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RE: Can a brake controller get weaker over time?

I have a flatbed trailer that had really poor brakes when new that failed in short order. When I checked the wiring, they had used Scotchlocks to connect the brake wires to the harness. When I soldered them instead, my controller went from showing 2-3 LED's to 6-7 when manually activated. Fast forward a few years to when I added brakes to my small cargo trailer. It came with a heavy gauge wiring harness. Connected to the same controller it will max out the LED bar graph. I have to turn the gain way down for that trailer. Wiring is everything when it comes to trailer brakes.
wnjj 08/06/20 01:14pm Towing
RE: What kind of trailer plug is this?
wnjj 08/06/20 01:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Shifting An Automatic when towing.

Generally, yes but if you find it upshifting then downshifting again soon after you’re be better off switching it into the lower gear manually. This is particularly true if the hill changes slope or you need to slow for corners. In other words, learn when your transmission likes to shift, then intervene if it does it too often based upon the terrain and conditions.
wnjj 08/02/20 10:29am Towing
RE: About to return to truck campers - but need help

I think you'll want spring loaded turnbuckles to prevent you from over tightening them. The camper mounts are only good for so much force.
wnjj 07/28/20 06:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Exterior coax connector cover

If the original cap still has the tether attached to it, screw it into the plastic base near where it used to attach.
wnjj 07/28/20 09:47am Tech Issues
RE: Will my trailer fit in this space?

I wouldn't go in tongue first, that's going to make it really tough to get out of there with the dolly. Back it in, get yourself a good set of mirrors on the truck (like you should have anyway) and have a spotter help with blind spots. The difference with tongue first is you can continue back much further along a diagonal approach before having to turn back toward parallel to the house. If continue too far diagonally when backing, your axles will end up really far from the house. I'm not sure you can correct enough once the corner of the trailer clears the shed. Backing in may work but it depends upon how close to parallel you can start backing and how far back you need to go before cutting the tongue over. To get out from pulling in forward, back until the rear is near the shed, then send the tongue directly toward the grass until the tail will clear the shed, then continue straight back. This all depends upon whether the trailer needs to go all the way back, or just far enough to clear the driveway to the garage. I agree that backing in with a truck would be the preferred method but having other options after purchase would be nice if that doesn't work out. ;)
wnjj 07/27/20 03:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Eu2000i muffler cleaning ideas?

Have you tried compressed air, maybe while tapping the muffler on a hard surface? There's also AC Delco upper engine cleaner which is used to dissolve carbon build up in the combustion chamber. If whatever is blocking your muffler is carbon-like, that may work.
wnjj 07/27/20 02:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Will my trailer fit in this space?

Hi all. Looking for a bit of some advice here from RV parking experts. We are looking to purchase a 26ft travel trailer and would like to park it on our parking pad next to the house that was made for a Class B or C motor home. We have done some scale models to test and it seems like a tight squeeze to the pad between the shed and the side of the garage. We will have access to a motorized dolly (AC6). The dealer will not let us borrow the trailer to test it out...does anyone have any thoughts based on the pictures attached or ideas on how we could help ourselves be more confident on whether or not this is doable? It seems like it will fit but not sure...any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! Made clickable. Hard to know for sure but that looks really tight. Maybe post on a local Facebook or Nextdoor site to see if someone is willing to bring their similar sized trailer by to check? Or rent a flatbed that you can stick pipes off of to mock it up the full size? It would need a similar tongue to axle length to be accurate. With a motorized dolly, you can consider pulling it in tongue first if your driveway is flat enough. The would allow for the tongue to head toward the grass edge long enough to get the tail to clear the shed before cutting back toward the house. If it must back in, how about a set of 4 of these (wheel dolly) for the trailer tires? You can back in kind of sharp like your paper model shows, then push the rear closer to the house as you continue back.
wnjj 07/27/20 02:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: EU2000i starts, then imediately quits..

Um... I just put my finger on the exhaust pipe hole... Pulled the cord a little. I didn’t feel anything come out. Is that bad? Lol When you adjusted the valves, are you sure you were on TDC? Did you have to move them much to bring them into spec? If it ran before they shouldn't have needed much if anything. Does it feel like normal resistance when pulling on the rope starter?
wnjj 07/25/20 02:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

They need to develop a van like the mercedes panel van. :) Looks like they prefer to use others’ vans. I took this picture for the irony being a gas station and all: width=800
wnjj 07/24/20 09:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Mount brake controller with velcro?

As I mentioned on your other thread, I’ve used the 3M dual lock fasteners that came with my (Tekonsha) brake controller for years. It works great and took years before the adhesive failed and seconds to replace it when it did. It’s 2 strips of something like this: Like was mentioned, take the controller out when not in use to further the life. Alternatively you could just keep the rest of the roll under the seat and just replace it as needed. I use the dual lock in one vehicle and the bracket in another since both never tow at the same time.
wnjj 07/24/20 10:30am Towing
RE: EU2000i starts, then imediately quits..

Is the oil at the proper level?
wnjj 07/23/20 06:35pm Tech Issues
RE: shifting camper

There’s enough slack in the jacks that if you lean against the side when lowering you can gain some. If not enough, once the jacks lift off the ground you can repeat. For even more at once, pull or push as needed gently against the jack foot before it touches down to “preload” the slack in one direction.
wnjj 07/23/20 10:43am Truck Campers
RE: First time tower - multiple questions

I’ve used the 3M dual lock fasteners that came with my brake controller for years. It works great and took years before the adhesive failed and seconds to replace it when it did. It’s 2 strips of something like this:
wnjj 07/23/20 10:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Wiring A 30amp RV Outlet - Ground & Neutral

Is the barn a sub panel connected to the house main panel? Or direct feed from the utility transformer? Does the barn panel have a ground rod or does it have a ground wire feeding back to something else? Not that it matters but is the barn wired with two main breakers with split phase 240v service or is this just a single phase 120v service? The barn is a 100A sub-panel fed from the house main 200A panel, not separately fed from a transformer. The barn does NOT have separate ground rod. In the panel in the house, the ground wire leaving the house to go to the barn panel is terminated on a common ground/neutral buss. That same ground wire at the other end that reaches the barn panel is also terminated on a common ground/neutral buss. The barn has one main disconnect. It’s a standard SquareD 100A residential house panel. Thanks for your help. Since the barn panel is a sub panel to the house main panel it should not be bonded. Bonding both panels creates a ground loop that could cause continuous current flow thru that portion of the ground wire system. I agree with this. Furthermore if the neutral wire fails you now have full rated current being carried by a ground wire which is typically not as large of a conductor.
wnjj 07/20/20 01:04pm Travel Trailers

.......... The rear wheels are no wider than the mirrors on a SRW truck. Besides a few drive throughs I have no issues taking my dually anywhere a SRW can go. I don't off road in my Dually. I can fold in my mirrors on my SRW for a very narrow drive thru, such as my bank has. Fenders are not foldable, at least not so that you can easily unfold them. :B You can also duck under the mirrors to walk past the truck in a tight parking spot. Try doing that with the fenders.
wnjj 07/11/20 10:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: 15+ F150 - Breakaway Cable anchor?

Thanks for those who have offered suggestions. I have been under the truck and haven't seen any good independent locations (the bumper is integrated to the hitch and would likely be part of any failure) - but I'll look for a hidden loop as suggested above. For those who don't isolate the cable to a different mounting point - more power to you. I simply prefer the redundancy created by a separate mount. How far forward did you look? Is it possible to connect a cable with a loop on the end to something way forward of the rear bumper and route it to the back? The trailer lanyard need not connect to a frame member if it connects to something solid via another length of cable.
wnjj 07/07/20 02:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Norcold Refrigerator Claims

I wonder if the last check was minus the legal fees. That's really what most of these large settlements are about.
wnjj 07/07/20 01:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: need help with electrical

I think you are fighting two problems. One is the trailer and one is the tow vehicle. Based upon the first post where the battery gauge recovered some in two hours it’s likely the tow vehicle charging (what little there usually is) is working.
wnjj 07/06/20 10:02am General RVing Issues
RE: need help with electrical

I’m not sure why everyone is assuming 6V batteries. The OP said it worked previously which means it cannot be a wiring issue. It sounds like REALLY dead 12V batteries and for sure the converter/charger isn’t working. It may be as simple as blown fuses on the converter itself or just a failed converter. They are also group 24 which implies 12V, right?
wnjj 07/05/20 09:23pm General RVing Issues
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