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RE: Trouble with California

This post likely will be deleted for political reason, but a short study of history. I understand the idea the few travelers should be willing to give up their privacy for the good of the ag industry. A while back Snowden released proof the government was recording phone calls and reading e-mails. In the discussions behind that "If you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide" was the stated policy of one political party. If you follow that idea, then somebody that says "No. You need a warrant to search my house/office/whatever" than any judge appointed/confirmed by that party might think "He doesn't want LEO in, must be hiding something." This could turn the "No!" into probable cause.I personally like the idea that someone is watching my every move. That way, when I get the feeling my life is boring all I have to do is think about the poor sap that drew my name as a surveillance target.
westernrvparkowner 01/21/20 10:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Toad/Dingy Rental

I don't believe there is any such rentals anywhere. Way too much liability and risk of damage. You are probably only be able to get get a normal rental car and drive it. Enterprise might be able to transport you to and from your RV site. We have seen a few rigs over the years with RVs towing their personal cars on U-Haul car trailers.
westernrvparkowner 01/20/20 12:56pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Camping World Get Best Price button

Apparently you are still riding the same horse you were on when you started the "Make an Offer" button thread less than a month ago. We get it, you don't agree with Camping World's sales and advertising practices. There are plenty of other RV dealers throughout the land. Maybe one of those will do things the way you want them done. In other words, instead of trying to change the spots on a leopard, get a different breed of cat. Why always the negative post about anyone's postWould be a pretty bad forum if they added a rule that you can only agree with what the heck ever someone posted, no matter how ridiculous. This is the second time in a month the OP has started a thread about how they do not like how Camping World's internet advertising practices. How many different threads are too many? As for the actual fact that if you click the "get the best price button" you get directed to call the dealership here is my view. I don't think it is unreasonable for any business to want to have contact with a customer when that customer is asking to negotiate a price, especially when it is a negotiation on a potentially complicated transaction involving many potential variables. The dealer has no idea if a trade is going to be involved, if the vehicle is actually equipped exactly as others it is being compared against. Will the buyer require financing? Will the buyer be adding equipment? Is the sale contingent of the buyer selling their rig? Time might be of the essence in that a rebate may be ending or the vehicle is the last one on the lot prior to a manufacturer's price increase. The dealer may have other vehicles they do not have advertised, or the buyer is otherwise unaware of, that might better fit the needs of the buyer. Finally, the OP apparently lives in Texas and the rig is located in Spokane, Washington. Dealers are not total idiots, they know that it is unlikely that they will consummate a long distance sale without special circumstances. That information can only easily be gained by talking to the buyer. It really isn't that unusual or invasive a request.
westernrvparkowner 01/19/20 09:30am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Camping World Get Best Price button

Apparently you are still riding the same horse you were on when you started the "Make an Offer" button thread less than a month ago. We get it, you don't agree with Camping World's sales and advertising practices. There are plenty of other RV dealers throughout the land. Maybe one of those will do things the way you want them done. In other words, instead of trying to change the spots on a leopard, get a different breed of cat.
westernrvparkowner 01/18/20 04:01pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: RV Places In Monterrey Bay California

What places would be the best to stay for RV parking from june 8th through the 13th? Down load the "Good Sam RV Parks" application or buy the Book at Camping world or any good store. :S That was beyond desultory,I think the OP was asking for some personal recommendations not a flip useless answer. No wonder new members are turned off and never come back.And from a senior member no less.And to think I believed I was the biggest Jack A on these forums. I'm the first to admit when I am wrong.
westernrvparkowner 01/18/20 01:03pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Campground Owners

Check your PM. If it didn't come thru,send me a PM or respond here.
westernrvparkowner 01/14/20 04:32pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Substancial deposit required

If you plan to stay there pay the deposit no harm no foul. If you don't plan to stay there don't pay. Once you understand the problems no shows create. You'll understand the need for full deposits. Small $$$$ deposits lead to abuse. If you only make a small deposits there is a higher likelihood that you will encounter a last minute death in the family. If you pay a full deposit you will be there as planned and the deceased will be put on ice...lolThis pretty much sums it up. And no, park owners don't have some secret investment account that earns us some fantastic amount of interest on a deposit. We keep our deposits in our normal operating accounts that might earn .15%. Even if your deposit was for $1000.00 and we held it for 6 months we would earn a whopping 75 cents. Considering each credit card transaction costs over 2% of the transaction amount holding that money has cut our costs of that deposit from $20.00 all the way down to $19.25. Simply another example of the rich getting richer....not.
westernrvparkowner 01/14/20 09:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Yellowstone Trip

That route takes you over the Bighorn Mountains. Doable, but steep in spots. If your plans include staying a day or two in Cody (Buffalo Bill Historical Center is AMAZING!), it's the best route. Whatever you do, do not take 14A to Burgess Junction. The Southern route you have planned , (over the Bighorns thru Ten Sleep and in to Buffalo) is the best route. If you don't intend to stop in Cody and are just looking for the best route from Yellowstone to the Black Hills, just leave West Yellowstone and go north on 191 to Bozeman and pick up I-90 there. It will be a few miles longer, but a couple of hours shorter, especially if you take 212 from Garryowen (site of Little Bighorn Battle) over to Belle Fourche, SD then down to Sturgis.
westernrvparkowner 01/12/20 09:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping World Virgina

A request for a salesperson to take a photo of a yellow sticker and send it to someone several states away sounds more like a task in a Scavenger hunt or a fraternity prank than something a salesman should be doing to make a sale.
westernrvparkowner 01/09/20 12:19pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: RV repossession question

I have many investment properties. Through experience I found this to be very effective. Approach the tenant and ask if they would accept a cash payment of $500 to move out in 3 days. If they accept return and have some paperwork ready to be signed by the tenant and also have the local sheriffs department available when the paperwork is signed. This has worked %90 of the time for me. The $500 really pi$$es me off but it is a he!! of a lot cheaper than the cost of an eviction. Good luckThis would be my attempt at minimizing problems as well. Even if there is nothing in writing it is going to be a big problem if they don't want to leave. Incentives to leave is the absolute best outcome to hope for. Do not, under any circumstances, move the trailer, lock them out, turn off the power or anything else. It is amazing but true that even the deadest of deadbeats somehow know every in and out of landlord/tenant law. Take the wrong steps and you will be paying them thousands upon thousands of dollars in damages all while they are living rent free and destroying the trailer in the process.
westernrvparkowner 01/05/20 03:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Oil headed for 70 bucks s barrel. Here we go.

The "end of oil" people are the same ones who in the 80's expected their new 2010 commuter vehicle to fly them to work on a "Mr Fusion" powerplant. Yes technology will eventually make advances and change how we do things. And switching to electric vehicles MAY eventually make sense. BUT you still need a source of the electricity as well as a means of supplying it. Both of which have proved daunting because of enviro whacko's fighting against the sources and the maintenance and construction of the delivery systems. A house requires a solar panel set nearly as large as the home. How do you fit that into a population dense area like LA? And businesses, factories, they require many times their footprint in solar coverage to function. So after complaining that "It's the worlds air, and that we all breathe the same air" you move the production to somewhere that you don't see them. They are still there, pumping out as many pollutants as ever, but you get to pat yourself on the back because YOU cant see them. And you compound the issue by then having to install delivery systems to bring that power from many miles away into your area. And with another group of greenies demanding you not disturb brush, you get the new joy of wildfires caused in large part by the very people that did all of this to save the environment. Until you get that "Mr Fusion" or some other technology functional on a large AND economical scale, big oil will be here. Personally I hope for Hydrogen cells, but something will come. They may be pumping natural gas in many regions, but some source that can be readily transported will still be needed.The heck with population density being a factor in sunny Southern California, how about the population density in the Eastern Cities where high rise apartments are the dominate domicile and the sun isn't shining as brightly and as often as it does in Southern Cal. Covering the entire city of New York with a seamless array of solar panels would only provide a fraction of the power consumed, and where do you place the massive stockpile of batteries necessary to power the city at night and on days when the sun doesn't shine? And don't forget that those batteries will require SURPLUS solar generated power over and above the daytime usage to charge so the power generating needs during the daytime will need to be multiple times the actual daytime consumption. Solar may very well be a component of the power grids of the future, but it will likely be only part of the solution for at least this century.
westernrvparkowner 01/04/20 12:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Advice on selling my 5th wheel

Do you still want the cheese, or is getting out of the trap your main concern? You may be able to get a bit more money out of a private sale, but the hassles will increase significantly. You will have to deal with tire kickers, with answering an unending stream of questions only to find out the potential buyer's payment plan is seeing if their lottery ticket is a winner. You have to ask yourself why would a buyer travel to your location to view and potentially buy your fifth wheel over every other fifth wheel for sale within the same drive time radius? Since it is only two years old, I doubt superior condition would be the reason. Unless it is really unique, I doubt it will be because it is the specific rig someone has been searching for high and low. Therefore, the most likely reason would be price. You post suggests most potential buyers would have to drive a considerable distance so your price would probably have to be significantly lower than comparable rigs that are more centrally located. Personally, I would find a good consignment dealer, accept the fact I might be leaving some money on the table if the stars would have actually aligned had I chosen a private sale, and get on with more important things in life. Do you really want to become an RV dealer with only one rig in stock?
westernrvparkowner 12/31/19 08:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Becoming a resident gets a lot harder after NY's

If you applied the same standards to the US, an applicant for permanent status would need income of $29,000 a month or savings of $1,160,000. That's a tough hurdle.
westernrvparkowner 12/29/19 11:32am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Becoming a resident gets a lot harder after NY's

To help you guys calculate the minimum daily wage, this is from the Diario Oficial de la Nación, the oficial publication and is for the year of 2020 these are Mexican pesos not Dollars. Salario minimo general DIARIO en México 2020..... $123.22 Minimum daily wage Salario minimo general MENSUAL en México 2020.... $3,700.00 Minimum monthly wage Incremento porcental total del salario minimo general en México (respecto a $102.68 en 2019).....20% This how much the minimum wage will increase for 2020 in persentage navegatorMinimum daily wages in Mexico are only about $6.50 US? And the information I saw was that is based on a 9 hour day making it less than 75 cents per hour.. I was making more than that as a busboy in the early 70s while in high school.
westernrvparkowner 12/29/19 09:29am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: I expect a 10 cent price increase in diesel

Living in Florida, we mostly use our heat pump and on rare occasions, the heat strips. Power company suppliers throughout Florida have started or stopped oil and coal fired boilers in favor of Natural Gas and Solar. We still have some coal and a few nuclear sites operational. In NE Florida, we’ve shuttered local oil and coal plants and are buying power from FPL and Georgia Power supplemented by solar farms and natural gas.The northeast has a large percentage of homes heated by oil fired furnaces. The census bureau puts that figure at 5.7 million households nationwide. With the average family size of 4 people that means nearly 23 million people rely on fuel oil to heat their homes. January tends to be a bit colder in Maine than it is in Miami. Many of those homes have no access to natural gas lines and many of the homeowners don't have several thousands of dollars just sitting around to make conversions to either propane or electric heat. The sun doesn't exactly shine daily in those areas making solar an unfeasible alternative for primary power. I suppose we could pack up those 23 million residents of New England and other areas that use fuel oil for heating and move them to the Sunshine state to take the pressure off of Diesel prices, but paying a dime a gallon more sounds like a better alternative.
westernrvparkowner 12/28/19 10:47am General RVing Issues
RE: I expect a 10 cent price increase in diesel

Ten cents per gallon would equate to $125 a year if you drive 10,000 miles and get 8 miles per gallon. That is really going to eat into my Caviar Budget.
westernrvparkowner 12/28/19 09:09am General RVing Issues
RE: How do you summer travel?

. What I have against campgrounds is all lectures , rules and questions that registration requires . .If the rules at an average campground (quiet hours, dogs on leash, parking only at your site etc.) run afoul of how you wish to overnight, it is better for both you and the campgrounds that you do avoid them at all costs.
westernrvparkowner 12/28/19 09:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Is dash cam evidence allowed in an investigation

While it might be allowed, in many instances it won't be used. If it is a minor accident with minimal damage (from the insurer's or police point of view) there isn't going to be an investigation by either the police or the insurance company. Also a video will only show a partial picture of what actually happened. For example, a video might very well show the impact of a collision but not show who had a red light and who had green.
westernrvparkowner 12/25/19 10:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Make An Offer

CW will usually tell you the fees and add ons are mandatory. I even had one try to tell me that the "Documentation fee" was a state tax, and was mandatory as a state fee. It was Virginia, and I had a dealers license, I KNEW better. the $399, was the state mandated MAXIMUM they were allowed to charge. It goes straight in their pocket. Nothing is mandatory, it is all negotiable.It is more likely a documentation fee is a mandatory fee at the corporate level. The dealer is likely to prefer losing a sale over the fee than have the dealer employees know that the fee can be waived. Commissioned sales is a strange profession. The salespeople have an obligation to the dealer to make the maximum profit, but they only get paid if they close a sale, so they also need to do whatever it takes to please the buyer. Fees might not be a legal obligation that cannot be waived, but the owner of the dealership probably won't allow it because collecting that fee over hundreds or thousands of sales is much more profitable than any single sale.
westernrvparkowner 12/21/19 06:55pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Make An Offer

These are all good suggestions and I will keep them in mind. I will confirm what the add on costs will be before finalizing any deal. I probably won't be back for warranty work, if it means waiting for weeks or months. I'm going to be living in the unit and traveling around the country. I'll pay somebody if it's minor (or fix it myself) to get back on the road and not return to the dealer. If it's major I would probably notice it before I drive it off the lot. Otherwise, I will contact the manufacturer to find out why a new vehicle has a major problem and what they plan to do about it. My question and the subject of the original post is not, "Is Camping World a good place to buy an RV?" The question is "How does the 'Make An Offer' process work?" Maybe no one here has ever tried to use that button. I may give it a try. If I'm making a lower offer I can condition on added costs no more than $XXX. They can accept, reject, or counter. I've already searched the unit on RV Trader and as I said in the original post the CW price is 10% less than the lowest price on RV Trader. I can also contact some of those other dealers on RV Trader and maybe they will drop their price by over 10%. Maybe there are some extras on those other units that I should be aware of. One of my first requests of CW will be a detailed list of the options/features on the unit before we can finalize anything. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. I've still got more shopping to do.That button is not somehow connected to some mystery system that forces you to buy. Unless and until you give them money, an offer is just an offer. No legal obligation attached. Just make your offer with a firm statement about how that offer is the total out the door price (not including sales tax, which the dealer has no control over whatsoever) and is subject to inspection. Get the details in writing. Camping World sells 10s of thousands of units a year. It isn't just a giant scam. You will be fine.
westernrvparkowner 12/21/19 06:49pm Camping World RV Sales
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