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RE: Connecting external speakers to tv

Another thing you might want to test is the existing DVD and speakers playing with lights turned on. My speaker wires are run next to a big group of 12v power wires. I get a horrible buzz through the speakers. I was able to expose some of them and separate. Helped a bit. Ended up liking the cheezy bluetooth speaker better and havnt used the trailer speakers in over a year of full timing .
wopachop 05/17/20 02:34pm Technology Corner
RE: Connecting external speakers to tv

A decent size bluetooth speaker might work well. I use a little JBL portable speaker the size of a shampoo bottle. BUt there are larger ones that seem to get good reviews on camping group forums. People like them for inside the trailer and also to take outside. Which can be nice because you dont have to blast exterior trailer speakers from a trailer a good 20 yards away.
wopachop 05/17/20 02:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Atwood Water Heater gas comes on-only electric switch is on

Might be possible to fix the circuit board if you like to tinker and want to save cash. Ive fixed a few over the years. (not an RV water heater though) Maybe the members on here can let you know how easy it is to expose the board and take a picture.
wopachop 05/17/20 08:59am Tech Issues
RE: Looking for Solar Panel system to just MAINTAIN battery

This system would only be used during camping season as the battery comes home for the winter.Do you have an onboard generator? Its recommended to start them once a month. During the camping season i would guess you would never leave the battery alone for more than a 2-3 months? Wouldnt even need a maintainer if you disconnect. Anytime you visit the trailer in storage just start the genny because its probably been over a month since it was started? I know it doesnt answer your question. I would go with a cheap little portable solar maintainer if you really want one. Could bring it home during the winter and maintain other vehicles that might sit for months at a time. Then in the future if you want solar invest in a decent package. I dont have a clue what your furion setup is but 100w is low.
wopachop 05/14/20 03:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Safe to vent fridge from inside?

I live in this sucker. Would love a compressor fridge but have to stick with this for now. Theyre calling it "island application". I remember something about the interior designer for this floor plan being a guy who had made a name for himself. Maybe the center fridge was part of him mixing things up.
wopachop 05/08/20 07:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Safe to vent fridge from inside?

Thanks everyone will hop on the roof tomorrow. My intake duct is 18"x5" and its blocked by the frame. My quick estimation is that its 90 square inches and 37.5 is blocked. So a total of 52.5 square inches. The instructions are saying minimum size is 11x6.5 which is 71.5. So im way below the minimum.
wopachop 05/08/20 06:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Safe to vent fridge from inside?

Ideally, the fan should be above the big tank at the bottom so it’s not blowing directly on it. Thanks that was a great tip.
wopachop 05/08/20 04:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Safe to vent fridge from inside?

What model floorplan do you have? 2013 Forest River Stealth model FS2812. (thats what the sticker on the window says...but searching always brings up FSC2812) Is anyone good at finding floor plans? I searched months ago and wrote forest river. THe previous owner said they moved the kitchen back 6 inches. Everyone is telling me noway. I just want to see the numbers so i can compare. My search tells me the cargo area is 144". But i measure 149" to the first cabinet. So it kinda matches what the couple told. Its a toyhauler and people make buying decisions on this number. Makes me think the listed 144" would be accurate. Reason i mention is because my lower fridge vent sits right over the frame and is partially blocked. Will put up pictures later. Surely cant be helping my fridge work in hot weather. Plan was to feed it cooler air from inside the cabin. I understand now how the fan on the top exhaust is better, since you guys are saying you dont want air blowing direct on the big tank that im guessing is the part that purposely gets hot. The roof vent has a cover. It must be designed to work properly in high winds? Its gets mega windy here. If i did have a propane leak i wouldnt want air coming in the top exhaust with enough force to then enter the trailer with my access panel removed. New idea is maybe cut a small hole in the access panel to fit a fan. With hopes that air will only be able to travel one direction. So a propane leak could not enter the trailer with the fan running. Shutting off the gas is no problem either. Its just me in here. I dont mine turning it on to cook and then turning it off. Maybe buy a secondary propane detector for the bathroom. Set it right there in the cabinet.
wopachop 05/08/20 04:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Which batteries will work?

Theres always the Honda 2200 generator option. We boondock too. Lots of my friends setup the small honda instead of running their larger onboard genny. Over time the gasoline saving must be huge.
wopachop 05/08/20 01:03pm Tech Issues
Safe to vent fridge from inside?

My absorption fridge is located in the center of the trailer. It vents from underneath and i have a small fan there blowing upward. Under the bathroom sink is an access panel. Is there a reason it would be unsafe to remove the panel while on electric? Regarding the fan, i remember someone posted a way for the fan to click on at a specific time. Is it bad for the fan to run 24/7? Is there a point at which you can have too much airflow?
wopachop 05/08/20 10:58am Tech Issues
RE: Tow Vehicle Advice For Newbie

Lots of awesome replies. Thanks all! So I've been looking around for f250's. I'm not sure I;; be able to stretch my budget up that far. In my area it's looking like the used ones fall in 37k range. I was already stretching a bit to spend 30k. I'll keep looking around to see what I can find.Are you searching by year? For kicks type in 2000-2003 f250 with the 7.3l diesel. I forget the exact years but that truck is legendary. There are still clean low mileage ones out there i see them all the time on FB. Crew cab short bed Lariat would be my choice.
wopachop 05/08/20 10:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: "Normal" refrigerator temps

Awesome. Spread your knowledge like youre doing!!
wopachop 05/07/20 08:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Jacking points on a travel trailer

For now, I am only doing maintenance--repack bearings and have a look at/adjust brakes, so I will be hooked up but no WDH.Nah dont even hook up the truck if thats what youre doing. Jack up one side at a time and do what you need to do.
wopachop 05/07/20 07:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tow Vehicle Advice For Newbie

Will it be your daily driver and do you put on a lot of miles for work? Ideal situation is a big ole truck for towing and something smaller and more comfy with awesome gas mileage for everything else. Many people who love camping and consider it their main hobby still only go out a handful of times a year.
wopachop 05/07/20 04:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: "Normal" refrigerator temps

gdetrailer's info is spot on and I'd like to add that one must pay attention to food holding times and temperature: The longer food is kept at the wrong temperature the more that bacteria will grow and will do so exponentially. This is an important thing to know when you are dealing with potentially hazardous foods like dairy products, raw meats and sea foods. With some foods, after it's been stored or held improperly, cooking it thoroughly will not make it safe to eat.You in the business? Sounds like things my friend says who takes temps for a living. Gotta be careful with things like a big pan of beans. Toss in the fridge but the center stays at the dangerous levels for too long.
wopachop 05/07/20 04:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Jacking points on a travel trailer

I set the jack stand right next to the front and rear trailer tires. Then roll the jack right next to the stands.
wopachop 05/07/20 02:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is it normal to cut the roof supports?

They used 1 staple and completely missed. This is facing the outside wall. Should i shim the plywood back flat so that the skylight doesnt sink down at that spot? Or best to leave it since it was stapled and sealed in that position?
wopachop 05/06/20 06:40pm Tech Issues
RE: If you have a Diesel HD truck - Code reader

The common $20 reader works with my 02 diesel and the free torque app.
wopachop 05/06/20 04:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is it normal to cut the roof supports?

If possible lets focus on the construction aspect.
wopachop 05/05/20 10:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Is it normal to cut the roof supports?
wopachop 05/05/20 09:19pm Tech Issues
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