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RE: Surveillance Camera Setups on your RV

Hey good observation about the Yi camera not recording without wifi. Thats an important feature to me as well, and i dont know if the Wyze records or not. (with SD card installed of course) Regarding the guns and dogs i agree but when youre sleeping someone can easily slip passed ya. If you woke up and something is gone at least you could go back and see what happened. I can assure you where i camp people get jacked at night and they have dogs and guns inside. I cant believe how often it happens without people waking up. The thieves are nuts pulling that stuff on the offroad community because the majority i know are very pro self defense. Or lets say youre at a campground place. Notice your truck has a new scratch or dent. Then remember the neighbor kids would tossing the football around. Would be nice to go back and see when the dent happened. Or a big dog turd. Could return to the owners.
wopachop 01/15/20 02:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Why are my batteries water overflowing during charging?

- No need to add water to maintenance-type batteries during long, non-use storage I am not connected with Northern Tools or BatteryMinder in any way - just know a good thing when I see it. Im surprised they can get away with claiming you wont need to add water.
wopachop 01/14/20 11:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Surveillance Camera Setups on your RV

Came to give another opinion on Ring. The floodlight cam i put on the trailer has been on the house. Like i mentioned before no matter what i try it stopped sending alerts to my phone after a couple months. I guess it came with a free 1 year trial. Now they want $3 a month. Which is pennies, but its still something. We keep liking the Wyze cams more and more. I think that darn flood light was around $200. Plus $30 a year to save videos. We are debating whether to pay the $30 to make the Ring flood light work again or just replace with a wyze cam. The flood light feature still works. Although it seems to have lost its sensitivity and quickness to light. I used to walk up to the house and it lit when i was 30 feet away. Now i can walk right up to the garage and have to wait. Sometimes i want the light to see stuff and literally stand there waving my hand for it to trigger on.
wopachop 01/14/20 10:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

Maybe the RV community aint all that fun to begin with? Lets be real about it. There are lots of ways to go camping. You can bring a tent to the desert and dig a hole for a fire. The struggle brings out the personality of the person willing to do that. Now what would expect the personality to be of a person who drives a portable house to a concrete pad parked 10 feet away from some other sorry sob doing the same thing? Its not gonna be a manly man with a strong family willing to step outside the box and interact with strangers. There is a reason their family camping trip is on a concrete pad. Its a dorky dad with his dorky family whos gonna park there and do the smores thing over a freshly lit fire.
wopachop 01/11/20 03:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Micro/Convection Oven techniques---how you cooking?

Hey thanks for the replies. Need to get one of those little shelves to raise the food up. I have the sunbeam sb-22202 and the manual here. I swear about 4 months ago i read through the manual to learn how to operate the different features. There are 10 temp settings for the convection mode that range from 230-390F. Now i thought the manual told me the grill setting was around 340F. But i cant seem to find that info again. Even searching the sunbeam website wont bring up my model. Maybe i had 2 different instruction manuals. Or maybe it was a dream. One thing i noticed was convection mode allows for 9 hours of cook time. While grill only allows for 1.5 hours. So it makes me think the grill setting gets hotter. Even though i would bet money i read the grill setting is locked to a temp that is lower than the max 390f. I keep thinking i saw grill was locked at 340f. An oven thermometer would help answer. The manual talks about a microwave safe oven thermometer. Thats a quick amazon search away. Do you guys/gals remember that old infomercial with Chef Tony who was selling a microwave safe type of foil you wrap food with to get crispy crust? Similar to the old metal jacket hot pockets came in. Its been awhile but i think they might have ditched the metal pocket. Wonder if that stuff was found to cause cancer. Again.....suppose its a quick search away. Writing here because its fun to chat with other humans and hear what they have to say.
wopachop 01/10/20 12:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: better to adjust wd hitch for heavy load? or for unloaded TV

I would let the numbers decide. Load the bike, gas cans, firewood, trailer full of water and setup your hitch. Take note of how much it squats and how much you level out with the WD installed. Then if you ever leave the bike at home, measure everything again to make sure the rear end didnt rise to an unsafe level. Not sure what i would do regarding gas in the truck. Maybe 1/2 tank? What bike.....tw200 maybe? Trying to think what is small but still heavy.
wopachop 01/10/20 10:23am Towing
Micro/Convection Oven techniques---how you cooking?

My trailer came with a microwave that also has an electric heating element to act as the oven. It has a microwave setting, grill setting, and convection setting. You can also do combo micro/grill or micro/convection. Im thinking other campers might have a similar microwave? The electric element is at the top. So its hard to get something like a frozen pizza to crisp up the bottom of the crust. I usually use a large pan on the propane stove and cover it with a top to create a mini oven. That works extremely well for 1 or 2 people that are not in a rush to eat. I think it makes food taste better. Even a cheeseburger from 2 days ago will heat up so nice and lovely in a covered skillet set to low. Ends up tasting better than fresh. At least for my taste buds. Back to the micro/convection oven, anyone have tips? Ive used pyrex containers with success. The glass gets hot as you would expect and helps cook the food from below. But thats just me cooking a single hot dog. Not trying to feed a family. Isnt the micro/convection oven similar to an "air fryer"? Curious how other people are getting the maximum potential out of these little micro/convection units.
wopachop 01/04/20 09:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Surveillance Camera Setups on your RV

Ive actually been doing the opposite. Cameras are on when im using the trailer. But turned off while im gone. Reason is there are cameras at the house watching the yard and trailer. Plus i usually take my portable wifi unit with me when gone. If i stored the trailer at a storage yard i would keep them on 24/7 and ask to use the wifi at the storage yard. If thats not available then you need to keep a portable wifi unit in the trailer. It would be more for looking back at footage. For example if your propane tanks go missing. That happened to my trailer when the previous owner kept it stored at a yard.
wopachop 01/02/20 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Double Towing vs Toyhauler

Whats it like when you just take the ATVs out? If its a couple adult men you dont need much. If taking the family and maybe younger girls you might wish you had the bathroom if out riding for the whole day. Also how many quads you have in there would effect my choice. If the toyhauler is packed full and you can barely grab something from the fridge then a separate trailer for the toys would be ideal. I often just have a couple dirt bikes so my toyhauler is livable even with the bikes strapped down in the back.
wopachop 01/01/20 10:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

The offroad community seems more sociable than ever. I see posts on social media almost daily this time of year. Stuff like "family of 4 looking for a group to camp with". Or..."2 old fast guys looking to ride and drink beers till midnight". They all get replies from complete strangers giving their camp location and time of stay.
wopachop 12/31/19 05:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Protect 50A power cord?

Whats the chance the 50a cables from 15 years ago are made from a higher quality material than todays offerings? I wiped my cable down with protectAll a couple years ago. I got to think it helps in some small way. Seems like all materials get damaged by UV rays. Some just resist it better.
wopachop 12/31/19 11:45am Tech Issues
RE: Surveillance Camera Setups on your RV

My Ring Floodlight has some type of failure where it wont alert my phone. Im a fan of them and really disappointed i cant fix the problem.
wopachop 12/27/19 04:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Surveillance Camera Setups on your RV

Little update the cameras are still working. Have driven through rain and this camera in the pic was covered in snow for a couple days. They were not turned on at the time. But both fired up just fine this morning. I squeezed dielectric grease into both of the power sockets at the rear of the camera. That might be mandatory for outdoor use where water hits the camera and the camera is facing slightly downward. The water drops hit the power cord and run directly into the power socket.
wopachop 12/27/19 03:04pm Tech Issues
Neat little fresh water in an ABS pipe idea

Saw this down in sunny San Diego. There is a hose bib on the right side. My buddy said its common for the surfer guys to do this. Water gets warmed a bit in the black pipe. If its 4", and roughly 60" long, it holds around 3.25 gallons.
wopachop 12/26/19 01:07pm Tech Issues
Will snow damage your average toy hauler roof?

2013 Forest River Stealth. It snowed on thanksgiving and i left it for a couple days. Once i scraped it off i noticed the roof was visually concave between the supports. Snowed again last night and wonder if i should climb up there or not. Tried doing several searches and everything came up with zero results. Even though i know this must have come up many times. Its around 6-8" of snow. This year has been more than normal. Most years we dont get any.
wopachop 12/26/19 12:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Tablet Battery Charging

Find yourself a cheap watt meter. I have the kind that plugs into a 120v outlet. Also have a USB watt meter. It's fun to see how much power devices pull. It will also let you know what happens at full charge. I was just testing my cordless water flosser to determine how "smart" the charge was. It wont initiate a charge until the battery drops. Takes a good 5 mins of use before that happens.
wopachop 12/24/19 12:25pm Technology Corner
RE: The smell of a dead mouse..

Positive cabin pressure will help if it's not too cold outside. Put a small fan in a window furthest away from the smell. Seal any gaps with cardboard or rolled up towels. Ideally the smell backtracks to the hole the mouse climbed in. Or at least vents the smell outside until it dries up and stops smelling. I have a dead mouse in my ceiling. Read that slivers of Irish Spring keeps mammals away. Some say spiders too but I read it's only mammals like mice. If your trailer sits you can leave mouse traps set on the frame rails with no bait. Inside the trailer set the traps along walls in lower cabinets. Get a flashlight and check your onboard generator if equipped. Look for nest material. If you have compressed air spray behind the genny and watch for nest material to come floating out.
wopachop 12/19/19 12:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: My toy hauler build gentle please

Way to go man!! I would have gone nuts with the fresh water tank size given it's a toyhauler. But that's cool when people conserve so props if that's the intent.
wopachop 12/15/19 09:50pm Toy Haulers
RE: Stabil or Seafoam for long term gas can storage?

Star Tron for anything gasoline. Archoil for diesel.
wopachop 12/08/19 01:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Covering Furniture

I do the bed sheets as well. My favorite is when 1 chair has red and the other has blue. Change of colors brightens up the living space.
wopachop 12/01/19 01:07pm Travel Trailers
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