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RE: Increasing towing capacity

way2roll 01/23/20 03:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 5 figure 30 foot

We bought our 2020 Holiday Rambler Admiral 28A a few months ago; equivalent to the Fleetwood Flair 28A. The 28A and 29M floorplans appealed to us for the exact reasons the OP mentioned. Easier to drive for the DW, less rear overhang, easier to find sites in State and National Parks, and comfortable for short trips for the 2 of us soon-to-be-empty-nesters. The OCCC on ours is a paltry 1,200 lbs. Built on a 16,000 lbs F53 chassis; the 18K chassis would have been preferable but would have (of course) increased the price. I figure we'll just make sure we only take what we need on each trip, rather than filling it with 'just in case' and seasonal stuff that just adds weight. Not much basement storage anyway in the 28A. We did not buy it with the intention of full-timing; weekends away and the occasional week here and there. The towing capacity is massive (7,000 lbs) so a loaded toad will be easy. Good points all said more articulately than I was trying to say in an earlier post. Small 30' Class A's and under are great. They are nimble, easy to handle, no limits on campsites etc. But everything is a concession - not much storage, low CCC, etc. I've owned 2 and loved them. Could you full time in them? Maybe, but you couldn't carry much and towing would need to be seriously calculated. After owning the 2 I had, I am looking for 35' plus to full time in. More room, more slides, raised rail for basement storage, washer dryer, 22.5 wheels, better quality, etc. All things you won't find on a sub 30' coach. Almost a moot point anyway as you mentioned you aren't buying for 2-3 years. A world of things will likely happen in the RV world between now and then.
way2roll 01/23/20 02:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Terrifying Blizzard Buries Town , video Time Lapse !

The blurb said Newfoundland. Probably run of the mill weather up there. It was in Newfoundland and that isn't run of the mill. This was a record snowstorm for them. However, I don't understand anyone terming it "terrifying". Boston got 27 inches of during the Blizzard of 78. St. Johns got 30. The snow drifts are impressive but if you stay off the road it's not that big a deal, just a pain to dig out. Several years ago at our place on top of the mountain in MD, we had 2 snow storms , 2 days apart, that dumped about 5 feet of snow and 30 mph winds. Drifts about 8 feet. Kubota tractor with a 4 foot snow blower cleared out half mile driveway in about 2 hours. That said once I got to the end of the drive, all I saw was snow as far as the eye could see. No roads to speak of. It was 3 days until they plowed a single lane on our road. But I work from home and had a whole house generator. We moved south for a reason but it was kind of fun at the time.
way2roll 01/23/20 11:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Terrifying Blizzard Buries Town , video Time Lapse !

isn't that in Norway?
way2roll 01/22/20 06:51am Around the Campfire
RE: 5 figure 30 foot

the smallest DP's I know of are the Tiffin Allegro breeze (come in 31 and 33') We had not wandered to the Tiffins because I assumed they were well out of our price target. Looking at them on line though they do look nice... Now I'm wondering what I could assume for depreciation and cost of re-sale. Skimming listings I don't see these falling under 100K until they are about 7 years old? I see new MSRP around a 1/4mil (not happening). DW has a 60K number in her head and I'm thinking 90(ish) Tiffin's are nice. Good quality though. I'd actually put Tiffin over Newmar, especially given that Winnie owns Newmar now. My guess is that if you want to stay in the $60-90k range and of newer than 10 years and 30' - ish, your can definitely narrow it to a gasser. Good news is I think most manufacturers have a small Class A and have since 2013-2015 ish. Thor started the whole 30' Class A with the ACE around 2012, all of them quickly followed suit once they saw how many Thor sold. Heck the FR3 was a direct ripoff from the floor plan to the drop down bunk to the grill, exactly the same as the ACE. Another note, a 35' MH isn't much different driving than a 30'. Actually the bigger one probably handles better. Smaller MH's have short wheel bases and a lot of unsprung weight. You have cameras and a spotter to help with backing etc, mind the turn radius. But driving down the road, won't make any difference, except probably a better ride. As far as campsites, you'd be hard pressed to find a place you couldn't camp with a 35 footer.
way2roll 01/21/20 04:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 5 figure 30 foot

Thanks for the opinions and insights. DW has a 30' number in mind both because she thinks shorter is easier to drive and because she heard 30' is a common max length in some parts of the US. Actually along the NorthEast our jumbo length rig (HDT with triple axle hauler) always found a spot for rent. The only time length ever hurt us was trying to back into a driveway on a narrow residential road with soft shoulders, ditches and two brick mailboxes in very bad places... We kind of stumbled into the lower cost gas motorhomes vs a DP because all the DP were longer than DW liked. I'm wondering what the shortest DP might be and if that is a better option. PS, angler - HDT are not cheap to maintain. the smallest DP's I know of are the Tiffin Allegro breeze (come in 31 and 33') And the Fleetwood excursion in 33'. The excursion is no longer in production.
way2roll 01/21/20 02:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: THOR Motor Coach

Staples and glue. If you want to see how well made an rv is hire a few 6 year old's to run around inside for 30 minutes. Let them use the bed as a trampoline and see how the frame holds up. An experienced 6 year old can rip a flat screen off a wall and burn out slide and awning motors within the allotted time. I was not impressed by Thor products while looking on the lots. Just with people going through them and opening doors and drawers, I saw things start to fall apart before the rv hit the road. Screws and Hinges ripped out and molding ripped off walls was the obvious. These are things that are going to fail once you own it too. Funny footnote, I saw the EXACT same things on a brand new Newmar at a show a year back. A bay star. Corner trim falling off, the famed Amish built cabinets had a hinge pulled and stapled together, valances pulling away from the wall and a bin door that was racked and wouldn't close flush. Those are just the few things I noted in 5 minutes on what some consider the benchmark of quality. If you think you can tell the difference in quality at the entry level, I challenge anyone to go to a show, walk in comparable units and try and do it without knowing what brand you are in. See if you can tell the difference. And FYI, Winnie owns Newmar now.
way2roll 01/21/20 06:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: THOR Motor Coach

I've owned 2 Thors (not C's but small Class A's) and were very happy with them both and had minimal issues with either. I found Thor to be a delight to deal with as far as customer service. The trick is having realistic expectations. Just about all entry level brands are built within the same quality range. They all use the same materials, same refer, same heaters, same AC, same generator, same chassis etc etc. I have heard horror stories from every brand. They are all made cheaply made when it comes down to it. There are however differences in slide mechanisms so do some homework. But don't expect quality and fit and finish from a $50k RV to be the same as a $200k one. Just like like any other product. But lucky or not, my 2 Thors served us well with no real issues. I am handy and do a lot of preventative stuff and mitigate problems before they happen. I also don't consider broken drawer slides, or failed cabinet hinges as "big problems". Spend $10 at Lowes, fix it yourself and move on. Another plus is having a dealer you can trust and does good work - and that goes for any brand of RV.
way2roll 01/20/20 07:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 5 figure 30 foot

Despite having owned a few Class A's in the past decade, this is the first time we are shopping for a rig to full time next year. And now more than ever I am learning that everything about RV's is a concession. It has all these features, but not this, it's on this chassis but lack 5 other features, This one has a ton of storage but there is no weight left to tow a car. this model checks most of the boxes but the quality is awful, etc etc. Despite digging and digging we are really struggling to find that perfect rig. Personally I don't think the perfect rig does exist unless you have VERY deep pockets. Back on track, a few points. I have found that a class A is much easier to drive than a comparably sized Class C. The height, field of vision and different chassis all make for a better driving experience. And DP's drive even better than gas ones. There are LOADS of 30' Class A's out there for under $100k. Remember dealership prices are usually inflated about 20-30%. Never mind there are a bunch out there used that are a few years old that get you in a better depreciation space. But - there's always a but. Small class A's are typically the most entry level of any line. I'll get flamed for this but I've walked through a LOT of them, I've owned 2 different ones, and every brand's short class A offering is cheap and low quality. The exception might be the Tiffin Allegro breeze which I think is the shortest DP out there. I have owned 2 30' Class A's and while great for short weekend trips, I wouldn't full time in them - hence why I am shopping. Most small Class A's are meant for weekenders and not full timing. I think you have to step into the 35' plus range to start getting raised rail chassis for storage, higher end components, heavier chassis for more CCC etc. But you can still get used, bigger, and better Class A's for less than a new, small entry level one. All that said, it depends on your expectations. If you don't mind a budget RV and can full time in it then do what works for you. I can tell you I don't think I'll ever buy new again. The depreciation and frustration working out the kinks is an awful experience. I'll buy a few years old, save my self the big depreciation hit and hopefully get one that most of the bugs are worked out. The market is saturated with fairly new, used units. YMMV.
way2roll 01/20/20 06:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Interior adhesive

It's probably not the adhesive you are using but rather the surface you are trying to stick to. Are you sure the stock hook you are trying to remove isn't screwed in and covered with a cap? These flexible drill extensions are handy. Flexible drill extension
way2roll 01/19/20 06:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Input on a few models for FT

Sounds like you need to take a trip to Texas. :) There are several large consignment dealers around the Houston area. PPL is one and they now have two locations. All their coaches are unlocked and there's no salesman pressure. You simply go and look at your leisure. That said, it's a lot more fun looking when you're not buying. Best of luck in your search. Once you've found the floor plan you can live with, come back and you should be able to get some ideas about that coach's lineage....Dennis Pretty much narrowed it down to those 3 floor plans I mentioned. I'm fairly hip to the lineage if you are referring to manufacturers. The 37KT was Damon's offering and while owned by Thor I still think it had some of the legacy quality from Damon - that said there are horror stories out there about these models- but lots of good ones too. (there are horror stories about every make and model from every manufacturer though). The coachman version - not sure their quality is any better frankly, and fit and finish is definitely worse than the Damon - at least from pics. Given my druthers I'd opt for a Newmar or Tiffin, but there isn't a single floor plan in either lineup we like. Winnie's 36Y is a maybe but there are a lot of concessions on that one. Of the main 3 plans we like, the Georgetown is probably the safest bet in terms of quality. So while lineage/manufacturer and quality are important, the Best quality MH is miserable if the floor plan just doesn't work. I think another reason to buy used - get one with the bugs all worked out - unless of course you buy someone else's problem - lots of due diligence. Not sure about a TX trip simply to peruse MH's, we'll start with shows, and move from there. There are used models available not too far from here for each of these models so the plan as we get closer is to go spend time in them. Back on topic, I was really looking for owner feedback of these models (DAMON 37KT, Coachmen 37TZF and the FR 377TS). I did a search on the forum and couldn't find any posts about these specific models. Maybe I'll have to join those forums. And of course I am open to suggestions on other models/plans.
way2roll 01/16/20 12:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Input on a few models for FT

Not one person here can help you with the problem of deciding what floor plan is right for you. You appear to have made a sound choice about DP or not so you now just need to spend as much time as possible inside a large variety of MH's to determine what's right for you. Take your time. Try to "spend a day" in the RV over the course of an hour or so and see where the 2 of you would bump into each other. Where will you both be during cocktails or while watching TV? Can you both see the TV without turning your head? Are you comfortable sitting on the toilet? Is the shower large enough/tall enough? Is there counter space to fix your meals? Can the fridge be accessed while driving? What if a slide gets stuck, can you still live in the coach? Options, accessories, wants, needs, requirements! You should have requirements! Once you know what they are, don't accept a floor plan without them all or you will not be happy. It took us years to find the coach we have been living in since 1999 and we are on a years long search to find a replacement but we haven't found one yet! Amen to all that. The MH's we've had to date have a lot of concessions that are much easier to manage when it's only a week at a time. Hitting a couple shows this month (knowing we are buying used ), nothing beats actually spending time in a lot of MH's and taking tons of notes and pics. Unfortunately 2 of the plans I like are no longer in production. Not a big deal for the used market, but makes actually seeing them difficult.
way2roll 01/15/20 04:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Input on a few models for FT

For your particular situation, I'd look at some fivers instead of a motor home. Lots more options for your 'living' situations. Not ruling out motor homes, just thinking you might consider a different option. Teens do like their privacy......Dennis Thanks Dennis, I have looked quite a bit at Fivers and you are right, they offer the best living and working options. But I just can't bring myself to not having a MH. The convenience of everything while driving, set up, etc, - not telling you anything you don't know, add the cost of a truck to pull a fiver and the fiver itself, almost eclipses my budget. Agreed it's the best set up once you get set up, But we really love all the other things that only a MH brings. Still not ruling them out completely though. We also travel with a cat and that can get complicated travelling in a truck vs a MH.
way2roll 01/15/20 12:51pm Class A Motorhomes
Input on a few models for FT

As we start seriously looking at rigs to make the shift to full time next year we are narrowing down floor plans that we "think' would suit us best. Our experience thus far has been entry level class a 30 footers as we are not full timers and didn't need anything else for the past 7 years. I have decided against a DP - for various reasons but mainly cost and that we don't plan to FT forever, maybe a year or so. I TOTALLY understand the advantages of a DP, but we plan on short travel days and long stays so most of the DP advantages we would pay for aren't going to be realized. We are a family of 3, our son will be graduating HS next year and I work remotely full time, DW does mostly blog type work. We thought this is the prime time to take our son on a serious tour of the US before he commits to college or a job etc. Our budget hovers around $50-80k. We have narrowed floor plans down to 3, but we are still very open to suggestions. Looking at plans that have separate rooms, a decent area to set up a work-space, plenty of storage, raised rail pass through storage a plus,Front drop down bunk, and a washer/dryer. We will be towing a CRV, we have ready brute elite bars etc. I have always loved the floor plan of the Damon 37kt. The separate "room" in the front seems perfect for a teenager and it's really the most segmented type of RV I have seen. The Coachmen 37TZ seems to be an identical replica but looks like the fit and finish is a bit lower than the Damon (and I get that Thor owns Damon - nuff said). These 2 floor plans check a lot of boxes but in doing so it's a little claustrophobic inside - I have no real world experience in this model though, only show walk throughs. The open concept and side aisle design of the Georgetown 377TS is nice, but finding one with a bunk is a needle in a haystack, and you can't really close that off for my son's privacy. But like I said, they check off a lot of boxes. I've looked at the Winnie 36Y and I do like it's concept but with slides in a lot of the kitchen is inaccessible. Does anyone have any real world experience with any of these or have any suggestions to other floor plans that would fit? Appreciate the input.
way2roll 01/15/20 10:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need advice

Why am I thinking this is a fake post. New member, no other posts, hasn't returned, no real details...Same thought here... Kind of like the Snake Repellent post. Dave Some disgruntled former member that got booted off and periodically creates a new profile to post odd things to see how much of other people's time they can waste. Maybe it's legit, who knows. But the limited details and no return is a red flag. I mean, if you took the time to create a profile and ask a question about a serious issue, wouldn't you provide a lot more details and then return to see if there was help? Moderators are really good at censoring and removing posts they have an issue with, why isn't the system set up so that the first post of any new member goes directly to the mods? Oh well, not worth getting worked up over, it's just an RV forum.
way2roll 01/15/20 08:31am Beginning RVing
RE: Need advice

Why am I thinking this is a fake post. New member, no other posts, hasn't returned, no real details...
way2roll 01/15/20 06:32am Beginning RVing
RE: Air brakes on Towed

Why not simply get the ReadyBrake/ReadyBrute?? Nothing to add, nothing to subtract. Just hook it and go. Easiest system there is and nothing hooked to the toad..I've had mine for 10 years.....Dennis Ready/Brute I am not a fan of surge brakes with an engine brake. Going down a hill the Ready Brake will be applying toad brakes constantly. They will be warm/hot on a long descent when I have not touched the service brakes. I stopped once after a downhill and checked, they were warm but not overly hot. I'm pretty sure you just agreed with me....:C Pretty sure I didn't. Don't cut snippets of a post that you think offers some evidence to your incorrect assumptions, read the whole post. Any brakes or wheels would be warm to the touch under most any conditions. If they were overheating you wouldn't be able to touch them at all. Don't make posts where you don't know what you are talking about and then troll the person correcting you who has real world experience. You can try and pose like you know what you are talking about but myself and thousands of others who have this system know differently. If you want to discuss the matter further, PM me. Happy to give you my number to discuss it.
way2roll 01/12/20 08:56am Dinghy Towing
RE: Air brakes on Towed

Why not simply get the ReadyBrake/ReadyBrute?? Nothing to add, nothing to subtract. Just hook it and go. Easiest system there is and nothing hooked to the toad..I've had mine for 10 years.....Dennis Ready/Brute I am not a fan of surge brakes with an engine brake. Going down a hill the Ready Brake will be applying toad brakes constantly. They will be warm/hot on a long descent when I have not touched the service brakes. That's not really true, We have the ready brute elite and I've wondered on long descents if the toad brakes heat up with the engine brake on, so I stopped once after a downhill and checked, they were warm but not overly hot. The force required to active the brakes completely comes from stopping the MH, or quickly changing the speed of the MH relative to the car. Down a hill with the engine brake on isn't enough of a difference in speed to push the surge all the way, until you brake. Which is the way it's supposed to work. The car brakes when you brake otherwise the speed is relative to yours. In the 6 years we've been towing our CRV with the ready brute system we have not had to change pads any more frequently than not towing.
way2roll 01/11/20 10:15am Dinghy Towing
RE: Tankless water heater That's a portable unit. Neat Idea but you'd have to do some serious modifications to the unit and your RV to retrofit that. Biggest concern would be how to make the controls, which are on the unit itself, be able to be controlled from in your RV shower. This is not meant to be a replacement for your RV's water heater.
way2roll 01/10/20 10:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tankless water heater

Just check Camping World and they are selling 1.5g/min for $109. I had that one on a boat and for shower and dishes work great. For me was enough. Just wander of how hard would be to replace the tank water heater. link?
way2roll 01/10/20 10:15am Class A Motorhomes
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