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RE: Can you retreat gas with stabil to extend protection?

I know this Gas break down thing is complex and can not answer your question but I do have a couple of observations from my Time in Georgia. First: I blew an engine (Well it got road killed so insurance covered, NOT my fault) I was down 3 years. Seafoamed the tank but got a visit from a Gent named Matthew. and Matthew was no Gentelman. (he was a Hurricane) I was 3 miles out of the Mandatory evac area so I was without power for a while.. Ran Mr. Onan's contribution to my comfort and thus had to replace most of the gas during the course of the visit. Also had a few other reasons to run the ONAN. No fuel issues with either the ONAN or the Main engine when it was repalced. While there there was anothe rig that had been parked.. Well it was there in 2011 when I first visited and again in 2014 (had not moved) and still in 2016 possibly 17 (when I left) but before I left the Owner ask me to assist in moving it to storage.. We put in a new chassis battery (old one was beyond hope) (Same for house) Got the slides in (Took 3 people and the converter. one pushed buttons Two pushed slide) Got the jacks up (one did not want to so I put a jack under it and hit the release valve) and then we fired that sucker up. Ran like the day it was new.
wa8yxm 12/02/20 04:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Never get lost.

One of the things I did in an earlier life (I worked as a professional ladder monkey. Er. Roffing applicator. Great job for a kid with acrophobia (Fear of heights) well I overcame it back then. Re-asserting now but I don't do that any more) We had detailed county by county maps for everywhere we would likely go and I'm rather good at reading 'em (Got lots of practice) Boss would say "Which way to the shop" I'd look at the map and say "That way" and he'd go.... in a different direction.. Was up to me to keep track of where he took us. Really liked those afternoons when he intentionally went the wrong way. Some some great country, and I'm a country boy. Of course we were never lost.... It is very very hard to get me lost other than in someplace like Detroit where the French and the English mixed it up as I generally know where I am relative to where I'm going and which way is UP What does French and English have to do with it? French build wagon weels.. In Detroit the "Hub" is grand ciruis park Spokes are Jefferson. Gratiot. Woodward. Grand river. Michigan ave. West Jefferson FORT (among other roads I'm leaving out) Rings are Grand Bvld. Outer drive and again more that I'm leaving out. English build checker boards Telegraph Schaeffer (oh and there are two roads that intersect with that name) Greenfield And 5,6, 7,8 Mile roads Tons of fun figuring it all out as they overlap each other.
wa8yxm 12/02/20 04:13pm Technology Corner
RE: What do you do with ash/coals ?

And that covers it. If you are parking in Campgrounds when the pit starts to fill.. Call for ash-removal. but on BLM or other "use your own fire pit" land that is not an option. Oh. the new thing in Campgrounds is "Safe" fire rings. instead of the old Truck Rim they now have a thing with two sections of culvert pipe with about 4" of concrete between 'em. And Spikes to go into the ground so you can't easily move or lift it.. I had a muffler shop bend some pipe to fit over it and put a 2" 12 volt fan (Computer type) in the cold end. a portable jump start batter and the fire gets lots of air. I have a bigger one for the older rings. I also have a Pit-2-Go (Portable fire pit that holds the wood or coals OFF the ground so the grass below does not burn) That one is nice. Too bad I no longer do campfires.
wa8yxm 12/02/20 04:06pm RV Lifestyle
RE: 2020 Strikes Again

I was notified of an unsuall charge on my Credit Card by the issuing bank, They ask if It was me. It was a restaurant I wanted to go to but.. alas. did not and now it's over 500 miles each way so NO IT WAS NOT ME. Upon checking it was the 2nd transaction in 2 days at that same place. I hope the crooks tried one more time.. Cause if they did the delivery person likely delivered them. Same thing happened to one of my co-workers long ago only when the UPS driver delivered he had an assistant.. His assistant had two uniforms.. One was BROWN UPS. and under it the BLUE of Michigan State Police.... you can guess the rest.
wa8yxm 12/02/20 04:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Awning problem! All it does is click.

The awning may be Stuck, Sometimes the Rib will work it's way out and wrap around the shaft (If that's what happened you will clearly see it. Option 2 is not so nice and a 400 or 500 parts bill plus 1 hr labor. so I'm not going there (Seen it once) There are two manual overrides described in your owner's manual.. ONE reuires a jumper battery or other 12 volt source and a cable that should be in the Owner's bag (One rig I worked on it was not) the other a screwdriver and damages the wiring.. but that's the court of last resort (What we had to do) 2 days later a pro replaced the motor... TWICE. But since yours started to roll up I think you are better off than he was.
wa8yxm 12/02/20 04:15am Tech Issues
RE: Replacement Scare Light Bulbs

DO NOT. Those scare lights are an annoyance. However if you must good advise up thread.
wa8yxm 12/01/20 05:23am Tech Issues
RE: hydro flame furnace problem

Take the old tube to a Good Water heater type or oven type repair place. Odds are they can cut and "Fit" a tube for you in a matter of minutes. Kind of like the custom Muffler places that cut, shape and bend pipe to need. In fact exactly like but smaller pipe.
wa8yxm 11/30/20 05:35am Tech Issues
RE: Floating vs Storage Voltage Question

13.2 works well when combined with the 15 minute boost charge at 14.6v every 20 hours. Otherwise storage and float are the same thing as far as I am concerned. My original house batteries lasted 9 years with a PD-9180+wizard doing the above pattern Their replacement went to Insurance Auto Auction with the rest of the Rig after the Semi clipped it. 6 years later.
wa8yxm 11/30/20 05:33am Tech Issues
RE: One way valve on hot water in shower

Per the video when you use the switch on the showerhead to shut off flow, the cold water will back fill into the hot water side since the pressure is greater and thats why when you turn it back on it will be cold for a few seconds. Since both the hot and cold water are pressurized by the self same PUMP that.. it male bovine produced organic fertilizer (AKA BS) What happens is when the water stops the hot cools a bit and "Contracts" sucking cold in. The solution is to use a better valve that does not 100% turn off flow. the Oxygenics "Smart Pulse" valve is like this. it allows a dribble of watter to flow. So does the generic valve I got at Mennards years back (Alas no link it's been 15 years) Either of these solves the issue for about 10 bucks.
wa8yxm 11/30/20 05:31am Tech Issues
RE: slide out issue on Cameo

I do not know what system you have but many use a current sensor in the control box to tell if it has reached end of travel (the motor stalls and current increases) Any obstruction will still the motor Slide slightly out of adjustment can increase the load Lack of Lubrication And old age (of the motor) In theory you can adjust the current sensor in practice don't ask me how.
wa8yxm 11/30/20 05:28am Tech Issues
RE: Water Filtration

There are filters, Filters and Filters.. In some cases the filter "Cartridge" can be changed based on the need.... But if you need more than one type of filtering (particulate and chemical for example) yes you may need an additional filter.
wa8yxm 11/28/20 03:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Strange advice

It is in fact great advice. here is why 3 Pressures all but guaranteed to be wrong The pressure on the tire The pressure the store put in The pressure on the sticker One pressure is right and that pressure is based on the weight the wheel is carrying.. So get it weighed. Too much pressure and the tire does not fully engage the road. This can lead to loss of control and early tire wearout. Too little and the sidewalls flex too much, also leads to loss of control and tire blowout. Finally if the rig is overloaded he may need to either UPGRADE wheels or lose weight.. In my case I was able to upgrade tires.
wa8yxm 11/28/20 03:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Class A Tire Recommendation

I would get a second opinion on the front end work. unless you have been abusing it, I don't see an F53 needing tie rods and king pins at such low miles. especially on something that is used mostly on highways. As far as tires....just shop around. Ive heard good things with the Hankooks. I went with Toyo on my Workhorse. No complaint. The thing about Toyo's v/s say Michelin Toyos do not last as many miles.. But on an RV that is almost never the reason for tire replacement (miles) YEARS is the reason most RV tires get replaced. So why waste money on the HIGH MILLAGE tires when you can save money and the tread will never wear out. Page 2: Ford Dealers Wife had a Mercury Tracer.. It was running rough (Will tell why) took it to local Ford Dealer for tune up (not help) and later said Diagnose and repair.. They told me the fuel pump was leaking. I ask to look, sure enough there was evidence of a leak at the top of tank where the hose connects to the pump outlet.. FRESH leak, no evidence that it was leaking when I pulled in.. 300 to replace the hose they punctured and the dealer is now padlocked by the State of Michigan (Hey. not a good idea to rip off a police dispatcher who is friends with the Secretary of State Investigator). Oh. the rough running.. Part of a Tune Up on that car is replacing the spark plugs and the wires.. They did not replace the wires.. I finally did and varroom no problem. I normally dealt with a Chevy dealer (My car was a chevy) and never had that kind of problem there. DID have one problem.. Well two. but one they took care of it. no questions asked, and the other one.. Well.. I did not pay for it so no rip-off. (They simply did not know how to fix it.. I finally figured it out and it got fixed).
wa8yxm 11/28/20 04:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Broken Leaf Springs

How often? I am 70 have had one old car with a broken leaf spring one Dodge B250 Maxi Van also aged And helped one RVER replace a broken leaf. That's the entire list of springs I've replaced.
wa8yxm 11/28/20 04:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Check water level on new battery! And screw-on lids??

How full did you fill them Many preach "to the bottom of the filler tube" Proper level is 1/8 to 1/4th inch BELOW the tube. Give it room to breath.
wa8yxm 11/28/20 04:37am Tech Issues
RE: Outside Shower

The real reason for what I call the Dog Shower is rinsing the 3" hose.
wa8yxm 11/27/20 04:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Windshield defroster question

If there is no vaccum the unit is supposed to default to DEFROST. now if it's an older rig. door may be stuck. In any position. beyond that I can not assist.
wa8yxm 11/27/20 04:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Latest Dish News Blackout ???

What gets me is that DISH, Direct and my local cable extend the coverage for the TLN's (three Letter Networks) so why are the networks not paying the delivery services instead of the other way around????
wa8yxm 11/27/20 04:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Inexpensive solar panels

Not them but I've bought a couple of "Fantastic price" items Well I got what I paid for.. That is What I got was worth what I paid But it was NOT what they advertised.
wa8yxm 11/26/20 04:06am Tech Issues
RE: 1-2-All Switch Wiring?

1 and 2 go to the batteries Common goes to the "House" NOTE: I do not recommend isolating the two banks unless you need a "Back up" system. the reason is Peukert's law, which basically says the faster your draw current off a battery the faster still it runs down. So by dividing the load between TWO parallel batteries (or more) you get more power out of them before dead. But if say bank one is 4 GC-2 in series parallel and bank 2 is a single Group 27 just in case so you can start the Generator (with a Battery Tender or other small 3-stage charger on the 27) then by all means run off just bank one.
wa8yxm 11/26/20 04:04am Tech Issues
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