA run down down down stops LI runs run runs runs runs stops You can run them down ever farther and they hold almost constant voltage till nothing.. this is both an advantage and a disadvantage. LI is way way way way lighter (Major advantage) if money was no object it'd have converted.
wa8yxm 05/15/21 04:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Electricty and RFI ib body

A dental filling can act as both antenna and detector and turn the tooth into an AM radio
wa8yxm 05/15/21 04:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Electricty and RFI ib body

There are two ways people "Hear Music" real music, even when others around them do not. that I know of. Legitimate, Scientifically proven Reasons. Just so you know.. I do not wish to go into it. But it is prove and .... ONE of them happens to be in my field of training and expertise believe it or not. (electronics).
wa8yxm 05/14/21 12:53pm Around the Campfire
RE: Black walnut issue

One comment on black walnut That is pricy wood... If you decide to trim anythign larger than a basic Twig. see if is marketable
wa8yxm 05/13/21 01:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: water heater works fine - IF- I leave door open

Suspects The spark gap (often too wide) The air/fuel mix (No not sure which way to adjust the damper)
wa8yxm 05/13/21 01:43pm Tech Issues
RE: electrical problem

On My 50 amp rig I had to replace both outlet and inlet. And the plug Outlet twice It is worse on 30 amps I think it's the neutral has a tendency to melt
wa8yxm 05/13/21 01:40pm Tech Issues
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