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RE: New type of lead acid battery: with silicone wafers

Generally "Scalable" means up but can also mean down. If this works and is not a whole lot more expensive it may put traditional lead acid out to pasture (It won't put the companies out of business because I suspect it can be made on the same machines) If you can pack say 85 AH into say half the weight I might pick up a few feet per gallon on the old MPG chart.
wa8yxm 03/02/21 04:53am Tech Issues
RE: Keeping a charge on AGM batteries

In days of old some of the converters were first class JUNK and would destroy batteries if left connected too long.. I don't think that converter type has been manufactured in the last 20 years Modern converters come in 3 or 3+ types Single state: More proper to call this a "power supply" Fixed out put voltage normally 13.6 battery NEVER gets to full charge Two stage... Bulk/Float This recharges much faster but depending on the unit may or may not fill the cells with power. Three State (Bulk/Absorption/Float) Now this rapidly recharges the battery to like 90% then slowly tops it off to FULL then switches to Float. Best type The PLUS. Equalization or desulfacation features. Provided the converter has the proper "profile" You are golden. But even a Flooded Wet charger like the Progressive Dynamics Charge wizard is at worst Silver with AGM's (The profiles are mighty close) If your rig was made this century. post the make and model of your converter for more.
wa8yxm 03/01/21 05:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any innovative ideas for lugging a heavy/awkward generator

So there's no wheel kit.. You can but wheels and axels and other stuff and make your own wheel kit. A Wheelchair hoist will lift it into truck. 65 pounds is still a one hand load for me.
wa8yxm 03/01/21 04:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Potentially dangerous mistake in March RV Magazine

I watched folks do it in that order (Unhook,, watch Trailer roll toward lake. Try to stop it (Fail) thankfully there was dirt and the tong jack dug in and stopped it before splash. then they chocked and re-hooked repositioned and rechocked before unhooking again . Oh if you do forget.. Grab the break-away brake wire It is not strong enough to stop the trailer from rolling but when the pin comes out of teh clothspin switch .. Brakes ON.
wa8yxm 03/01/21 04:42am General RVing Issues
RE: DirecTV Spinoff Announcement

When I was RVing I used 100% OTA TV.. Today in an amartment I can only get one station (Steel bones in the building) so I pay for cable 50/month. I HATE PAYING FOR TV.
wa8yxm 02/27/21 05:00am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Question..

If it is towed at least monthly it's possible you need do nothing. The Generator should run for at least 1/2 hour under at least 1/2 load monthly Total time to recharge from GC2 DEEP CYCLE batteries from 50% to Full is aroudn 6 hours with the proper ( 60-70 amp) 3 stage converter for MARINE/deep cycle at 75% SOC drop one hour.
wa8yxm 02/27/21 04:59am Tech Issues
RE: Locked Out!

The reason Tri-Mark makes one key for the deadbolt and one for the striker bolt is security. 2 keys = 4x security. And yes it's a pain in the you know what.
wa8yxm 02/26/21 04:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Question..

9 Months is a long time even with the negative lead off the battery i'd feed it monthly (reconnect the lead) How big? What converter do you have I'm mostly interested in the last two digits. A Progressive dynamics 9260 should work with a Honda 1000 if you shut off all other breakers (or if it a 9260P plug directly into the Honda 1000 with an adapter if needed) anything bigger will take the 2KW version.. I'd likely take the 2000 Fuel use will be about the same with the smaller Converter
wa8yxm 02/26/21 04:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Easter egg on rover parachute

This is not the first time Nasa did somethign like that. Earlier Rovers had Morse Code tires.. In order to tell how far it had traveled by camera they needed a tread design so the folks who built it cut .--- .--. .-.. in the wheels (JPL in Morse Code) so every where it went it dropped the name JPL.
wa8yxm 02/26/21 04:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: Freezer not freezing

Ok sometimes either on the Freezer door frame or the Fridge Door Frame (Bottom of top rail) is a switch marked LAT Turn it on Optional (And there is a danger of blowing a fuse) Bypass the door switch so that the interior light remains on all the time. No gurarantee save for the standard money back.. If it does not work your FREE is cheerfully refunded.. If it works. Same thing.
wa8yxm 02/25/21 03:45pm General RVing Issues

Well... about 2:30 PM EST I pinned this on
wa8yxm 02/25/21 03:42pm Around the Campfire
RE: T-Mobile Coverage

I will give you two answers In days of old (last year) Going from Davison Mi to St.Clair Township (I-94 and Waddams) I had a few drop outs.. I stream WTWW.US transmitter 2 while driving (My favorite on the road radio) or WRCJFM.ORG (Classical radio) so I notice the drop outs.. Same when moving from Fair Play SC to Seneca or Pendelton. Alas I don't do that any more. Same when moving from MI to SC (Also no longer doing that) When Traveling to Elkhart I had places where my T-Moble was 0.0 and Sprint was 99 or better (on a scale of 100) in fact the data speed on Sprint broke the speedometer. Now this year. Sprint and T-mobile have merged.. I no longer drive the Motor home to St. Clair from Davison. but I do drive the car to Port Huron (The very end of I-94/69) and no dropouts.
wa8yxm 02/25/21 05:05am Technology Corner
RE: GC2 which?

Battery weight is related to capacity more than anything else. When I replaced my GC2 pair I got Deka. which at the time was 100% US made (East Penn battery Company) The ones I picked were a bit heavier than the Interstates they replaced and thus held more watts (Amp Hours) Page 2.... There are very few companies making batteries. .Many batteries are Deka's or US Battery or Johnson Control re-labeled. and you can google to find out which.
wa8yxm 02/24/21 04:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stand Alone Charger

Belive it or not I'm goping to recommend a Progressive Dynamics 9200P (P for Plug in model) they come with 20 amp plugs however (The neutral s turned 90 degrees) Now a word of caution. Standard Lead Acid shoud be charged at around 30%C or Less So a 100 amp hour battery charges at 30 amps or less a 220 amp hour GC-2 Pair or D-4 at around 65 amps Match the last two digits to the charge rate.
wa8yxm 02/24/21 04:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical gremlins

Ah the old "Screw Loose" A word of warning. Check not only 12 volt but 120 volt One of the breakers on my RV took 3 1/2 turns to tight.. the device it ran (Air Conditioner) worked after I tightened the loose screw. Many Rver's have a few screws loose a #2 Square bit often helps.
wa8yxm 02/24/21 04:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Gmail Reverted to Portuguese

I would recommend a change of password next time you connect. REMEMBER this will change your PW for all Google devices like ChromeBooks .
wa8yxm 02/24/21 04:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Running a generator to exercise it when there's shore power?

When I was full tim9ing I'd use the generator camp to camp at least once a month (I moved every week or 2) but if parked for an extended period I still ran it every month Kill shore power. WAIT 3 Minutes.. Then Fire up generator.. Half an hour under load later kill generator WAIT 3 MINUTES restore shore power.
wa8yxm 02/24/21 04:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Light Switch

I agree that switching DC is harder but as I said a 120 volt AC switch will not have a problem with 12VDC... At least not at any current you are likely to encounter save on the power leads to an inverter and likely not even then. It has to do with the 10 to one (Really 14 to one) voltage difference. Every switch is rated both AC and DC volts and current. Just not all publish the DC ratings. . I used a standard AC switch for the porch light on my Scamp. the actual light was an automotive headlamp cartridge type (Modern) one element was bad (Likely the low beam) so I wired it up and put it in a Jelly Jar Porch light that I hung on the side of the Trailer and plugged into a 12 volt accessory outlet. that is about a 30-50 watt lamp. Most porch lights are 25 or less.
wa8yxm 02/24/21 04:45am Tech Issues
RE: Electrical gremlins

I too am guessing low battery Fans will work on 12 volt or six (or less) just slower Same with lights in fact I have a 12 volt light in my bath here in the apartment (Used to be in the RV's half-bath) runs on I think 9 volts might be 6 The Fridge will NOT work on 9 volts. Nor will the furnace.
wa8yxm 02/24/21 04:40am Tech Issues
RE: Fry's Electronics shutting down 30 stores in 9 states

That is sad there are only a few stores remaining where you can walk in and walk out with PARTS.. Many stores where you can buy an entire Computer or 2-way radio but if you need parts... Can be hard to find.
wa8yxm 02/24/21 04:37am Technology Corner
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