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RE: Asking for help.

I will say this again Or else hes leaving folks!! Internet forums are notorious for people asking questions with zero research or effort to list model numbers. Some people get bothered by it. Others accept reality and help with the info available.
wopachop 09/16/19 08:59am Tech Issues
RE: Vent fans and a/c at the same time

I do it all the time amigo. Nice to have fresh air coming in. I actually have a blower that blows in fresh air. Also have a computer fan blowing out the roof vent. I adjust their speed as I see fit. Sometimes they're off. Sometimes full blast. Sometimes just barely on low.
wopachop 09/15/19 07:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is flooded equalization charge always timed?

Yeah mex bubbling a little too much. I see black splatter spots on the cardboard under the batts. Could also see it splattering up while taking measurements.
wopachop 09/14/19 11:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Is flooded equalization charge always timed?

I'm not too sure the SG was done increasing. Was closing in on 4 hours and my chicka brought home a new puppy. Been playing with him all night. I think I read trojan saying to perform their eq charge and repeat again at another time after 4 hours. Looking at my notes the weak cells were at 1.291 at 3h 30m and when I checked again at 3h 55m I saw close to the same. Batteries are label 2/19 and maybe have 10 cycles on them. Trojan says max capacity doesnt happen until 50-100 cycles is the reason I'm playing around with them in the garage. We don't get out camping as much as we would like.
wopachop 09/14/19 11:36pm Tech Issues
RE: App for fuel / generator storage?

Check out startron. Comes in a blue bottle. It's well respected in the dirt bike industry and also marine. Boat guys like it for absorbing water. Dirt bike guys like it to combat ethanol.
wopachop 09/14/19 07:47pm Tech Issues
RE: App for fuel / generator storage?

People say once a month. So I do it on the 1st. Usually forget and ends up being every 2 or 3 months.
wopachop 09/14/19 05:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Is flooded equalization charge always timed?

Im down for pretty much anything. Original plan was to set the charger to 11a and do the 5% charge. With the voltage limit at 16.2v but i was going to watch it and not let it go above 16.0v. Clicked start and it was up at 16.1x after a minute so i modified the amperage down lower. I like following recipes. Get a nice baseline before playing with the rules through experience and knowledge like landyacht. That voltage drop is still messing with my brain. If the recipe calls for 16.0v, shouldnt i ignore what the charger screen says and go with the battery voltage at the terminals? (i guess im gonna keep asking until someone says yes!?!?) I do see how the voltage drop becomes less as the charging amps decrease. But it appears the charging amps stayed up around 6a and that turned into about 1.5-1.8v difference between the batteries and my charger screen. It took just under 4 hours. They stopped around 1.290. Took in a total of 24000mah. They definitely bubbled more than the 1 bubble per second. So maybe i was too high throughout the entire eq charge.
wopachop 09/14/19 05:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Is flooded equalization charge always timed?

Got them charging now this is fun. The 5% charge shot them to 16.2 after a minute. Lowered to 8amps and then 6amps. Weakest cell started at 64 and is now at 80 after 2 hours. I bumped it to 6.5a which makes the charger say 16.20 volts. But down at the terminals its only 15.94v. When a place like Trojan is doing all their tests. Wouldnt they have a voltage meter attached direct to the terminals? So when they recommend a 16.2v equalization charge. That would mean at the battery itself? The SG is rising slow. I had the charger showing 16.00v for about an hour and the SG stayed at 1.274. I turned it up a bit to make the charger show 16.20v and then the SG rose up to 1.282 and 1.280 on diff cell. Makes me think i could crank the amps a little higher until i see 16.15 or 16.2v down at the battery and get the SG to rise and finish so i could end the equalization charge.
wopachop 09/14/19 03:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Is flooded equalization charge always timed?

Dont some people manually adjust their charge voltage for ambient temps? When the charger does not have it's own temp probe? Do they simply do a calculation and tell the charger the new voltage. Or do they measure at the battery terminals to include temp change and voltage drop? I thought charging at 14.7 was critical for flooded batteries. 14.4 doesnt cut it. But if you have voltage drop with zero compensation the batteries never see 14.7v.
wopachop 09/14/19 10:43am Tech Issues
RE: Do flooded batteries prefer 10 percent or higher discharge?

Let me please back up and make this more of a general question. Ignoring factors like ambient temps and abuse. Do golf cart batteries like to be exercised with normal cycling? Or would they last longer sitting on a shelf and getting charged when they reach 70 percent?
wopachop 09/13/19 10:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Is flooded equalization charge always timed?

So is it 14.8v or 14.7v? I had 14.8v stored to memory but trojan is saying 2.45v per cell. When you set your meanwell charger to 14.8, what voltage do you measure at the terminals? Im messing around now charging up batteries and struggling with that voltage drop. Soldered up a new charging lead with thick wires and still getting 0.12v loss.
wopachop 09/13/19 10:37pm Tech Issues
Do flooded batteries prefer 10 percent or higher discharge?

For charging I see a spec of 10-13 percent of the 20ah rating. I'm manually discharging in the garage and curious if flooded wet cells prefer a strong discharge? Or is something like 5 percent sufficient?
wopachop 09/13/19 04:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Is flooded equalization charge always timed?

Darn this charger wont begin charging if no battery is detected.
wopachop 09/12/19 09:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Is flooded equalization charge always timed?

Yeah mex hope youre doing OK!! Different question. Im using a hacked together mix of wires and connectors to hook up my charger. Its got a decent amount of voltage drop. Charging an 12v AGM RV battery at 14.4 but when i probe the battery posts its only 14.2. Will triple check with 3 different multimeters and get a ballpark. I want to adjust my charger until i see a true 14.4v at the posts correct? edit: Im in socal its pretty darn close to 77F.
wopachop 09/12/19 08:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Hot water tank

Like mentioned you can heat with propane and/or with electric. On my trailer the Water Heater switch inside the trailer is to turn on the propane. For the electric there is a switch on the water heater itself. Open the cover on the outside of the trailer and look for that switch. They often break and people end up running wire to the inside of the trailer. So that you can turn on the electric element without going outside. There is also a breaker for the water heater to run in electric mode.
wopachop 09/12/19 08:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Is flooded equalization charge always timed?

I have a little 200cc motorcycle battery that's not a happy camper. Its 12v and has the caps on top for when I added the electrolyte. Think I could safely overcharge that guy a bit? Or hook up cables and tap them together a few times?
wopachop 09/12/19 02:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Best wax for lazy people?

So does ALL the wax have to be hand spray pumped on and ragged off? ...remember the 'lazy' tag in the OP?Yes you can use a pressure washer. No hand pumping and super quick. Not the best for quality and longevity. But it shines in the lazy department. I use: 1. Foam Cannon $20 on Amazon to soap a section. 2. Brush on a pole to clean. 3. Rinse that section and repeat other sides. 4. Empty soap from foam cannon and pour in wax. (I've used hydrosilex...their formula from about 1 year ago) You literally spray on the protectant with the pressure washer and then rinse off.
wopachop 09/12/19 01:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is flooded equalization charge always timed?

Interesting Mex. I did build myself a light bulb amp limiting dealio for rc planes/helis. It was a safety device. After soldering things together you do the initial power up with a small light bulb. If it lights up when you plug in the battery, there is a problem. But only 2amps makes it through so you dont fry the electronics. What you want to see is no light bulb at all. Looks like I need to solder up a configuration of bulbs that are close to 10amps for my 210ah batteries.
wopachop 09/11/19 09:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Is flooded equalization charge always timed?

Embarrassed to even ask this. Do you check SG while its charging? If no, how long do you wait? I read both Trojan and Rolls instructions. Neither mention a cool down period or mention stopping the charge before taking a reading.
wopachop 09/11/19 08:32pm Tech Issues
Is flooded equalization charge always timed?

I have (2) of the 6v interstate costco batteries. Would like to do an equalization charge on them. Using the Trojan users guide for directions. Trojan is saying to equalize for 2-4 hours. But it also says to test specific gravity every hour and stop charging when the SG no longer rises. Im using a charger designed more for the RC hobby. (icharger 308duo) It has a Pb mode, and i just figured out a way to trick it into charging at 16.17v by telling the charger its a 7cell 14 volt battery and adjust the volt per cell spec to 2.31v. I seems to work. Within a couple minutes i noticed a smell and could hear the batteries boiling. Stopped and will move them outside before ever doing that again. Theyre currently in the garage with just a side door open. The charger does have the option to stop charging when the charge current falls to a certain percentage of the set charge current. I watched the charger and it went up to about 13amps and fell to around 9 within the first 3 minutes. What is the correct procedure. 1. Start 16.2v constant voltage charge. 2. After 1 hour STOP the charge.....wait a couple minutes???....then test specific gravity? Trojan doesnt actually say to disconnect the charger before testing. Or since the batteries are only 7 months old should i do a 1 hour equalization charge and call it good? (seems like a lot of people on here mention doing a 1 hour equalization charge once a month) Or....can you stop equalizing when the charge current falls to a certain percentage of C20? Which might correlate to when the specific gravity stops rising. Suppose i could test all that myself by recording charge current and testing SG. After a few times i might recognize a pattern. For example maybe specific gravity stops rising when the charger falls to 4amps on a 210ah battery. So end charge current could be set to 2 percent. Whole reason for asking is to keep the hydrometer use to a minimum and to keep the equalization charge time to minimum. Thanks for any advice!!
wopachop 09/11/19 06:52pm Tech Issues
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