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RE: CC vector wifi antenna

You may need to do a power cycle. Soemtime I've found devices like that, when they connect to a Wi-FI Access point or router will change their LAN SIDE address and you need to power cycel them Alternative look at your computer' wi-fi settings (Advanced) for the gateway addres.. try to connect to that address.
wa8yxm 07/20/19 06:41am Technology Corner
RE: roof air

along with the clean, need oil the motors bushing Two universal issues with Roof Air (And for that matter most all air) is this. The air intake filters get dirty and clogged leading to all sorts of issues (not this one however) And water and debris can settle in the drip tray and water path leading to this issue Remove outer cover and clean clean clean You may also need to remove the inner cover over the evaporator (Cold end) and clean the rest of the tray You may also have a dead rodent in an air duct.
wa8yxm 07/19/19 05:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Everchill 12 volt refrigerator

I don't get 12v RV fridges, especially for dry camping or boondocking. It's hard enough conserving battery power, even with a 110v AC/propane RV fridge. Some folks are propane-phobes. they have heard how if there is a propane link it can go BOOM (True) or start a fire (True) but are unaware of just how rare these incidents are and how common electrical fires are so they want nothing propane. 11 amps is a bit high for an RV fridge. most 12 volt compressor RV fridges use Danfoss like compressors (not necessarly a Danfoss but one like it) drawing less than 5 amps.
wa8yxm 07/19/19 05:29am Tech Issues
A/C issue resolved

One of my original Carriers was replaced oh 8 or 9 years ago with an Advent Air (I'd not recommend 'em but they quit making 'em) Well it's been one fun machine. First the fan went BOOM I kid you now replaced with a coleman fan so not is sucks instead of blows. I might add cleaning it with the original fan was no joy either (Way easier now) Then the new trick is when the compressor REstarts (First start is ok) Click goes the breaker. Well I had a hard start kit so I added it. Improvement (now only once every day or two) Till I got back here in a full sun site then Clik-o-matic yesterday (But take heart) I had the replacement start cap (The dual cap that starts both blower and compressor) Got it put in this AM before the Sun turned to BROIL and now I am cool and comfortable. More cool and more comfortable than in a long time under today's weather conditions. And Since I kept the Hard Start kit and put it in with the new cap the start is "Softened" to the point where I do not hear the compressor kick in... I can tell it is running if I pay attention but I do not hear it start over the air flow noise. Very happy.> Very very happy .
wa8yxm 07/18/19 03:45pm Tech Issues
RE: house batterys

Bad battery Sounds like. Ditto. HOt box likely has shorted cell. Remove BOTH to a test bench. I'd consider replacign with a pair of GC-2 (six volt) in series to make 12.
wa8yxm 07/18/19 03:40pm Tech Issues
RE: We Boost and 5 G?

At this time the boosters are not being made for 5G. NOt sure what frequencies 5G uses but Well "Short distance" Let's just say many have been suprised at how "Short" a distance is.. I mean it was not that long ago that the FCC gave we Hams most all frequencies below 160 Meters in wave lenbth (That means abobe about 1.5 MHZ saying "They will never get out of their back yards with those high frequencies") Well we did.. I've got several cards from stations on the other side of the ocean. (Contact confirmation or QSL cards).
wa8yxm 07/18/19 03:38pm Technology Corner
RE: LED light bulbs not working when installed in slideout

Same here. with old incandescent lamps polarity don't matter But with LED's Well some are wired to self correct for polarity errors (my favorite 20 buck a pop lamps do that) some (my favorate less than half that) do not and the techs who wire the fixtures for 1141's well. they don't always pay attention .. not to mention some lamps can be reversed as well. I have some marker lights where it does not matter how you wire the socket but the wedge based lamp only goes in one way the other way it don't light.
wa8yxm 07/18/19 06:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electric Propulsion Reality Check

Since I'm burning my own bandwidth this AM I'll wait to watch the video. Was talking to a fellow ham who has a Tesla.. He says it has 400HP equivlent. That's about the same as a Chevy 8.1 in my motor home and more than many MH's
wa8yxm 07/18/19 06:28am Tech Issues
RE: I was flat out wrong about drones.

You know that drones could by as good and as bad things Years ago I worked up a speech for an entirely different reason. But it goes something like this (Save for the punch line you can vary the order) This is a hammer. Now I can use (And did) to nail a roof on a library protecting the books inside so that people can come and read and learn. Is this good, or bad? Ever hear of Maxwell's Sliver Hammer he used to bash people's heads in . IS this good or bad. (r) It is not the hammer that is good or bad. it's the hand that swings it and the person of whom that hand is part. This is a knife. I can use it to strip insulation from a wire prior to attaching it to a screw to bring light into your reading room. Good or bad. I can also stab it into your heart Good or bad (r) ( (r) is a repeating refrain but with different tools) From here on I'll go short form. This is a pair of needle nose pliars, it bends the wire around the screw.. It can also put out an eye. This is a screwdriver it tightens the screw but can stab you in the heart The original was for Drums. They can beat out the old Bump and Grind at a place you'd expect to hear that. Or they can beat out the rythum for "The Gloria" (praising God) and likewise a drone.. YOu can do good. or evil. your choice but it's tno the drone's fault.
wa8yxm 07/18/19 06:25am Around the Campfire
RE: They Better Not Screw Us Up

Hey. Let me put it this way You want to invade area 51.. Ok, Well been nice (or not) knowing you but so long, Cause I'll never hear from you again... The hole you will be in is deep and dark and the odds of your ever escaping are negligable (Basically zero). But go ahead. Give it a try.. Just be sure to say goodby to your loved ones first.
wa8yxm 07/18/19 06:19am Around the Campfire

How AAA works. also Good Sam. Coach net and nearly all the others in most areas. THey contract with local service providers. IE: GOch and son? towing (S.W. Detroit) Now some of these providers do offer limited services. Now some companies have affiliated tow trucks.. For example one company.. Long ago. Was also an oil company and all their full service stations provided service. AAA in some areas has AAA service vehicles as well. Generally if you are a contract provider you are paid a set fee for servicing a member and generally it is less than a ¨Paying customer" so Member Be it AAA or one of the others. tend to get slower service. I Used to have a higher priority vector for AAA in S.E. MI. OH another thing about AAA.. Too many calls and they will cut you off. And of course some of the service providers are better than others. I really hate it when I have to tell a professional tow truck driver how to do the job. but I have had to do it a few times (They simply did not know how to hook up or how to unload the car.. To me the answer was obvious)
wa8yxm 07/17/19 06:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Need new water heater question

Mine is atwood. but YES. I just replaced the tank not the rest of it. Now on my Atwood the tank came with new mounting hardware and a new element and relay I swapped the element (Since I had it out) with a 1500 Watt 240 volt (375 watts at 120 volt) element so that it heats slower. but trips the park? 30 amp breakers less often when I am on 30 amps. (Very nice when it is raining out). Works great.
wa8yxm 07/16/19 04:46pm Tech Issues
RE: article on solar power

The link opened my yahoo mail and tried to reset my perferences.. Thankfully I have the method of returning to the way I like it bookmarked. Major mess up. Yahoo like Google thinks it knows what I want.. They are MISTAKEN.
wa8yxm 07/16/19 04:44pm Technology Corner
RE: camp ground cable into

Analog TV. get an old VCR from a thrift shop for 10 bucks and use the 3-cable (A/V) input Digital as I said I have a converter that does it in fact I have a spare I can not use... Kind of a long story on that. But you can get those off E-bay or Amazon for less than I would have to give the post office. Or a DVR. I THink TiVo makes a stand alone over the air DVR yet can be used for ATSC over the air or QAM or NTSC cable.. Will auto detect format and record it and then ship it out via either A/V or HDMI to your display device. I do not have TiVo? (I have other hardware no longer made) but this has the advantage of that movie or TV show on at 3AM you would like to watch. though not at 3AM or that show that is showing while you are out and about at 3PM (or 7pm with your darling at supper) RECORDED for later playback when nothing interesting is on.
wa8yxm 07/16/19 04:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Looking to upgrade suspension and add a steering stabilizer

Can not help with suspension as I drive a workhorse (Nice anti-sway bar) Steering. I use a Blue Ox Tru-Center.. The reason I choose it was the button that lets me adjust the center point FROM the driver? seat. at the time there was only one that did that. Today I understand Safe-T-Steer offers that as an option Either one should work.
wa8yxm 07/16/19 06:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery question

Some numbers and it's all about the numbers. A group 29 MARINE/deep cycle (or just about any G-29 save Optima) is just over 100 Amp hours. about 20-25 usable before you damage the battery So you have about 40-50 Amp Hours of usable power 200 watts is about 20 amps by the time the inverter converts it.. But you likely won´t be using that much. NOw a pair of GC-2 (Taller but you would need to shim them some side wise) hold 220 amp hours (About the same total amp hours) but you can use half or 110 of those because those are DEEP CYCLE batteris. that? over twice the usable watts. and a smaller price tag in most cases.
wa8yxm 07/16/19 06:31am Beginning RVing
RE: Overhang

Depending on just how bad a set of what motorcyclists call "Sissy Wheels" might help. these are the heavy duty Steel rollars that attach to the rear of the RV so the thing can still roll. Other wise air bags might help to lift the rear as well. (Inflate just the rear bags to go up the drive) Air-lift 5000's or better.
wa8yxm 07/16/19 06:24am General RVing Issues
RE: camp ground cable into

I have never seen a TV without a coax cable hookup, a monitor yes but never on a TV. Strange. I have. way back in the 60's and 70s they used to make 'em with 300 Ohm Balanced (Flat lead) inputs instead of 75Ohm Unbalanced (Coax) input. And then there are Computer Monitors Yes you can convert from Coax to HDMI several devices on the internet will do it. You can also go to other video formats as well. Just GOOGLE.. I have two digital to analog converters that let my older Analog only DVR's record modern digital (They use direct Video/audio input Red White and Yellow coded cables) I also have an ATSC to HDMI converter I do not think the one I have does QAM (Digital cable) but it might.
wa8yxm 07/16/19 06:22am Technology Corner
RE: turn signals

I have had that issue on the LEFT side a couple times FIrst time it was the front left turn signal (not sure if it was the side or front lamp) removed and replaced (Same bulb) and all good 2nd time it only happened when towing.. I Improved the ground connection at the tow connector (Motor home end. don't know why I tried that one first.. and last) and all good. In all cases the "Bad Ground" is the answer.. Full explanation is more than I care to type today. >Been a long day and 2 more coming.. Only fun thing is I'll grab a free hotdog Wed :).
wa8yxm 07/15/19 03:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Campground Breakers - EDITED

Original poster - Moved to another campground and both AC's ran for over 4 hours without any problem at all. So I guess the electrician at the last campground has some work to do. No. .. I'd say the other campground does not even have an electrician but needs one. at least they need a manager who's head is not stuck in his exhaust pipe.
wa8yxm 07/15/19 03:07pm Class A Motorhomes
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