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RE: Fire tools

General RV used to sell a very good Made in Michigan Poker, alas my wife died before they started carrying it and I'm not into making a campfire just to have a campfire (She was, I'd build the fire, she's maintain it). It ws heavy duty rod with a heavy hook just shy of the point. I also carry Axe. Sledge. assorted wedges. Electric Chain Saw. Other saws. And a propane powered fire starter..
wa8yxm 04/03/20 04:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stimulus Check , what are you going to do with yours ?

I had to use a credit card for some major repair work last summer. It gets paid down... (Best way to maximize)
wa8yxm 04/03/20 04:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: 50 Amp Receptacle to Inverter

Use a 50 amp outlet. First do not forget to disable the converter when using the inverter in this manner. now.. the 50 amp socket has 4 wires Ground (The roundish one) Neutral (Opposite the ground) and L-1 and L-2 To feed the 120 volt 3000 watt inverter to the 50 amp receptical BRIDGE l-1 and l-2 (That is run a jumper wire between them) That easy. I have two 50 to 30 adapters One is molded (Dogbone) the other is a 30 amp shore cord. I had to replace the 50 amp Marinc outlet. Yup. Jumper from L-1 to L-2
wa8yxm 04/03/20 04:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Good day today!

The other day when it was pouring down rain out a radio "Net control operator" commented it was a great day.. And so it was. every day is a great day provided you wake up on the GREEN side of the Grass. even if the grass is not green today. That day was a Great Day to stay indoors and talk on the radio. Other days are great days to be out doing stuff. But every day is a great day. Ham Radio.. I still socialize with all my friends just like before. Does not matter if they are a mile away or a thousand miles away or more.. Radio still works.
wa8yxm 04/03/20 05:55am Around the Campfire
RE: 12v outlet question

Oh. I said this before but I will make it simple Battery==Fuse==inverter------------------------------------------tv == is big heavy wire -------------- is light duty (or medium duty) extension 14 ga wire if using romex 16 if using an extension cord is OK.
wa8yxm 04/02/20 05:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: AZ Governor Statement on RV Travel during Stay At Home order

Good that AZ understands the needs of us full timers and that we are "Distancing" in our self contained house on wheels.
wa8yxm 04/02/20 05:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Charge Controller/Converter issue?

I checked my 110v plugs in the RV I found something odd, when I went from ground to hot I got 65V, when I go from ground to neutral I got 65V, when I go neutral to hot I get 120V. 100% normal when using a portable generator.. WHY you ask? In electronics there is a device called a capacitor. and another device consisting of two capacitors called a "Capacities voltage divider" This is like a resistive divider in a DC circuit. Now imagine the following DC hook iup 12 volt----100 ohm resistor--X--100 Ohm Resistor--Ground (Returns to battery) The two identical resistors will divide the voltage so the voltage at point x (assumign no load) is six volts 1/2 the battery. Well in an AC cucuit it works the same way with Capacitors 120 V Hot----||----X-----||----- Neutral The || is the symbol for a capacitorl it is also how they are built Two metal plates with an insulator between them You have how many feet or ROMEX in your house on wheels Romex is three wires side by side. the hot is on one side neutral on the other and ground in the middle Makes a capacitive divider HOW TO FIX Bond the Generator outlet if it allows or make a special generator adapter with neutral and ground bonded.. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW. Get help from someone who does.
wa8yxm 04/02/20 04:54pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v outlet question

So I had another idea....what if I add another outlet up front close to the batteries, I can do this easily, then plug In the inverter there and use an extension cord over to the tv (tv plugs into extension cord). Will this work? Anybody have any other ideas to do this easily? TIA! Yes. by all means. and I will tell you why. Let us assume the TV draws 100 watts. (Note this is not what it draws or rather I'd be very surprised if it was but it's a nice easy number to work with) At 120 volts that's not even 1 amp. Fairly light weight wire can carry it with next to no voltage loss and even if there is loss what's 2 or even 5 volts (less than 10 percent heck less than 5 percent) Now. Due to conservation effiecency and other things I use 10 volts to calculate the 12 volt side draw. so 100 watts will draw About 10 amps. That means you need 10 times the wire to get the same votage loss. and 5 volts.. is now almost half your battery voltage Even a 1 or 2 volt loss will shut down the inverter. So mount the inverter as close to the battery as you can (But not in the same air-space, inverter needs to breath clean air not battery fumes). Use heavy cable. heavier than the inverter maker suggests Either use "zip" type cables (Like lamp cord the red and black are joined side by side) or tape the hot and ground together (Like a wire loom) for as much of the run as possible. But put the inverter near the battery Hook up is .. Battery +--Fuse--Inverter back to battery - 2nd fuse suggested but I do not think necessary on an RV house system.
wa8yxm 04/02/20 04:54am General RVing Issues
RE: 12v battery tender to equalize 6v

That is a desulfation/equalization method but you need to attend the tender. Many (not all) battery tenders have a desulfacation/equlize mode as well, it's automatic or supposed to be. When used on a 12 volt battery. If hooked to a single six volt the better battery tenders will refuse to do anything but show you a RED "Fault" light.
wa8yxm 04/02/20 04:48am Tech Issues
RE: water pump problems

A leak at the TOP of the tank will not affect the water pump. It's supposed to have a "Leak" (Note the quotes at the top to let air in as the tank empties, it's called a vent.
wa8yxm 04/02/20 04:46am Tech Issues
RE: Untangling an electrical mess! Need some guidance/paid help

For assorted reasons your photos 1: did not display properly (Too wide) 2: I'm not good working with photos. You mentioned extensive experience with house wiring. I'm cross trained. I've done house wiring but I'm a certified electronics technician. In house wiring WHITE is neutral. Black is hot (at least usually) In automotive and electroic wiring Black is "Ground" Usually (not always) IN RV.. Well the HOUSE is wired by (usually) electricians (House standard) and the chassis on a motor home by Automotive types. So your multi-meter is your friend when working on the 12 volt sides of life. Check polarities.
wa8yxm 04/02/20 04:44am Tech Issues
RE: M6.5 earthquake report 4:52PM PDT near Challis, ID

Was talking to a well shook up ham last night (or rather listening to him). I've experienced one earthquake. Have slept through several including a California quake But the only one I was awake for... Well Very minor (Thankfully) but I was the only one in the room (Detroit is on the new Madrid Fault line) who knew what it was. Just enough to disorient me a bit (I was seated at my desk at the time)
wa8yxm 04/01/20 04:21am Around the Campfire
RE: Be Kind!

Was watching the news this AM. President Trump has extended the recommended shut down through the end of April He was commenting on all the Dead (I think in NY) the fact they had to bring in refrigerated truck to hold them because they ran out of room in the morgue. He was... greatly subdued... Some of you may know my opinion of Donald Trump. if you do you know this post is 100% observation. NOT political.
wa8yxm 03/30/20 04:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: water pump problems

I checked the pump by running water through the winterizing hose and it worked fine so.... If you have a winterizing hose. Do you have a valve 3-way type that you use to select it? IF so the valve is suspect (I mentioned it earlier) to test plug the winterizing hose or seal the intake by whatever means you like.. if that fixes it the valve is the problem.
wa8yxm 03/30/20 04:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Combined home computers reach exaflop levels

With SETI I had a lot of folks I trust confirmign it as legit. but .. That's not the point of this post. When I was working some of my co-workers discovered we had internet access. Oh we had an "Expert" who was supposed to lock it down but my hacker skills are, on a scale of 10 where 10 is a Powerful Hacker. in the low fractional range (Below 1) and even I could walk under his lockouts (Though I did it safely.. I did NOT use the browser but a terminal program that was more hacker resistant. the "Browser" ran remotely. the original VPN as it were). But several of the computers showed up with cut little things like a cat that walked across the open windows. Well when departmental IT came in and saw those they dang near needed clean underwear... I warned my co-workers.. But do they listen to me? No.. they don't Took several years before they had Internet access again.
wa8yxm 03/30/20 04:23pm Technology Corner
RE: 110 outlets

IF the RV is 50 amp you could have a park side problem (Those are super easy to ID in my rig) If you are comfortable with volt meters open the distribution box and probe for power on both mains if 50 amp (if 30 amp you have only one main) CAREFUL DANGEROUS VOLTAGES Then turn off the main, , unplug, and using a flashlight make sure all and I mean all screws in that box are tight. Also cycle off and on EVERY breaker.. do not trust eyes. Manually force it off and on.
wa8yxm 03/30/20 04:57am Tech Issues
RE: water pump problems

If it keeps gurgling that means it is sucking air.. Now fact it will gurgle for a long time when you first charge the lines but ... .... if it's sucking air it will gurgle forever. now why would it suck air The most likely cause is the inlet strainer on the pump. but you'd have checked that when you replaced the pump Still check to insure it is properly sealed and not cracked. Then inspect the suction line ONE option.. on my RV the fresh tank drain valve is "T" connected to the suction line. did you remember to close it As others have said some rigs have a 3-way valve called a "Winterizing" valve that changes the suction line to a hose that can suck pink stuff out of a bottle.. If you have such a valve is it properly set. Next is a pin hole in the suction hose or a mouse hole. Finally and this one is rare.. My tank has an outlet strainer as well as the inlet strainer on the pump.. it can get "Slimed up" (in theory, never seen it happen) or otherwise clogged (Again never seen it happen).
wa8yxm 03/30/20 04:55am Tech Issues
RE: OTR Indoor Antenna

I know a lot of folks who would argue with you on that. I'm not one of them however so I'll drop it here. I do know some folks who put it in the attic. They can argue if they want, but they would be wrong. Link Yes they can. and they may well be.. but as I said. I'm not one of them. So we can drop this sub thread.. Looks like a useful link however if I ever move back to a sticks and bricks in an HUA area (no that's not a typo)
wa8yxm 03/30/20 04:50am Technology Corner
RE: What is MISSING from your RV Park?

MY answer is "Trees". When I was a Boy Scout we were surrounded by trees. ....but what is your BIGGEST shortcoming at the parks you stay at? Well as a ham radio operator I like to toss a long wire up in the trees and on the site I'm on now.. That's where it is.. However the park I'm in has a lot of old growth and some trees have had to go. Some were helped along a bit. I recall one windy day when I pulled in and one tree brushed up rather firmly against my RV. I meant to report it as needing trimming when I checked back with my site but forgot. No matter. the tree was down (Flat across the road down). Another park I was at for an extended visit has no trees in the park. Which was good for the trees outside the park lost a lot of branches which would have done major damage when the Himicane came calling (Matthew) Another park I stay at half of it has trees. The other half Wi_Fi
wa8yxm 03/29/20 04:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: ? L E D taillights

Lots of good info here and let me add some more and some comments. I like Super Bright Led's as well as a supplier. also ECO-Led but COSTLY (about 20 bucks a pop) Yes adding the resistor offsets the energy savings but .. Leds trend to outlast regular lamps too... There are two (or more) types of flashers. ONE is not very senistive to load (These are often sold as HEAVY DUTY they flash at about the same speed with 1 lamp 2, or 5.. Others are load sensitive. The difference (observable) is a short delay between SWITCH and LIGHT on the HD I know why Now we get to the how fast they light.. Did not know that. Good info. BUT one thing I observe is (And I'm sorry about wording it this way but. alas, Cant' resist) a LACK of Social Distancing. I was taught to follow one car length for every 20 MPH or about 1 foot for every MPH.. Later it was changed to "The distance you travel in 2 seconds" and later increased to 3 and even more if the road is less than clear dry pavement. What I see at 60 mph, is cars so close together as they pass me I look for a tow bar.. I'm not kidding.. I know there is a little brown car that follows my big brown motor home at serious "Tailgate" distance. but there is a physical connection (TOW BAR) When I see cars doing that on the freway without tow bars.. I recall one day at work. We got calls of a stove on the road (S/B I-75 north of Caniff, Detroit, MI) NO, not there. Also not north of Davison FOUND IT< north of McNichols (6 Mile 2 miles north of Caniff) 2nd lane. We watched cars approach (NOTE We are sitting down at the Lodge and howard miles from there. using remotely controlled cameras. More on that later) approach 2 or 3 at at time all at "Tow bar" seperation. The first guy changes lanes at the last second The rest underwear Finally a group of 3 cars and a pick up First car changes lanes at last second Second underwear Fairly Sure #3 tapped the bumper on #2 Pick up does not stop, Does not slow down. Place kicks that stove a good quarter mile down the road (now south of McNichols) and onto the shoulder. Called off responding troopers, Called county back and scheduled pick up for daytime (Instead of overtime). Now about those cameras the "Boondoggle" as one reporter called 'em. Without the cameras, due to a special event, the troopers would have NEVER found that stove.. They would have flipped most likely at McNichols (South of it) and headed back south. So this is but one example where the cameras were effective.. I have a lot of 'em.
wa8yxm 03/29/20 04:53pm Tech Issues
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