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RE: Holiday Rambler in tank fuel pump quit. Cant find relay?

I do not know the chassis but I do know Workhorse. And GM in general. On a workhorse front and center.. open the hood and if like me you are six foot. Directly in front (Center) is a black plastic box.. It's in there On my 1992 Lumina the relays were on the top front rail (Radiator mount rail) passanger side. and it's one of them. Generally relays are all "Grouped" Never had a fuel pump relay fail Did have the starter pilot relay fail (Yup right next door) fixed it (Actually fixed the relay... .Yup I know how to do that). Horn relay is there too. HEVAC blower.. Same spot.
wa8yxm 01/11/21 04:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trion V10

In fairness to the Show.. It may be he owned one of the plug poppers.. and has never given them a 2nd chance. Fact: I recall one episode of Car Talk, the PBS show with Click and Clack the tappet brothers. The complaint: Drive all day no problem Drive at night dead battery They prescribed a new alternator which DID fix it. however I'd never have spent that much.. Cars of that vintage used "V" belts not "Serp" belts. and as part of the alternator replacement..... They adjusted the belt tension. I fixed 5 cars (2 of them mine) with that kind of problem Mine.. one I tightened the belt. another I had to replace the belt as the specified belt was the wrong size. Two I told 'em to tighten it up one (Sticker still in window) They forgot somethign at ye old factory.. THE BELT
wa8yxm 01/11/21 04:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: shower head

The REASON RV shower heads drizzle when the OEM shut off is OFF is simple. The HOSE from the faucet to the Shower head is NOT designed for continous 45 plus PSI water pressure. Purchase a metal flexable hose when installing a positive cut off Shower head valve. Doug} Sorry Doug but that's not it. I used two shut off valves in my RV and confirmed this The first was a full shut off, a quarter turn ball valve that I ended up using elsewhere. The problem is if you went FULL OFF then when you turned it back on (Depending on several things) you either got a blast of COLD or SUPER HOT water (120) The "Shower cut off" dribbled. and thus did not do that. and that's why they dribble The hose is designed to take 40-50-60-78-80 Likely 100 PSI or more for a long long time.
wa8yxm 01/11/21 04:27pm Tech Issues
RE: features for dc to DC chargers

Primary feature is amp rating. JMHO. Bigger is not always better and watch the input amps. The rating is output. As "Generic" info goes that is best response. NOT ENOUGH INFO however for a more precise answer What do you want to use it for? There are several different DC>DC devices Some are very simple.. Your 12 volt phone charger for example is likely nothign more than a 3 terminal regulator (if that) that drops the voltage. A buck boost is much more complex starting with an inverter then some way of boosting the voltage (Transformer) then rectifier and filter and a regulator for the output. NOTE that high frequency transformers and filters are not nearly as big as low (50/60Hz) units are.
wa8yxm 01/11/21 04:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Plumbing pressure relief

Drain the heater than let it refill. If it's raising the pressure that much you no longer have an air cushion. Step 2: Put an accumulator in the line, adds additional "Air cushion" (only it's not air) Item 3: there is a valve at the top (outisde) of the heater Usually has a lever on it to manually open. The name of that is often shortened TPR. What does TPR mean. Temperature PRESSURE Relief If it's going to leak, it should be leaking there.
wa8yxm 01/11/21 04:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Trion V10

This past Sat I heard on local radio station call in program about anything automotive/off road etc where a caller asked about the Triton V-10 in a Class A and the host more/less shot the engine down. Told the caller to shy away from it. I thought that this was a very good engine overall. What's the take on it? Well First understand I am NOT a Ford fan. have not been for a long time... So I tend to put down Fords.. I will attempt to stick to facts here. I have heard only two things (Other than the reason I'm not a ford fan) that would turn me off on the Triton V-10 and one that is good. First the good thing: They still make it. (The competitor Chevy 8.1L Vortec no longer made save as replacement) Now the negatives. and note only one of these apply FORD is a "High Reving" engine That means peak HP is a fairly HIGH RPM. The Chevy was a "low Reving" engine. fewer RPM. Fewer RPM means the engine lasts longer (My expierence) generally but not as a rule. Second there was a period for both engines where they had a problem. on the chevy Vortec that problem was a clip on a fuel regulator that was made from the wrong metal. about 25 cents parts and 10 minutes labor... The Customer Service manager (national) handed me the clip, and a business card. I attached one to the other. He warned me not to try and replace it myself.. (Alreay had an appointment with a dealer) 2 weeks later I handed the service consultant my keys and the card with part attached.. You can't believe the service I got from that Authorized service center after that :). On the ford. At the same time. the spark plug holes had like 3 threads and the plugs tended to blow out like a cork from a cork gun. This was a major machining job to fix... Not a "Part of an oil change" grade repair. HOWEVER that has been fixed. The only other negative on the Ford is the Transmission. Even FORD admits that ALLISON makes the best Trannies. and ALLISONS do not fit on the V-10 without an adapt-a-kit. I won't likely buy another Motor home. If I do it will likely be a Diesel (Detroit if I can get it) but I'd not shy away from the Triton V-10
wa8yxm 01/11/21 04:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gander Outdoors

When Gander Mountain was under the original Owners, variety, quality and price beat all the competition. We stopped at the Coldwater, Michigan, I think store many times. Still have a couple of decades old reels.But like the place in Coldwater that my wife worked at as a teen, making floats, everyone started buying Chinese. We tried to buy the float mfg but the kids who took over, well I don't know who owns it now and.... COLDWATETR!!! Been there many times. My dad worked in Coldwater. I grew up a bit north (Tekonsha) about 4 miles from Exit 25 on I-69 Mother worked in Marshall, MI (still farther north) and did a consult for Progressive Dynamics one time (she was well trained in computers of the day) Did not know they had a Gardner Outdoors though. Must have been after I left. Farm I grew up on is not a propane Tank Farm. (Distributor).
wa8yxm 01/11/21 04:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What do you do?

Well my first choice is SING if I can find folks to sing with. Else. Well this is a song When I was a child I made my way to school I found the ways of Children To be terrible and cruel As I was different They choose me or the one The subject of their pleasure To torment just for fun As I grew older I found new books to read Of Sorcerers and heros Of wonderous worlds and deeds From the worlds I read about I forged a mighty shield Built walls of gleaming armor For the schoolyard battlefield. Title is Wind from Rainbow's wend I'm not sure who wrote it (Perhaps Cliff Flynt the performance you are most likely to hear is Bill Roper. Bill, naturally, is a friend of mine for some reason So #2 on my list is READING. Oh I got even with those kids though. I beat them to graduation by a year. (Youngest graduate the school ever graduated).
wa8yxm 01/10/21 04:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: shower head

And squirrels eating propane hoses? Really? Turns out they find those hoses quite tasty. Less someone "lubs" them with something like Tobasco Sauce.
wa8yxm 01/10/21 04:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Reviving flooded deep cycles

Never seen 8 volt batteries before Why did one die and not the other. Very unusual for two batteries even if they are "Twins" to be identical one cell will always die first.
wa8yxm 01/10/21 04:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Best mouse trap?

I ask my housemate Alex what the best mouse trap is and he said MEOW... I am (he's over 16 pounds of Maine Coon Cat)
wa8yxm 01/10/21 04:44am Tech Issues
RE: shower head

Every shower head I've seen. EVERY ONE was the same size thread Suggest oxygeneics Camping world has a few very nice ones. Mine is the Body Spa
wa8yxm 01/10/21 04:43am Tech Issues
RE: Camco sewer lugs out of spec? An easy fix but very odd

For most trailer types this is not an issue but if you have a motor home with the connection inside a bay it may be hard to get a good grip on the connector.. In fact even with a trailer some may have issues. Well after years of fighting it, and even getting the special camco tool (worthless by the way) The light came on (you know the new Green LED Idea light). I grabbed an oil filter wrench (I had 2 of them) the slip joint pliers type.. Worked perfectly on the largest setting.
wa8yxm 01/09/21 03:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Removed over/stove...replaced with two burner induction.

Positives and negatives on Induction cooktops ONE: the cooktop itself remains fairly cool. ALL the energy goes into heating the pan (Thus more efficient) In fact to keep my induction unit clean when frying I will cover it in paper towel, then set the skillet on top!!! one time the towel turned brown. Just once. (in several years) Mine is a counter top model Negatives AC only. will not work on propane. If a magnet will not stick to the pan.. Send pan to Salvation Army as it won't work (Doing that as I move into my apartment) But I have to admit. I had a gas range. a single electric counter top burner. A dual counter top and the induction unit. Induction was #1. they all work but induction was #1 Now in the apartment the primary range is Electric. and disabled at the breaker box (i don't need one that big) still use the induction unit.
wa8yxm 01/08/21 03:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: easy to use DVR

Back in the analog Days I bought some REPLAY TV's.. alas they no longer make them (Did nto make the transistion to Digital) They were rated as the #1 User interface..> DISH network based their user interface on the Replay (But the Replay was still better) Last owner of the Replay was DirecTV. I was not aware it did not allow OTA shows to record. There are many.. Direct's original User interface was based on TiVo. I do not know if Direct has updated but if you like their User interface. Try a TiVo. See if you can get an in-store demo however Based on the fact TiVo sued Direct and won.. I suspect you will like it. Now I'm using a Spectrum DVR.... Which SUCKS EGGS far as User Interface is concerned.
wa8yxm 01/08/21 03:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Gander Outdoors

The one in FLint. MI.. Started as Gardner as I recall. CLOSED.
wa8yxm 01/08/21 04:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Charging issues?

From the description it sounds like you allow the battery to discharge flat dead while not in use. Now the battery is shot. You will need to replace the battery and keep it charged. I will 2nd that opinion.. There is a SLIM chance the battery may recover but batteres fall into 3 groups. Starting: Stick a plastic fork in it.. it's done MARINE/deep cycle (most 12 volt packages) slight chance of recovery DEEP CYCLE (usually Gc-2 6volt paired) Better but still not good chance of recovery. I appear to have gotten lucky in that I ran some down and let 'em sit that way for about a month (or 2) and when I applied the charger it SUGGESTED they sucked up right close to their rating.. however this is no longer in RV service and if the batteries are good for 10% of their rating I'm happy.
wa8yxm 01/06/21 03:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Local Source to do Inverter/Charger Change Out

Check out mobile RV techs. most Campgrounds have at least on they can tell you about... The job is actually very easy in most cases.. Depending on the inverters. Mine was a tad harder but well within my skill set.
wa8yxm 01/06/21 03:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: vac u flush

I had both The "Half bath" (restroom) was a Sea Land type Gravity. Step on the pedal and gravity did it's thing The "Full bath" (included a phone booth shower) had a Macerator or Vac-u-flush type. Push the button and it fills up some more then WOSH it's pumped to the tank amidships and then it fills up the rest of the way. Dead batteries=no flush There are supposed to be sensors to tell when the tank was full.. Never installed. That was fun.
wa8yxm 01/05/21 04:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 12 volt receptacles shorting 12 volt accessory charge cords

I had afront track bar put on my Workhorse.> BIG IMPROVEMENT Truth. 2006 took two trips from Detroit to Las Vegas both times pulling the same 1992 Chevy lumina.. First trip Without the Track bar and steering stablizer. It was a RELIEF to park the Motor home and drive the Chevy (left on Jan 2) 2nd Trip (left day before Thanksgiving) when we got to LV man was that Lumina hard to drive... Same car, Same Motor home. Same driver.
wa8yxm 01/04/21 03:33pm Class A Motorhomes
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