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Artemas, PA

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Posted: 02/03/15 09:35am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

L8ERZZZ wrote:

mudrat wrote:

L8ERZZZ wrote:

CA Traveler wrote:

Pre planning is good. I wouldn't throw anything out, just answer their questions - hat and sunglasses off, direct answers, no questions.

Yes pre planning is a must! I want to have a smooth and adventurous trip in and out of Canada, want to make it to Anchorage in one piece. Oh and I just found some info on taking my dog with us to AK so many documents to travel through Canada.

Could you post the info or website on the dog info please?

The site I found it on is click on the "Tips" tab at the top of the site and it will be located under "1" tip bullet 4.

Thanks for the Info.... nice tips



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Posted: 02/04/15 12:48am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

L8ERZZZ - just for reference if it helps............
Last October we drove from Chicago to Anchorage in 5 1/2 days, left Monday noon arrived Sat early evening. Pulling as I mentioned a 24ft empty enclosed trailer. That included one real long 12 hour day and mostly 6-8 hour days the rest of the time. Your 8 day plan should give you a day or two of wiggle room. Have fun.



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Posted: 02/08/15 11:45am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Will onstar work in Canada ?


Whitehorse, Yukon

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Posted: 02/08/15 11:41pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

beeman1 wrote:

Will onstar work in Canada ?

Yes, it does - I have it in my car in the Yukon.


Whitehorse, Yukon
and blogging at
I live to travel, and travel to really live


Surrey, B.C., Canada

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Posted: 02/20/15 04:40pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I'd suggest making sure the wheel bearings for those going to Alaska...on your trailer, are packed with grease prior to the trip! Had an incident with mine a few years back..on a Friday night, and there where no parts available until the next week, so we where stranded at the repair shop for 5 days! So, when bearings go, you possibly might even have to change the whole axle (which I did have to) thus making getting parts even more difficult. So, pack them wheel bearings before any long trip, as often they might go on you in mountainous terrain with no cities around. Also, having an AA or AAA membership is a plus as well, which I had for the vehicle, but neglected at the time of registration to get it for any pull trailer I paid over $400.00 to have my trailer on a tow truck for just over 20 miles!

Best of luck, and we'll be headed up that way in mid summer ourselves!

2008 Tiffin Phaeton 36' Class A Diesel



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Posted: 03/25/15 04:36pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

My Verizon plan allowed for unlimited texting, even in Canada, calls were .99 a minute. If you're affiliated with the military and want to camp on base in Anchorage, they have a campground on the Army side and the Air Force side. Only the Army side has on site sanitation hookup and they spray for mosquitoes! Air Force side has a community dump station and no spray.



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Posted: 03/26/15 05:44pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Went to Alaska from NC in 2013 and were debating on installing a washer/dryer or just using the campground laundry. We were accompanied by our 5 children and decided to get a combo unit, one of the best decisions we made for the trip. 45 days on the road and never lost time waiting on laundry, just throw in a load every night and keeping up was easy. They do use a lot of water, so on our boondocking nights we might skip. Going up again late June 2015 to do it all again.



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Posted: 03/29/15 12:25pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

To add to Janet's list.

Joyce and I will be adding to list but only posting updates in the future
If you have a specific question or help researching - private message and I will
help find an answer. If we haven't done it we probably know someone who has.

Western Route in Canada begins in Washington.

Most scenic route Hope to Prince George

Cassiar on your way to or back from, great two lane rd., I drove it last September much more scenic than Dawson Cr. very little construction. The only pavement breaks were near Dease Lake, BC, very short breaks I think the longest about 1/4 mile.  Plenty of places to pull off to do a little hiking, fishing, camping.
I saw 6 black bears at the end of the day in a twenty mile stretch so be careful if traveling at night.

Side trips
Small camp grounds.
Lakes to camp next to fish or canoe.
Water Falls and Glaciers.
Stewart small community kind of a long side trip plus must retrace rte.

Heading to Alaska
I would take rte 3 to 5 North from Hope to Kamloops cross back over to rte 1 then on to Prince George then on to the Cassiar by passing the Frasier River Canyon on the way to Alaska.
Connects: Yellowhead Hwy. to Alaska  Hwy.
Route#: BC Highway 37
Length: 450 miles
saves about 130 miles/210 km. off the Alaska Hwy

On the way back down take the Frasier River Canyon rte. to Hope.
Frasier River/Canyon is a must see. Very steep grade but down hill going South, take a little time stop and take in the sights.

Tok, Dawson, Top of the World Hwy, Whitehorse, Haines Jct. loop is one of our favorite trips.

For you it would start at Whitehorse Yukon, Klondike Highway.

Expect to see:
Caribou, wolves and grizzly bears and millions of migratory birds. Lynx, coyotes, foxes, Moose. Scan the landscape for movement. Wildlife are more active in early morning and evening. Fishing and camping

I would take this route if you intend to see some of Canada on the way to Alaska.

Whitehorse to Tok Northern route

Klondike Hwy
Whitehorse to Dawson - Klondike Hwy good Hwy 330 miles.

Side trips:

Canoe / Kayak the Yukon river Whitehorse to Dawson 15 - 17 days
Five finger rapids - 2:30 – 3:30 hours paddling time downstream from Carmacks, and is not particularly challenging if run right. check this web site for more information:.
There are a few Youtube videos running 5 finger.

Silver Trail
Whitehorse to Stewart Crossing,
Then east on the Silver Trail to the historic frontier mining towns of Mayo and Keno. Highway #11.
Head to Mayo; Visit Binet House in Mayo to plan activities in the area.
Keno; to visit the Keno City Mining Museum, a collection of mining artifacts.

Dempster Highway
Take a detour on to the Dempster Hwy visit Tonestone Territorial park or head further North to the Arctic Circle.
Tombstone Territorial Park, hiking, camping - Tombstone, Engineer Creek or Rock River campgrounds
Dempster accommodations Eagle Plains near the Arctic Circle
Cross the Arctic Circle
Inuvik far North City

Dawson City Dawson City
Museum, also a Train Museum
Robert Service, home; The Cremation of Sam McGee; a must read for a trip to Dawson City.
Visit the Dredge No. 4, maybe pan for a little gold.
Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre
Diamond Tooth Gerties, Canada’s oldest gambling hall good food, nice show and lots of fun.

Top of the World Highway, to Tailer Highway, to Tok.
Highway is a misnomer it is a mostly gravel road.
Cross the river from Dawson, the ferry is free.
The highway is mostly unpaved but is in reasonable condition as long as you take your time.
Cross the border on top of the mountains not quite half way. Spend time at least one over night camping. There are a couple camp grounds but you can find a place to pull out if you like. The entire trip can easily be done in a day it’s only about 187 miles to Tok.
See relics of the Gold Rush en route. A dredge abandoned near the Highway. The old lodge at Boundary, may have burned down. Last trip it was still there but abandoned.
Chicken is a small community about 1/2 way.
Visit the historic dredges, have a bite to eat.
Chickenstock Music Festival – June 14-15?
Chicken - Tisha's School House via Taylor Hwy or Top of the World Hwy
Chicken has Fuel if necessary it will be expensive.

Yukon things to do.
Dawson City -Apr 02, 05 2015. Film festival
Dawson City - June 13, 2015 Commissioner’s Ball at Dawson City's renowned Palace Grand Theatre. Get decked out in all your finest and step back in time.
Dawson City - Jun 20, 2015, National Aboriginal Day with outdoor events including the Hän Singers, live contemporary music, tours, activities, refreshments and an opportunity to visit our heritage galleries.
Dawson City - July 24-26, 2015 Music Festival
Dawson City - July 4, 2015 Yukon Gold Panning Championships
Haines Junction - June 12-14, 2015 Mountain Bluegrass Festival
Whitehorse - Jun 12, 2015 Sunstroke Music Festival Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre
Atlin - Jul 10-15 2015 Annual arts and music festivals


I read were people want to travel the Dalton Hwy on these forums, I would not suggest it. The road is traveled by 18 wheelers that are on a mission and do not drive slowly (broken windshields). If it rains the road turns into a muddy mess. Joyce’s trip up they went through three tires. There are very few services.
If it is a dream of yours to cross the Arctic Circle I would use the Dempster Hwy in Canada. Less traffic and if you are going to Dawson you are almost there.


We don’t live in Fairbanks so most of our time up there is as a tourist doing tourist things.
We have done a couple of float trips up North this is a great site for guided trips. Some are very mild and can be done without a guide others not so mild should be guided.
Chena Hot Springs - not as well kept as it use to be but still a side trip.
University of Alaska Museum of the North
Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium
Pioneer Parks - Alaska Native Museum

Click on the links to go to page.
Fairbanks Community Museum,
Pioneer Air Museum,
Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum,
Tanana Valley Railroad Museum.
Or go at your own pace with a self-guided walking tour of history or art in downtown Fairbanks.

Fairbanks to Denali National Park on the Parks Highway
Denali National Park
Take a float trip it is well guided and fun for all ages.
Your choice of Oar Rafts or Paddle Rafts.
Denali National Park - Usually a must for tourist, you drive in a short distance in your car/RV or ride the school buses that parks provides. There are commercial operators as well, probably more comfortable. If you have camp ground reservations you can drive into the camp ground and use the buses to get around.

Denali Highway
Side trip:
The original access to Denali Highway, most people skip this road in favor of the more established paved highways.
Generally open from mid-May to October 1; Denali Highway guidebook available over-the-counter for $10 each at BLM's Glennallen Field Office during weekday hours or you can order your copy by calling the Glennallen Field Office at (907) 822-3217. You may be able to order ahead of time if you are interest. I am not sure if you can pick one up in Cantwell.
 130 miles,  connects Cantwell on the Parks Highway to Paxon on the Richardson Highway. Rough road, slow going, weather is unpredictable it can snow even in the summer but doesn't usually last.
One way to connect up to McCarthy / Kennicott or you can continue South on the Parks Highway to Anchorage and points South.

Some services are available along the Denali Highway businesses come and go, fuel up before you start make sure your tires are in good shape.
Camping - Tangle Lakes - great place to canoe or kayak
Good info.

Side trip:
This is a relic to the Copper mining in Alaska, interesting to us but to be honest not a lot there. Camping, Hiking etc.. You might like it because it is off the beaten path.

McCarthy-Kennicott Museum 
Small Museum barely a building but it did look back into the past.
Open 7 days a week beginning Memorial Day weekend. Numerous pictures, documents, charts, maps and artifacts are on exhibit. A model of the Bonanza Mine is also on display in a box car next to the museum.

Kennicott Mine & Kennicott Glacier 
Tour the old mining site & town.
They had organized Glacier hike, they would take you out on the ice for a little adventure. Some of these operations go come and go, just don't venture out on your own if you can't find a guide.
Flight seeing trips are available.


Lake Creek Float Trips - two options
Chelatna Lake - 54 miles 4 - 7 days
Quiet Lake - mid way along Lake Creek shorter still great fishing
Deshka River - is a river in southern-central Alaska. The Deshka River is one of Southcentral Alaska's premier sport fishing streams.
Nancy Lakes- 13 rustic cabins that are available for rent on a nightly basis
Muskox farm a unique animal you won’t see anywhere else.
Hatcher Pass - Remnants of a hard rock gold mine.
Government Peak Camp ground. Small camp ground 8 sites, fills up early on the weekends.
Gold Mint Trail, parking area Camping is aloud.
You can camp on the rd over the pass and if you ask you may be able to camp at the parking lot at Marmot Mt..
Hatcher Pass hiking - many trails, from very easy to strenuous.
At the top of the pass - April Bowl Trail starts here and climbs to a smaller alpine lake. Adventurous hikers can continue climbing to the summit Hatcher Peak to the south. You can hike for days and never hike the same trail.
On most good days June thru September you might catch me there flying a Paraglider. In the winter there is Snow Machining and skiing.
The pass usually doesn't open until the first of July depending on the snow on the road. It is a scenic drive if you hike nearly any valley you will come across relics of the gold mining era.
Cross the pass Willow to Palmer or the other way narrow winding road.

Palmer State Fair at the end of summer giant vegetables, typical fair.

Most of the mountains in the area have trail heads to hike into the wilderness. This is not Zion National Park so don’t expect paved trails or any park rangers. Once you step into the wilderness here you are on your own.

ANCHORAGE / Eagle River & AREA
Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center - Downtown Anchorage
Crow's Nest (meal Captain Cook Hotel) 
Simon & Seafort's - Anchorage
Arctic Road Runner - for a great burger
Flight Seeing - Anchorage/Chugach Mountains 
Alaska Native Heritage Center
Moose Tooth Pub - pizza local hang out
Short hikes usually not more than two - three hours.
Hike Turnagain trail it can be done in stages
Hike Flat Top Mt.
Hike O’malley Peak
Hike Alpenglow to Gordon Lyons
Hike Mt. Baldy over looking the town of Eagle River right in the center of town
Hike Bear Mt. over looks Mirror lake on one side and Eklutna Lake on the other side.
Eklutha Lake campground - 50 campsites in the mountains just North of Anchorage - hiking, canoeing - Cabin at the very back of the valley, Pepper Peak just above the campground. On a good day you may see us Paragliding right over your head.
Eagle River campground is pretty good only 12 miles to Anchorage.
Don’t stay at any of the camp grounds in Anchorage they are terrible. Just stay a Walmart you will have the same experience.
Train ride to Seward - I would recommend one way have someone drive the RV to Seward.
Canoeing/rafting Spencer Glacier

Alyeska Tram & Resort -(dinner - Seven Glaciers)
If you ride up the tram you can hike around on the Mountain. It is a free ride down if you hike up. Takes about an hour to hike if you are in reasonable shape. We hike up for the exercise then fly Paragliders or ride the tram down.
Chair 5 restaurant is a local hang out.
The Bake Shop - another local eatery, good food - down by the Day Lodge
Winner Creek Trail at Alyeska, short hike with hand tram to cross the creek. Leave a car at one end of the trail so you don’t have to hike both ways.
Double Musky (Dinner) - Girdwood good restaurant hard to get in and relatively expensive.

Whittier via Portage Glacier Not much here but Ferry Terminal and access to Prince William Sound. If you want to see one of the most beautiful places on earth take a tour. I can’t promise you will see whales but we always see Puffins, Seals, Sea Lions and Glaciers.
Glacier Tours - the best we have been on is:
Prince William Sound - 26 Glacier Tour - ends by 6 pm so you could head down to Seward, it’s about a 2 hour drive or stay at:
Portage - Williwaw Campground (Chugach National Forest)

Hope - Side trip on your way South to Seward
Old gold mine, tailings, Mining small museum. Mining was done by Water Gun a very destructive process that has taken years to recover.
White water Rafting - 6 mile creek - Hope

Primrose campground - outside of Seward
Hike Primrose Lost lake trail 16 miles great hike, takes about 6 hours. We leave a car at the fire station end at the trail head - locals can direct you.
Campground in Seward as well.
Seward Silver Salmon Derby - Aug
Charters Sight seeing and Fishing
Kenai Fjords Boat Tours – Seward
Exit Glacier - easy hike
Mount Marathon - race July 4th race distance is 3.1 miles, with an elevation gain of 3,022 feet. If you are adventurous you to can climb the Mt. just not on race day.

Kenai Peninsula
Swanson River Canoe Route - 80 miles including 40 lakes and 46 miles of the Swanson RiverPratt Museum – Homer
Homer High Rd Drive
Halibut Cove in Homer - Dinner at Salty Dawg
Halibut fishing - charters
Kachemak Bay - t
Trip over to Seldovia quiet little village.
Sight seeing tours

Trips that Joyce and I think may be of interest to you.
Fall trip to Kaktovic to see the Polar Bears - Joyce was on a photo shoot two years ago in Kaktovic, she photographed more than forty Polar bears.
Kaktovic has very limited lodging so must have reservations before you go or best to be on a guided trip.
July trip would be to Katmai National Park, Brooks Camp - photograph Brown bears, this is a unique jaunt that can be done in one day but not cheap $750 ea. for airfare. If you stay the night it can be $900 for a one night package per person. Joyce is the photographer generally a bear nut so she will go nearly anywhere to be near the bears. Both of these trips if you get to experience the bears you will be very, very close within 30 feet some times less, my preference is 100 yards and that may be a little close.
McNeil River is a lottery it is very hard to win, that is why we suggest Katmai, Brooks Camp. Expect a crowd on the over look because it is very popular.

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S Bradley
Navion IQ 24V


Seward, Alaska

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We are new to the forum and want to introduce ourselves on this thread. We are avid RV'ers from Seward, Alaska and host an Alaska RV travel blog with local knowledge and insider information.
If you have any questions, we'd like to help.

Ben & Rebecca Pazdernik
Seward, Alaska


western NY

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Posted: 03/31/15 09:31am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

His_Hers_Alaska wrote:

We are new to the forum and want to introduce ourselves on this thread. We are avid RV'ers from Seward, Alaska and host an Alaska RV travel blog with local knowledge and insider information.
If you have any questions, we'd like to help.

Great... the more info the better. As a first time I can't read enough of this. We should be down your way towards the end of July...assuming all goes as planned.

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