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RE: Coleman thermostats sensor wires

Your unit pin out is here (page 4). You can know the functions at the A/C unit based upon that and likewise the ones on the thermostat by looking it up. What you can’t tell is what color the RV builder used for what function. So what you need to do is take the thermostat off the wall without disconnecting anything. Then you can match the functions as Old-Biscuit described above. The thermostat should have similar or the same labels as the unit. B,Y,GL,GH are the 4 you are looking for.
wnjj 06/21/21 01:52am Tech Issues
RE: Running a fridge on propane?

As mentioned above, the water heater is 3x the power of the fridge and uses a significant part of the 30A. I wouldn’t run that on AC if you plan to run the A/C.
wnjj 06/16/21 05:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bathroom access on the road

If you’re just using the bathroom, I wouldn’t even put the slide out any more than needed so it would be less than 30 seconds. That said, our bathroom door is a slider and a next to the rear door so we can slip in without opening the slide at all. Having to move the slide some wouldn’t affect my purchase.
wnjj 06/16/21 05:49pm Truck Campers
RE: KZ Connect C231RBKSE Refrigerator Quit Working

But nothing, on Automatic with the Plugicon, nothing with the electric plug icon, What is a Plug Icon? AC operation mode indicator.
wnjj 06/16/21 09:23am Travel Trailers
RE: The Home Depot is my new Amazon

Appears to be common among online retailers now. Had the same with that shipped out on UPS, then transferred to USPS for final delivery. Happened on a Saturday recently, so didn't get my package until the first part of the week. Around here USPS is running on Saturdays & Sundays delivering packages.
wnjj 06/09/21 07:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Level

i use a small, round bubble level but after 35-years my rear end serves as a pretty good level indicator. you're close enough to level if humans are comfy and don't roll out of bed. Small bubble level here too. I can usually get within 1/2 a bubble just by eye. I also open the fridge and see if the door stays put. If it’s off much it swings open or shut by itself which is annoying.
wnjj 06/09/21 09:08am General RVing Issues
RE: 2007 Chevy 2500HD classic/superhitch spare doesn't fit.

Just use a smaller spare that fits. If you have an issue with a rear tire, swap a front to the rear and run the spare on the front. Odds are you’ll never need it anyway.
wnjj 06/06/21 11:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Train vs Motorhome

Look at that poorly-built RV that couldn’t withstand a small train hit.
wnjj 06/05/21 10:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Need to Haul Cargo with a Truck registered as an RV (CA)

The difference is you’re from a different socialist locale that also happens to start with a C, but is not Cali. And your government hasn’t imposed quite as ridiculous of regulations on your vehicles registration as Cali has. This is pure bollocks. The only reason for this "regulation" is because PEOPLE didn't want to pay the standard truck registration fees. It wasn't so the government could take more money, it wasn't so the government could make things comp!icated. Why should people have to pay the “standard truck registration fees” when they use their truck like a sedan? Oregon “truck” plates are for trucks that are doing legitimate commercial work (towing non-RV trailers > 7000 lbs). Most pickups have plates that look and cost just like the passenger car plates. Yeah, CA government just wants more money for “trucks” with an antiquated definition of what a “truck” is.
wnjj 06/05/21 10:45am Truck Campers
RE: any old trailer experts here

like some info on this old Sprite Alpine S trailer. year it is. any original sales pictures and info. width=800
wnjj 06/01/21 09:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Plug or unplug that is the question

I disconnect- Chevrolet stays hot with ignition switch off (at least 2008 Silverado). Why take a chance of draining my vehicle battery? What if the converter quits, power outage, surge? If you’re going by risk, there’s a greater chance a pin will break off in the 7-way connector when you go to plug it in than a power issue affecting your truck. Even if the shore power failed, you’d have to run enough 12v loads to drain your trailer and truck batteries. In our case it’s a truck camper and there is no option to unplug until it’s partially lifted up.
wnjj 05/31/21 06:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: NorCal Fridge wont run on AC

Remove the outside cover and you’ll see that the fridge just plugs into a receptacle. Plug something else in there to confirm the receptacle has power. If it doesn’t, check for a tripped GFCI there or elsewhere. Check all of the 120V breakers.
wnjj 05/31/21 01:21am Tech Issues
RE: Towing Disaster-AAA

Sorry but after hearing this on the forum I switched from GS to CN. Coach Net sucks. Stranded hugging the white break down lane line for over 8 hours. CN=CoachNet? If they suck, why did you switch to them? My question also. I think he got them twisted... Sounds like he switched, then had a reason to use them and was not pleased.
wnjj 05/30/21 10:10am General RVing Issues
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

Regarding yellow light, I actually entered the intersection right after the light turned green.There was a through vehicle so I waited for it. The green light is kind of short so before long it turned yellow. I don't think I did wrong in that part, it's just I was trying to clear the intersection and speed up, which is actually not necessary and I regret... I don’t think you did either and obviously you learned from this. Thank you for the courage to post on here and own it. If the insurance totals it, you may be able to buy it for salvage value and patch it enough to use it while you locate another one. I’m guessing there will be long term issues with “restoring” it and towing it for many miles. Being that you’re in Portland I’m betting someone will want it for a tiny home.
wnjj 05/29/21 11:23am Travel Trailers
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

No, not correct. Specifically yellow signal.. y. Haha, you are misguided. Yes, you should be safe and stop, for you. Yellow is just as I said. I am not talking about safety or the complete obvious things like looking out for danger. This is so obvious, I cant even imagine how someone would think we need to be told on an urelated forum to look out for traffic. No, we are talking about the law and the legal meaning of a yellow light. Yellow means red is about to happen. Yellow is legally the end of the GREEN light, not the beginning of the RED light. Entering the intersection under yellow is just the same as entering under green! You can sit and imagine all the scenarios where another driver can crash you, but no need to tell stories here on the forum. If you are scared, do not drive. If you stop suddenly and unsafely at a yellow you might get rear-ended and be the cause of a crash. Know the laws. The OP is in Oregon, and Oregon law is clear about stopping at yellow lights unless you cant’t: Yellow lights are timed to allow enough time to clear the intersection. You can get a ticket for entering when it’s been yellow for too long and the usual evidence is that it turned red while you were still in it. Granted most cops/judges would take your speed into consideration if you’re towing and obviously need to move slower than average vehicle. Getting rear ended is not the fault of the one stopping, unless you last second lane-change dive in front of someone while doing it.
wnjj 05/29/21 10:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Break Away Cable

I replaced mine without unhooking the battery. Just make sure not to touch bare wires together. Equally important is not to let the bare wires on the trailer touch the frame. One of them is connected directly to the battery, and probably not fused.
wnjj 05/26/21 10:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Fridge runs warm when temperature climbs into high 80s

One thing I just noticed is that the thermistor on the fins can be moved up/down just like on fridges that do not have temperature control settings. Is moving the thermistor up on the fin something I should try? Moving the thermistor is not mentioned in the Dometic manual. The fridge is already trying its best to cool and falling behind because of thermal issues. Moving the thermistor won’t help.
wnjj 05/25/21 09:39am Tech Issues
RE: 7 pin traditional versus SAE

Sounds like it has a 7-pin round pin connector and this is the adapter you need. There are also 6-pin round pin connectors like this which I saw offered with a 4-pin attached to the side. Make sure you get the right one.
wnjj 05/22/21 03:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Strange noise from engine..."Whirling" sound Clickable link to OP’s video.
wnjj 05/19/21 09:39am Tech Issues
RE: H44 recall Looks like a class C Sprinter chassis.
wnjj 05/14/21 02:51am Class C Motorhomes
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