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RE: Intermittent brake failure

Don't know about the Dodge, But that vintage Ford is famous for calipers sticking
winnietrey 12/24/21 02:43pm Tech Issues
RE: What now??

From what I understand, women tend to have much better live alone skills than men. More hobbies, more friends. The live alone skill is one I do not have, nor one I want to learn. I complement TT on her skill at doing that. I began dating a few months after my wife passed, found someone, and have been together ever sense. Although I might have raised some eyebrows, it was a great choice for me. All that wait a year stuff, came out of Victorian England. Much more cultural that anything else. Not saying my way was right, but it worked for me, and to be truefull I thank god every day for my new love. truth is I suspect I would not done very well alone
winnietrey 11/04/21 01:07pm RV Lifestyle
RE: What now??

I am a member of the club, wife died two years ago. All we can do is, decide not to die on the same day our wife did. Solider on, one foot in front of the other. it will get better. We must live on, it is what they would want Working was a great thing for me, kept me occupied. Otherwise would probably gone home and drank myself to death. Not gonna lie, the road ahead is pretty tough for months, but have faith, the grief will lessen, you will become you again, you will live again and if you desire you will find another to love. Keep the faith
winnietrey 10/23/21 01:58pm RV Lifestyle
RE: In a quandary

I don't know Crow, How do we live our life. Good question, for which I have no answer. I am in health care. never stopped working and seeing patients Went in every day. Saw Covid patients. Health Care folks tend to have a bit of a more relaxed attitude. ( as in we will do all we can, but if we get it we get it) I am vaxed I follow safety protocols. In some ways I feel like you are more likely to get it from going to the grocery store than a family event. What would I do 1) Stayed masked 2) stay distant from the crazies 3) Make it a requirement that everyone wear a mask indoors Just some random thoughts
winnietrey 10/18/21 08:04pm Around the Campfire
RE: What now??

My DW died 2 years ago. I sold the RV, just to many memories, and they still sell them, so you can buy another if you choose. Gods Speed,
winnietrey 10/11/21 09:49pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Maiden Voyage Blues

Seems like we have some type of gas issue as the stove won’t light either. Both things worked at orientation. The only thing that changed was I shut the valve off whole in storage and opened it back up day of departure. Have you tried turning the burners on, and letting them flow for say 10 seconds, and then tried to light them? If the propane has not been used for a while you have to clear the lines to get the gas up. Possible could also explain your lack of hot water.
winnietrey 09/20/21 08:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Spouse left behind after death at a Campsite, what to do?

Came home a couple of years ago, to find my DW dead in the driveway. Totally unexpected. So from experience, you might consider, have a list of contact numbers in the rig, for friends, family, kids, relatives. And make sure one of those has the same list. Call one that has the list. I am pretty sure one of those would be on their way to you in a matter of hours. You will not be in much shape to make any decisions, they will help. Also a detailed hook up and drive list, so anyone, even if not familiar with your rig, can get it underway. As for the rest, who knows? Pretty hard to make concrete plans, depends on to many factors. Biggest thing is getting a loved one by your side, you will not want to be alone, that is guaranteed.
winnietrey 09/18/21 11:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Extended Warranty: Why do I need it?

GAP insurance, may be something to consider, if you are going low down, and long term financing ( like 12 years). If so you will be under water for a long time. Make sure you get a policy you can cancel though, when you are at break even. Might bring some peace of mind. JMHO
winnietrey 09/11/21 02:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: Has anyone noticed

I wonder if they are making them to easy to finance, I know of one case where a party bought a 250K MH. I am aware of their financial situation, and it just seems crazy to me they could get a loan to buy that rig. But what do I know?
winnietrey 08/02/21 08:38am RV Lifestyle
RE: My prediction for the future..

Lots of us older folks, on the forum. But maybe worth considering, many in the younger generation are making boat loads of money. They may be perfectly happy to keep what they bought, even if they don't use it much. Payments could be pretty minimal to many of them. Could take them a long time if ever to decide to sell. On edit, just read on Google, biggest buyers of new RV's are in the 35-45 age group. Many of those are going to have small kids. I can see them hanging on till the kids are grown. Don't know just spit balling
winnietrey 06/27/21 04:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: CDN/US border closed another month, at least.

Poor fellow, may have just had a heart attack. Maybe just be a coincidence in time. Same thing could have happened, coming home from grocery shopping. can't blame the grocery store. We have no way of knowing, could have been the vaccine, could be totally unrelated Either way, sorry for his family and for your loss
winnietrey 06/20/21 12:59pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Question on Running Onan onboard Gen on hot days

My experience, 100 plus degree day, ran gen on the road for AC. About 8hs driving. Pulled into CG, thing vapor locked. Was fine in a few hours. So yeah I think you can get them hot enough to vapor lock
winnietrey 06/03/21 01:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Retirement

At almost 66, I hope to go another 10 years. Don't need the money, I work because I want to. I like/love what I do. But will start SS at FRA, as the earnings test goes away. Retirement is a very individual thing, But these are my thoughts. If you hate your job retirement is the best thing you can do. If you love it, it is the worst thing you can do. Every human needs a purpose and a reason to get up. I have no hobbies, am not very good at anything except what I do. Would much rather work than say do yard work. Why does one have to wait till they retire to do stuff, like travel? You maybe to old to sick to dead. From personal experience my DW died in 2019, for no good reason. We had traveled for the last almost 20 years both in a RV and overseas. Had we put it off I would regret it for the rest of my life. GDE is half right, the first 20 years I would agree with him, but if you do things right, on the back end you can work as long and as hard as you like and still make good money. Going on my 42nd year in business. Key I think is get a skill, something that is in demand, and you can call your own shots to a degree. and travel and experience things, while you are young enough, and healthy enough to enjoy it. Before a person retires I think they should do some soul searching, do some research, figure out exactly what they want and what makes them happy. Not just assume that because they retire, life will be wonderful. It might, it might not. Very individual thing, not a one size fits all. In the words of Willie Nelson, when asked when he was going to retire, he replied " retire to what? , I love making music, why would I give that up?)
winnietrey 05/23/21 05:52pm Around the Campfire
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