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RE: We got DUCKED today!

The link is to youtube Just click it
wa8yxm 07/27/21 04:54am Around the Campfire
RE: can this possibly be true? 150 amp hours $46.51 cdn

I have seen that add and decided to try it using a protected card. They do not take Pay Pal. (Which adds to the suspicion) but I do expect it to be fraud. However even if it's only a 15AH battery.... I can use it. Bump this thread in a week or 3 and I'll have more
wa8yxm 07/26/21 05:24am Tech Issues
RE: Convection oven - phooey, Switched to Toaster oven

I cooked two classes of cooking Wife and I: (now just me) Toaster oven Some big jobs (like cheesecake) did not fit in the original toaster oven so I had to use the big one. (Or a Turkey) Now I live in an apartment.. new toaster oven. Air fryer. Slow cooker, multi cooker, Steamer.. Countertop induction burner (Big Boss) and resistance burner (Toastmaster) Big Amana range/oven OFF in fact OFF at the circuit breaker unless I absolute need it (once to season a dutch oven)
wa8yxm 07/25/21 04:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Maintenance Approved For RV

Campgrounds come in flavors for this Some you can do a "Bucket Wash" (No hoses) Some you can pay a few dollars and hose it down (Wash bucket and rinse hose) Those allow you to wax as well by the way Roof treatments as well. Some do not allow at all
wa8yxm 07/25/21 04:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: 3M stripes on camper doors.

I suggest this with great caution (Test in an inconspicuous area first type caution like bleach on fabric) GOOP. it's a mild adhesives and sealant. Some formulas are very UV resistant. Sticks to dang near everything... But some things better than others.
wa8yxm 07/25/21 04:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Extension Cord Useage - Guage

The size depends on two things. Current and length For a 15 amp circuit I'd use at least 12ga Extension cord, Most big box home improvement will have 'em (Lowes, Home Depot, Mennards) For anything bigger Get a cord at an RV store or make one custom If making one custom "Up-Size" the wire. 8ga for 30 amp 6 for 50
wa8yxm 07/24/21 05:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electrical help adapter do/don't

Are they safe? YES But be aware you are very limited A/C can take 13-15 amps Fridge *RV type 3-4 Microwave 10-15 Converter, up to about 10 if the batteries are hungry Water heater 12.5 On a 15 amp circuit. with full batteries pick one I'd run the fridge on gas.
wa8yxm 07/24/21 05:05pm Tech Issues
RE: 50 Amp plugging into 30 amp service

I too recommend a simple "Dogbone" adapter This is an short (like 1' or less) cord with a 50 amp outlet on one end and a 30 amp plug on the other. I also have (If you are near Flint MI and want it) a 30 amp cord with a 50 amp Marinco outlet (Plugs into a 50 amp RV inlet) not for sale but .. I have no need of it. Now the rules according to readdy kilowatt ON 20 amps if you are lucky you can run ONE AC. not much of anything else OR the microwave.. Make sure the batteries have time to charge first (That puppy can such up to 10 all by its lonesome if the batteries are "Hungry" give them at least 2 hours before turning on anythign else except perhaps a TV or Radio. 30 amps One A/C or the Microwave OR the water heater NO AND just OR. You might be able to run 2 (But you might have to reset the park breaker) You won't know till you try (Will depend on voltage delivered and a few other things) 50 amp.. Usually "All you can eat" Some numbers A/C 13-15 amps Water heater 12-13 Fridde 3-4n(RV type on electric Residual 2-5) TV 1-2 (modern tvs) Converter 1 to 10 (Charges batteries, 10 is a very large one) Microwave 12-15 Inductive loads (A/C Residential Fridg) Much more starting but the breaker SHOULD delay tripping long enough.
wa8yxm 07/24/21 05:04pm Tech Issues
RE: need key help

If you are near Flint, MI I might have one. but.... Not worth looking if you are not nearby. NOT SELLING them. Disposing of them.
wa8yxm 07/24/21 04:48am Tech Issues
RE: AGM battery question for the experts.

There are a few different ways batteries fail Shorted cell (they never hit 12 volts) high resistance (What you got is very very high resistance) and as Mex said broken conneciton (Also very very very high resistance) It's toast. replace it . NOTE this assumes you are measuring voltage at the battery. if you are using a volt meter INSIDE the RV clean all connections first the problem might not be the battery.
wa8yxm 07/24/21 04:46am Tech Issues
RE: A and E power awning won’t extend

If there is a small toggle switch on the box (wind sensor) Turn it off. NOTE with it off it will NOT auto-retract in the wind. And then. Call and expert
wa8yxm 07/23/21 05:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Long Term Stays

Well if you want to be safe change oil just before you park and again when you hit the road (Never did that but once, long story on that one) Main engine unlike generator does NOT need monthly run Generator needs regular exercise (Once a month, 1/2 hour 1/2 load or more in both half cases) for assorted reasons. some electronic some mechanical The carbureted engines (Generator) are more senisitive to sitting than injected engines ..> You might want to add the prper Seaforam to the fuel tank for fuel stability. Since the main engine can not be properly loaded. Running it even at fast idle is not good for it. The thing need to get up to full operating temp under load (Same for generator engine) when running. It needs to work, not just idle.
wa8yxm 07/23/21 05:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hot Water Heater Funny Issue

And that is why it's not called a hot water heater. ;) Thank you for that w2r.. I needed a good laugh and I totally missed it this morning.. So Thanks And yes you have a point.
wa8yxm 07/23/21 05:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Iron air battery -- too heavy for RVs, but interesting

There are, it appears, several "Air" batteries, Iron, Zinc, Other Another link about it on REecharge news
wa8yxm 07/23/21 05:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: SEMI cameras

The problem is not... generally.. the truckers. I was riding shotgun with my brother and he ask where a motorcycle that suddenly appeared in front of us was. (He had come up on the right. there is a reason you should not pass on the right except at an intersection where the car you are passing is turning LEFT) I said "I don't know but I think we have tire tracks on our front bumper" Meaning he road over it. or at least close enough to touch it. Cutting in front of a Semi like that is ... Or any other vehicle for that matter... IS simply stupid. and I've had it happen with my motor home (And one of those little rag top sports car would not have even made a good bump if I'd have run over it) and in my car. DO NOT cut in front of people if you enjoy life... IF you want to die, there are better ways.
wa8yxm 07/23/21 05:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Question about solar and my LiFePo4 batteries

I had a bit of problem with those connections on my controller too. Finally got 'em right.
wa8yxm 07/23/21 05:06am Tech Issues
RE: Fuel Mileage on 8.1 Workhorse

MPG varies depending on several factors. The RIG below is a Damon Intruder 377W they call it 37' I call it 38, 8.1L workhorse I"ve seen 6 or less (headwind) and I've seen 13.8 (Ok so the tumble weeds were passing me doing about 100 MPH, I'm not kidding that was one 7734 of tail wind) Normally about 8 Fresh wax job and no towed I hit 11 The freshness of the wax job seems to make a big difference.
wa8yxm 07/22/21 04:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Hot Skin (Exterior electrification)

It is not uncommon for the "Skin" of an RV to have 60 volts RMS on it. Now you ask why. People do not understand the value of the 3rd Wire.. (Safety Ground) and you have an open ground.. A Three Light Outlet Tester should show two Green and NO red lights. if it shows only one green or all 3,,,, You have an open ground. If you plug in at home to an old two wire outlet using an adapter. You have an open ground If the Green wire breaks. Open ground If some (exeplative deleted) switched a 2 wire outlet to 3 wire so you could plug in Open ground GFCI power source you MAY have an open ground but in this case it should trip soon as you touch the RV. (no shock, Have tested) Why: Well most folks when thinking of electricity think DC and usually that's good but AC has a few Quirks.. one is that it can travel THROUGH insulation in some cases.. The device is called a capacitor or condenser (Capacitor is the more proper name) It consists of two pieces of metal with an insulator (or air) between Like the Black Wire, and the Bare wire in a piece of ROMEX cable Or the Bare wire and the White wire. The Bare wire is hooked to the frame/chassis/ground The black and white have 120 volts between them so you have 0---| | |---120 Well the wire in the middle.. 60 volts.
wa8yxm 07/21/21 05:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Modern day Bo & Luke Duke car launch...!!!

Most people have to think and consider before they react. Only a selected type of person runs to the incident straight off. Generally they work for one of 3 outfits. Police Fire Ems Most folks have to think a bit first.
wa8yxm 07/21/21 04:47am Around the Campfire
RE: Generator not powering house-already checked breakers/fuses

There are two different definitions of EMS, Intelletec nd Progressive Industries The PI unit will sometimes not pass Generator power Likewise your Automatic Transfer Switch, may be fried (if you have one) Or your manual transfer Device (the plug) came out of the socket.
wa8yxm 07/20/21 03:31pm General RVing Issues
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