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joe b.


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Posted: 09/29/10 09:26am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Last edited on: October 23, 2015

This thread was started, to cover the subject of fuel availability , not prices, etc. For many travelers, at times, the availability of fuel, is of more importance than is the price per unit.

On another forum thread, the question was asked as to how far apart the fuel stops were on the Alaska Hwy. I said about 100 miles was the most I could remember. After making that comment I decided to check and see if that was still correct. We were up to Alaska, the last trip in 2011. Here is what I found, using mostly currently listed mile posts, for reference. Current mile post and historic milepost can be over 30 miles different, on the northern end of the Alaska Hwy. Current travelers, please advise of any changes needed by PM.

Alaska Hwy fuel stopsAlaska Hwy fuel stops – distance, Miles approx, to next fuel stop, north bound. As of summer of 2015, as reported by forum members.
(?) =has history of opening-closing, check ahead, if planning to use
(S) = Seasonal openings - not all seasonal are known or shown.
Daily operating hours unknown - may vary -

Two Mileposts are given - the current one and the historic one which is the address used for businesses along the Alaska Hwy. Changes in the Mileposts are the result of the Alaska Hwy being re-routed, straightened, etc. over the years since it was constructed.

Dawson Creek – Mile 0
Milepost 47 - Fort Saint John – 47 miles
MP 54/54 - Charlie Lake, Hwy 29 Junction - 7 miles
MP 72/72 - The Shepherd's Inn - 18 Miles
MP 101/101 - Wonowon – 29 miles
MP 140/143 - Pink Mountain (?) - 39 miles - both open -2011
MP 160/162 - Sikanni Chief (S)- 20 miles - open summer 2011
MP 173/175 - Buckinghorse Lodge – 13 miles
MP 227/233 – Prophet River Lodge – 54 miles
MP 283/300 - Fort Nelson – 56 miles
MP 358/375 – Tetsa River Services – 75 miles
MP 379/397 - Rocky Mountain Lodge(S) - 21 miles Open July 2011 - gas and diesel
MP 409/422 - Toad River (S) – 30 miles
MP 442/462 – Northern Rockies Lodge – 33 miles
MP 443/463 – Muncho Lake Lodge (?) – 1 mile – RV Park only - no fuel
MP 478/496 - Liard River Lodge (?)– 35 miles
MP 514/533 - Coal River Lodge – 36 miles
MP 570/590 – Contact Creek Lodge – 56 miles
MP 613/635 - Watson Lake – 43 miles
MP 626/649 - Junction 37 Services - 13 miles
MP 627/H650 - Nugget City - 1 mile -24 hour credit card pumps
MP 687/710 - Rancheria Lodge – 60 miles
MP 698/721 - Continental Divide Lodge - 11 miles
MP 777/804 - Teslin – 79 miles
MP 809/836 - Johnson’s Crossing -32 miles - reported as open, with fuel , Oct 2014
MP 837/866 - Jakes Corner – 28 miles
MP 887/918 - Whitehorse – 50 miles - All Services available
MP 964/H995 - Otter Falls Lodge - 77 miles - 24 hour pumps - credit cards
MP 985/1016 - Haines Junction – 21 miles - several stations
MP 1052/1083 - Destruction Bay – 67 miles
MP 1062/1093 - Burwash Landing – 10 miles
MP 1169/1202 - Beaver Creek – 107 miles
MP 1189/1222 - Port Alcan - 20 miles - border crossing - no tourist services

Crossing into Alaska - These milepost tend to be historic ones, any that still remain.

MP 1225 - Border City - Recently sold - No fuel sales. Reported Oct 2014 - may be open seasonal
MP 1226 - Scottie Creek - 1 mile no fuel reported fall of 2014
MP 1264 - Northway – 38 miles - 1st fuel in Alaska, northbound.
MP 1314 - Tok – 50 miles
MP 1422 - Delta Junction – 108 miles - Official end of Alaska Hwy
MP 1427 - Big Delta – 5 miles
MP 1478 - Salcha – 51 miles
MP 1505 - North Pole – 23 miles
MP 1520 - Fairbanks – 15 miles

Standard disclaimers apply. Check ahead if you are depending on a specific fuel stop.
If any of these are closed or if I have missed an open fuel stop, please post your info and I will update the list.

Cassiar HwyCassiar Hwy - Hwy 37

Cassiar Highway, Hwy 37, fuel stops north bound (MilePosts are approx. locations)
No changes reported as of the Fall of 2013
MP – 0 -Kitwanga Junction with Federal Hwy 16 (Hwy 37 continues on south to Kitimat BC)
Stewart is approx 138 miles from Kitwanga Junction. Fueling in Stewart will make it 95 miles on to Bell 2 Lodge. (next fuel northbound)
MP – 98 – Meziadin Junction – NO Fuel Services – Turn off to Stewart/Hyder – All Services in Stewart
MP – 155 – Bell II Lodge – 155 miles from Kitwanga
MP - 243 - Tatogga Lake Resort – 88 miles
MP – 253 – Iskut Village Store – 10 miles
MP – 304 - Dease Lake – 51 miles - has good deli
MP - 390 - Good Hope Lake - 60 miles - reported fuel sales in 2010
MP – 450 – Junction 37 Services – 60 miles – Junction with Alaska Highway
Stewart BC - station open set hours only - at end of Hwy 37A

North Klondike Loop – Hwy 2 – Whitehorse YT to Dawson City YT –
(Whitehorse to Tok via Dawson City is 498 miles.)
Alaska Hwy Junction – Milepost 894.8 DC – 323 mile/520 km
Mileposts below, are from the Junction, north of Whitehorse to Dawson City- North bound.
Whitehorse – All Services available - Hwy 2 Junction (J) is 10 miles north of down town. Approx 7.5 miles north of turn off for Two Mile Hill in Whitehorse.
Braeburn Lodge – J55.2 MP – food/fuel/rooms
46.3 miles to:
Carmacks - J101.5 MP – food/fuel/rooms/general store
66.3 miles to:
Pelly Crossing /Selkirk Centre - J167.8 MP – fuel/general store/rooms
43.8 miles to:
Stewart Crossing – J211.6 MP – fuel/food
approx. 111 miles to: Dawson, the next fuel
Klondike River Lodge – J298.3 MP – Closed due to a fire(2012).
Dawson City – J323.4 MP – Most tourist services available

Top of the World Hwy from Dawson City to Junction of Taylor Hwy in Alaska
(Boundary Spur Road) from Dawson City (D)
Border Crossing – D65.7 MP – Canadian and US Customs – No tourists services
Boundary Roadhouse(?) –D69.6 MP – No fuel - closed by a recent fire
Taylor Highway – rejoins the Alaska Hwy just east of the town of Tok.
Chicken Alaska – D108.3 MP – fuel/food/lodging
Tetlin Junction – D174.7 MP (on Alaska Hwy)
Tok is 12 miles west on the Alaska Hwy

South Klondike Highway, Hwy 2 – Skagway to Junction with Alaska Hwy , 12 miles from Whitehorse YT.

Mileposts given are from Skagway, north bound. (S) Hwy 98 in Alaska, Hwy 2 in Yukon.
Skagway – MP 0 – Most tourist services available
US-Canadian Border – S14.7 – No Services
Canadian Customs – MP S22.5 – No Services
Carcross – MP S65 – Most tourist services available
Junction with Alaska Highway - MP S98 -

Call ahead if you have to have fuel at a specific location - Stations may close without notice - Some are seasonal - Hours of operations will vary at many.

A good, general source of information, on fuel prices in Canada is MJ Ervin and Associates, doing business as Kent Marketing Services, a Canadian petroleum consulting firm. Fuel prices will vary in towns, just like anywhere else, so check around.

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joe b.
Stuart Florida
Formerly of Colorado and Alaska
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Cook County Il

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Posted: 09/29/10 12:10pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

When we were up there in 99, fuel stops at that time were quite adequate. When we would get to the 1/2 way point on our truck fuel, we knew we still had 150 plus miles of driving time. But being the first time up there, we carried 10 extra gallons of diesel, just in case.
So fuel stops were a no issue to us.

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Quesnel BC

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Posted: 09/29/10 05:39pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Make sure you don't go under half a tank and fill up at every gas station.
It's that simple.

Tee Jay

The Peninsula, Kenai & Olympic

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Posted: 09/29/10 08:35pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Pine Valley was closed this past May. Didn't look open as I recall in September.

Sikanni River (was Sikanni Chief)was open in September and will be open in the Spring, likely around May 10, maybe earlier. New owners living on premises year round, except for a wedding in Saskatchewan May 1.

Pink Mountain was open, both sides of the road. Ditto Buckinghorse.

Believe Muncho Lake Lodge is closed.

Clearly I was not taking inventory, but these are what sticks in the mind.

My advise has always been to be prepared for 200 miles between fuel stops. That still holds, not knowing who will be open any given year, and open in June does no good in May. Also, not all places have diesel.

If this is going to be a permanent feature I will keep better observations in late April early May and post.

You might also note the fuel situation on the Cassiar.


North Pole, Alaska

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Posted: 09/30/10 03:22am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

As of July 2010 :

Walkers Continental Divide - MP 698 Alaska Hwy was left out on the list of fuel stops... They were open for business as I never stopped there.

I believe Good Hope Lake sells fuel on the Cassiar Hwy that was left out on that list as well...

Places I [fueled up] at or noted price of fuel at locations specifically stating I didn't purchase fuel there.

************ ************ *************

Fairbanks - Safeway was 3.469/US gal for fuel w/.03c per gallon discount... [filled both dual fuel tanks].

North Pole (anywhere) advertised 3.759/US gal for fuel... I never purchase fuel in these parts for the fact they add their 4 percent sales tax on fuel, an extra 15c per gallon on top of retail markup price which has always been higher than Fairbanks - pretty sad when the main refinery is located in North Pole to begin with that produces fuel for Interior Alaska.

Salcha Store - was 3.520/US gal for fuel... [topped off tank].

Big Delta - Tesoro advertised 3.559/US gal for fuel.

Delta Junction - advertised as low as 3.629/US gal for fuel.

Tok - Youngs Chevron advertised 3.599/US gal....Three Bears and Village gas stations were STILL holding at 3.489/US gal from Sept 2009 price (credit/debit purchase only) ... [topped off tank].

Whitehorse - advertised 1.129/litre everywhere.... Husky was also at 1.129/litre (however purchased at 1.099/litre when you buy $20 or more)... [filled both dual fuel tanks].

Rancheria River Lodge was 1.230/litre for fuel... [filled up tank] and ate grub there.

Junction 37 Services was 1.199/litre for fuel... [topped off tank]

Dease Lake - Petro Canada advertised 1.339/litre for fuel...

Tatooga Lodge - forgot their advertised price for fuel, thinking it was like 1.249/litre... ate grub there.

Bell II lodge was 1.250/litre for fuel... [topped off tank]

Stewart advertised 1.139/litre for fuel...

Mile 0 at Kitwanga was 1.089/litre for fuel... [topped off dual tanks]

Watson Lake (on return trip from Prince Rupert via northbound Cassiar) was 1.099/litre for fuel... [filled both dual fuel tanks].

Teslin - Yukon Motel advertised 1.199/litre for fuel... ate grub.

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North Pole, Alaska

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Posted: 09/30/10 03:27am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Forgot to mention Pine Valley was open as of July 2010, unknown if they were selling fuel there though.


temporarily displaced Alaskan

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Posted: 10/02/10 07:51pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

As of late August 2010, Muncho Lake Lodge was open for all business. You do need to know that is is extremely expensive, though, so don't plan on using it unless it is an emergency. We actually stayed a night in the RV park, which was $48 per site with just water and 20amp electric. It does have a bath house, but we didn't use it.

It was meant to be that we stayed there, as the next morning was the first post-inspection flight of their new Otter. Simply amazing plane. We got to watch them bring it out of the hangar and drop it into the water. They had to back the wing OVER our fifth wheel, so I had to climb up and make sure it cleared our AC unit - it had about 2" of clearance. It was amazing - stunning plane, gorgeous lake, and listening to that turbo do it's thing during take off. Did I mention it was amazing!

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joe b.


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Posted: 10/03/10 07:46pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

That makes two Otters in that area of Lake Muncho. (correction - Urs and his wife, the owners/operators of Northern Rockies Lodge, MP 462, the place with the large new log building, actually was flying a DHC -2 Beaver, the last time I was by there, not the bigger model of plane, the Otter.) Northern Rockies Lodge (a Beaver) that they use for hauling fisherman out to remote areas. Viking Air, in Vancouver, does a good job on redoing/converting, the old Otters and Beavers. They purchased all the "ownership" rights from Bombardier, a few years back. Heard they built a few new Twin Otters just before the recent economic melt down. Both lodges tend to refer to their businesses as the Muncho Lake Lodge in advertisements, I have noticed. However the Muncho Lake Lodge at MP 463 has been using the name since at least 1950 according to the Mile Post Guide.
Thanks for the report on staying at Muncho Lake Lodge, this summer.

* This post was edited 10/04/10 08:11am by joe b. *

Jack in Alaska

Anchorage & Ninilchik, Alaska

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Posted: 01/21/11 10:20pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Junction 37 was closed late Oct. 2010 on our way south. It is open / closed a lot. Don't know what their schedule is.

JoeB...........good job on the list. Helpful for 1st timers.

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Posted: 02/03/11 11:13am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Are credit cards accepted at ALL gas stations??

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