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RE: Underground 250ft run

So asking an electrical question like the OP did on an RV forum....... You'll get the same "expertise" if you ask the guys along the bar at your favorite saloon. Safe travels Yep. Some of it will be purely opinion, some will be based upon actual experience involving their local codes/inspector and still others will be actual electricians who really know their stuff. In the case of my advice it’s the first two, with access to a brother-in-law for the third if needed.
wnjj 03/31/23 07:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Engine braking on 2017 F150 5.0L

Modern computer controlled trucks do not over rev. It's impossible because of the computer. Anybody that is worried about over reving their "modern" truck is worrying about nothing. They need to go a rev anonymous meeting. They are held at their local race track. I haven't been to any in a long time but when I did I took my 572 to 7,000 RPM time after time. And this thing has pistons as big as a small coffee can. Let it rev. Truck pulls hold these meetings too. I used to help my uncle who owned a pulling sled business. There was one local truck that had a moderately built 454 that spun 9000 RPM when pulling.
wnjj 03/30/23 06:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Underground 250ft run

If you’re only running 120V then your neutral needs to be the same size as your hot. As others have suggested, consider one more hot wire. For the incremental cost you get 2x the power available. Even if you still use a 30A breaker, many 50A RV’s would probably be fine with only 30A available per leg. Depending upon your wire size and number of conductors, you may have to increase the conduit size. Conduit calculator Be sure to get wet rated wire with a W in the designator. Don’t forget sweeps (gently curved conduit elbows) to get into and out of the ground plus an L-box if you need to get through an exterior house wall to get to the main panel.
wnjj 03/30/23 05:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Chaning Differental oil ???

As a person who just dropped $2,440 on a rear end rebuild I'd do it now. My oil was last changed by myself around 5 years ago and now wish I'd done it more regularly. Oil is cheap comparably. While that's true, it's also no guarantee that your rear end wouldn't have failed even with fresher oil.
wnjj 03/29/23 07:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Engine braking on 2017 F150 5.0L

My older GM Allison tow/haul doesn't downshift unless you hold the brake for a few seconds. You can tap lightly without causing the downshift. Perhaps Ford set theirs a bit more aggressive. I do find that it takes rev'ing pretty high after the hill flattens out before the grade braking releases. I usually just turn T/H off to get it to upshift.
wnjj 03/28/23 02:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

Perspective Not sure how to make clicky :( Use "Reply to Topic", not "Quick Reply". Click on the icon with a globe and chain link. Fill in the boxes.
wnjj 03/22/23 09:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

Time for us frogs to jump out of the warming water. The latest report suggests there are only 10 years left to mitigate (not avoid) global climate change. And when that 10 years expires there will be another 10 year panic clock. This method is nothing new. It’s been going on since at least the early 70’s.
wnjj 03/20/23 01:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Norcold N611 AC circuit

Yesterday, I noticed a problem with the romex that supplies the AC outlet in the refrigerator's outside access. A small loop of the romex was pressing slightly on a fairly sharp edge of a galvanized sheet metal brace that supports the sheet metal piece that the controls and etc of the refrigerator are mounted to. I looked at the romex, and there is a dark, sharp dent in the plastic outer jacket, maybe leaking current to the sheet metal bracket. I pulled the loop of romex away from the edge, wrapped the dent in electrical tape, and the AC refrigerator heating element is still working since then. I think that fixed the problem. The link to the Norcold Service Manual is much appreciated. Thanks to all for the electrical information and the willingness to help! Thanks for the update. I MISSED where you stated HOW it tripped. A defective Heat element would NOT trip a GFCI unless the refer was turned ON to 120 power. Doug It certainly could. The neutral side of the element is not switched and if it comes into contact with a grounded surface, the GFCI will trip even with the fridge turned off. This is no different than the neutral portion of the supply Romex touching ground. GFCI's detect a difference between hot and neutral current OR a short between neutral and ground with no power flowing.
wnjj 03/17/23 12:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Kitchen stove fan "flap".

14 gauge Romex works perfectly. Just pull the white wire from the bundle. Then glue it along the rib at the edge and stick about 1/4” - 3/8” past the end. You can even bend it slightly to install and it will straighten as you push up on the flap. Ours has been that way for 10 years. Found a picture:
wnjj 02/24/23 11:21am Tech Issues
RE: T-mobile Voice mail

People still have to call in to get voicemail? My current phone has voicemail automatically loaded into the phone as playable sound files including a text translation. Even my previous (other OS) one had an app that let you get voicemail directly. No dialing or password needed.
wnjj 02/22/23 06:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Residency and voters rights in South Dakota

Strange so many against democracy and the right to vote. Hell, Walaby wants only land owners to be able to vote. Do I see any hands for a poll tax? Hey we tried that allowing women to vote how is that working? Glad this bunch isn't writing the voting laws. You’re reading way too much into what Walaby wrote. Residence does not equal land owner and is also a perfectly common sense requirement for voting. How else do you attach one person to one vote? Seems very democratic to me. We are also a constitutional republic, not a democracy.
wnjj 02/18/23 08:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Choices in non-basement truck campers?

I not sure what good camper options are out there but would a small travel trailer minus its axles work instead? I’ve seen those on semi tractors before.
wnjj 02/15/23 10:23pm Truck Campers
RE: How to keep a TC from being stolen when not on the truck?

I don't worry about it. It’s not worry, it’s precaution. I lock my truck when I go to a restaurant etc. I lock my house when I leave. Sure, but you can’t stop someone with a rollback from hauling away your locked truck. That’s more likely than anyone trying to haul away a camper.
wnjj 02/03/23 10:27pm Truck Campers
RE: No 110 Volts to Hot Water Heater Element

Your Honda genset has a floating neutral. Your reading between element and frame can be missing leading. For my inverter genset, I made a plug cheater that ties the neutral and ground together. It is inserted into the duplex receptacle. Great point. When measuring AC voltages around the water heater, use the other pin on the element as the neutral (the one not connected to the relay/switch/limit switch).
wnjj 02/02/23 11:40am Tech Issues
RE: Diesel to Gas Power Observation

I would still like to see side by each comparison, equal weights, displacement, gears, and wind resistance, diesel with exhaust brake to closed throttle on gas engine. The exhaust brake should outperform the closed throttle. The closed throttle can only pull at most a perfect vaccuum on the top of the piston. The exhaust brake can build a much higher pressure by compressing a full charge of air. More pressure difference = more resistance and more stopping power.
wnjj 02/01/23 05:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: No 110 Volts to Hot Water Heater Element

Manual. Manual Yes, there is relay This is helpful. Look at figure 7 for the AC wiring. The 120V power from the breaker panel connects to the relay. Then when 12VDC is applied to the coil (refer to figure 6), the relay should pass the 120V to the switch. Then once the switch is on, it feeds the hi-limit cutout and finally to the element itself. If you're comfortable checking with power on measure it at each place, starting with the input to the relay. If you aren't comfortable doing that, find a way to connect the meter while the main power is disconnected and only turn it on long enough to read the meter. If you suspect the outside switch, try temporarily shorting the pins or better yet pull the wires off the switch terminals and find a way to connect them to each other (with the power off).
wnjj 02/01/23 04:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Greystone Fireplace - Replacement Circuit Board

Our 5 year old home HVAC blower motor died. When I priced a new one it was $1000. So instead I pulled the end cap off to find a fried MOV and associated circuit board trace. Since this was in December I shorted across it with a wire to get it running and ordered a replacement for $9, most of which was shipping. I then replaced the wire with the new MOV, using the wire lead on it to replace the trace. That was over 5 years ago and still running fine. If you can get a part number off the blown one, look at Digikey for a new one.
wnjj 01/23/23 01:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Help - jacks are draining my batteries

Depending on the weight of your camper the amps needed for a 4500lb camera will be between 35-40 amps to raise the camper.. The OP said the batteries are drained from removing the camper, which makes even less sense. Other than the initial lift off the truck bed, most of the time the motors aren't even loaded when running to remove it.
wnjj 01/20/23 02:57pm Truck Campers
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

LOL,thanks but I can't afford to live in the PNW! Interesting and sad that you think you are able guess my politics by my posts about climate change. Maybe ask yourself why one of our political parties became anti-science.:h Perhaps because science is so institutionalized that it has become $cience and some people recognize that. Imagine a scientist having a differing opinion about something without consequences. Also, “science” has been completely wrong plenty of times.
wnjj 01/19/23 07:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rivian R1S

, never mind the dearth of charging stations up here in the GWN. Sorry. Not an American. What is GWN. Thanks. Probably this.
wnjj 01/13/23 02:20pm Tow Vehicles
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