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RE: New Host Mammoth

Sounds like a NICE setup. Enjoy them both and let us know what you think about the Mammoth once you have a few trips in it.
wildman4x4 09/06/20 08:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Chalet TS116 Experiance

I hope you have or are willing to buy a truck that will handle the load. Depending on accessories the wet weight of that camper is well over 4000# and could easily hit 4500#. Add a couple of passengers and gear and the weight is going to be in the 6000# range. That is way beyond what I would want to carry for a 350/3500 dual wheel drive. I have a truck that will carry the weight. I wouldn't be looking at these campers if I didn't have a rig that could carry it. But thanks for your concern.
wildman4x4 09/05/20 09:08am Truck Campers
RE: Chalet TS116 Experiance

Thanks for everyone's replies about the Chalet campers. I'm still in the looking mode right now so I haven't decided on any one camper. If I could swing it I would LOVE to have a Host camper and am watching a few used units right now. Of course I would love to get a NEW unit but the Yukon camper I spec'd out was just over $90K. That shocked me......:E But I had all the bells and whistles on it also. It has been a few years since I have looked but I was not overly impressed with the Eagle Cap campers I looked at compared to a Host. If I was looking at a Eagle Cap I would go for the 1165 floorplan over the 1200 floorplan. I've pretty much decided I am getting a triple slide unit no matter which brand I get. And I know that I want the side entry style over the rear entry. Here is the TS116 that is currently for sale.
wildman4x4 09/04/20 04:29am Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

If looking at tag toy haulers that maximize space, look for ones with an open floor plan and either a front bath or kitchen. My Weekend Warrior FB2200 was 22' and had 16' of convertible cargo space. It was heavy due to the large tanks and big generator but we needed even more space and better insulation than a SoCal built RV. The problem with most toy haulers is that they are not rated to carry the amount of weight that I am wanting to carry. Most only have a 4K lb cargo or less. I need one that will carry 6-7K lbs of cargo if not 8k lbs. Which is why I make my own RNTH.
wildman4x4 08/25/20 03:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

FYI: The Lance does not have a tall basement like the other three. The floor start above the wheel wells rather than over the bed rails. You will have a larger climb in and out of bed and minimal basement storage compared to the other three. If you plan to turn this into a redneck toy hauler, have you considered buying a travel trailer that could have the axle(s) pulled out and then set on your goose neck trailer? They are much less expensive and there are more floor plan choices. I sometimes wish I had gotten a Ram 5500 but at the time when I was buying my current truck I was in a hurry. My old truck was fixin to breakdown so I got my Ram 3500 DRW. And yes I know the Lance has a lower floor height which is why they are at the bottom of my list. If I was to win the Lotto I'd deck out a awesome Host and get a Ram5500 with a custom bed. Yes I have look at travel trailers and 5th wheel but the issue then becomes the overall length. If I was to get a 20' travel trailer I would then need a 36-38' deck behind the trailer for the Jeep and bike. Now my trailer is just getting way too long. I had also been looking for a shorter toyhauler trailer so I could park the bike inside. But there aren't any I have found that would work how I have imagined. I'm hoping to buy a camper in the next 2-4 months and use it on my truck for now and then 2-3 years when I'm ready to hit the road I can either make my RNTH or get something else that would work.
wildman4x4 08/21/20 11:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

Don’t worry about it. It’s the internet. People get upset all of the time. Thanks & yep the internet always seems to do that. BTW, How do you like your Host camper? From what I have seen and read about them they are at the top of my list for possible TC's. My list would go something like this: 1) Host 2) Chalet 3) Eagle Cap 4) Lance I know Chalet isn't making TC's any longer but while they were they made some very nice units. I like the Eagle Cap 1165 first and the Eagle Cap 1200 next. But the fit and finish in the Eagle Cap isn't on par with Host. The Lance 1172 is a nice unit.
wildman4x4 08/21/20 09:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

Glad you are moving on. Here is the "big deal". You asked for input from those of us who had full time experience but you have no interest in learning from those experiences. You have already made up you mind on every issue. It is not really a big deal but I feel like I wasted my time responding to your thread. I debated all day as to if I should make any other comments since it appears my comments are being misinterpreted. I apologize to all if I have offended anyone.
wildman4x4 08/21/20 08:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

I guess we all have different ideas of how we want to spend our time. I have always been a motorhead and been into Jeeps. I blame that on my grandpa as he had a Jeep and took me hunting and camping as a kid. I enjoy hitting the trails in my Jeep and there are TONS of trails all over the USA that I have never been to or driven. So yes I am going to bring my toys with me when I start to travel. Now when I was younger I use to hike and backpack a LOT. Been all over the PNW on foot. Then 28 years in the military helped me walk a lot more. Now I would rather drive to those spots. I don't get what the big deal is. All I wanted to know was if people full timed in a camper and for them to share those experiences. Why does it matter what I take with me? As far as getting my setup into a camp spot? Yes I have been to places where a larger motorhome/5th Wheel/trailer wouldn't fit. So you move on and find some place where you can fit. Thanks again for the replies and I'll move on now.
wildman4x4 08/19/20 09:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

My wife and I along with 2 cats full timed in a Northstar Igloo for a couple of years. That ended basically because of the pull of new grandkids. Anyway, I do not understand what your questions are. I did get it that you have physical limitations but I doubt I can be of any help with that consideration. Personally I have some definite preferences. I would not want a camper with any slides. I don't want the excess weight and I want full use of the camper without setting up and extending slides. I like to pull over mid day or several times a day when traveling have lunch and take a short nap. I have also done quite a bit of stealth camping and camping in tight areas where a slide would not work. I also strongly prefer a wet bath and a cassette toilet. Your preferences seem totally different. I would not want to travel with an extra jeep, bike, and 50 gallon fuel tank. BTW, you do not need to wait if you want to travel with a dog. My questions are simple.... Who has full timed in a truck camper of ANY type? Can you share your experiences with me and any things you learned? What was your setup and WHY? What would you change? What if anything did you wish you'd had? Yes for some having a simple TC to crawl into and eat lunch or take a nap is all you want. I'm looking a head to those times I can't be sitting outside due to weather or other issues and need to stay inside. So a TC with more floorspace is going to be more comfortable. I'm not sure what me wanting to take my toys with me matters? I have spent most of my adult life reading about all these places to go 4Wheelin or touring on a bike. So I am finally going to do that. Yes I KNOW I can RV with a dog. BUT if I have to leave my RV for 12+ hours or say take a sightseeing trip on the bike for 2-3 days the dog is going to leave a MESS in my RV by the time I get back. Thanks for the replies.
wildman4x4 08/18/20 06:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

I have full timed in every type of RV out there except a truck camper..I have spent 9 months working in one in the mountains though for a couple seasons.. Full timing in an RV is a state of mind because everything is smaller and there isn't much room..My favorite full timing rig was a 24' Beaver Class C..It could go where my other larger RV's could not and it had the perfect floorplan for us..There was three of us and a dog and cat and we all loved it. Could we full time in any of the big TC models including the Lance single slide 1172,yes..As I said,the floorplan is what you have to live with when you choose it,the floorplan is everything in my opinion for full timing. We missed a larger stand alone freezer and the washer and dryer the most full timing..Most of our time was outside or scouting around in a small Mazda pickup we towed with us. This makes a lot of sense. And I agree that the floorplan is a HUGE part of being comfortable in whatever you choose to RV in. I am really still trying to wrap my head around this whole full timing idea. That funny part is that for the first 45 years of my life I never lived anywhere for longer than 3 years. I moved around as a kid and then in the military. Then I moved to my current home in WA in 2005 and have been here since. I have been a single parent and raised my daughter in this home. She leaves for college next month and I am staying here to sit her dog until she is done with school. So over the next 2-3 years I have to weed down my processions' so that when she is done and takes her dog I will start to travel. My original thoughts were that I would travel for 8-9 months and then come back home during the summer but I am not sure anymore. My plan is to build myself another RNTH with whatever camper I choose. If money wasn't a factor I would get a New Host Yukon model with their Extreme Off-Grid package. Other options would be the washer/dryer unit. I am figuring I will use a 35' GN trailer which will give me 30' of deck space. I will get a Rampage motorcycle ramp and load the Harley on the trailer sideways behind the camper. Then I'll have the room to load my Jeep behind the Harley. I have also thought about installing extra tanks under the trailer. Something like a 50 gallon fresh water, 40 gallon gray water & 30 gallon black water. Then also mount a 40-50 gallon fuel tank so I can refill my Jeep or bike. My only issues are I haven't figured out where to store all my tools yet.
wildman4x4 08/18/20 03:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

This forum build it wisdom (or not) over the years and you want to come to easy conclusion in matter of minutes?. 20 years ago triple slides did not exist. First TC slides come around year 2001 and were single slides only. So far you only answer the 6' question. So will 8' with no slide satisfy you? even they don't come with side entry. How about 8' with single slide? (even if they exist) I've answered a lot of these questions already I thought. But to recap my experiance with TC again. First camper I owned was in 2005. It was a short bed S&S model with a wet bath. I never used the shower in that camper but camped a lot with it and figured out quickly that I would like more room. I still had a short bed truck and trying to find a decent sized camper for a SB truck is HARD. So I came up with another idea. I bought a Adventurer camper with a single slide. But it was made for a long bed truck. Instead of buying a new truck I decided to build myself a Red Neck Toy Hauler (RNTH). I mounted the camper on the nose of a gooseneck trailer. So based on my experiance with this I have made my choices in a new camper. I no longer own my RNTH as I listened to a ex-wife who wanted a MH instead. Never again. I know that a camper with no slides won't be comfortable for me and I also know that other than one model of a single slide camper would it be comfortable for me. So I want a camper with 2 or more slides and either come with some type of recliner or have a spot where I can install a recliner. I am not going into any of this blind nor do I not have any experiance with campers and other forms of RV's. My choices are based upon some knowledge. But what does my choice in campers have to do with asking for others experiance with full timing in a camper? I have 2 friends who full time in a TC and both of them have single slide campers with a rear door entrance. I know from my experiance that I want a camper with a side entrance and a minimum of 2 slides.
wildman4x4 08/18/20 02:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

If you are looking at taxable numbers to make your set working, you are for a lot disappointments. Going big is easy way of making it work. Don't think anybody is going to be happy fulltiming in 6' camper. Your expectations seem to be pretty high, but not knowing your budget we don't even know how much they are realistic. Not sure what this has to do with my questions. If I wanted to live in a 6' area I'd get a tent. As far as my budget goes if I am looking at triple slide campers then it isn't limited to 20 year old units. But since I am retired and disabled I am on a fixed amount. I am just curious who full times in a camper. Why is this such a hard question to answer?
wildman4x4 08/18/20 01:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

I see conflict here. Side entry require at least 3' rear overhang, or 11' camper length. 11 ft TC pulling significant weight will take 450/4500 truck. Our moderator has such set and evidently it works for him, but from what I see- it did not come cheap. There is more than one way to skin a cat... Again I know how much these things weigh and what it is going to take to properly and safely handle one of these units. If you look at the numbers for a Ford F450 it actually has LESS payload than a F350. I am just interested in hearing from folks who are full timing in a camper. I like to hear how you like it and what you do to make it work.
wildman4x4 08/18/20 12:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

I understand what the truck requirements are for hauling a triple slide camper and then trying to tow 6K+ lbs. I'm just interested in hearing from folks who have been full timing in a camper. My list of campers are: 1) Host- Either the new Yukon or the Mammoth model 2) Chalet- TS116- I know it is no longer made but it's a nice camper 3) Eagle Cap- Either 1165 or 1200 4) Lance- Only a double slide Yes all these campers take a minimum of a 1 ton DRW truck.
wildman4x4 08/17/20 09:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

First, Thank you for your service! I've never owned a truck camper but I have followed a couple people on Youtube in the past and they seem to do fine with them. Especially those that like to camp at State Parks or boondock. I believe anything can be accomplished when we put our mind to it. I'm sure you have looked into this already but have you considered a Class C? All have side entry, many have large bathrooms, many have recliners as well. Some come with a cabover, some have other attractive floorplans. Many aren't much bigger than truck campers. My wife and I went to an RV show in Tampa last January and saw several beauties that wouldn't break the bank either. We have a fifth wheel but if we were in the market, we would have given Class C's serious consideration. Yes I have looked at Class C's but really do not want another MH. My plans are to tow my toys with me which is a built Jeep and a Harley. My plans are to boondock most of the time so having a 4x4 truck seems to be a better idea. Also when needed I can unload my camper and use my truck for other things. This is why I would rather have a camper. A lot of my time will be spent going to Jeepin trails and camping near those locations. I've looked at my options and just feel a MH isn't a good choice.
wildman4x4 08/17/20 12:24pm Truck Campers
Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

It's been some interesting conversations on other RV forums with people who DO NOT think people in truck campers are also full timers in the RV world. Now I know 2-3 people who full time in a truck camper but they are all single. I'm just curious who out here fit into this group as I have plans to hopefully become a semi-full timer to start in about 2-3 years. I am currently looking at campers right now and my one MAIN requirement is that it needs to be a side entry camper. Next it needs to have extra room in the bathroom. Or I should say for the commode. I do not care if it is a dry or wet bathroom (I don't think) since I've never had a wet bath that I've used. A little back history. I am a disabled veteran and a lower right leg amputee. I lost my leg due to injuries I received in Iraq in 2004. So my getting around can be a challenge somedays but I don't let that stop me. But because of this I need a camper that has a taller floor so that the height into the cabover bunk area isn't a high as it was in older campers. The side entry is becasue I will be towing about 90% of the time while the camper is on my truck. My other BIG requirement is that I have room to put in a recliner/couch setup. Becasue of this I am looking at something like the Chalet TS116 or other used campers with a minimum of 2 slides. I need to have a true recliner so that I can elevate my leg some of the time. I'm sure as I gather experiance I will find other features that are important to me but these are the things I know of now. I've owned 2 TC's be for this. One was a S&S short bed unit and the other was a late 1990's Adventurer single slide dry bath unit. Ex talked me into getting a motorhome instead and IMHO it was my worst mistake of my RV life. I'll never own another MH in my foreseeable future. But I learned to never say never.
wildman4x4 08/17/20 09:31am Truck Campers
RE: Chalet TS116 Experiance

Thanks for the replies. Yes I contacted Chalet and was told they are not supporting the campers any longer which is a shame. I'm looking for a side entry camper with 2 or more slides for maximum room. Once my daughter is done with college dad get's to start traveling. Do you think it would be possible to replace the couch in the rear slide with a dual recliner style couch?
wildman4x4 08/13/20 02:57pm Truck Campers
Chalet TS116 Experiance

Looking for people who have owned a Chalet TS116 camper. Would like to hear about your likes and dislikes. Also any issues you might have ran into during your ownership. I know Chalet is still in production but they no longer make truck campers. So I am a little worried about buying a camper that the company no longer is making them. I realize that most items can be replaced but am just being cautious. I want a side entry camper because I will be towing most of the time I use the camper so ease of getting in and out would be nice. So since I want a side entry PLUS minimum of one slide my options are very limited.
wildman4x4 08/13/20 05:04am Truck Campers
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