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RE: tow dolly brakes

OP here. Thanks for all the input. I'm leaning toward the surge brakes, as they have served me well on my boat trailers. My only concern now is that I'm rapidly approaching 70, and I don't bend as well as I did a few years back. And, we have a fairly new Toyota, and I really don't need the extra cost of trading vehicles for a four wheel down dingy plus braking system. Thanks again...You guys are great! Skip
wjschill 07/18/21 04:25pm Dinghy Towing
tow dolly brakes

For those of you that use a tow dolly, which brake system do you prefer and why. I'm referring to electric vs. surge. I'm about to to pull the trigger on a class A, and will be needing a dolly. Thanks for your replies. Skip
wjschill 07/17/21 08:28am Dinghy Towing
2008 F/W Bounder 34G parts

Hey guys and gals. I'm looking at purchasing a 2008 FW Bounder with the Chevy Vortec 8.1 on the W22 frame. The rig is in really good shape, but I'm concerned about available spare parts. The engine production was stopped in 2009, but not sure about the chasis. Anyone out there that owns one with some advice would be great. Thanks.....Skip
wjschill 02/18/21 11:40am Tech Issues
RE: Braking system required?

OP here....Thanks guys. To set things straight, I've been driving and towing vehicles for over fifty years.(without incident) My dw and I traveled full time for three years towing a 35 foot fiver. I have always been over cautious when it comes to safety. Both my boat trailers were ordered with surge brakes even though the weights were much below the required level here in Texas. Yes, we are looking to purchase a class a mh, and we'll have a toad, at some point. And yes, I will have a braking system for the toad. My original question came to mind when I saw several dp's towing toads as small as the "Smart" cars....not much larger than a golf cart. The tow bars and break-away cables were in place, but I just wondered if they all went the extra mile for the complete setup. Also, I've seen our neighbors from south of the border driving and towing a vehicle, mostly with others in a caravan, headed back home traveling down I-59. I seriously doubt they had the complete set up. So, my question was in general, and I don't need to "sacrifice safety for a few bucks." I have plenty of both. Happy travels to you all....
wjschill 02/10/21 02:59pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Braking system required?

Just a simple question..... Thanks George.. Take a break, Bumpy
wjschill 02/08/21 07:13pm Dinghy Towing
Braking system required?

Would a dingy that weighs 2600lbs. need a supplemental braking system for Class A towing, with a 5000lb. rating. I know it would be safer, but is there a minimum weight that is acceptable? Thanks
wjschill 02/08/21 10:22am Dinghy Towing
Fiberglass roofs on Winnebago Vista

Hey guys and gals. I'm looking at buying a 2014 Winnebago Vista. The seller sent me photos of the roof, and to my surprise, I see wrinkles. I always assumed it would be a hard cap. Winnebago's spec sheet shows it to be fiberglass. Anyone out there have one of these that can set me straight!!? Thanks
wjschill 02/05/21 09:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford V-10 vs GM Vortec for towing

Thanks Rick Jay. Both units are full body paint, and both in great condition. I'm leaning toward the V-10, just because they quit making the Vortec 8.1 in 2009. I called a parts dept. at a Chevy dealer near by, and they told me that parts may be somewhat hard to get. I really wanted the 8.1 with the Allison, because I have owned seen new, a 2007 Chevy truck with the Duramax and Allison. It's the best truck I've ever owned. Now, I read that Ford is about to discontinue the V-10....Go figure!!
wjschill 02/04/21 10:58am Class A Motorhomes
Window fog

We are still shopping around for a class a. We've looked at or read about several coaches that had to have their windows replaced due to the seal breaking on the insulated type. We've been mostly looking at 2005 thru 2010 models. Was there a mfg flaw during this time frame to cause so many failures? Thanks, Skip
wjschill 02/04/21 08:14am Class A Motorhomes
Ford V-10 vs GM Vortec for towing

I'm looking at two identical coaches, both the same year, model, mileage, and in great condition. Only difference is the color, and one with the Ford V-10, the other, the GM Vortec, with the W 22 chasis. Looks like the GM has a little less HP, but with the Allison tranny. Which would be best for towing a 2800 lb. toad? Thanks for any advice. Skip
wjschill 02/02/21 02:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shower size

Good ideal, Matt. Thanks
wjschill 01/31/21 02:50pm Class A Motorhomes
Shower size

We are looking at a 2008 F/W Bounder 34G online at a dealership. I'm looking for the shower size. I looks a bit tight, but photos can fool ya sometimes. I don't see any measurements in the online brochure, and the dealer is closed today. Anyone with this model have this info? Thanks....Skip
wjschill 01/31/21 12:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Let's beat this horse once again

Thanks guys. We plan to pull the dw's Toyoya Camry. It's front wheel drive, and I'll have to use a dolly, as it can't be towed four wheels down. Also, we live in Texas, and I've heard (I need to investigate) that a vehicle with a gross weight over 31,000lbs requires an upgraded drivers license. Not a CDL, but one specifically for motorhomes. Anyone out there have additional info? I have seen, what seems like some good buys out there on Newmars, Winnebago Venture, and FW Expeditions. I prefer to purchase from an individual, and yes, I will pay for an expert inspection. I've figured and additional $1500 for that. Also, the gassers I sat in, the dog house seems to be a bit of a pain to get around. As with anything, I suppose I can get used to it, but makes me lean toward the older dp's as well. Thanks again.
wjschill 01/21/21 09:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Let's beat this horse once again

OP here. Thanks for the input from you guys. We full timed in a 35' fiver for three years, thus the reason for my diesel truck. But after setting up in the rain, and the DW having to go potty every 1.5 hours, usually while traveling somewhere through downtown USA, I think a Class A would suit us better for a couple of weeks at a time. I remember setting up in a storm in Georgia. We sat in the cab of the truck for an hour, until I gave up. I set up in a heavy rain, and was soaked after about 10 seconds from leaving the truck. Just as I was finishing up, a dp pulled up in the site next door. After a few minutes, I looked up and saw the guy looking down at me, holding what appeared to be a nice glass of wine. We laugh at that story now, but I've hooked up to my last fiver. You guys are great....Keep 'em coming....Thanks
wjschill 01/21/21 08:44am Class A Motorhomes
Let's beat this horse once again

I know this subject must have come up many times, but I'm still wanting opinions from this great group of RVer's. With a budget of $75k, which way is the best to older diesel pusher, or a newer gas model? Seems that some older 2001 to 2006 dp's have better quality than the newer say 2011 to 2015 gas models. I've looked at many of both. I've had a diesel pickup for many years and really like it, although maintenance costs are higher, which I expected when I purchased it in 2007. For those whom have traveled in both, what say you? It seems during this time of Covid, many dp's with low miles seem a better fit for those not too worried about the higher cost of maintenance, especially since the gassers are really holding their value for now. Thanks
wjschill 01/20/21 04:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Still shopping

My wish list for a class A is levelers, electric awning, and generator, which most have. I find that older DP's '02 thru '07 that are in my price range have these. The quality in the older pushers seem to be better than the '12 thru '15 range gassers. I'm looking at Newmars, Fleetwoods, Winnebagos, Tiffin and HR. I am also pretty set on purchasing from a private seller. Now, I do understand that diesels maintenance costs are higher, but a well cared for one with under 75k miles is starting to look pretty good right now. So, my question for those that have owned both, which is a better bet, an older dp or newer gasser? We are retired and will use the mh probably 6 to 8 times a year for no more than a couple weeks each. Thanks....Skip
wjschill 12/26/20 08:10am Class A Motorhomes
Steering wheel vibration

I saw a video of a test drive on a 2015 F/W Bounder, and noticed the steering wheel had quite a bit of vibration traveling down a smooth highway. I have also heard that this is normal on the F53 frames for the class A gassers. Some even say that this vibration contributes to driver fatigue after about 4 to 5 hours on the road. So, my question is...Is this normal for the F53's and is it really an issue? We are still looking for a (used) class A, but for a few trips each year, I really can't justify the extra $$$'s for a diesel pusher. Not to mention, most are forty feet long, and not a great fit for state park camping. Thanks....Skip
wjschill 12/24/20 01:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Warm weather traveling

OP here. Thanks for all the feedback. The DW was asking if she would be comfortable sleeping on the bed or sofa during our travels. I figure, bouncing around while trying to sleep will be more of an issue than temperature. Thanks again.
wjschill 12/19/20 02:29pm Class A Motorhomes
Warm weather traveling

After traveling in a 35 foot fiver for many years, we have now started looking at class A gassers. We like to travel out west and southern locations. My question...Do you need to run the roof a/c's while driving to keep the rv cool? If so, doesn't this mean running the genny and killing an already challenged gas mileage? May sound like a dumb question... Thanks
wjschill 12/18/20 06:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yep....Gettin' older

OP here. Thanks to all for the replies. I've ordered The EARGO NEO Hi-Fi model. They are for in-the-ear canal, which I wanted because I do wear glasses. They have a forty-five day trial period with a "no questions asked" policy if returned. It was easy to take their on-line hearing test via my laptop. But, they are expensive. The pair is $2950.00. However, they have a $350.00 off sale right now, and I found that my insurance will pay $500.00 toward the cost. They also offer a two year, interest free payment plan, for those who want it. I'll let you know how they work out. Thanks again. Skip
wjschill 12/14/20 07:40am Around the Campfire
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