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RE: Towing a Honda CRV one time - NC to Maine

Update, conclusion: Well, we made the trip last weekend. All went well, we are in Maine now, at in-law's lake house. It is a bit chilly up here, but nice. We are having a great time up here. Towing their car up here on the dolly went great, and pretty much flawless (except for all the rain we drove through, haha). It actually seemed like their CRV was slightly easier to tow than our Jeep we normally tow. I guess, it was less rolling resistance and better aerodynamics. Uhaul got us an almost new dolly with surge brakes, so that worked great. The rig braked really well. Only bad thing was, they had NOBODY to help us when we picked up the dolly, so we had to do pretty much everything ourselves (wrestle the dolly over in back of motorhome, hitch it up, put the car on, straps, chains, etc). Seemed like Mom and Dad really enjoyed the trip up with us, too. We took 3 days, nights to get up here, camped at campgrounds two nights, and boondocked at Kohl's parking lot the last night (since it seems no campgrounds were open this far north, before May). I think we blew Dad's mind, with how modern RVs work (he used to have an RV trailer many, many years ago, this was his first time in an RV since then, and first time in a Motorhome). Anyway, guess this is one you can chalk up to, sometimes you just need to stop worrying about all the minor, petty stuff, get out there and enjoy life. We've had an awesome trip, and this is the farthest we've taken the rig so far.
willald 04/20/23 08:41am Dinghy Towing
RE: Oil changes

Change it myself, as I've done with every vehicle I've ever owned. How to get rid of 18 quarts of oil? Geez, issues like that remind me of yet one more reason I prefer my gasser MH, and the fact it only uses 8 quarts of oil for changes. Which, easily goes in the portable oil container I use for all oil changes. Very easy to carry it to the auto parts store when going there for other things and dump the oil there (most take/recycle it for free). Given how difficult I've found it to get ANY kind of RV related service done, I cannot imagine how difficult it would be if you had to rely on a shop to do all your oil changes. Mobile mechanic would be the way to go, if you could find a good one that would do it.
willald 03/29/23 01:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Driver’s license for DPs

Yes, every state is different. I know in NC, anything over 26,001 lbs GCWR, you are technically supposed to have a non-CDL class B. However, I have learned over the years that not many people that own DPs actually go and get that B license, and most law enforcement officers either do not know about this license requirement, or do not care. I have a friend I have known for almost 20 years in the RV sales business. A few years ago, I asked him about this issue with licensing, and larger Motorhomes. He and his dealership sells tons of DPs, and have for many years. He told me that although they are required by law to inform customers buying DPs of the license rules (and they do)...None of his customers ever have got the upgraded license. Nor have any ever had a problem, that he knows of. Furthermore, he told me how he and other sales reps he works with drive the big DPs all over the state to various RV shows his dealership is in. None of the sales reps have a B license. And, yes, he has been stopped a couple of times, and law enforcement officers always either don't know or don't care about this issue, as nobody has been cited for it that he knows of. At any rate, I am not advocating anybody ignore the law about this. Just wanted to point out that in some cases, laws like this are not enforced or noticed much. This is actually one of the reasons I prefer gasser Motorhomes that stay under that 26k limit. I would definitely not want to have to get a special license to drive our RV (even if the law doesn't enforce such).
willald 03/09/23 09:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Power Steps Not Working

Doug is exactly right. My last coach, the power steps motor went out and had to be replaced two different times. Something about electric motors out exposed to the elements like that, with time they just wear out. On last coach, I replaced the step motor twice, the awning motor, and hydraulic jack motor over the course of about 10 years owning that rig. Never had any trouble with motors that were inside, protected from the elements. You might get lucky and find its something jammed up, or the door sensor, but I'm betting its the motor. They aren't that expensive, and you can replace it yourself (I did both times). Can be a challenge getting new motor lined up and all those spacers in place, but it is doable. Oh, and yes, be very careful when working with those steps, like already said. They can take a finger off if you aren't careful.
willald 02/28/23 07:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pets left alone in RV at campground?

As so many have already said, this is one of those rules that campgrounds put in place so they can enforce such when they need to for a dog/owner that becomes a problem. However, in most cases, for responsible owners and well behaved dogs, they look the other way and really do not care. Same thing with the rules about alcohol, and firearms in campgrounds. Its a little like the fireworks laws in North Carolina, too. Not illegal to buy or own, but technically, illegal to let off. However, police look the other way and do not care at all how big a fireworks you buy elsewhere and let off here in NC. They will almost never cite someone for such unless they cause a bigger problem (neighbors complaining, property damage, etc.) You'll find also that people's opinion about how strictly one should adhere to rules like this, is very dependent on their situation and their preferences. It is easy for someone to 'preach' that nobody should ever leave a dog unattended inside an RV, ever, when that person doesn't own any pets and/or doesn't like hearing them or seeing them. Or, if they are the type that always prefers to leave their pets at home, regardless, for whatever reason. People's personal preferences for their own life always seems to impact their opinions on just what rules should be 100% enforced and which can be bent a little. Funny how that works. For me personally.... We bring our dog (Aussie Shepherd mix) with us almost every time we go camping. And, yes, she stays in our camper by herself when we go out to places we can't bring her easily. She is not a barker, almost never barks, ever, unless she has a very good reason to (like when she really needs to go out to do her business and we take too long to get her out). She is very quiet and is perfectly fine staying by herself in our camper. You would never know there even is a dog in our camper when we are out unless you climbed up and peaked in a window (and even then, since we normally have shades pulled and she is so quiet when we are gone, you still probably couldn't tell). Soo, yes, she stays in our camper by herself quite frequently, and we've never had an issue. I agree, that its not a good idea to tell total newcomers that it is OK to ignore this rule. You definitely should know what the rules are regarding this at the campgrounds you stay at, and should seriously consider making other arrangements if your dog is not one that can be calm, quiet when alone in your camper. Like so many other things, its about respecting those around you, that may or may not be OK with hearing your dog bark all the time.s
willald 02/27/23 02:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is there such a thing a decent valve extender?

I used the Borg Dually (one piece) valves on our previous coach. They worked OK, but two of them would always have a very, very slow leak that we could never figure out. It was a slow enough leak, was not a real problem, was just annoying to have to keep putting air in every so often, Eventually, I switched to using braided extensions and the problem went away. The trick is you have to find ones that are AIRLESS. Meaning, there is no air pressure in them normally, so it doesn't matter if they work loose, you will not lose any air. Only time there is any air pressure in them is when you put a gauge or air compressor on them and press on the Schrader valve. Have been using those extensions for many years, on two different coaches. Have never had a problem with them, yet.
willald 02/24/23 02:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generation X

Will, Thanks. Do you have a name for the spray? here’s the mouse spray repellent I use here’s the rodent powder repellant I spread on the ground as well
willald 02/22/23 06:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generation X

Can't offer much advice in terms of what generator to replace it with or whether you should, but....As one thats also dealt with critter damage, I can offer you some insight on how we solved that problem. We had critters crawl up onto the engine on our last Motorhome, a 36' Georgetown, and chewed up the fuel line. Smelled fuel really strong when cranked it up, so took off doghouse, and gasoline was shooting straight up like a geyser! Main fuel line had to be replaced. Found evidence several places inside of mice as well. Was quite a challenge getting that fixed, because we could not even crank the engine without it being a huge fire risk, so it wasn't moving under its own power. Because of how it sits at the end of our long, narrow driveway, getting it towed would not be easy. Eventually, I found a mobile mechanic that came out and replaced the fuel line. After that happened, I bought some mice repellant spray from Lowe's, and every few weeeks I spray that all around the Motorhome. I also spread rodent repellant powder (also bought from Lowe's) all around it to ward off other critters. Typically buy 3 or 4 cans of each of those a year, which is not cheap, but its a LOT cheaper than fixing the damage them critters can do! Have not had a critter problem since.
willald 02/22/23 08:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Potential purchase of MH

Willaild, the representative from the trucking company did indicate the had the unit on their property and indicated they had inspected it for obvious damage and that there was none. They of course indicated this was “normal” business for them but I just could not get over the fact of basically buying something sight unseen even with the “confirmed” right to return it within 5 days. One additional update. I have offered to fly out, inspect the unit during the 5 day right of refusal and then drive it back to NC myself if it all checks out. Will be interesting to see if I get a response. Thanks for the clarification. Well, if this is a scam, its a pretty dang elaborate one, haha. Depending on the terms of the escrow, and just who holds the $$ and how that 5 day right of refusal is spelled out....It just might be worth your while to make the trip out there and look at it, if they agree to such. Is it possible for you to fly out and look at it *BEFORE* any $$ is tied up in an escrow? I'd do that if you can. That way if you find out it is junk or a scam, you're not out anything but the plane ticket, and you can make that into a fun vacation. :) If it is legitimate, then they should have no problem with your offer there.
willald 02/22/23 07:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pet Boarding when visiting Disneyland

Wow, I didn't even realize they had a Kennel for dogs. So many hotels now allow dogs, I'd think most people would just leave their dog in their room during the day when out at the parks. For whatever reason, our dog (Aussie Shepherd) hardly ever barks, she is very quiet almost all the time. Only time she barks is when she gets really, really worked up, or has a really good reason to bark (like when telling us she needs to go out, haha). Since she is so quiet, we have no problem leaving her in the RV when we are out, and she is fine. I can see how Disney taking away the kennels, makes it really difficult for a lot of dog owners. Sounds like a good opportunity for someone to open up a dog sitting business around Orlando. :)
willald 02/22/23 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: No place to camp in Florida

Yep, we face this challenge, too. We like to camp near Sarasota, FL in January every year to visit family. Have tried several times to get into Oscar Scherer state park down there, but pretty much gave up. It is dang near impossible to get a site there in January. Have literally waited until the minute sites become available (11 months in advance). Literally, the split second they become available, they all book up before I can click 'reserve'. Its as if the system is rigged somehow. We've had better luck with private parks, although they are more expensive. Typically, we stay at the KOA in Bradenton, its pretty nice. That one, we only have to book it 6 months in advance instead of a year, hahaha.
willald 02/22/23 07:26am RV Lifestyle
RE: Potential purchase of MH

Thanks for all the feedback. To give you the outcome, I followed up on the company and they actually do exist. They are registered with the Oregon Secretary of State. Called and talked with someone at the company ( as far as I know). Also verified with my attorney contact that this a legitimate way to transact business, but as he said for every honest deal there are 99 scams. Ultimately I offered to use an irrevocable letter of credit through my bank which guaranteed the bank would obligated to pay if the terms of the agreement were met. When the seller declined that offer we walked away. Again, appreciate the feedback. Good job. I'm curious, when you talked to the company, did they acknowledge that the unit you were looking at, indeed did exist and they were selling it? Reason I ask is, I've seen where some scammers will pretend to be an actual company that does exist, and use that company's name to make the deal seem legit. My son almost fell for a scam like that a couple years ago. Wondering if this was a scam, and they were pretending to be this company and really were just another bunch of scammers. I guess doesn't really matter now. Anyway, good luck with your search. :)
willald 02/22/23 07:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing a Honda CRV one time - NC to Maine

Quick note, to the best of my knowledge all four wheels need to be off the ground if towing that year CRV. After 2014 non can be towed flat. Dolly would not meet that requirement. We really, really all need to do a better job of researching things before throwing out advice on here. Otherwise you risk posting misinformation like this, and that makes this whole forum look.....Wellllll, like not a very good place to go for advice. A front wheel drive 2018 CRV most certainly CAN be towed on a dolly just fine. And, that comes straight from the Honda dealer, who looked it up in the manual.
willald 02/13/23 12:34pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Toad Battery Charger

...None the less when towing between LA and Albuquerque at the end of day 2 (Albuquerque) the Honda batters is completely dead. Just saw this where you said day 2, and it made me wonder about one other possibility: Are you traveling for 2 days, maybe boondocking one night or stopping for a few hours at one point, and leaving the Honda hitched up to MH during that time? Do you have to leave the Honda ignition in ON or ACC while towing? If that is the case, you may have a situation like I had on the Ford Taurus and Ford Fusion hybrid I used to tow: When towing, the towed vehicle's ignition had to stay on, in ACC position. This would drain the battery over course of a few hours, which is why I had to install a charge line when towing. Any time we stopped for more than an hour or so, I'd have to go in the towed vehicle and shut the ignition off and put it in park to keep battery from draining. Then, before we'd hit the road, turn ignition back on and shift tranny back into neutral. If I didn't do that, battery would run down after a while even with a charge line. That is because when MH ignition shuts off, in most cases after a short time, power to that charge line will shut off and no more charge going to your towed vehicle. Anyway, just thought I'd mention this as one other possibility.
willald 02/09/23 08:23am Dinghy Towing
RE: Toad Battery Charger

Testing voltage is great.... however next shop have them measure the amps. Need to load the Honda battery with the lights or something. Should see 10+ amps flowing from the RV to the car. Even 1 amp into a charged battery will show full voltage. If the shop does not have a clamp-on ammeter they need to get one or find a new shop. Then put in towing mode and see what load is actually on the car battery to power the brakes etc. This is an excellent point I hadn't thought about. What gauge of wire are you using for the charge line and the ground wire going between MH and the towed? Both would need to be at least 14 or 16 gauge, I'd think, to allow sufficient amperage to keep the battery charged. Also, what amperage is the fuse you have on the charge line? Maybe this is a case where you are taking power (amps) away from the Honda's battery faster than charge line from MH can replace it.
willald 02/09/23 08:06am Dinghy Towing
RE: Base Plate question on Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2018 JK Wrangler (see signature). We set it up ourselves for flat towing about a year ago using a Blue Ox base plate like you are talking about doing (ours has the stock bumper so it worked fine). I definitely understand what you're asking, and can relate to the dilemma. :) Without knowing the specifics of the aftermarket bumper your Jeep has, it is very difficult to say with certainty if the Blue Ox plate would be compatible with it or not. I've seen a couple aftermarket Jeep bumpers that are compatible with blue ox base plate, many (most) that are not, and a few that require some cutting or other modifications to the bumper in order to fit a blue ox base plate under it. Just which of those categories yours would fall under, is tough to say without seeing your front end, bumper up close. If you can find out who makes the aftermarket bumper you have, you might try reaching out to them and see if they can tell you whether a blue ox base plate will fit under it or not. If thats not possible, I would just look real closely at your current bumper, how far down it goes, and compare that with instructions/illustrations from the blue ox base plate. You might be able to determine for yourself if this is doable or not. There are some aftermarket bumpers for Jeeps, that you can attach tow hooks directly to it that will connect directly to your tow bar. I didn't go that route, but sometimes really wish I did. Every now and then I think about ditching the blue ox base plate and putting on a cool front bumper that you can attach tow bar directly to. You may want to consider going that route.
willald 02/08/23 07:44am Dinghy Towing
RE: Dinghy charging from MH

the 4 wire for the tail lights is sort of hard wired in. I ran it under the sill plate, through the frame and into the tail light housing. While I could remove all that, it's really neat and tidy the way it is and I can hide the harness in a nice spot in the lower grill. I'm not thinking you'd have to remove all of that, to go to a 6 round connector and a charge line. Only place you'd change things and change the wiring, is at the very front of the car. Basically, you'd just install a 6 round connector somewhere on front of the vehicle, and take those same 4 wires you presently have connected into a 4 flat connector up front, and instead connect them into the appropriate pins on the 6 round connector (and, of course, do away with the 4 flat connector on the front). While you are doing this, you would also route one wire from + terminal of the battery to the appropriate pin on the 6 round connector as well, for your charge line. Then, you'd just install a 6 round connector on back of Motorhome, and wire it up appropriately. You could make an adapter like I did, that on one end wires directly into the 6 round connector, other end plugs into your Motorhome's existing 7 pin connector. This way, you'd be using a standard, very easy to find when needed, 6 pin wire from Motorhome to the towed vehicle. If it ever wears out or gets damaged, getting a replacement would be quick and easy, as they are pretty popular and frequently on the shelf at RV dealers. What's the issue with adding one wire with a bullet to the appropriate spot in the 6 round adapter and just tie it to the 4wire harness? Aesthetically it will be the same. It's just one extra wire that can be tied and hidden with the 4. No real issue, you could do it that way and it would work fine. And, ultimately its your rig and you can do it the way you want. However, it would mean you'd have a very specific, custom wire setup going between your Motorhome and your towed vehicle. It would also mean, like I said before, that now you have two wires and 4 connectors to maintain and keep up with instead of just 1 wire and 2 connectors. Not to mention, hitching up and unhitching would be a little more complicated, because now you have two wires/connectors to connect and disconnect each time vs. just one if you did it all in a 6 round like I was talking about. Your rig, you do it the way you want, is the bottom line. I certainly take no offense if you chose to do it this way. Long as you're happy with it and it works, I wouldn't worry about it. :)
willald 02/02/23 07:33am Dinghy Towing
RE: Dinghy charging from MH

...Do yourself a favor and skip the round 6 pin. Nothing wrong per se except they are basically not used in hardly any applications anymore.... Have to respectfully disagree with this. 6 round connection is used quite frequently for vehicles towed behind Motorhomes. Its not used for trailers, no, but it is the preferred approach for towing a vehicle behind an RV. And, I think one 6 pin wire would be much better than having two separate wires and connectors to connect between the Motorhome and the car (one for the 4 flat, one for the charge line). A single 6 round wire would look much better and be much more organized, too, than having to run two separate wires. Not to mention, would be less parts to wear out, develop shorts, and have to be maintained.
willald 02/01/23 10:52am Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing a Honda CRV one time - NC to Maine

Sucks that they don't have surge brakes anymore. I rented dolly's from uhaul a few times over the last couple of years, and it was about 50/50 if they would have brakes or not, I assumed if you called and wanted one specifically with brakes they could do it. Guess not anymore huh? The last one I rented (last summer) was sweet, had a nice foolproof Demco EZ latch coupler and surge brakes. It looked brand new. Whoa, as recently as last summer you rented a Uhaul dolly and it had brakes? I didn't see anywhere you could request one with surge brakes when making the reservation online. I might just call Uhaul and see if its possible to request such, as I'd most definitely prefer to have some kind of braking back there if possible. This isn't until April, so got plenty of time...
willald 01/31/23 12:15pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing a Honda CRV one time - NC to Maine

We decided to go ahead and rent the Uhaul dolly and do this. Trip isn't until April, but already reserved the Uhaul dolly and planning to do this with the dolly. Will plan on being extra cautious, and definitely going to take our time and not break any speed records. Planning on 3 overnight stays (two in campgrounds, one night boondocking), 3 days total on the road to get there. Thanks to all, for your input, thoughts on this. It seems, this is one case where I was being a bit paranoid, and just need to relax, slow down, and enjoy the ride. :)
willald 01/31/23 11:44am Dinghy Towing
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