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RE: Mint Mobile

I tried Mint Mobile last year. I live in northern Illinois 50 miles south west of Chicago. I had poor or no service in many areas including my house. I used it on a trip from here to Phoenix AZ. service was very spotty everywhere. I tried it for 3 months. I would not get it again.
zcookiemonstar 02/05/20 02:39am Technology Corner
RE: RV lot OWNERSHIP - deeded lot ownership, live year round

I own my lot in our campground Woodhaven Lakes in northern Illinois. You can't live here it is a campground. You are allowed 180 days per year how ever you want to use them. you can leave your camper year round on your lot. We have a lot of retired people who stay in the warmer months and then go south for the colder ones. My yearly costs are less then some people pay for storage of their RV/camper. We have over 6000 lots so it is open to all ages.
zcookiemonstar 02/05/20 02:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: maybe add some heavy duty pressure treated lumber?

If anything you could just screw wood strips front to back to the bottom of the camper. If you leave space between each strip water can drain and air can get in to help things dry. If the strips of wood get water damage it will be easy to replace them.
zcookiemonstar 02/01/20 09:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Cargo trailers with tongue extensions

^Truck is short and loaded with a camper. Looks like the right hitch offset from the pic. I didn't notice anyone saying it was wrong
zcookiemonstar 02/01/20 09:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Cargo trailers with tongue extensions

I undertook this project for my cargo trailer. I asked a welding shop to make the tongue extendable so that I could eliminate the hitch extension. The result is a tongue that can be extended ~3ft to reach my hitch under the camper. All I have to do is pull a pin on the trailer, slide the tongue out the 3ft and then put the pin back in. Granted... This idea works only on campers like my Bigfoot where the bottom of the camper is flush with the bed of the truck. Other extended campers tend to have lower overhangs which would prevent this from working. I have been very happy with this setup and I have hundreds if not thousands of miles with it so far. If you have a trailer that you are going to be towing on a regular basis with the truck and camper combination, this is certainly worth considering if your setup allows for it. Interesting setup. I am surprised to see that your ball mount is set up in a rise position. Most trucks that I have noticed always have a drop ball mount. You must have a tall trailer.
zcookiemonstar 01/30/20 10:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Introduction post

Welcome! Other then tie downs I would not make any changes to your truck. I would suggest if you have no experience with truck campers that you go out and find a cheap but decent used one to use for a while. The experience you get from that will help you decide what you may want in a new one.
zcookiemonstar 01/30/20 08:50pm Truck Campers
RE: RAM 2500 V10 model year 2000

My last truck was a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 5.9 gas with the camper package. My real weight 2500 lb camper sat and rode just fine on it. With just us and the camper I was not even touching the overload springs. The 5.9 gas engine was a little under powered on big hills but fine otherwise. You should be good with the v10.
zcookiemonstar 01/26/20 04:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Make a "Smart" RV ?

Start with a smart owner
zcookiemonstar 01/26/20 01:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Purchasing in a 55+ Community - AZ

Look into putting your property into a trust. There are lawyers and even some banks that specialize in this.
zcookiemonstar 01/26/20 01:32pm Snowbirds
RE: Cargo trailers with tongue extensions

Thanks everyone for your replies.
zcookiemonstar 01/23/20 10:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Cargo trailers with tongue extensions

Seems many who replied misunderstood the question. This isn't about hitch extensions. No, a longer trailer tongue will not make the trailer tow "wonky', it'll make it tow straighter and more stable. A longer tongue will not increase tongue weight. And depending on your setup, it takes a pretty extreme angle to hit the camper. I stretched my trailer tongue four feet. It has plenty of clearance below the camper. It works great, and is much safer and better than putting the hitch four feet behind the truck. You don't have to install and remove any heavy junk every time you load or unload the camper. Nobody pulls heavy trailers on four foot hitch extensions without a camper on their truck, ever. It's obvious why not. Its no different when you do have a camper on. People do it because its the store-bought, bolt-on solution and stretching a trailer tongue is custom work. Wow I am so glad I asked this question. I didn't even think about my sewer line under the rear of the camper. In the right or wrong situation I think that tongue would hit. Thanks Burningman you always seem to be able to understand my poor writing and answer my questions.
zcookiemonstar 01/23/20 10:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Cargo trailers with tongue extensions

I'll sing a bit different tune than Delta. Currently we have 17 I'm new at this. But... I have a 48" extension on the TC truck. It puts the joint right at the rear of the camper overhang. Four of the trailers get pulled by the TC rig. One's a boat; narrow front end, standard tongue, works great. One is a short snowmobile trailer (box). The tongue is approx. 5' long stretching from the 'V'. Works great..and it was standard. The other snowmobile trailer is a blunt front end; we extended the tongue 24". Without it, the trailer would hit the camper while turning in a lock turn. Trailers literally create a 90 degree corner, even while going forward. The last trailer is our 'support' rig (lack of a better term). 20' box, I had the thing built with an additional length, which is 6' total(it's a standard upgrade/option when ordering). That allows the same movement needs as the others. Without the adjustments (extensions) the trailers would hit the camper in tight turns, which of course would be a given backing up too. There is no down side other than a slightly longer trailer. When one gets up around 34'+, it really doesn't matter. I have considered and would if needed, go longer and shorten the extension some. It would allow a slightly higher tongue weight (shorter extension) but there are things to watch for that also. For towing, most won't notice the difference if the joint is directly at the rear of the rig, or in a foot or so. changes things a bit but I dare say most don't get into situations where it would matter. That's clear as mud, yes?? So do you use the hitch extension with the trailers that have extended tongues?
zcookiemonstar 01/22/20 09:00pm Truck Campers
Cargo trailers with tongue extensions

I know many of you have said in the past you have trailers with tongue extensions instead of a hitch extension. So those of you who do this how long is your tongue and how much does your camper overhang. What is your setup?
zcookiemonstar 01/22/20 07:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Cellular Hotspot

Hi Phil, This one looks interesting, too. This looks like a scam to me. Be careful.
zcookiemonstar 01/19/20 12:05am Technology Corner
RE: What temperature do you leave your home at

If you want your furnace to run longer to dry everything in the system out why not use a pogramable thermostat? You can set the temp several degrees warmer for one hour aday every day or just a couple days a week. A WiFi unit would work too but then you have to pay for internet service while your gone.
zcookiemonstar 01/16/20 06:12pm Snowbirds
RE: Full Hookup Sites on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan water level is really high. If we continue with the rains we had last year I am not sure there will be much beach to go to. If the camp ground is to close to the lake they may have sections closed too.
zcookiemonstar 01/14/20 10:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Duallies in Tennessee

I was really looking for some one to say I have a dually and I pay this much. About $36 a year unless you get a personalized plate and I think it’s about $65. Doesn’t matter if it’s a dually or a Honda accord. Someone just told me anything over 9000 is extra.
zcookiemonstar 01/13/20 11:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Duallies in Tennessee

Please people if you are not from Tennessee and have never owned a dually truck do not reply.
zcookiemonstar 01/13/20 11:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Duallies in Tennessee

9.75% sales tax is extremely high and results in a lot higher total annual taxes paid in Tennessee than most other states with having the same yearly income. For instance: Michigan's sales tax is 6% total max by law and so much is tax exempt. Groceries, drugs, fuel, etc. The 4.2% income tax doesn't kick in until you annually earn way over the average income and even less after deductions are taken. We know as we have lived in Michigan for 78 years and how much would be paid for state income tax. 83% pay zero income tax in Michigan. Florida on the other hand not only has a higher state sales tax but the counties also add a tax percentage too on top of the state percentage. They also have a yearly personal property tax too. We won't even mention the extreme taxes people in many other states like California, New York, New Jersey, and several others are saddled with and then add in the very high cost of living there too. Makes Michigan, Tennessee, and Florida seem to be about tax free by comparison... MI sales tax is applied to fuel WRT MI income tax, I'm calling BS on 83% number. I'd love to see the source of that detail, because even my retired father in law, whose income was way down, still paid state income tax. None of this has anything to do with the post topic
zcookiemonstar 01/13/20 11:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: First trip with new baby advice

Make sure you have a good safe way to keep the bugs off/away from the baby!
zcookiemonstar 01/12/20 10:03pm Family Camping
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