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RE: mysterious disapearing topic

Ok smart a$$es, here's the notify moderator that got this thread deleted. "GeoBoy has requested that this post be reviewed: Subject: Absolute disgust with Northwood Manufacturing Explanation: OP wants the thread closed, grant him his wish." What EXACTLY would you arm-chair moderators do with this?Once again those pesky facts ruin a perfectly good rant.
westernrvparkowner 09/20/19 06:42pm Truck Campers
RE: Cleaning out a DIY septic tank

Without a leaching field, the solids will just sit there and continue to pile up while liquids flowed away. What you probably have in those barrels is a gigantic block of solidly compacted mess! Chances are, it won't even pump out. Nothing is going to get pushed through any holes with any kind of pressure. I think, if you can get away with it, your best option is to simply cover the old barrels up, seal them off, and dig out a new one. stated above, add some leaching lines, and use Rid-X often to keep those solids broken down and in a liquid state.This is what has happened. The fact the OP can only fit 20 gallons or so into a 100 gallon setup isn't just a clue, it is proof positive.
westernrvparkowner 09/19/19 09:07am Tech Issues
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

I do not sweat twenty-five cents either. I sweat the TWO DOLLARS per gallon increase. Different income levels decree different emphasis on different points of logistics. MUST it be pointed out that many countries have refined fuel prices far and away more expensive than the USA? Shale oil is premium stuff and if you believe anyone would suffer a huge loss of income because of "patriotism" I can only shake my head. The strategic oil storage would last perhaps three months and to jeopardize that cushion over a spike in oil prices is flat admitting no knowledge of how things work. Simple words to calm a jittery market and not one fluid ounce of petroleum reserves used or even threatened. Political word mastery at it's best. Some of you have what -- a tendency to speak before you read, my assertions specified long term. For the short attention deficit disordered it means four days. It is meant for 4 months. Wait and see. Or does every motorhome sit on the driveway 100% filled? Or empty? Quicksilver tries to remain filled. When pump prices were ascending rapidly down here and before the swamp was bypassed and outages occurred weekly, I saved eight hundred dollars hard cash by purchasing optimally. Remember my life is micro finances, not self-described bigwheel. In April 2020 we shall see "How's the cake doing?" "It's been in the oven ten minutes!" "Well we SHOULD know something more than only THAT! by now" Amazing. Simply amazing.If your tanks remain filled, as you claim, you have no ability to time the market. If you expect the price to rise, you have no storage availability. If prices fall, you have tanks full of overpriced fuel. No one knows where oil prices will go in the future. The geopolitical threats that drove crude futures skyward yesterday were alleviated today and prices for crude fell dramatically. Will those heightened threats keep crude high due to the potential for supply disruptions or will those same regional threats further dampen global economic conditions and lessen the demand for crude leading to lower prices? Will global climate change lead to a lower demand for heating oil in the northeast, lowering diesel prices or will New England have a cold winter which will cause shortages in fuel oil and propane leading to price spikes? Betting limited personal financial resources on the direction of fuel prices is a fool's errand.
westernrvparkowner 09/17/19 03:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

Mex, Think you need to get back on your "meds".. Pretty much when I see "MEXICOWANDERER" I scroll by until the next post. Half the time I can't figure out if the guy is trying to be sacastic, is serious, or is just rambling on about something unrelated to the discussion at hand. I've given up trying to decipher what he writes.When you get posts like this one: "Of course not but tel ju IT to the state" you do have to wonder if he is getting close to the worm in a bottle of tequila or if his cat walked across his keyboard. When he posts in the real world it becomes very obvious, very quickly, that his views on personal finance do not align with mine. I don't sweat the potential of a $.25 increase in gas prices. I couldn't tell you if the price today is lower or higher than it was yesterday, last week, last month or last year. When I need gas, I fill up. That is my only management plan for fuels. Others do things differently.
westernrvparkowner 09/17/19 01:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

Money saved does not disappear -- unless the holder disappears it. It helps to maintain a level head when dissecting finances. Such as state tax. A dollar per gallon increase in CA. adds a minimum of 8% additional tax. Don't mean to spoil an electric car enthusiasts day, but too many folks on this board ridiculed my caution regarding supplemental taxation on electric cars for me to, as they say. "Shine It On" "Taxing your electric car to pay for highway repairs is gaining momentum As more and more electric cars hit the roads, Congress is eyeing ways to have vehicle owners pay for using the nation’s highways and bridges." The honeymoon is over No, I didn't gloat when I read this. I shook my head. The infrastructure tax is what is going to wallop everyone. Tens of millions of tons of steel and aluminum. How much extra CO2 needs to be amortized?Federal excise taxes and most state taxes are a dollar amount per gallon. The price of a gallon doesn't effect the tax amount at all. Federal taxes per mile driven have been shrinking for decades due to increased fuel economy of the entire US fleet of vehicles. That fact, combined with electric vehicles is the impetus for starting a discussion on changing how road taxes are collected. That being said, cost of fuel is way down on the things I worry about for two reasons. One, it isn't a significant part of my spending. And two, there isn't anything I can do about it.
westernrvparkowner 09/16/19 06:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Social Security and Mailing Address flagged as Commercial

Social Security has teleservice centers located in major population centers from east to west coast. They have several hundred employees in each location. They take and process applications for benefits and process post entitlement actions. When you call SSA via the toll free number this is who you get. I got this from someone with 38 years experience with the SSA. Most business can be handed by phone. They will tell you when a in office visit is necessary.From my experience, one of the reasons an office visit will be necessary is if a question of identity theft arises. There was an attempt to file a fraudulent tax return under my social security number. It was caught by the IRS, but now I have to file my taxes with a pin code that is generated yearly. I went to view the status of my social security account and due to that identity theft attempt my account was flagged and I could not use the online service until I went to an office in person and filled out a request for a pin number. Even then, the office couldn't just generate that number, they had to send my signed and witnessed request on to wherever and I got that pin in the mail around 6 weeks later. I would assume using a commercial mailing service as your address would raise similar red flags. I actually appreciate the extra steps because it is still a whole lot easier to jump through those hoops than it would be to apply for benefits and then find out someone had been collecting them for years. I bet that journey would involve deep water moats filled with crocodiles and spiked walls that needed to be scaled all while be doused with flaming oil. Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!
westernrvparkowner 09/16/19 03:11pm Full-time RVing
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

Might as well End It All, right? Me, I'll save a few hundred dollars and smile. I'll save useless comments for other points that improve my life. The middle east isn't on my RADAR but not wasting money, is. Talk about missing the point. This is a classic. "I got more where that came from"I have to agree. If I had an empty 1000 gallon fuel tank, I also would be looking to fill it now. That is how much fuel you would need to buy to save a few hundred dollars if even the worst predictions of fuel price increases in the range of $.25 per gallon come true. This especially a good idea if it is diesel being hoarded, since fuel oil almost always increases in price in the winter due to demand for heating oil and the increased cost of anti gelling chemicals in winter blend. On the other hand, topping off the fuel tank in my Ferrari's and Bentley's might save me two bucks a car, not worth risking the need for a new wax job.
westernrvparkowner 09/16/19 02:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Social Security and Mailing Address flagged as Commercial

Tell them to GO to the nearest Social Security OFFICE and have a sit down with one of the personel. That way they can explain they are FTrs, have a legal address and discuss their options....all at one place at same time. Make sure they bring SS Card, DLs, bank statement with UPS address or any other legal document that shows their UPS address (insurance, investments etc)This! They are not trying to be a nuisance, they are trying to prevent fraud. Scammers would rejoice if they could fill out some on line forms and start having Social Security payments and statements flow to accounts and locations they control.
westernrvparkowner 09/16/19 11:04am Full-time RVing
RE: RGV ten year trend

WesternRVParkOwner, Some of what you say it true but much is not. There are three airports in the RGV. United, Delta. American and Southwest fly into them. I myself now fly to the RGV from NJ on a one stop flight. There are professional sports teams in the RGV. They are minor league and play soccer and basketball. The University of Texas RGV plays Division 1 sports in everything except football. They belong to the WAC. There is a world class beach. No one place has the best of everything. The airports in the RGV are smaller, but you can get to every major city in the USA with only one connection. There are entertainment venues but they are not Las Vegas style places......... of course Las Vegas has no beach. No one place suits everyone.. The RGV of 10 years ago is not the RGV today. A lot has charged.Perception is reality when it comes to choosing places to snowbird. The southern border of Texas is perceived to be unsafe. The Rio Grand Valley is not perceived to be as culturally vibrant as the Phoenix area, southern California or Southern Florida. Minor league soccer is not perceived to be an equal to professional football in LA, Tampa, Jacksonville (and whatever you call what the Dolphins and the Cardinals are rolling out onto the field this year.). Three and a half hours away from San Antonio does not make Donna Texas commuting distance for shopping, dining and entertainment. When you ask most people where in the US do they want to take a winter vacation, Brownsville and McAllen, Texas just isn't on the list. These observations are not intended to denigrate where you choose to winter, it is intended to answer the observations of the Original Post as to why it appears the number of Winter Texans are declining. The shortest answer comes from Bob Dylan: "Times, they are a changin'".
westernrvparkowner 09/15/19 11:17am Snowbirds
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

It's the price of the SPECULATORS set. Analysts are incorrect because of the extreme chance of war. Analysts are graduates of the University of Guesswork. We have J Stars aloft at all times in the Gulf. The Speculators are saying they do not know the origin of the rockets. Gimme a freakin' break, they know to the square foot where the rockets originated. This is an excellent opportunity to meet Saudi Arabia's demand for higher crude prices while speculators are drooling. Copy your reply and review it on the first of October. The USA exports more oil than it imports but that has nothing to do with anything these days. Use wisdom. End my comments.If you are so sure that it is "Speculators" driving up the price of oil, buy some oil futures, or buy some stock in oil producers, or oilfield service companies or whatever else would benefit from whatever or whomever attacked that oil facility. Oil is a global commodity. No individual, no group and no single country has the ability to unilaterally set the price. Supply and demand is the operative in play.
westernrvparkowner 09/14/19 07:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Diminshed Value Claims

Without further information regarding the amount of damage, the type of damage and what the OP is seeking in Diminished value it is nearly impossible to offer advice. I don't even know if Carfax or a similar service even offers reports on non-motorized claims. If they do, I don't have a clue if they capture 99% of claims or 1%. Once repaired, no one may ever know a claim ever happened. Repairs do not automatically reduce the value of a vehicle (or travel trailer). It would be a mini lottery win for me if someone hit the rear of my truck. I might get a new bumper, a new tailgate, and maybe even a new bed to replace the ones beat up by hauling gravel, concrete blocks, pallets of sod, multiple tons of garbage and everything else under the sun. The story is different if the damaged vehicle is a new Bugatti. Unless there is way more to the story, if the damage is cosmetic, I would move on once the damage is repaired. Five years down the road, the only thing that is going to matter is current condition.
westernrvparkowner 09/14/19 02:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RGV ten year trend

Regarding the question "what is there to do"? My friends in NJ ask me this all the time. My first answer is the resort is like a cruise ship that never moves. We have, shows, dances activities, pools, a restaurant, etc. My second answer is that this is not a dirty dusty backwater in the middle of nowhere. Current estimates put the American side of the RGV population at 1.3 million and the Mexican side has over 2 million. There is plenty to do. .Here lies the answer as to why the trend in the RGV is downward. There are people that take cruises and never leave the ship. However, most people choose cruises based on the itinerary. Right or wrong, the Mexican border and border towns are viewed as impoverished and potentially dangerous. That means you can throw out the attraction of the Mexican side for many potential visitors. You can claim there is more to do in the RGV than the other snowbird hotspots, but to most people that is just not what they believe. There is no professional sports, no major college sports, no casinos or major entertainment venues. It is not noted for having fantastic golf courses, national parks fine dining or vibrant cities within a short drive. There are no major airports for either taking trips or easy access for people visiting. People envision it being exactly what you describe, RV parks that are pretty much both the place you park and where you do your recreation. That is just not appealing to many recent retirees. They have other visions of retirement. That is just the way it is.
westernrvparkowner 09/14/19 09:48am Snowbirds
RE: building new campground

Like BjBear, I too, looked up the area. I can see 'destination' written all over it. We can go two weeks with the black tank and can stretch the grey with shorter showeThers. Where you are, I would envision at least a one week stay to really enjoy the area. Harvest Hosts are geared to only overnight stays, $70/yr sponsored by FMCA, another avenue to explore to getting the word out. Best of luck and let us know when you're up and running, we'll be your first customer.....DennisYou are kind of making the case against building the park. You had never heard of Ilion until this thread started. You would never have considered visiting there had this thread not shown up. In a couple of more days this thread will be relegated to the digital dust bin of the archived posts. Every basic amenity a park does not offer eliminates potential guests. Don't have 50 Amp service, lose some customers. Same with full hookup sites, cable TV, Wifi service, pull thru sites, showers and toilets. Seldom do people avoid a park with those features, but many will pass by a park that lacks one of those that they desire. The attractions mentioned by the potential park owners were things like 40 minutes to Cooperstown, 20 minutes to Vernon Downs and Casino, possibly a location for auto racing fans when there is a big race and a few miles from the Erie Canal (not a museum or a historical site, just the canal, which is a ditch with water) That smacks of the AT&T commercials where the surgeon and the Dutch Translator are "just OK". Those don't appear to me to be big enough draws to make a viable business. Way back someone mentioned hiring a professional park consultant to evaluate the viability of a park at that location. That would be my suggestion before investing a lot of money in construction.
westernrvparkowner 09/13/19 05:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Terrible Trucks

A 2020 Corvette is only 60K why are trucks so expensive? A $60K Corvette is what Geezers drive around in while dreaming they are still capable of picking up the 18 yr old girls walking down the sidewalk. It sort of looks like a Corvette, but runs like a Chevette. A true Corvette is more like $150K.What new Corvette costs $150K?
westernrvparkowner 09/13/19 02:00pm Beginning RVing
RE: RGV ten year trend

The entire Palm Springs/Indio California area couldn't shoehorn in another rig during peak season (January thru March) if they tried. My wild guess is the snowbird crowd is migrating more towards areas with many activities and attractions. The Palm Springs area has over 150 golf courses. There are casinos with top shelf concerts and entertainers. You are two hours from either San Diego or LA for professional sports and world class shopping. The weather is reliably spectacular each winter. Many of the same things can be said for the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. The Rio Grand Valley, not so much. Reputation-wise it is pretty much thought of as the budget snowbird area. It conjures up images of pot luck dinners and shuffleboard. I think that area is finding that their market demographics is getting older because that type of snowbirding is not meeting the demands of the recently retired. And it might be a trend that is impossible to reverse.
westernrvparkowner 09/13/19 01:53pm Snowbirds
RE: Diminshed Value Claims

. Also, its a legal obligation that if you sell private, you must inform all and any potential buyers, of all accidents reported! .Not true. Private sellers are generally not obligated to disclose anything regarding a vehicle they are selling. At most, they may be obligated to disclose that the title is a branded (reconditioned, salvage etc.). They may also be required to disclose a known existing defect that effects the safety of the vehicle, such as they stuck the brake pads on with chewing gum. Otherwise, it is Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware.
westernrvparkowner 09/13/19 11:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: “I was shocked with just how white it was there,” she said.

I don't believe that KOA cares in the least about equal opportunity for minority campers. I believe their only concern is how to tap into the minority recreational spending pool.Where is there any hint of evidence that minorities have any less opportunity to camp than your basic caucasian? I have never heard of a park that turned away anyone due to ethnicity. KOA, being a business that makes more money when more people are camping, is of course interested in tapping into the recreational spending pool of everyone, minority or not.
westernrvparkowner 09/11/19 08:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: “I was shocked with just how white it was there,” she said.

Not sure what is supposed to happen. By the lady's own statistics, minorities make up a very small percentage of RV'ers. There is nothing stopping minorities from buying and running parks, other than there is very little historical interest in RV parks in general throughout the minority communities. As for management, somewhat the same issues. Not too many minorities have the interest or the background to be in park management. Then there is the demographics of KOA corporate's location. Billings Montana is very much an ethnically non-diverse community. It is over 90% white, with the largest minority group being American Indian at nearly 5%. Blacks, Latinos and other ethnic groups are less than 1% of the population. The city has a population of around 100,000 total. That means there is probably less than 300 people within each of those ethnic groups even of employable age, irrespective of skill level or interest.
westernrvparkowner 09/11/19 01:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Horrid experience Denton tx

see this all the time ,even on there web site , just wonder how they stay in business.They stay in business because they have 10s of thousands of satisfied customers. There isn't a business on the planet that doesn't have dis-satisfied customers. You can go to Yelp and see many of them. To bring it closer to RV home, go to and you will notice that even the most highly rated parks will have a bad review or two. The only difference between Camping World/Good Sam and the others is they for some reason allow these bad experience posts to run on a forum they control. In all honesty, if I were the CEO of Good Sam Enterprises I think I would have the forum administrator just zap them all the minute they were posted. Marcus Lemonis is either a bigger man or a bigger fool than me.
westernrvparkowner 09/11/19 09:21am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Horrid experience Denton tx

Regarding the latest class action lawsuit (Ronge v. Camping World Holdings, Inc.), RV Advisor Founder and CEO Gigi Stetler said “Marcus Lemonis has a long history of highly questionable business practices, and this latest class action is one of many similar lawsuits that have been filed against him and his companies in recent years." Hang in there and hope you get results!Someone said that the person and company they are suing is bad. Who would have thunk it? You can't point out a major company that hasn't had lawsuits filed against them. It isn't a red flag warning that the company is somehow terrible. It is really just something all businesses face. Sad, but True.
westernrvparkowner 09/11/19 09:13am Camping World RV Sales
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