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RE: How hard to temporarily remove slide topper?

Takes about 2 seconds with the tree in the wrong place Removing it was not the problem Putting it back on was. That said. it depends on a thing or 3 The "Top" end of the slide topper likely rides in a channel that runs the length of the RV. if you can get the RIB to come out then it's easy to remove (putting it back may be an issue) Be sure to PIN the roller (You will need the manual to figure out how to do that) or bad things happen before you do anythign else Two removal methods Once the roller is pinned if you can pull the rib out of the canvas you just remove a few bolts and slide it forward and back and it is off. IF not.. I opened the channel either "Before" or "After" the slide and then slid it out with the rib in place.... Slid it back the same way and tapped the channel back to close to original It is a 2 person job for the most part though I can do it alone.
wa8yxm 09/16/19 03:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Asking for help.

I don't understand what a serial number adds to the conversation. Generally it matters not but on occasion you will find something like Widget model WD-123 serial numbers below 20,000 have the following things and 20,000 and above have this other thing So it makes a difference. one example is Kwikee Steps. Two different several parts depending on serial number.
wa8yxm 09/16/19 03:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Couple jailed in Iran

If drones have been used to spy on you buy a country that has tried to dominate you for decades, is engaged in a act of war against you, citizens of a ally of that country flying drones would be suspect. Alas if you watch TV you may have seen the odd TV show where some young often pre-pubescent male punk uses his streaming drone to "Spy" on some cute young female as she is changing cloths without her knowledge. In real life I read a story of the father who got charged with shooting down an aircraft when he spotted said drone and broke out the old shotgun for a blast or 2.
wa8yxm 09/16/19 03:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Full Moon on Friday the 13th an UFOs woo woo woo

UFO's really exist it is just that folks do not know what they are. (Any aircraft which is not properly squeaking it's ID is a Unitified Flying Object until they can figure out what it is.. Happens all the time if a Jet, for example, blows a fuse (Trips a breaker) and the ID transmitter goes off line) OH you were talking about unearthly UFO's... Never seen one but I've seen what looked like one.. Only I already knew what it was.. A flying "Eat at Joe's" electronic signboard.. Viewed straight on it shows the paid for ad (IE: Eat at Joe's.. or more likely Some Chevy Dealer's name) but viewed at an angle Flashing lights of different colors rapidly changing.. Yup. UFO.
wa8yxm 09/16/19 03:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: I got the shakes

I am with Drew and others "Sounds more like an out of round tire." but the suspect list includes the U-Joints and a few other things Another thing, rare though it happens, is an out of ROUND tire I have heard of that (just one case, former fiance's Father)
wa8yxm 09/15/19 04:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Vent fans and a/c at the same time

I understand what he is saying but I think he's overlooking something important IF you are not "Disturbing" the air (running a fan) hot air has a tendency to hang out near the ceiling while cooler air hugs the floor. His thinking is if we open the roof vent and turn on the fantastic/Maxx air fan it can "Suck out" the hot air.. Leaving only the cooler for the A/C to work with.. And in some cases this is a very good plan.. If, for example it's 80 out and 90 in But if it's 80 in and 90 out what will be replacing the perhaps 85 Dergree ceiling hot air? 90 degree outside air. So the net gain is -5 in this "out of the blue" example. So the only time I would consider that is if the outside air was cooler than inside.. THen it might work.. Right now it's 2 degrees warmer out.
wa8yxm 09/15/19 03:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

Buy CANADIAN oil, not blood oil. Over 80% of our imported oil comes from Canada. and we produce most of the rest.. What we get from OPEC we would not even notice the loss it's that small. GREED is what drives the price. not shortages.
wa8yxm 09/15/19 03:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Danger from charging golf cart inside toy hauler??

Not really so long as there is some air movement. I have to say that I've never seen a battery explode, heard of it happening but I've never had it happen personally First too I'd roll out the Golf Car. (Sing to the obvious roll out tune) before I started to charge. Just to be safe. Should not be that hard to do. If you can't roll it out open the tailgate and put in a fan. Battery Explosion I have heard of it happening when two batteries were hooked up "Back to back" instead of side by side I mean +- -+ Dead 24 volt short blew one or both up But normally a battery "Explosion" is more of a "Pfft" than a "BANG" that is the case cracks and acid is sprayed all over the battery compartment.. IF this happens.. Hose it down FAST cause as others have said not good for the metal in your garage.. or anything else for that matter. But if it happens. I would EXPECT it to happen fairly soon. (Like 1st hour) and unless the batteires are totaly gone you should be able to move it out NOTE: at least one make of Golf Car if the batteries are truly flat the charger won't.. Well there is a way to jumper two connections and it will but basically it won't.. And no I can not tell you which leads (Without the diagram in front of me) but this type has a 3 prong charger to Golf Car plug as I recall. The charge controller is split between the charger and the car... If the batteries are totaly dead (like 2 years no charge) they can not power the car half of the charger control circuit.
wa8yxm 09/15/19 03:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

THe Driving factor on the cost of fuel is GREED.. YOu cite the price increase from the Saudi's and the fact they are cutting production. Back when we got "A lot" of oil from them it amounted to something liek 2% of our oil consumption less than 10 in any case. Cars back then bragged about MPG in the upper single digit about the same as my motor home today. Today cars get 20-30-40 MPG And our oil consumption has been cut over 20 % Why are we even concerned. We can tell the OPEC nations to stuff it down a well and never run out of fuel. We do import from Canada That and domestic is all we need.
wa8yxm 09/15/19 06:44am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter Generators

I should come up with a snappy response to all of that negativity and self back patting. ....or come up with an explanation as to why the OP constantly has to clean his carb when nobody else is having the same problem. There are only two reasons a carb needs frequent cleaning Or in the case of a honda 3.. The 3rd is not common. 1: Farmall had it back even before they became IH.. Right on the fuel cap was the legend "Buy Clean Fuel, Keep It Clean" 2: Modern fuel will turn to varnish if let sit too long Vintage fuel would too.....eventually (lot lot, longer) 3: Now this actually happened to me.. A fuel pump (Cam driven on a Dodge Ram and I suspect an English ford) the diaphragm started to flake off and the flakes got into the needle valve I can tell you I got darn good at roadside valve cleaning till the blasted pump finally failed completely and I replaced it.
wa8yxm 09/14/19 04:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Six Volt MH battery in a tractor...

Sure, no problem. Ditto. In Ford, Ferguson (of the proper age) and those tractors never die... International Harvester (Farmall) Modern rigs may need a 12 volt but all the tractors I grew up driving used the standard GC-2 save the garden tractor (A Craftsman)
wa8yxm 09/14/19 04:12pm Tech Issues
RE: New to the board and Class A scene

IF that bounder is a gasser just be aware of your tow limits. The most you can tow. Without a drop or rise hitch is the lesser of the hitch rating (likely 5000 pounds) or the difference between the loaded for travel weight of the Motor home subtracted from the Maximum Combined Gross Vehicle Weight (in my case 4000 pounds) If you use a drop/rise hitch to make it so the tow bars are flat.. The ratind of the hitch drops like a rock divide by at least 2 .
wa8yxm 09/13/19 05:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 12v Accessory socket issue

I can not tell you about your RV but on mine it came with TWO (now has several) 12 volt sockets One on the dash was a "Chassis" device. the chassis has 2.5 Fuse boxes and I do not know which one feeds it. The other one (down by the co-pilot's right foot) is a HOUSE device.. and recall the LED indicator fuse panel I said Progressive Dynamics makes.. Well I have one.
wa8yxm 09/12/19 03:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Damaged water pump intake strainer cup.

Not an expensive item to replace. Any RV dealer CW some hardwares.
wa8yxm 09/12/19 03:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tv antenna upgrade questions

IF you get a new winegard Sensar IV (which I think is the best RV antenna by the way) drop an additional C-Note on the Sensar PRO indoor module. This "Box" fits in a standard outlet box which you will have to get at the Hardware of your choice and has 3 inputs and 2.1 outlets Input 1/outlet 0.1 is to the antenna on the roof (Feeds 12 volt UP the coax) Input 2/ Park cable/other (Can be used for any RF-out video player) Outputs 1.0 and 2 are TV-1 and 2. All in/out are cables on the back. Input 3 s us `12 volt input Unit does following If off: Cable/other in selected and passed IF ON TOP led: Signal search (OTA ANTENNA SELETED) seeks strongest Digital carrier displays the CARRIER channel (different in many cases from TV channel) and strength. You may Peak the signal here 2nd LED you use Up/Down buttons to scroll through all detected carrier channels 3rd LED: you can "Dial in" (using up/down) any channel detected or not 4th LED Gain 0 to 20, near as I can tell 10 it "unity" (Same as the old winegard wall plate with only one button on/off) 5th Led Volume.. It has an annoying beeper just like the sat receiver for peaking the antenna by ear . Two digital displays Carrier channel on bottom S-Meter on top What is a carrier channel? Digital TV still uses the same VHF/VHF/UHF channels (well mostly UHF and 2nd VHF) that the old analog did. That's why your old "Analog" antenna still works But in the old days Channel 12 was.. Well Channel 12 And Channel 7 was Channel 7 Where I'm sittin now I'm not sure what 12 is broadcasting on (Was 12 but may have changed) plug there are now FIVE channel 12's Channel 7 uses 41 as the carrier YOu do not need to know which carrier your favorite channel is on. THe TV figures it out and takes care of it automatically when you "Scan for channels"
wa8yxm 09/12/19 03:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Slaw and Order -- SVU

Made it clickable
wa8yxm 09/12/19 02:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: 12v Accessory socket issue

There are two types of fuses and panels. One (of each) has a light inside to indicate fuse blown (Progressive Dynamics panels have an LED beside the fuse and some fuses it's built in either an LED with bridge recrtifier or 2 led's or a small "Grain of wheat" lamp) This will pass power.. oh a few mA but not enough to use. Plug in your load (a map light is good) and look for the blown fuse.
wa8yxm 09/12/19 07:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: “I was shocked with just how white it was there,” she said.

The CG I'm in now often has many Blacks families. including one or two I know well and used to work with . (Discrimination can be dangerous if the folks you discriminate are former coworkers of mine... I am a retired police dispatcher). But now that you mention it I do not often meet blacks or "Outliers" in the campgrounds.. (just one of the latter.. Nice person just not what society would call "normal") I'm with WALABY "I do not care if you are red, yellow, green, purple, or any blend thereof... if you want to camp, go camp. If you don't want to camp, don't." And if you need help. Well.. Ask. I might not be able. but if I am. You got it.
wa8yxm 09/12/19 07:20am General RVing Issues
RE: WiFi, and Cell Phone boosters and Internet antennas

For cell phones (and cellular internet) a few things are important HEIGHT (Height is might), Antenna gain, Reciver sensitivy and a clear path. The Wnegard Cellular/Wifi- System goes on the roof so there are no walls (just the RV-Transparant dome) It is higher I can't comment on the antenna since I've not one but if it is directional then there is gain. and they make a very sensitive receiver. (Good one) In some cases (park wi-fi) all the above apply again as well... In some cases height is not as important with Wi-Fi but for park wi-fi getting over your next site neighbor's rig means less walls. and if he's towing an airstream (Faraday cage/RF wall) then height is ultra important.
wa8yxm 09/12/19 07:15am Technology Corner
RE: Battery question

RE Cheep meters.. Now long ago and far away (Well not that far,,,Tekonsha MI and I'm not near (but not in) FLint) I had a very nice very "Consistant" Vacuum Tube Volt Meter (RCA WV77e) It came with calibration instructions Today I use hand held not plug in meters. But the calibration test procedure should still work.. A brand new Carbon Zinc D-cell (Well you could use an aaa for that matter but the D will give a more accurate calibration on a cheap meter. Alas. What I forget is the voltage. I do recall it is not 1.5 but something else The manual for the WV77e Will tell you what it is For a full lab calibration there are several things used A variable voltage source hooked to a mercury cell via a Galvanometer (Amazing I got the spelling right) Hook meter under test to the variable source and adjust so the very very very very sensitive Galvanometer shows NO current flow.. Reading on meter should be voltage stamped on mercury cell. Done that too.. 50 years ago.
wa8yxm 09/11/19 03:26pm General RVing Issues
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