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Nova Scotia

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Posted: 03/18/16 02:08pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

krobbe wrote:

DBH_MI wrote:

I have the 2014 version of the truck the OP is considering. Dual cam hitch, 7500 lb trailer. I tow with 6th gear locked out and the truck runs approx. 2300 rpm in 5th at 62 mph with the occasional downshift to 4th on hills and average 10 mpg. When we travel to Colorado, we typically cover 450 to 550 miles per day and spent a day last August pulling in 100 degree heat with a 20 to 30 mph headwind. No problems. No issues being "blown around" by Semis on the expressway or two lanes. No "white knuckle" driving. Keeping the trailer within the towing parameters of the tow vehicle is important regardless the size of the tow vehicle.

See This^
Can't argue with REAL world towing experience with the Chevy 5.3L and your TT of choice. My paper calculations don't compare with the actual results. Computer engine control programming, transmission efficiencies and many other factors make a huge difference over some generic HP curve.
Camp On!

Similar setup, 7800pd 30ft camper, Reese dual cam, avg8.9mpg doing 55mph. Can max 200 miles before I had enough, get fatigued from the constant correction. Wind gust will push me, no real issues with passing transfers, always find a general push and pull from the weight of the trailer. Not a setup I am willing to go cross country with or found overly enjoyable! Do prefer it over a smaller camper with short trips. Upgraded and travel more now.



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Posted: 03/18/16 05:48pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

krobbe wrote:

bid_time wrote:

Looks like you ran into the "got to have a diesel dually to pull a popup crowd".

No. I don't think so. Every post thus far has said it was likely the trailer was too much for the 1/2 ton based on experience or payload calculation. I saw nothing about any DUALLY comments.
Op, post your payload number and we can help you out with what will fit for your truck.

Yea "chicken little" posts like those by bid_time show IMO a TOTAL LACK of UNDERSTANDING the issues and I'm lost why folks want to simply "MUDDY THE WATERS" w/o providing any meaningful input.

When folks do things like this they don't realize just how much they've hurt their credibility (or simply DESTROYED IT) in future posts that readers give any weight to since the "DIE IS CAST" so to speak.


2001 standard box 7.3L E-350 PSD Van with 4.10 rear and 2007 Holiday Rambler Aluma-Lite 8306S Been RV'ing since 1974.


North Central Indiana

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Posted: 03/18/16 10:30pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I did the math once. My F-150 is Advertised as pulling 9500 lbs. If you figure a conservative tongue weight of 1000 lbs, truck cap and tools; I have enough cargo capacity for me and the dog. The wife has to stay home.

That is why the adds show a man towing his big boat. Note there is often no one else in the cab.

In real life my 5000 lb dry weight TT tips the CAT scales at 6200 to 6600 lbs loaded for the road, with about 750 on the tongue. With wife, dog and gear I am at my max cargo limit.

The combo pulls just fine in the hills or on the flat. No doubt a bigger TV would be nice but I do not see any reason to fix what is not broken.

Twenty six foot 2010 Dutchmen Lite pulled with a 2011 EcoBoost F-150 4x4.

Just right for Grandpa, Grandma and the dog.



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Posted: 03/18/16 10:39pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

My 2012 5.3 with 3:42 and 6 spd turns 2000 rpm at 60 MPH while towing a 6600lb 30 foot trailer. Hills will cause a downshift and an increase. On steep hills it will go up to 4000 rpm at 50 MPH.

A modern "1/2" ton properly equipped is a very capable tow vehicle. Payload remains the limiting factor.

2011 Jayco 28U
2012 Chev Silverado Crew Cab 5.3 6 spd 3.42 (sold)
2017 Chev Silverado Crew Cab 5.3 8 spd 3.42
Equal-i-Zer 1400/14000


Indianapolis, IN

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Posted: 03/18/16 11:19pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I also towed 7,500 pounds with the 5.3, 3.42 (2013 Silerado) and had no complaints. I took that combination through the Smokies and Ozarks, but not the Rockies.

I upgraded to a 2500 because I bought the wrong cab configuration and decided if I was upgrading, I would buy something that could hold a rick of firewood in the bed while being hitched up. I don't do "RV parks" with full hookups, and I need a rick of firewood and an extra 50 gallons of water in the bed of my truck for three or four nights of camping.

Look, if you listen to most of the posters on this forum, you will end up buying a Mack truck to tow a popup.

MY FIL has a 2013 Sierra with the 5.3 and 3.42, and he tows a Windjammer that is 35 feet long and weighs 8,500 pounds. He upgraded the tires and has taken that combination all over the country, including the big mountains out west.

People used to tow much heavier trailers with vehicles much less equipped than those we have today. Decide what you are comfortable with, but don't put a lot of stock in the "go bigger, no matter what" posters on this board.

2018 Grand Design Reflection 315RLTS
2014 RAM 2500 6.4L HEMI


No paticular place.

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Posted: 03/19/16 09:23am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Lan.N wrote:

Wow, I wasn't expecting so many replies. Thank you everyone for your help. Unfortunately, the exact payload number is not available right now. It's a long story, but basically the dealership messed up and gave us a truck without the max towing package. The replacement truck will be here next week with a GVWR rating of 7600 lbs. The current truck has a rating of 7200 GVWR; the payload sticker on the door right now is 1638 lbs. The replacement vehicle will probably not see a 400 lbs increase since it will be heavier equipped, so I'm guessing the new payload rating will be 1800 - 1900 lbs.

The TT being discussed has a 715 lbs hitch weight. According to Krobbe formula:
Payload Limit: 1800
Passenger: 400 (2 small people and 2 huge dogs)
Cargo: 200
WDH: 100
1800-400-200-100 =1100
1100/.15 = 7333 lbs (lol, the same number as you)
Looking at the result I should not exceed 7333 lbs in towing?

Some of you were wondering why I got a 1/2 ton instead of something bigger. First of all, I stated that we were inching closer to our dreams, meaning that we are taking steps toward it... Obviously, without any monetary constraints, we will get the biggest and baddest tow vehicle to tow whatever we want (or probably just get a class A.); life however is more complicated. We are both young adults and still have student loans to pay off. We still have to work in crowded cities and getting a bulky expensive truck before going full time will not be practical at the moment. I'm sure in the future we will want to upgrade. Plus, we got the truck for a little over 37k, and getting something bigger right now would cost us much more $$$.

Once again, thank you everyone for the warm welcome and for all the advice. According to majority consensus I should go lighter and smaller. Some stated that I could probably tow it, but it will not be fun or safe in a 1/2 ton. Being inexperience, I wasn't sure and needed clarity. Thank you forum [emoticon] Since this TT is definitely vetoed. Will the Outback Terrain 250TRS be a better fit for my truck?

The TT specs:

Shipping Weight 5483
Carrying Capacity 2017
Hitch 585
Length 27' 6"

715lb dry hitch weight is probably right around 1000lbs fully loaded. Add in the rest and you are right up at the limits. A little flat land, short distance towing, you probably won't mind but if the goal is longer distance, longer term....

If the truck isn't here yet, talk to the dealer and see if they can switch you to a 3/4ton. Cost shouldn't be a much more and will give you more room to spare

Tammy & Mike
Ford F250 V10
2008 Copper Canyon 5er
Catalac Catamaran 34'
Full Time spliting time between boat and 5er


Eastern Washington

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Posted: 03/19/16 09:43am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

We just ran into this same issue last year. We bought a 1/2 ton truck which we loved and then a year or so later bought a TT. Of course we got a trailer that was a bunk house and tongue to bumper is 32 feet. Almost at the max load for the 1/2 ton. It did fine and would still pull it if we still had the 1/2 ton. Took a trip to the Oregon coast and it was windy the entire time, even before getting to the cost. White knuckle driving is not fun. I hate to break it to you but if its your dream to travel as you said you're going to have to move up to a bigger truck. We moved up to a F-350 and I think there is no sense in getting a 3/4 ton. You will have more piece of mind, bigger frame - brakes - capacity etc etc. Weight was always a worry but now I could pull my TT and the one your looking at :-).



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Posted: 03/19/16 04:15pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I towed with a GMC max tow, crew cab, 4x4, 5.3L, payload was just over 2,000 pounds. It's a very capable truck. I have a larger family, so people and gear ate my payload away quickly.

Here's what I would say, if you were towing locally, it would be a perfect fit for 2 people. But since you plan on being full-timers, I would suspect that'll be carrying a lot of stuff, and that stuff weighs a lot. So putting that stuff in the truck, will eliminate remaining payload very quickly. Good luck.

Palomino SolAire 307QBDSK
2016 Chevrolet 2500, CC, 6.0L, 4.10


East of the Mississippi

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Posted: 03/20/16 08:46am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

It either has enough payload or it doesn't, it's a simple calculation. And don't overlook, 100 lbs of payload taken out of the truck and put inside the TT over the axle become only 12 lbs of payload (12 more lbs of tongue weight), an 88 lbs difference.



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Posted: 03/20/16 12:06pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I've got a 2015 GMC Sierra with the Max Trailering, 5.3L 6 speed 3.73 axle.

Tow rating is 10,900. Payload (yellow sticker) is 2015.

I pull a Cougar 30RKS. 34'4" from hitch to bumper. Max weight 8,200 lbs. Tongue weight around 1,000 (per a scale). I use a 10K Equal-i-zer 4 point hitch. I'm within all my limits by a decent margin and it tows just fine. I would not go much heavier though.

I do plan to add air-bags more to help with the bounce but it's not necessary.

Last truck was an 01 GMC 2500hd Diesel. It bounced as well and I was thinking of adding air bags to it. just a long trailer for the wheelbase of the truck. I know the two won't tow the same, and that I will have to get used to the motor revving a lot more than the diesel did, but the diesel didn't suit my non-towing life (short commute, never warmed up) so it was time to get new.

2015 GMC Sierra 4x4 CC SB Max Trailer
2010 Cougar 30RKS

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