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on the road

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Posted: 06/16/19 11:01am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

CBD is legal in TN, but may not be prescribed or recommended by a physician or vet.

I am most familiar with veterinary CBD use and have bought some for arthritis treatment in my very elderly Akita but haven't yet seen the need to try it on her.
The Science on CBD is positive for treatment of epilepsy- canine and human. The Science isn't in yet for treatment of anything else. Plenty of anecdotal evidence for this and that, but CBD in normal doses appears to be relatively harmless. Like everything else, any drug is good when not misused.


North Carolina

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Posted: 06/16/19 11:42am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

We spent $1000.00 in May for all sorts of tests to find out why he is so agitated. From our vet to our ophthalmologist, concerning his glaucoma in one eye and cataract in other to a neurologist and nothing showed why. That is when our vet suggested the CBD oil, which does help.

This does not "knock him out" but does allow him to be calm both day and night. This cbd oil is for animals only.

Thanks everyone for your comments.




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Posted: 06/16/19 12:07pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

NRALIFR wrote:

Hemp and marijuana are from the same SPECIES of plant. Kinda like wolves and poodles are the same species. Big difference.

It’s also NOT illegal to POSSESS hemp in the US. It’s illegal to grow it.


Wolves and poodles are the same genus but not the same species. Hemp and marijuana come from the same species of plant. There may be some genetic engineering involved just like a poodle and a bulldog are the same species, but that doesn't change that they are derived from the same plant.

Possession of any quantity of a schedule I controlled substance is a crime in the United States. You may not agree with the DEA's decision to do so, but it was challenged in court over 30 years ago and the plaintiff lost.

Pawz4me wrote:

twodownzero wrote:

Hemp and marijuana are made from the same plant. With limited exception, it is a crime to possess any quantity of either anywhere in the United States.

A quick Google search of "where is CBD oil legal 2019" results in multiple reputable sites that disprove your assertion.

According to WebMd marijuana is fully legal in:

Washington D.C.

And medical marijuana is legal in:

Alabama (CBD only)
Georgia (CBD only)
Indiana (CBD only)
Iowa (CBD only)
Kansas (CBD only)
Kentucky (CBD only)
Mississippi (CBD only)
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina (CBD only)
North Dakota
Oklahoma (CBD only)
Rhode Island
South Carolina (CBD only)
Tennessee (CBD only)
Texas (CBD only)
Virginia (CBD only)
West Virginia
Wisconsin (CBD only)
Wyoming (CBD only)

Where all marijuana is illegal:

South Dakota

I don't know how "medical" marijuana is defined in all states (whether a doctor's prescription is required, etc.). Here in mine it now means I can walk into a store and buy CBD products just like I can any other vitamin/mineral/herbal supplement.

The states are in a pissing contest with the federal government. It does not change that it is a crime to possess any quantity of any Schedule I controlled substance with very few exceptions. Regardless of what someone told you, whether it's called "medical" or otherwise, marijuana is not legal anywhere in the United States. That there may be lax enforcement has nothing to do with that.

Obviously people are finally waking up that the law went a bit overboard with regard to marijuana, but until Congress does something about it, marijuana, hemp, or whatever you want to call the product that results, remains illegal.


North Carolina

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Posted: 06/16/19 12:31pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Twodownzero, you might find this an informative and educational read, especially the "What about the Feds" section. I tried to copy/paste here, but the forum software isn't cooperating.

Me, DH and Yogi (Shih Tzu)
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Lake County, IN


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Posted: 06/16/19 05:58pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

The discussion here has presented some of the issues with using CBD in animals. The legality sometimes may rely on the interpretation of the legal authority you are dealing with. State laws are in direct violation of federal laws regarding marijuana.

Anecdotal evidence has been very positive regarding CBD use in dogs. The problem is that it's use is new enough that we really don't know optimum doses, dangerous doses (although this does not appear to be an issue), long term effects and appropriate uses. There is a lot of research being done right now and we're getting information rapidly.

The other issue is that the OTC forms are not regulated and tested in many cases, so you have to be careful about sourcing. You may or may not be getting what you think you are.

With firework season coming (already started here [emoticon]) I'd be interested if anyone has had success in use relieving anxiety with fireworks.

Doug, DVM

Doug & Sandy
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Check out

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