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RE: Chinese RV tires... holding up!

"GY has suspended production of the Endurance and they are out of stock nearly everywhere." That's a shame for those who want a quality US Made tire. I just did an online search and found multiple outlets still selling Goodyear Endurance. I even made a selection of a pair of ST225/75R15 E-Rated on and they're in stock. Just an FYI.
whjco 07/22/21 07:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Winegard 360 replacement

I replaced our damaged antenna with a new Winegard 360.
whjco 07/16/21 08:14pm Technology Corner
RE: Offline navigator for Android phone (BC Canada)?

I'm not Canadian, but I think this one will work for you: Here is a free option if your more into tech stuff: I'll second CoPilot that allows you to load the map database on the phone so you don't need a cell/internet connection to have navigation. Another app is Sygic.
whjco 07/07/21 06:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Travel Trailer Brake Problem

I had trailer brake problems and found it in the crimps on the wires connecting the axles to the feed from the brake unit.
whjco 06/03/21 09:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: 30A adapter

This is the generator I am considering for the following reasons... - We live in south central Texas and lost power for almost 4 days during the winter storm that knocked out the power heat. A generator would allow us to run an electric heater in one room of the house to stay warm as it could happen again and also power the fridge as we lost all our food. - The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has already stated we could see rolling blackouts this summer during the hottest days as the grid is not likely to handle the load. A generator would allows us to run fans and the fridge (see above). - Multi fuel allows us to use what we have available. We have a natural gas line at the house for the grill, so theoretically we could run the generator continuously without needing to refuel (we had no disruption to the natural gas). - We have a Grand Design Imagine XLS 21BHE (30amp) which we could "live" in during prolonged power outage if needed. However, powering things at the house was needed this past winter as we were not able to get the trailer during this last winter storm as 1) roads were hazardous and 2) we wouldn't be able to open the storage facility gate (no power). So I know it is not an "RV generator" I wouldn't even consider this generator for RV use. It's far too noisy for use in areas where anyone else would be camping near you. I have a 3000 watt Yamaha inverter generator that is very quiet but supplies enough power to run our 15k btu AC unit and any appliances in our travel trailer.
whjco 05/07/21 05:40pm Beginning RVing
RE: New Mattress

We bought a mattress from Brooklyn RV Bedding and we absolutely LOVE IT!!! It sleeps as good if not better than our expensive Tempur-Pedic at home.
whjco 05/06/21 05:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Garmin RV GPS

I have a Garmin 785 lmt and a Garmin DriveAssist 51. I always use the phone data with both. The traffic info is a minimal amount of data.
whjco 05/06/21 05:22pm Technology Corner
RE: First Tow with 2500 Ram

Good report. Next time leave TH on all the time along with full EB. Use cruise control to maintain your speeds by setting it and using the up and down to maintain the speed you actually want. While descending lock in the gear you would have came up in this will keep rpm's up and let the EB work well. My 2015 Ram's EB will automatically downshift the transmission when needed.
whjco 04/30/21 07:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How to listen to MY own music on my phone?

My wife and I both have Samsung phones. I've put an SD card in both phones and we've each created a Folder named "Media". I then use a program on my computer to convert the tracks on a CD to .mp3 files. I create a subfolder for each album and copy the .mp3 files in to each corresponding folder using a USB cable connected between the phone and the computer. I downloaded Musicolet and use it to create playlists in the phone.
whjco 03/21/21 09:29pm Technology Corner
RE: Harbor Freight - what happened to the 20% off coupons

Harbor Freight - what happened to the 20% off coupons and the "free" trinkets like little flashlights,etc. Haven't seen any of these coupons in a few months, at least in Florida . Get Harbor Freight's smartphone app. You'll often get the 20% coupon with the app.
whjco 03/03/21 06:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Genset carb upkeep:  drain it and/or exercise it? Both?

I shut off the gas and run the generator dry (with load disconnected) if I'm going to be storing it for over 60 days. I always put Sta-bil fuel treatment in the gas and have had good luck with it. I use it in my antique cars, too.
whjco 02/18/21 07:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Awful Awful Mattress

We ditched the factory mattress and bought a new mattress from Brooklyn Bedding. Wow, what a difference. We've both been sleeping great on the new mattress and it sleeps as well as our much more expensive Tempur-Pedic mattress at home!
whjco 02/18/21 07:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: surge protector and water filters

We used the larger blue Camco filter in line with the hose along with a pressure regulator and a y hose adapter for purging the air out of the hose and to flush the hose with fresh water. I bought a good surge suppressor but only used it about 4 times before I bought the better autoformer power conditioner to deal with sagging voltage. I have a practically brand new surge suppressor that I'll sell if anyone is interested.
whjco 02/16/21 04:33pm Beginning RVing
RE: replacing Brake Pads

I've used a number of different brake pads over the years and I've had the best performance from Carquest OEM Spec. pads.
whjco 02/08/21 05:53pm Tow Vehicles
Water leak in trailer??

We have a 2019 Cherokee 274vfk and we've had it for over two years. Up until this week we've always been able to use a utility water hookup. Because of cold weather we've been using the fresh water tank and water pump. About every 30 minutes I'll hear the water pump "burp" like it's building pressure which has me concerned that there may be a leak somewhere in the fresh water system. I've inspected the plumbing everywhere I can access it and can find no sign of a leak. There's no sign of any leaks under the travel trailer. However, we had a bad experience with a previous travel trailer that had a small leak in the shower with the water getting trapped in the insulation under the floor and we weren't aware of the leak until there was a rot problem in the floor. I guess my next step when I get home will be to winterize the trailer by following my usual procedure of blowing out the lines with compressed air. However, I'll rig up a pressure gauge that will allow me to pressurized the system, shut off a valve with the air bottled up and then watch the gauge to see if there is a leak. If there is a leak, what's the best way to find it? I'm hoping that the occasional "burp" in the water pump is just a leaking check valve. Thanks for any advice! Bill J., Lexington, KY
whjco 01/30/21 06:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Quality Decline since Covid

The quality was terrible on them long before the Covid problem. Talk to anyone and that has bought in the last five or six years, and they will echo that. I think you must be one of the lucky ones. Guy There are exceptions. We have a Cherokee 274vfk that we purchased new a little over 2 years ago and I'm still impressed with the quality of materials and the fit and finish of the build. The only weak part of the trailer was the cargo tray on the back, but with some modifications, it now carries everything we need. The trailer itself has only needed two small repairs. I did replace the Castle Rock tires with Goodyear Endurance based on the advice of others on this board. We toured the factory in Topeka, IN where our trailer was built and it was a very impressive operation with many Amish craftsmen working in the factory. I also got to meet the Quality Control Supervisor who was very impressive and who demonstrated the numerous quality control inspections that their trailers are subject to. The only quality control issue that I've had with our trailer has been the sawdust that was left on the top of the bathroom ceiling that keeps filtering down through the ceiling light. However, I've only had to take the lens off and clean it a couple of time.
whjco 01/26/21 10:20am Travel Trailers
RE: New generator for new rv. Recommendations

We have a Yamaha 3000 watt inverter generator and love it. It runs our 15,000 btu air conditioner just fine. We'll turn the AC off when my wife wants to use her 1800w hair dryer, otherwise, it handles everything else just fine. It also has a long runtime on a fill of the gas tank.
whjco 01/25/21 03:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: Slide topper noise dampening

Our Cherokee 274vfk has a superslide with a slide topper. We've never had any wind noise from the topper.
whjco 01/21/21 07:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer hitch pin

My worry has never been the hitch pin, but I always have worried about the safety pin that holds the hitch pin from sliding out. Guy There is virtually no side load/pressure that would cause clip to fail Operator error 9not installing it correctly) ------ YES May not just be an "Operator error" if the clip "disappears" via a third party "prankster" that happens along when you are away from your vehicle.. Have heard of that happening, fortunately have never had that happen to me.. But I do typically do a quick walk around and check to make sure everything is in it's proper place as it should be when taking rest stops and such before I get back on the road.. As far as strength of the hitch pin goes, don't know exactly, but the same diameter pin is used for 2x2 and 2.5x2.5 hitches.. Just the length of the pin is longer for the 2.5 hitches.. Can't say for sure on the 3x3 hitches but I suspect most likely the same diameter to allow compatibility for using an smaller hitch accessory like a bike rack or lighter weight hitch via adapter sleeves. I have a friend who had someone remove the pin from his insert while his enclosed car trailer was hitched to it. He traveled some distance and the equalizer bars held enough tension on the insert so that it stayed in place. That is, until he was exiting the Interstate and the trailer brakes made a heavier application causing the insert to slide out of the receiver. Thankfully, the safety pin pulled on the breakaway switch holding tension on the safety chains and he was able to safely get stopped. Since his incident, I always do a walkaround just before hitting the road and I pay special attention to the insert pin and the key that keeps it in place.
whjco 01/15/21 03:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: replacing Brake Pads

I just changed the front pads on the F250. Bellied right up to the Ford parts counter with a fat wallet. Only complaint is that they did not provide a decal for that money. :B A few years ago my daughter's husband had new brakes put on their Excursion, he told them he wanted the best pads they had - $450 for just the front pads. Two new Ford rotors plus labor on top of the $450. They squealed like a pig all the time so they took it to an independent after several trips back to the dealer and had less expensive pads installed, squeal gone. I had an Excursion and a 2000 Econoline E350. Both had issues with the inner lining of the flex hoses sluffing off and causing a restriction in the hose that kept the calipers from fully retracting. I'd recommend that they replace the flex hoses on that Excursion. Also, keep a close eye on flex section of the brake line that goes from the master cylinder to the antilock unit on the frame. I had to make a panic stop and the flex portion of the brake line blew out and I had a total loss of brakes. I had to cut quickly to miss the car that had stopped suddenly in front of me and then I ran through a red light. Thankfully the cross traffic saw that I was in trouble and waited for me to get through the intersection. I was pulling my 24' car trailer and was able to use the trailer brake to get stopped.
whjco 01/15/21 02:53pm Tow Vehicles
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