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Statesville NC

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Posted: 11/06/17 12:26pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Camping World Corporate
Camping World of Statesville North Carolina
After searching far and wide for a new camper my family and I decided to purchase a new Zinger 328SB from Camping World in Statesville North Carolina.
One of the main reasons we purchased our camper here is the fact that we would be an hour from home in case there were needs it would just be easier to get things taken care of if we were closer to home. When we made the decision to purchase this unit there were a few minor things or at least what I thought were minor things that needed to be repaired on the unit. Most of these things were addressed and we were satisfied when we picked our unit up. However, we discovered when we arrived home that one of the cabinet doors still had the issue we had reported. It appeared to be a stripped screw on the handle, still a minor issue.
We took our camper out for the first time just a couple of days after the purchase and on that trip we discovered several items that needed attention. Here is a list.
The awning hangs and needs hands on assistance to open up.
The door to the outdoor kitchen (addressed before purchase) will not close without pushing aggressively on the bottom right corner to force it closed and once it is closed it appears that only the key lock and one other toggle connects to anything to hold the door closed. All other toggles don’t make any connection. I was actually told during our walk through that it was supposed to work this way.
The rubber molding around the inside door closure of the outdoor kitchen is torn in a couple of different places, probably where the toggles are digging into the rubber and not where they are supposed to latch.
The latch on one of the main bedroom doors pulls right out and will not hold the door. (Due to the door opening and closing in transit the door now has damage to it.
The door that closes off the bunkhouse is missing screws in the upper track and at least one screw is backing out and the door hangs.
The biggest issue is a bath tub that pours water out over the top any time someone is taking a shower. It appears the tub could be out of level. That is simply a guess. (we are doing everything we can to keep the water that gets into the floor to not cause further damage. However we cannot control the water that is running under the tub.)
We purchased the camper on August 23rd 2017.
I sent an email to the gentleman we dealt with to purchase the camper and made him aware of these issues in August 2017 just a few days after our purchase. He instructed me to email the service manager, Sandra Tibbs, which I did immediately.
I instructed the service manager that we were 60 miles away and we would be pulling our Zinger on a camping trip on the morning of Friday September 22nd to Georgia and asked if we could make an appointment for early that morning and get these issues fixed. She was in agreement and set my appointment for 830am September 22nd 2017.
That day came, we arrived for our appointment and we were informed that there wasn’t any appointment made for us. The gentleman there went to work immediately once again getting the list of items in need of repair on our unit. He was very apologetic and assured us we would be taken care of quickly. After about a 30 minute delay I was asked to unhook from the unit as it would need to be placed inside for repairs.
My family went to eat breakfast in a local restaurant and returned about 2 hours later and just as we arrived on the lot I got a phone call saying our unit was ready. I went to the desk and said “so we got everything fixed?” To which he replied, “oh no we just did and evaluation, we now have to get permission from the manufacturer to fix these issues, that won’t be today. We were promised we would get a call soon to set up yet another appointment to actually get these items fixed.
I spoke with the general manager that day and was assured that we would be taken care of in a timely manner and that someone would come to pick our unit up and bring it back to our home and we would not have to run it up and down the road to be fixed. I have not heard from this gentleman since.
One week later we had not received any communication from Camping World.
I contacted Camping World on Twitter and received a phone call from the Statesville store pretty quickly saying they had failed to get pictures of some of the problem areas and asked that I send them pictures. I immediately took the pictures and emailed them to Camping World Statesville.
9 days later I received a call from Camping World Statesville saying they never received the pictures. I immediately forwarded the pictures to them from the original that was sent 9 days before and they admitted yes they had been sent the first time 9 days earlier.
October 20, 2017, has been 4 weeks since our appointment at Camping world for what we thought was an appointment to get our camper fixed and still nothing.
I have messaged Camping world the following dates asking for someone from the Corporation to contact me without any success.
10/02/2017 – I was promised Camping World was looking into this matter.
10/02/2017 I sent my telephone number so that I could be contacted.
10/02/2017 I was assured that my concerns had been forwarded to the leadership team at Camping World.
10/16/2017 I asked someone from Corporate to call me to discuss the issues.
10/16/2017 I was assured someone from the leadership team would contact me to talk.
10/17/2017 I asked again to be contacted because no one had.
10/17/2017 I was assured someone from corporate would contact me.
10/18/2017 No one had called so I requested again and was assured someone would contact me.
10/19/2017 No one had called so I contacted CW again and was assured someone above the store level would be calling me.
I requested a number for corporate and I was not allowed to speak with anyone who could actually help me.
10/20/2017 I have contacted corporate once again and promised that a regional manager will be calling me.
It is now November 6, 2017, 7 weeks later and there has been no appointment to get our unit fixed and there has been no call from a regional manager or anyone else from Camping World Corporate.
We have gone in debt $22,000 dollars for a camper that we cannot get anyone from camping world corporate to even speak with us about.
We would like to ask that we be able to return this camper to the Statesville Camping World location and be released from the contract to purchase this unit based on the absolute poor service we have received. It would appear to us that Nobody at Camping World cares about the people who spend their hard earned money with them. I am really amazed after learning that Camping World is the largest camper retailer in the Country.
Ronnie G Collins


Between Anderson, Pendleton, & Lapel, Indiana

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Posted: 11/06/17 12:36pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

" It would appear to us that Nobody at Camping World cares about the people who spend their hard earned money with them."

Unfortunately, this is a re-occurring theme that should never happen even once.


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Sunny South

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Posted: 11/06/17 12:41pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

1. Business as usual from Camping World
2. Most of your problems are very minor in nature. You should just fix them yourself.
3. You cannot "be released from the contract to purchase"! You bought the camper and as you stated, you went in debt to purchase. The lender only cares about your making payments in a timely manner.


On the Road

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Posted: 11/06/17 12:47pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

So sorry your RV purchase went so badly.

Sadly though, If you read thru the posts on this part of the forum you will quickly see you are not the lone ranger when it comes to CW taking your money on a sale of an RV and then turning their backs and NEVER being of assistance when it comes to warranty and/or repairs.

CW needs to step up to the plate and start providing SERVICE to the customers that buy their RV's. And QUIT giving the customers the run around.[emoticon]

I sure DO hope you get a quick resolve on all your repairs and concerns. Best of luck. [emoticon]

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The Keystone State

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Posted: 11/06/17 01:02pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Ironic, you got a Zinger from Camping World.

I hope it works out for you.


Weeki Wachee, Florida

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Posted: 11/06/17 01:07pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Not the first complaint. The selling dealer blames it on the manufacturer, then you sit and wait, and wait, and wait. The dealers sure love to sell them to us, after that they don't care. They have gotten your contract, got paid in full, now its the bank and you! It seems that it is almost standard procedure anymore and the more Rvs sell the worse it will get.

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Posted: 11/06/17 01:11pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Another example of why you want a small local dealer where you can actually see and speak with the owner.
Good Luck


Glenwood, IA

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Posted: 11/06/17 01:48pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Mirrors my two purchase experiences with CW, it never ends.

Jeff and Kim
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Good Sam Care Team



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Posted: 11/06/17 01:55pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator


Thank you for contacting Camping World and providing additional information. I have updated your case and requested you be contacted.

Good Sam Care Team

Mont G&J

Missoula, MT

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Posted: 11/06/17 02:08pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

In my experienced opinion, once you jump over the service managers’ head, and complain to the general manager, CW leadership team, and corporate, you are more or less out there on your own. Those top execs, in their freshly pressed suits, have probably never repaired a trailer in their life, and now you have stepped on the toes of those who do.

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