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RE: private land camping questions, cell booster suggestions

As to whether or not the neighbors have a right to be upset: I can definitely understand their side of it. I wouldn't want my neighbors bringing a bad element into where I live. However, given how rural the area is, as long as the land owners only rent to decent, respectful campers that don't cause trouble...I don't think it will ever be a problem, and neighbors will probably calm down and be OK with it. If you can come up with an algorithm, a questionaire, or a mind trick that can sort the decent, respectful campers that don't cause trouble from the indecent, disprespectful, troublemakers you could make a fortune. Your market would be much larger than RV parks. Every hotel, motel, restaurant, apartment complex and landlord in the country would beat a path to your door for that service. Yep, you right, its a crapshoot, and you never know which ones will be the trouble makers vs which ones won't. Like you suggested, every rental business whether it be campground, hotel, motel, apartment, whatever, would face that same dilemma. I guess what I meant was if they get lucky/fortunate enough not to get any more trouble makers, the neighbors will probably calm down a bit. I do know we plan to be up there quite a bit, as it is/was exactly what we were looking for. :) Will
willald 07/19/19 12:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: private land camping questions, cell booster suggestions

Again, thanks for all the suggestions. Believe I'll be ordering the Weboost cell booster, the unit they make for RVs. That seems like the best option. Whether we camp at this remote place again or not, I can think of numerous other places we've gone (and plan to go in the future) where a booster like that will come in very handy. One more clarification about that campsite: There is actually only *one* campsite they rent, that has hookups. The other one does not have hookups, and is almost never rented. Like I said previously, there is one other site with hookups, that the landowners live on, permanently. We've decided, we will be going back there, probably quite often (as long as neighbors don't shut them down, which I don't believe will happen). Like I said before, its the best of both worlds - Out in the country, nothing but woods, trees around you and a creek, no neighbors within sight, yet still have full hookups. It doesn't get much better than that. :) As to whether or not the neighbors have a right to be upset: I can definitely understand their side of it. I wouldn't want my neighbors bringing a bad element into where I live. However, given how rural the area is, as long as the land owners only rent to decent, respectful campers that don't cause trouble...I don't think it will ever be a problem, and neighbors will probably calm down and be OK with it. There's another piece I didn't tell initially, that I will now: The property is out on a long, large oval road in the country. I went the wrong way around the oval initially - should have turned to the left, went to the right. Entire right side of that oval, was NOT meant for RVs, AT ALL! Low hanging tree branches, deep ruts in the road, banked so much at one point daughter was afraid we'd tip over....The kind of road that probably should only be taken with a 4x4. Despite my stupidity of going that way when never should have, I managed to get through without tearing anything up. That was where I ran into the upset neighbors, and I think they came out to talk to us 'cause they were just shocked to see such a large RV make it down their road when it really shouldn't have, hahaha. Other side of the oval (when you go to the left) where campsites are was/is much better - a fairly well maintained dirt road that is easily passable with an RV. If I'd gone the way was supposed to, never would have run into the neighbors that weren't happy. Soo, part of that was my stupidity, should've listened to the owners when they said to turn left at the entrance to the oval. Won't make that mistake again. :)
willald 07/19/19 08:59am General RVing Issues
RE: I hate dinettes

I wouldn't own an RV without a dinette. I *like* having a table where we can all sit together and eat, play games, etc. Yes, its more fun to do that outside at a picnic table, but anyone that's camped for a while knows that the weather has a way of making that impossible or very uncomfortable sometimes. And, that's not to mention the storage space underneath you give up if you don't have a dinette. And, the occasional extra sleeping space is nice, too. Yes, the seat cushions on some dinettes can be not quite the most comfortable thing in the world. That is why you have to check these things out, BEFORE you buy an RV. If the dinette ain't comfortable, then find another model. Not all dinette cushions are uncomfortable. If you don't like a dinette, look at units that have the free standing chair and tables. Several brands offer that as an option. I'd say the RV industry is doing just fine, by offering a choice of a dinette or free standing chairs, table. That way we all can get something we are happy with, without shoving our wants, preferences down everyone else's throats that may prefer something else. :)
willald 07/17/19 09:18am General RVing Issues
RE: private land camping questions, cell booster suggestions

OK, let me clarify a few things I should have from the get-go: We are not talking about someone 'running an RV park' on their private farm land. There are 3 campsites, one of which is occupied permanently by one of the landowners (living full time in their RV). Sooo, a total of just 2 campsites being rented, the other one already being occupied by one of the landowners. And from what I can gather, the 2 rental sites are only occupied very sporadically, they do not stay occupied all the time. Yes, they do charge a small nightly fee to stay there. Since they are providing 50 amp electricity, sewer, and water, I'd say that is only fair. They're just a really nice older, retired couple that are trying to supplement their retirement income a little. As to the comments/questions about why I am working remotely and need to do so 450 miles from home: Sorry, that is a long, somewhat personal story I'd rather not get into on a public forum. Its not really relevant to this discussion, anyway, and would just make the thread go sideways even more. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions about various cell phone booster ideas. I see that Best Buy has the Weboost units, I may go have a look at them.
willald 07/16/19 02:29pm General RVing Issues
private land camping questions, cell booster suggestions

...Sooo, due to life circumstances, we find ourselves frequently needing to travel to and stay in an area about 450 miles from home. Having the RV (Motorhome) has worked out great for these trips. Only problem is, have not found a good campground to stay at in the area we need to be. I did some searching for RV site rentals on craigs list, find a couple that owns some land out in the country very close to where we need to stay, and they've set up a couple RV sites on the land for short term (nightly or weekly) rental. Seems like really nice idea - Stay way out in the country, no neighbors hardly within sight, very peaceful in the country, creek running just down from the site that you can walk down to. And, of course, all of this with full hookups (50 amp, water, sewer). Call the number, talk to them, they seem really nice, so we book it, and plan to go there this last weekend. Sooo, we make the 8 hour trip up there, find this place via GPS. Just before getting to the site, we run into neighbors of folks renting the land, and lets just say, they were not very happy about their neighbors renting their land to RVers. They'd recently had some not-so-nice people renting the site, that had caused some trouble. Neighbors say it is illegal for them to rent their land out like that to RVers, and they were in the process of trying to legally shut them down from doing such. Despite a temptation to get the heck out of there and settle for one of the RV parks we know in the area (but really don't like)....We chose to stay. Owner of the land we were renting from met us out there, and we had a long talk. They assured us that what they are doing is perfectly legal, and the neighbors just don't like him, unhappy about past renters that caused problems, etc. Seemed like a nice couple, so we decided to try it out. Well, we had a great stay there. Everything went great. Absolutely LOVED having nothing but woods and a dirt road around us. No neighbors right on top of us like at RV parks. Nobody bothered us entire time. It was like the best of both worlds - boondocking out in the woods, yet we had full hookups like an RV park. Yeah, no cable or satellite TV, but didn't really need that, anyway. Only real issue we had was, cell coverage is very weak that far out in the country. I work remotely for a large financial services company, need strong cell connection to be able to work. Ultimately, would like to be able to park out there for a week or two at a time and be able to work from the RV. Will need a good cell connection to do that. I may be looking into a cell booster of some variety for that reason. Soo, now the questions: Has anyone ever stayed on someone's private land like this, that had RV sites set up for rent? What was your experience with such? Is this not a good idea? Is there anything illegal about renting your land to RVers like they are doing? Do the disgruntled neighbors have a chance at shutting them down? Only thing I can think of that'd make it illegal, would be if the land isn't zoned to allow RVs? As rural as this area is, I'd seriously doubt that is the case. Any advice, suggestions on a cell booster that'd allow for good data, and voice connections out in the boonies like that? As always, all (well, most) comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome and appreciated. :)
willald 07/16/19 07:56am General RVing Issues
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