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RE: Used truck camper

Maybe it’s the way you worded your response but to be clear, 3500 doesn’t automatically mean dually and it is a super important detail when it comes to truck campers. Are there many used units to choose from out there? Chances are you’ll hear good and bad about all 3 models. Personally I’d choose whichever one is in the best shape if your choices are limited. We tow with a 950 model camper but the trailer tongue has diamond plate which works for a step when connected. Also the door is offset to one side some which allows for a small step ladder (Little Jumbo) to sit nicely along side. I wouldn’t rule out a rear door automatically. To be clear, my truck is a dually. I know about tire capacity and tow weight. I know I will be towards the upper end of the capacity of the truck. I've hauled enough hay and cattle to understand that. The pontoon boat is going to be an 18 ft. As far as availability, there are enough out there to choose from if you are patient. I appreciate your input. Sorry, I worded my reply a bit confusing. I understand that you have a dually. It just reads a little funny that you said THE 3500 is a dually instead of MY 3500 or my truck is a dually. That, along with leaving it out of your first post made it seem like “3500” implied dually. I hope I don’t sound like I’m nit picking; that’s not my intent. Trust me I have no issue with you having enough truck. I’ve hauled grain, hazelnuts and equipment as well and get what it means to load and work a truck. I also haul a 4k lb camper on a ‘05 SRW version of your truck with no problems. There are some on here that immediately suggest more truck no matter what someone asks. As for the over the rails design, I don’t think the change in overall height is enough to really matter in the wind as these campers are all already plenty tall. One thing to consider is the taller staircase needed to climb into that style. I personally don’t think it’s worth it. Good luck in your search.
wnjj 01/23/20 10:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Used truck camper

Those campers are really heavy. You are going to need a dually period to not overload the rear tires. Most folks would recommend a 450/4500 or 550/5500 to carry them. the newer campers with a rear landing pretty much eliminate the rear door access towing issues. The a dually. A bigger truck is not going to be in the budget. Maybe it’s the way you worded your response but to be clear, 3500 doesn’t automatically mean dually and it is a super important detail when it comes to truck campers. Are there many used units to choose from out there? Chances are you’ll hear good and bad about all 3 models. Personally I’d choose whichever one is in the best shape if your choices are limited. We tow with a 950 model camper but the trailer tongue has diamond plate which works for a step when connected. Also the door is offset to one side some which allows for a small step ladder (Little Jumbo) to sit nicely along side. I wouldn’t rule out a rear door automatically.
wnjj 01/23/20 08:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Cargo trailers with tongue extensions

Seems many who replied misunderstood the question. This isn't about hitch extensions. No, a longer trailer tongue will not make the trailer tow "wonky', it'll make it tow straighter and more stable. A longer tongue will not increase tongue weight. And depending on your setup, it takes a pretty extreme angle to hit the camper. I stretched my trailer tongue four feet. It has plenty of clearance below the camper. It works great, and is much safer and better than putting the hitch four feet behind the truck. You don't have to install and remove any heavy junk every time you load or unload the camper. Nobody pulls heavy trailers on four foot hitch extensions without a camper on their truck, ever. It's obvious why not. Its no different when you do have a camper on. People do it because its the store-bought, bolt-on solution and stretching a trailer tongue is custom work. You correct on most points but you're leaving out a few other reasons why people don't just stretch the trailer tongue: 1. Stretched tongue means crawling up under your camper overhang to couple/uncouple the trailer. That may happen several times with the camper & "heavy junk" staying on the truck for longer periods. 2. They may borrow other people's trailers. 3. The trailer may just fit in a garage with the standard tongue.
wnjj 01/23/20 06:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Mini trim pot to big potentiometer width=200 Connect all three pins. Circuit board is double sided so traces can be on both sides. So you didn’t remove the small pot? You can’t just put two equal sized pots in parallel since the resistance will be reduced significantly, especially if you leave the on-board one turned anywhere but to 8k ohms. Best case you get 4kohms max. You can get close if you use a much larger value for the added one. For example if you parallel a 100kohm pot, twist the small one to 8k and the large one to 100k you will end up with 1/(1/8 + 1/100) = 7.4k max down to 0 when you turn the big pot all the way down (leaving the small one alone). However it would probably be simpler to just remove the small one. Also since there are traces on top, did you confirm there isn’t one to the 3rd pin there?
wnjj 01/22/20 09:02am Tech Issues
RE: Mini trim pot to big potentiometer

Yes , same value of 8kohm. In one of the pictures shows the traces of the circuit board going to 2 pins , the third pin didn't look like it went to anything according to the circuit board traces . I have the potentiometer wired up using the left and center pin , there wire to the trim pots 2 legs that looked like there used according to the circuit board traces , I checked resistance and I get 7.9kohm when fully counter clockwise, I get 6 millivolt when fully clock wise , maybe it does need all three pins but it sure doesn't look like it. Thanks for posting Ok, I wasn’t seeing the circuit board for what it was but now I do. I agree that it’s only using one end and the center tap. Did you remove that pot or how did you connect the new one? 8k ohms should be 8k no matter the source but you can’t leave the little one in place or you’ll end up with them in parallel (4kOhm max). Are there any traces on the top of the board?
wnjj 01/22/20 12:52am Tech Issues
RE: Mini trim pot to big potentiometer

The outside 2 pins are just the ends of a resistor. The center pin selects a point along that resistor depending upon where the pot is turned. The “ends” on the trim pot are the 2 pins on the same edge and the 3rd pin is the center. It doesn’t matter which “end” you use along with the center other than the direction you twist to increase or decrease will be reversed in one case if all you need is a variable resistor. However often times one end is ground, the other is power and the center tap selects something in between so all 3 pins may be needed. When you selected a large pot, did you get one of the same value as the small trim one? Did you de-solder and connect wires where the small one was? If so, just connect all 3 pins where the original was.
wnjj 01/22/20 12:02am Tech Issues
RE: No! I’m not top heavy.

On another note, looks like the buggy on the trailer lost a front wheel? They probably pulled the front wheels to lower the CG of that top heavy trailer. :D
wnjj 01/21/20 12:55am Towing
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Tesla unveils its new Full Self-Driving computer in detail: ‘objectively the best chip in the world’ Here’s a more detailed look at the IC and computer for the techie types.
wnjj 01/20/20 02:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Tesla problem

Other thing to consider. I did a job for a customer with a tesla and he told me he rarely, rarely ever uses his brake pedal. He said the gas pedal works if push it you go, and if you let off of it the car will stop. He said it took getting used to at first but now he barely needs the brake pedal. Could be instance in OP's link where the driver was doing that and in a panic situation stomped on the gas pedal instead of the brake because they were so used to never using the brake. You may be on to something. Changing basic driver controls should be approached with caution and only with significant study. Muscle memory is tough to reprogram, especially under a stressful situation where humans go back to basics.
wnjj 01/18/20 09:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Disconnect battery when not using?

Thanks all. Until we can get a switch installed I’ll pull a cable. One important thought on the switch. The switch is wired into the positive cable of the battery. Make sure that the emergency breakaway is isolated and NOT wired through the switch. This way the emergency brakes will still work if you make a mistake (we are all human after all) and tow with the disconnect open. The breakaway does not draw any battery power until it is activated. So it is safe to leave it connected. x2 and a good reason to install a real switch instead of using a poor man's switch (pulling a cable off).
wnjj 01/17/20 11:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Zoning Law

In many places staying long term in an RV isn’t allowed, however right now much of the west coast states have a housing shortage and officials are looking the other way.
wnjj 01/16/20 09:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Eagle Cap 1160 Dump Valves

Thinking of taking the interior floor up (the part you walk on), trying to find any structure, and making a hole. Then should be able to repair whatever hole is made and put some new flooring down. Current plan at least... Isn’t the basement floor under the valves the actual bottom of the camper? I know others have removed the bottom panel to access water tanks and heat ducts. It’s just a bunch of screws. I may be thinking of Arctic Fox owners’ posts.
wnjj 01/16/20 09:16am Truck Campers
RE: Eagle Cap 1160 Dump Valves

If you have to cut anything, take the outside bottom panel (i.e. bottom exterior "wall") off then see what you have to do from there. That way anything you do doesn't show.
wnjj 01/15/20 03:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

The just released Porsch can't keep up with a 10 year old Model S, costs more and doesn't have nearly as much range. I take that as Tesla is way ahead. The new Volvo and Audi don't compare well either. They are all using the same batteries. How they choose to put them in their cars is where a lot of the performance differences is coming from. Tesla has made choices other mfg will not make with battery placement and battery pack density. There is nothing new here, just application of same technology. Battery energy is pretty much a physics limitation. You seem to acknowledge that Tesla batteries work better but at the same time deny that there is any reason for them to. Either that or there is no reason, they just do so it must be magic. I don't understand your thought process. He said placement and density is the reason for increased range. I assume that may come with a trade off in something (safety, reliability, mfg cost?) and may be why others are not doing that.
wnjj 01/14/20 09:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Suburban Furnace Problem

Something is causing the relay to kick out repeatedly instead of hanging in there and passing the voltage to the motor, I just don't know what. Too large of a load for the relay rating? I'm leaning towards wrong board at this point. If you find that’s the case, you could always get a 12V automotive relay. Power the relay coil with the board’s fan output and use a direct fused 12V source to switch to the fan. You could even try that temporarily just to see if it operates if it seems to kludgy for a permanent fix. It’s unlikely but possible your replacement fan motor is failing or drawing too much power. Try running the motor with an ammeter in series to see how much it’s taking.
wnjj 01/11/20 10:22am Tech Issues
RE: Issue with phone

I had the same thing happen to my wife and I back in the days of flip phones. Only calls between her and I when she used Bluetooth and we were also NOT on the same cell tower would it fail. One of us couldn’t hear the other. The Verizon store even swapped my phone for a new one with the same result. They first tried the new phone with a different phone number and it worked but when they put my number on it, no go. What finally fixed it was my wife deleted my number from her contacts and suddenly it was fine. Something must have gotten saved under the hood that messed things up. After it worked, she created a new contact and all was well. I know this was on much older phones but your issue sounds just like ours. After reading opnspaces suggestion, he’s recommended exactly what happened to work for us.
wnjj 01/10/20 01:12am Technology Corner
RE: Truck warranty

I seen a copy of a statement over at FTE What is an FTE? Ford Truck Enthusiasts, i.e. Fish.
wnjj 01/06/20 08:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th ! width=640 Made in China: Tesla Model 3 deliveries to Chinese customers to begin January 7 The funny thing about that photo, you get a choice of or white. World’s largest game of “go”.
wnjj 01/04/20 11:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires question

Been running BFG on my trucks for years (since 1980s) and more years with the KO2 - no issues, plenty of miles - both on and off roads. At the moment, on my Chevy 2500HD, just put a new set of LT 285-17's - ride great, very little road noise. I'd buy them again if I need them again ... They were about half-worn at 28K miles, but I hit a road hazard middle of nowhere and killed one. Don't feel right with only one new and half-tread on others, so bought four new, kept the others as back up in case it happens again. I had only one MFTR tire issue in all these years, and BFG replaced two so they would be even. Only good things to say about BFG. I used to run BFG’s but the last sets on my couple of rigs plus my dad’s all had problems with vibrations on at least one tire that balancing didn’t seem to cure. My other issue with them is they seem to pull to one side when they are well worn. They do have superb traction on snow and ice.
wnjj 01/02/20 08:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Tires question

B.F.Goodrich is owned by Michelin. Have they merged design & production or do they simply collect the money the BFG tires bring in, leaving the design to the legacy company?
wnjj 01/02/20 08:21pm Truck Campers
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