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RE: Spinning lug can this be possible?

I understand that answer. Gonna have to trust me i put on the proper size socket. Same with the AAA guy he brought out his set of impact sockets and found a nice tight one and beat it on with a hammer.
wopachop 06/30/19 06:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Spinning lug can this be possible?

A group of us watched the AAA guy hammer on a socket nice and tight. Still spun free. Thats why we thought it must be the stud spinning in the wheel. Once apart the stud had zero metal shavings and you can see the grooves in the wheel. Shouldnt the lug nut look more deformed if the outer shell got spun around 100 times? Me on the side of the road did quite a few rotations pissed off and sweaty and the AAA guy did even more with an impact gun.
wopachop 06/30/19 06:27pm Tech Issues
Spinning lug can this be possible?

Here is a weird one. Went camping and got a flat tire 5 miles from the destination. Dirt shoulder and scary place to try and change a tire. Start at it. One lug nut is just spinning. Make the decision that the stud itself must be spinning inside the wheel. Fire up the generator and use a cut off wheel to cut the tire off. We limp it 10mph to the place we are camping and plan is to call AAA. We do. Triple A comes out with his impact. Same deal the lug nut is just spinning. Says he needs to talk with management. Needs a special tool that Napa caries. They screw us and dont care. Said another technician was coming out but never shows. So next plan is cut off the fancy cover that hides the big nut that holds on the bearing. Plan is to remove the wheel and drill out the stud from behind. Make that happen and drill away. Did that for awhile until every drill bit i have is smoked. Start asking fellow campers if they have any twist drills and nobody had any. One guy offered his awesome Milwaukee battery powered impact gun earlier in the day. He came over again and i asked to use it. Sure enough the lug nut popped right off!! At this point our assumption is all my beating and banging on the wheel stud must have made it stick enough for the impact gun to finally remove the nut. Now here is the crazy part. What exactly was spinning? We are off road enthusiasts who are pretty familiar with nuts and bolts. We think the outer shell of the lug nut might have been spinning. When we look at the wheel i dont see any sign of the stud itself spinning around. How can a socket form around the hexagon lug and spin? There is free play when i hold the lug nut and twist back and forth. Like 1mm of play.
wopachop 06/30/19 06:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Vent under sink cause of smelly trailer?

Yes i do have that back flow dealio!! Saw a guy on this forum talk about how they can leak if water flow gets low. So i shine a flashlight every time a dump and rinse. I feel like the smell is more gray tank than black tank. But please point me in any direction to fix the issue. Only seems to happen come summer heat.
wopachop 06/30/19 01:06pm Tech Issues
Vent under sink cause of smelly trailer?

My trailer smells gross come summer time. Was gone 3 weeks and come home to that sewer smell. To me it smells like gray tank. Pretty sure my P traps are still filled with water. It must be the kitchen sink vent inside the cabinet that causes this? I open that cabinet and hope it smells worse so i can blame the vent. But it doesnt really smell worse. Also seems to happen after driving the trailer. Im the 2nd owner. Ive never put any food down the drain. Dont clean dishes either the trailer is parked on a property and i take the dishes into the house to clean. Is it just soap scum? Owned the trailer 2 years so the gray tank has been filled with shower water and drained a bunch of times. Ive never tried to sanitize it....if thats even a thing.
wopachop 06/30/19 12:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Bright flat-panel LED bulbs: pricy but worthwhile, I hope

Nice homemade dealio Gordon!! Why $10 for the driver? Is it super high quality or expensive because you bought only 1? I got way into building RV LEDs several years back. Still have boxes of constant current drivers wasting away in the garage. They were cheapo stuff from ali express or similar. Cost pennies there and then marked up huge once it hits the states.
wopachop 06/16/19 01:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Use a solar controller as a DC to DC charger?

Fun topic i like learning here. Isnt the limitations wire size and amp output? How many amps would you guys expect he could get to the house batteries assuming he had proper wire gauge? I think with a tow behind setup isnt it only around 2 amps back to the trailer plug? That is due to wire size correct, not the alternator output?
wopachop 06/16/19 12:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Hot Water Tanks with Anode Rods

Is leaving the rod out for long periods a mistake? Maybe an outwears material on the hole to allow air circulation but no critters?
wopachop 06/16/19 12:26pm Tech Issues
RE: solar disconnect switch

Changed the solar controller to charge profile #1 for flooded batteries. Took out 46ah last night and this is what it did. At 2:30pm today i disconnected the controller to see if it would reset and start charging again. Didnt really work. Seems like a horrible controller. Charges for like 4 hours and shuts off till the next day.
wopachop 06/02/19 08:01pm Tech Issues
RE: tested the blue camco filter with a TDS meter

Thanks for those links tech writer! My RV has all types of stuff non RV brand. Been doing remote control dimming leds for many years. Built myself they rock. Took a marine blower, attached a car filter, and mounted that on the frame. 4" landscape pipe for the ducting. Love stuff like that. Will step it up to a real filter when the camco dies.
wopachop 06/02/19 01:05pm Tech Issues
RE: tested the blue camco filter with a TDS meter

Thanks for all the info. Will stick with the blue guy for now. Maybe I can find a YouTube vid explaining filtration methods to learn more. What is the tds test just measuring the waters resistance? Always heard it was a poor conductor.
wopachop 06/02/19 11:31am Tech Issues
RE: tested the blue camco filter with a TDS meter

Yeah I think normally the RO would test around 11 here. Thanks for the reminder will ask the person in charge if I should change them. It's a 5 filter setup. Maybe it was single digits at a time I can't remember.
wopachop 06/02/19 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: tested the blue camco filter with a TDS meter

Sorry not trying to over complicate. My first trailer being over protective about silly stuff like water in the tanks.
wopachop 06/01/19 11:16pm Tech Issues
RE: tested the blue camco filter with a TDS meter

Wow interesting. Somewhat familiar how charcoal removes impurities. Guess those are not solids. Excited to learn more.
wopachop 06/01/19 09:35pm Tech Issues
RE: tested the blue camco filter with a TDS meter

Yeah i do want a filter. Looked around home depot. Not going the drink the water, i just like the idea of somewhat clean water being in the tanks. Anyone have a "not gonna drink it" quality of filter they would recommend for my peace of mind?
wopachop 06/01/19 08:56pm Tech Issues
tested the blue camco filter with a TDS meter

I ran about 150 gallons through the filter and then checked the total dissolved solids. Garden Hose: 94, 97, 100, 98 Camco filter: 98, 104 Reverse Osmosis: 23
wopachop 06/01/19 08:47pm Tech Issues
RE: solar disconnect switch

On day 3 and 4 it got up to 14.7 measured at the battery post. Isn't that too high and a sign that charge profile #2 isn't working right?
wopachop 06/01/19 07:23pm Tech Issues
RE: solar disconnect switch

You guys were right GoPower GP-pwm-30 controller does allow you to choose flooded or gel. I checked and its been set to #2 agm this whole time. I took 50ah out of my dual 6v flooded batteries and hooked to the solar. The controller is still set to #2 agm. Here is what it did the last 4 days. Seems like the voltage is a tad high? Maybe thats what killed my AGM in under 2 years.
wopachop 06/01/19 05:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Temperature correcting hydrometer

I bought a temp compensating meter from Ebay. Made in Germany and was around $20 I think. I like it. Plastic construction its rugged for travel. Might be worth a looksie.
wopachop 05/31/19 05:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking at Greenball Tow-master ASC tires

Oh cool isn't the HD Carlisle the one to get these days?
wopachop 05/31/19 01:14pm Tech Issues
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