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RE: Wobbly Dinnette Table - How to fix?

I have a wobbly table. It used to be decent and got worse. Plan was to set the leg on the ground and step on it. Then stick a long pipe into the leg and pry it back out slightly until it fits tight again.
wopachop 03/27/20 03:13pm Toy Haulers
RE: 12V heater run straight from solar panel

Some people use little 12v automotive bulbs to drain lipo batteries used for RC toys. One guy had quite a few on a board and said it put out a lot of heat. I think what you propose will work to some degree. Maybe you can set a chair over your heat device. Like when someone puts a few campfire coals under a chair.
wopachop 03/26/20 03:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Will fridge run off tow vehicle on batts on TT?

Thanks I got ya. Considering your fabrication skills I wondered if you knew of a better paint than isn't in box stores.
wopachop 03/25/20 08:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Will fridge run off tow vehicle on batts on TT?

Curious what brand paint will you spray on the metal? Ive got some frame rust around my battery box that has needed attention.
wopachop 03/25/20 04:12pm Tech Issues
RE: How many amps does my inverter provide

I bought one of those panels a couple years ago. Was going to cut a 4" square into the side of my cabinet. So glad i never pulled the trigger. For me the switch and voltmeter never gets used. Might eventually cut a 1" hole and install just the USB. Another idea for people in the market is to purposely buy a 1a USB outlet. Because some devices claim to only use the included charger which is sometimes only 1a. That was the case for my Verizon jetpack wifi device. Sales guy said they get a lot of returns because people cook and expand the battery from using too high of charge. Same with the wireless ear buds i just got. I have them plugged into the inverter using that white charge block that is only 1a. So it would be kinda nice to have a low power 1a USB to accompany a dual 2.4a (or whatever is highest right to think some can now do 9v fast charge). I personally would like a dual 1a USB and a dual 2.4a. With also the inverter to charge laptops when not on shore power. Here my procrastinating setup. Just kinda free willy nilly for a good year or two. I push them back behind the lip while traveling.
wopachop 03/25/20 01:53pm Tech Issues
RE: How many amps does my inverter provide

Gotta love when landyacht replies!! Learned a ton from you dude.
wopachop 03/24/20 09:27pm Tech Issues
RE: How many amps does my inverter provide

I have a 400w volt cube. Just did a quick cell phone test. Using 120AC charger: 0.83a Using the USB output: 0.50a
wopachop 03/24/20 05:49pm Tech Issues
RE: How many amps does my inverter provide

Quick look at the specs I would find a different one. The 1a USB output is very very low. About a year ago I went with a "cube". Can find the model later. It's got dual 2.4a USB outputs that work with the inverter turned off. So no fan noise. Also more efficient going from 12v DC to 5v DC. Instead of 12v DC to 120AC back down to 5vDC.
wopachop 03/24/20 05:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Adjust WDH?

Have you already unhooked the trailer? You could measure from the ground to the front and rear wheel wells and save that info to check their work. If you already dumped your tanks then the trailer will be slightly lighter and not ideal. But still worth writing down those numbers real quick if hooked up and parked level.
wopachop 03/24/20 04:04pm Towing
RE: Bearings

Moog reputation really went downhill for the truck suspension and steering components. They used to get recommended on truck forums and now people talk very poorly.
wopachop 03/24/20 03:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Is it normal to cut the roof supports?

Im surprised people think the previous owner did the spare tire hack job. The tire has never been used (see the white line in the picture) and the manufacture date is 2012 on my 2013 trailer. The sequence of events just doesnt make sense. He would have to notice the spare tire is hanging crooked because the edge of the tire is hitting a metal support. Then he would cut that metal support to make room. Leaving a sharp edge. Then actually crank the spare tire back up and not check to make sure that sharp point is not gouging into the tire?? way. There is no amount of beer for someone to go through all that work and not check to see if that fresh sharp edge is cutting into the sidewall.
wopachop 03/23/20 07:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery maintenance questions

Phil is a little mistaken with #5. Dont let that one confuse you too much just skip it. Does your trailer have solar? If yes, you do not want to disconnect the batteries with the solar hooked up. Your trailer probably has a battery disconnect switch that should be safe to use with or without solar. Dont worry about replacing the charger on your brand new trailer. That over complicates something that is supposed to be relaxing and fun. Is it parked at home or a storage lot? If parked at home just plug the trailer in and charge the batteries for a day. Then unplug the trailer and turn off your battery disconnect switch.
wopachop 03/23/20 06:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is it normal to cut the roof supports?

After the sale? That would require redoing the entire roof. Why would someone move a skylight 6 inches? I dont think the spare tire issue was done by the previous owner. I sent him a pic when I discovered and he had no idea. I think they welded it wrong at the factory. It not even parallel to the frame. Other metal supports are cut just as bad. They clearance out waaaaay too much. Cuts are all jagged.
wopachop 03/23/20 01:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Is it normal to cut the roof supports?

Been a couple weeks and Forest River has not responded. Kicking myself for saying too much in the initial message to them. All im looking for is the floor plan to a 2013 Stealth model FS2812. Available options would be an added bonus.
wopachop 03/22/20 06:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Leaking antenna fix

One option is to take it back off and purposely flood the area with a mold spray. Then leave it open for as long as it takes to dry. Had a friend that worked in mold remediation and he said never use bleach. Been years but i think he said it does not kill everything like people would expect. Box stores used to sell mold sprays. I applied some in an attic a long time ago. Not sure if they are still sold to the public in your particular town. Might be worth peace of mind to spray something up there.
wopachop 03/22/20 05:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any hints about why my tire leaking?

Totally depending on tire age it might be worth calling around for a price to install 4 new metal valve stems.
wopachop 03/22/20 04:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Any hints about why my tire leaking?

Do the soap trick again but this time lightly flex the valve stem back and forth. Its probably leaking where the valve stem meets the wheel. Also make sure to form a soap bubble over the top of the valve stem and watch closely. I slow leak will take a couple seconds to spot. My guess is that checking the tire pressure upset the valve stem. Either leaking at the base or the shradder valve itself is leaking. Also your vehicle should have a jack that is strong enough to lift the axle enough to get the tire 1 inch off the ground. While the manufacture does not recommend jacking up the axle its the method i see tire dealers use. I dont see any difference in driving the trailer onto a driveway.
wopachop 03/22/20 02:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water damage under shower.

I just had the same issue with my Forest River. Remove the p trap and remove the drain. Then stick a blow dryer into the hole. Will take a pic of mine. Its drying right now.
wopachop 03/22/20 01:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: GFI tripping when plugging in to charge batteries

Is there any chance his water heater, fridge, lights and converter are simply pulling over 15 amps? Like mentioned above turn off all the RV breakers and try again. Also make sure you water heater is filled with water. You probably know that after 18 years though.
wopachop 03/17/20 03:02pm Toy Haulers
RE: Interior LED accent lights in RV

Can you post a picture of the inside of your trailer? The interior color really effects what color temp to buy. I still have a box full of pwm dimmers. Fell in love with them a couple years ago. Put them in trailers. Houses. Works great because you can control lights in places with no switch.
wopachop 03/06/20 12:07pm Class A Motorhomes
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