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RE: Looking for a DYI forum or site for travel traliers

Sorry ... didn't want to get political (I am actually an independent ... have voted for both Dems and Republicans .... I have a very low opinion of both ...). It is just that healthcare is really our biggest problem. I despise lawsuits. When my wife was injured (she was 12) her parents decided not to sue since they believed it was just an accident (she dove into a shallow pool at a friends house). Now we are always trying to find money for something ... her wheelchair is $40K ... bed and air mattress $10K ... yearly supplies I be easily go over $10K ... Plus a van (or she could never leave the house). I also agree that private health insurers are making a kill off us! That is why I am pushing for single payer medicare for all. It works in Canada ... just an hour from where I live. I have relives living there right now who will talk with anyone about it and say how great it is. And I am not just talking about people sitting home using the system. My brother is a professor ... he has a wife and two kids ... they can't believe how much it costs us and how many people go broke each year over health care issues ... even ones with insurance! ... this just came out a short while ago "A new study from academic researchers found that 66.5 percent of all bankruptcies were tied to medical issues ... An estimated 530,000 families turn to bankruptcy each year because of medical issues and bills, the research found." Anyway ... sorry ... just one of those things I deal with each day ... even controls were we live ... if we can get married ... just an overwhelming part of our lives. I will do a bunch more research .... maybe find a good travel trailer to gut and start from ... maybe start from scratch ... as I said, lots of homework to do. Thanks .... Mike
xtal_01 01/12/20 08:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for a DYI forum or site for travel traliers

Wheelchairs are not fun in winter .... If we could, we would move south. Problem ... her health insurance is supplied by the state (as I said, she chooses to work rather than collect SSI ... health insurance ... including home care ... is the one benefit she uses). She got a medicate waver so she can have her care done at home rather then have to live in a nursing home. We looked into Florida ... 8 year waiting period! And even then, most states only give you an few hours a week ... not enough to truly live on your own. I get paid for a few hours a day of care .... not much but better than nothing ... every penny helps ... and truly better than 90% of the other states. I was spoiled being from Canada originally. Everyone gets healthcare ... yes they pay more taxes but no premiums or deductibles. My mother, brother (with his wife and kids) still live there ... think we are nuts ... I am paying $500 a month ($6K a year) plus $5K deductible .. then %20 out of pocket ... and I am one of the lucky ones. I got sick last year and spent over $11K ... my brothers taxes are not $11K more than mine. Last year my mom (who is 80) broke her hip, got a new heart valve, got a pace maker ... and has been fighting cancer for 15 years. She was complaining to me the other day that she has a $25 bill for an ambulance fee to transfer her home! No death panels ... no waiting (she always see a doctor faster than I do). Anyway ... love America ... just think we need to straighten out the health care system. Then maybe we could move south. Thanks .... Mike
xtal_01 01/11/20 09:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for a DYI forum or site for travel traliers

WOW ... impressive towing ..... but a scary price tag! My wife works ..... amazing since most handicapped people don't either by choice (sit at home an collect SSI) or because they can't find a job .. or in some cases just he logistics of getting to and from a job. She has worked since she graduated. They let her work from home most of the time, just having to go into the office a couple times a week for meetings and such (she works for the admissions department of a college doing computer work ... or as I call it, creating spam). Her family said she could not drive. When we moved to the country (well 20 min from the city ... all VT is rural) .... I told her to try for her drivers license. She had wanted to but go t no encouragement. She took lessons ... was taught to use hand controls (she can mover her arms but not her hands) and passed a standard drivers test. Here in VT, there is a program ... if you have a job and need to get to it (there is no transit from out our way to the city) than they will pay for the conversion. You still need to buy the vehicle but they pay for any modifications you need. This really freed me up ... I was always driving her somewhere ... now she comes home .... I do her care and she can be off again. She has gone from part time work to working overtime almost every week. So, since she drives, we need a van ... she can't transfer and needs to stay seated in her wheelchair while driving. Full size or mini but a van that we can have a lift put in and have equipped with hand controls. Thanks ..... Mike
xtal_01 01/05/20 05:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for a DYI forum or site for travel traliers

Thanks for all the info! The problem is, having used our RV for 10 years not, we have some specific needs. An interior lift is one. My wife has been a quadriplegic for over 25 years. Her bones are relatively brittle and I just can't man handle her over into a bed 4 or 5 times a day. We use an overhead lift. Then there is a matter of needing a bed I can get on both sides. In my RV, I built one that had wheels and a track. This let me move it right and left so I could get on both sides of her. At night I pushed it to one side into a fixed bed so we had a double bed and could sleep together. Since we live in VT and my 80 year old mom in Canada, I need one that is winter rated. We have survived weeks at -30 in ours. I need a generator so I can run the A/C when we stop along the way (usually a Walmart parking lot or rest area) to do her care. I also want something that has a chance of surviving the corrosion of salt on the roads in winter. Yes ....loooots to ask of a trailer or RV. If I had all the money in the world, I would just buy a new one every few years ... but I don't so I need to think ahead of what will last the longest. Thanks again for all the help! Mike
xtal_01 01/05/20 11:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for a DYI forum or site for travel traliers

Weight is critical .... with 10,000 lbs towing, I am hoping not to exceed this. I would think that is probably the limit of most trucks short of going to a diesel ?? And again, it is not that I could not go with a motor home again ... it is just that I would need to start with a 10 year old unit again (because of my budget). Then 10 years from now I will be looking at the same problems. Mike
xtal_01 01/04/20 10:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for a DYI forum or site for travel traliers

Actually, they leave the frame untouched (just looked at a friends the other day). What they did was raise the body on blocks (about 6" - 10") ... then cut the floor and lowered it to where it was originally. I will be ordering the van new so I will get a tow package. I do like the idea of the horse trailer ... I will have to check it out. Aluminum .... I like the idea but not sure how well they hold up against salt in winter. The aluminum skin under my RV is almost gone ... rotted from winter driving. Maybe there is something special they can do ... sacrificial anode ???? Thanks again .... Mike Just FYI ... on the our mini van, they did cut the floor, lower it 12",. they raised the suspension on blocks to give it some road clearance.
xtal_01 01/04/20 09:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for a DYI forum or site for travel traliers

Just saw the last post come in while typing ... I am hoping that the towing capacity will not drop much ... on a full size van, they usually raise the body ... drop the floor. This is done so that the driver (my wife started driving a few years ago) will be looking out the windshield at a normal height. If you are only a passenger, they just raise the roof. The lift adds some weight but not much. I think GMC is the only one who produces a full size van. A 2500 or 3500 with a 6.0 V8 has a rating of 10,000 lbs. The RV is 28 ft so I am thinking a trailer of 24 - 30 ft. If I could find on with a decent frame, I don't mind starting with that ... it would save time and money. Here are two more pictures of my RV: Note int the bedroom, I have the beds on tracks to I can move them from side to side .... I can then get on both sides of my wife ... makes it much easier to do her care. Thanks .... Mike
xtal_01 01/04/20 08:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for a DYI forum or site for travel traliers

Well, it had 75K on it when I bought it 10 years ago ... so 75K in 10 years. Actually I hope to do more traveling now that the house is done. If my unit had help up better in winter ... salt, slush, water, ice .... I would not mind putting time and money into it. The steps have seized so many times that I have the gear box held together with SS studs and wing nuts. Even the steps have rust holes in the treads. Like I said, the entire basement is rotting away. I looked at two new trailers with "winter" packages ... $40K ... but went I looked at their forum comments, owners had the same problems as I had .... set up for the cold but not the salt and roads of winter. I used SS bolts and SS trip on everything I built for my RV. The lift is made of heavy gauge steel with brass bushings and SS shafting and bolts. My lift and door still work (no wind noise even at 80 mph) after 10 years. I wish the rest of the RV was built that well. Thus the idea of building my own. Won't be "cheap" but if I can build it for a bit less than one I could buy ... do a better job ... and have my investment last longer (maybe 20 years) ... plus have it custom the way I need it ... then I don't mind. Mike
xtal_01 01/04/20 08:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for a DYI forum or site for travel traliers

This all started because after 20 years (I have owned it 10 and converted it when I got it) and 150K miles, it is becoming a maintenance nightmare. I did the conversion myself .... took almost a year ... most of it part time ... a steep learning curve. I just had about 5 problems in a row ... and I am still looking at things like broken engine studs (had this problem 3 times now on the Ford V10)... a slipping transmission .... and some major rust damage (I keep patching holes but the entire basement is rusted out. I just put two ABS sensors in the front wheels ... I had to find them on ebay as they are now obsolete. I wanted to convert a bus but I am afraid I will be getting into the same obsolete part problems I have now. If this was a trailer, I might just be able to fix things like the furnace (just put one in last year) and keep it on the road. Plus, we need to tow a trailer and wheelchair mini van ... not fun loading and unloading it. I "think" pulling a trailer with a full size wheelchair van might be a bit easier ... never had a trailer before. The van would be in good shape as it would be new (again, I need to think about this now as our van is dying ... rust holes the size of my fist) so I need to think if we want another mini van or a full size van. Yes, lots of work but I am a machinist by trade and have a lot of tools like mig/tig welders here at home. i just finished ... well almost finished ... building a wheelchair accessible house. Too several years but did most of it myself. We lived onsite for 3 years while we built ... -30 deg in VT !!!! Not ideal but we did it. I even built the elevator ... the mast off of a forklift ... rated at 3000 lbs ... works great! Anyway .... this is what has me looking at the travel trailer idea. I am interesting in things like construction ... roof .... I just see pros and cons in every idea I have. Thanks .... Mike
xtal_01 01/04/20 05:02pm Travel Trailers
Looking for a DYI forum or site for travel traliers

Hey! I have a class A RV now ... it's getting old and has seen better days. It is highly modified with a new door, wheelchair lift, interior lift, hospital beds, equipped to handle -30 deg winters, .... I am thinking of replacing it with a travel trailer. After looking units I can purchase, I am not impressed ... plus my wallet started crying. I am thinking of taking a shot at building my own .... not a small teardrop unit but a full size 30 ft trailer. I have been looking around and found info but not a great site or forum where I can ask questions and see how other have built theirs .... and learn from their mistakes. Can anyone suggest a forum or site? Thanks ..... Mike
xtal_01 01/04/20 03:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: ABS trouble ... F53 .....

Sorry ... don't know how I forgot ... It is a 1999 This is the problem ... the newer sensors look right but have the wrong part number ... The sensor they tell me fits my year looks wrong. Any help or advice would be great! Thanks ... Mike
xtal_01 12/23/19 01:18pm Tech Issues
ABS trouble ... F53 .....

So, after fixing the furnace ... putting in new o2 sensors (fixing stripped threads) ... fixing antifreeze leak .... I thought I was ready to go. Took the RV out to get propane and gas ... no brakes! Played a bit and found that brakes work great at 0-5 mph range ... and above 30 mph .... at 5 - 20 I have to use two feet to push down on the peddle .... I can feel the abs fighting me. Scanned and got an error code C1184 (Excessive Isolation Valve Failure) ... Just for the fun of it, I tried replacing the sensor on the rear diff .... Now I get a new code ... C1158 (Left front wheel speed sensor). Bolt holding it in is rounded off and almost completely rusted away (I have never touched it) .... don't know what I am going to do to fix this one! I am even more confused this morning ... Trying to find the sensors ... NAPA lists them (UP 530915) .... same for both sides ... but they don't look like mine .... large plastic blocks ... Rock Auto list a left front only (NTK ... AB1436) ... looks correct ... but 1) when I check on a different site it says this is for a 2002 - 2003 F53 2) they don't list the right HELP! Thanks .... Mike
xtal_01 12/23/19 08:16am Tech Issues
RE: suburban furnace tripping on high temp

My problem with that is it was when flowing only 10.5 (10 - 11) ... maybe only 10 ... under the min requirements of the furnace. You are right ..... it might solve the problem ... but two wrongs don't make a right. I would rather fix the problem correctly if I can. Mike
xtal_01 12/18/19 05:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: suburban furnace tripping on high temp

I am using the gauge port on the regulator. I do not believe I have a pressure problem. My "thinking" is that my old regulator may have been giving low pressure (below 10.5 at the furnace). This may have masked a problem that may have been there for years. I got the part number for the switch from the factory. For an SF-35Q, I got a 232504. I believe it is set to 160 deg F. The problem appeared with the factory switch ... my second switch and I just changed it out again ... we well see what happens. I need to go out and get another thermometer ... my IR died last night (said the burner was over 1000 ... and snow (and rv walls ... thermostat said 32) was 3.4 deg F. I should have said, I am an instrument tech ... worked at a refinery and a nuclear rod plant. This one just has me scratching my head. I am just dressing up to go re-install the furnace (falling to single digit cold tonight). I will time the off / on cycles .... my best guess today with the new duct is about 5 maybe 8 m in on .... less than a minute off. I can't help but thing it must be an air flow problem. My thinking .... with just an open hole on the back of the furnace (middle port so you can see part of the high temp switch) it runs and does not over temp. Even putting on just 6 ft of straight hard pipe and 4 elbows (just aimed it outside so there would be no other restriction) it over temped! I just made a plug for the other holes (never pushed out). I am thinking maybe letting some air out from the hole right next to the temp switch on the other side. I also just relocated the board so it no longer blocks any of the air intake into the blower. I will let you guys know how I make out! I really appreciate all the advice and input!!!!!!!!! Mike
xtal_01 12/18/19 05:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: suburban furnace tripping on high temp

WOW ... learned something again! I have never been on anything but natural gas. In this case, the valve does have an active regulator (according to the factory and the manual). The valve actually has a green tag on the side saying among other things "REG 10.5" I guess would be that since these furnaces are made for RV's, they are not assured the exact pressure of the system ... where is with a house, you have a large well built regular. Here is a listing for the valve on Amazon ... it has a few good pictures of what it looks like. How hard can it get to make a furnace work correctly in an RV #?#?#?#?#?# Thanks ..... Mike
xtal_01 12/18/19 04:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: suburban furnace tripping on high temp

OK ... maybe I am wrong but is this not a regulator on the bottom of my valve? I think this is why the factory said it makes no difference if I put in 11 - 14 inches of propane ... they regulate it just before the valve down to 10" - 10.5" Now ... on thing that did not cause the problem but might be adding toward it .... Suburban use to mount their boards on a separate piece of metal not in the way of the intake. On my new furnace it is mounted over the fan intake. On top of this, the new Dinosour board is larger than the factory board, taking up even more of the intake! Wondering if I use parts off my old furnace and move the board, would this help? Any thoughts?
xtal_01 12/18/19 12:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: suburban furnace tripping on high temp

Well yes and now on the motor .... I assume it ran correctly but maybe I just never noticed that the burner came on and off while the furnace was running. I really only noticed it after I changed the regulator. So I am wondering if a low pressure regulator was masking a "real" problem. But maybe there was a problem with the motor from day one (there is only about a week running on the furnace ... last winter). Here is want the factory said about the regulator pressure when I wrote them: "The LP pressure should have no effect on the Limit Switch opening. Of course the LP has influence on the flame but the gas valve in the furnace is a regulator that brings that pressure down to 10.0-10.5 inches so whether your LP pressure from your tank is at 11 inches or 14 inches, the gas valve should bring it down to an operating pressure (10.0-10.5) that feeds to the orifice." Manual says 11" min ... 14" max So I have touched the regulator ... but maybe I should? I am working on opening up ducting even more ... don't know if I can, not much room for more ducting in this are under the floor. Thanks .... Mike
xtal_01 12/18/19 09:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: suburban furnace tripping on high temp

I did replace the switch ... but it could be a second bad one. I ordered two to I can change that out this morning. I am thinking of trying to open up the port next on the far side of the unit (second closest to the high heat switch). Maybe this will give enough air flow. maybe a floor register right off the unit and try moving the pipe that goes across to another port. I worked on it till 2 last night ... running out to look at it again ... trying to beat the snow and 9 deg temps (way tooooo cold here in VT) heading our way tomorrow. Thanks ... Mike
xtal_01 12/18/19 06:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: suburban furnace tripping on high temp

I should have added that this is a 20 year old (1999) RV so I am a bit surprised to have this issue "pop up". No, I did not take any temperatures ... guess I should do that tomorrow. I guess that for the past 10 years (that is how long I have owned the RV ... even lived in it for three years full time) I could have missed it but I think this problem just started .. hard to tell since the furnace does not shut down, fan keep going ... re-starts after the high temp switch cools off. I though for sure that the longest duct had just failed after this many years and replacing it would do the trick. Now with the longest duct connected in hard smooth pipe ... two open 2" holes in the top plenum and a side port (never opened before) now open you would think this problem would have gone away. Maybe opening up the back port a bit (the one near the high temp switch ... the middle one is used now which is almost in line with the high temp switch) would let more air by it. Even with just the 2" bleed Tee open in the basement, it is actually much warmer down there now than upstairs in the cabin. Thanks .... Mike
xtal_01 12/17/19 10:00pm Class A Motorhomes
suburban furnace tripping on high temp

Hello, I have a Bounder RV with a year old Suburban SF-35Q furnace ... about a weeks run time on it. A few weeks ago I replaced the propane regulator. At the time, I noticed the unit was tripping out ... I suspected on high temp. I was also having an ignition problem (would not lit after ignition). So, I bough a Dinosaur board. This fixed the ignition problem. Now I can say for certain, the safety circuit is tripping (board has an indicator). I tested the sail switch ... seems fine. I replaced the high temp switch ... we are still tripping out. So, I pulled the ducting off the rear port on the furnace .... ran it with no line ducting on it ... just dumped the warm air into the basement ... worked. Ran for an hour with no trip. So, I put hard piping (house type galvanized steel) onto the furnace ... just some straight and 4 bends ... this is the line that comes across the RV and into the washroom. there is a small Tee to bleed air below ... I left inline as it was. Trips out again on high temp! Tried pulling two of the duct lines off the plenum coming off the top of the furnace ... still trips out Tried opening one of the other side ports on the furnace ... still trips out. I did put a manometer on the regular ... old ... 12" wc static ... 10 - 11 while running (just bleed some off as it is in the shop and not on the furnace). New 15" WC static ... 13" when the furnace is on. motor is a constant 6.5 amps It even tripped with the outside cover off so I now it is not the return air. OK, I am stumped ... I have been at this for days standing in the snow. I did everything I can think off ... I checked with the factory. They said it should not be tripping the high temp switch. I am getting desperate ... suppose to be leaving on a trip this weekend. Any suggestions ????? Thanks .... Mike
xtal_01 12/17/19 08:21pm Class A Motorhomes
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