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RE: Enhancing RV security

I think that partially depends on your lifestyle. We never have visitors. 1 dog bit the UPS guys a couple years back. Different dog jumped at the amazon girl when she tried to step out the van. If you are the type that entertains friends and has strangers over all the time i could see a dog not being as aggressive. Ours bark the second someone is at the front gate. We encourage it and say good boy after we walk up to grab the package. Every now and then a kid will have a friend over and its kind of a pain. Telling the dog over and over its ok. The barking gets annoying. Also i dont think a lot of folks who leave for work realize how loud their dogs are during the day. I work construction and it happens all the time where a neighbor dog just wont shut the heck up. Sometimes the neighbor is home!!! People like that are kind of rude in my book. Would not be fun living next to a yapping dog. You at least hope to hear the owner saying to be quiet from time to time. Bad dogs are usually the result of not getting love and attention at home.
wopachop 08/14/21 05:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Enhancing RV security

Cameras all the way man. I could tell you if a mouse visited my trailer. Luckily its just been bunnies. Lots of ways to make it work but with 12v batteries, solar, wifi ($20 a month jetpack works), and cameras you can get as creative as you want. Im very happy to know if any creepo is creeping around my trailer. Make some visible. Make some hidden. Hide an auxiliary battery and let the creeps cut the battery and think everything is shut down. While you have audio and video of them at their safehouse. Might find a bunch of stolen items there. You could watch live video of them driving your stolen trailer and know exactly where they are at. This is pretending you have multiple cameras and depending how deep you want to go you make it so they stay running after they smash the cameras they find and cut power to the trailer and dont find your wifi. Not all that hard to do these days. 12v trailer batteries play nice with all the 5v USB stuff. All low voltage and low heat. Hiding an auxiliary battery is a little extreme but it would be pretty sweet. Even if you had 1 camera hidden somewhere that stayed powered with wifi you could gain enough info to give the cops or post to social media. Im a big fan of the police but lately i see people post a pic of their stolen trailer or truck on a facebook group and instantly have a lot of lookouts on the streets. Really nice Rv got stolen just the other day. Guy noticed it on the local freeway here. The thieves realize they were spotted and pulled over right on the freeway. Guess they jumped out and ran!!! Might have made the news. I dont watch the news. Good story though.
wopachop 08/14/21 08:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Strange electrical problem

You could get an extension cord. Use a clamp to touch a prong to the negative wire where it attaches to the battery. Run the extension cord over to your panel and check for continuity between the cord and the negative at the panel.
wopachop 08/04/21 10:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Made the jump to golf cart batteries!

Sweet. Do you have solar? If yes you want to choose the charge profile for wet cell batteries. They get slightly higher voltage. Also benefit from the occasional equalization charge of 16v.
wopachop 08/04/21 09:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Convection oven - phooey, Switched to Toaster oven

Been meaning to get a rack for the convention microwave. I find their biggest flaw is only having a heating element up top. I normally use a big pan with a lid on the propane stove to act like a toaster. I would take a toaster over the microwave anyday.
wopachop 08/04/21 08:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 6 or 12 That is the question

It's got 2 fridges? Both residential? Sounds like a nice trailer. I dont think 6v is the best choice for newer trailers running solar and large inverters. I would advise him to start researching lithium. Will cost more, but it doesnt seem like they're looking for a budget friendly setup to begin with. If they need time to decide you could always borrow a 12v battery from a car just to get by for a camping trip. Assuming they will be on shore power. Make sure they know they need a battery in the trailer for the emergency brake.
wopachop 08/04/21 02:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Talk about voltage drop (12v)

Yes the clamp meter in the picture is measuring amps to the USB panel thing and also the small inverter. It's dark now. The solar display and the USB display are close to equal. This is tricking me. How can my solar display show 13v and my USB is down in the elevens?
wopachop 08/03/21 10:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Talk about voltage drop (12v)

Thanks everyone. Absorbing it all. The solar display is showing 13.x volts. So it cant be battery sag, right?
wopachop 08/03/21 08:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Talk about voltage drop (12v)

I'm seeing voltage drop along the wire correct? Not battery sag? The test is during the day with solar hooked up. Only drawing 3amps. Why dont I see similar voltage drop while on shore power? Pretend the Led display read 14v. When I apply the same 3a load why doesnt the display show 12-13 volts? I understand that higher voltage sags less. But we are only talking the difference of 12v boondocking to 14v on shore power.
wopachop 08/03/21 06:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Talk about voltage drop (12v)

Hmm good point. It's that little red cube. Maybe a 150W.
wopachop 08/03/21 03:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Talk about voltage drop (12v)

Should mention the circuit is roughly 15 feet long and i believe 14 gauge wire feeds it. I tapped in and added another couple feet of 14 gauge wire up to the USB panel. Its been a couple years but im pretty sure im on a dedicated circuit. I might have tapped into the electric awning. Point being i dont think there is any other load besides the 3amps.
wopachop 08/03/21 01:23pm Tech Issues
Talk about voltage drop (12v)

Have the trailer in boondocking mode. Some old batteries and 150w of solar. The batteries are showing 13v. I have a little 300w inverter to charge my laptop and things. 14 gauge wire is feeding the little inverter and the USB panel. Doesnt that seem weird its dropping below 12v and only pulling 3amps?
wopachop 08/03/21 01:19pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Hot Skin (Exterior electrification)

Im not the OP but hoping to learn along with him. Just read post #1 and yes he says she was barefooted and grabbed the handrail. Isnt the handrail usually plastic? What exactly was the path of electricity? If the metal steps are energized, it must have been 1 foot on the metal steps and 1 foot on the physical ground? I dont see how the handrail could come into play. If it was metal, and screwed into the frame, it would also be energized the same as the steps. edit: oh wait never mind. was picturing metal studs.
wopachop 07/23/21 06:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Hot Skin (Exterior electrification)

Good stuff thanks. So for anyone following along you want to set your meter to ohms. (horseshoe lookin thing) Then touch the probes between 2 spots. 1. The extension cord ground pin and the trailer frame. 2. The extension cord ground pin and the ground slot of an outlet. If you have an exterior outlet drag the extension cord over to that location. Also remember to find bare metal or touch the head of a bolt that goes into the frame like it appears Mike is doing.
wopachop 07/23/21 06:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Hot Skin (Exterior electrification)

That was a lot of info. Mike can you explain your picture please? I guess the 120v ground is tied into the trailer frame? If thats the case, could your test show zero ohms but once plugged in there could be a hot wire touching the frame? Trying to think how that would work. Could the person not get shocked, but there is still a hot wire touching the frame? Assuming youre not plugged into a gfci. I want to test my own trailer next time im home. Plug the trailer in. Set meter to AC volts, and then probe the outlets between hot and ground? I can also test the ohms between all the adapters and the trailer frame.
wopachop 07/23/21 05:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Shower hose fittings problem

The diverter must be a metric thread? If you have the old hose, see if the Male shower head screws into the old hose on the diverter side.
wopachop 07/19/21 01:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Bathroom dispensers

I try to remember to put mine on the ground. Usually they fall sometime during the trip. Bought a suction cup holder but it doesn't stick to my walls. I want a spot for cell phone, toothbrush, and water flosser up high almost to the ceiling. Wanted something similar next to the sink. A way to get the electric toothbrush and flosser chargers off the small little sink. They're too tall for the cabinet. Places like Marshall's has good deals on bathroom accessories.
wopachop 07/19/21 01:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Shower hose fittings problem

Both ends appear to be the same size. Does the shower head screw into the other side? It it only goes 1/2 turn it sounds like a difference in threads or a bad thread job.
wopachop 07/19/21 12:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Tire covers

Were the tires covered since brand new?
wopachop 07/19/21 11:28am General RVing Issues
RE: trying to get stuck tire off

Is it holding air? Wonder how true the part was about needing to change the entire stem. A new core or tightening the original might have been sufficient.
wopachop 07/19/21 11:06am Class C Motorhomes
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