Good Sam Club Open Roads Forum: 2018 TT has been deemed Total Loss by insurance company
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 > 2018 TT has been deemed Total Loss by insurance company

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dodge guy

Bartlett IL

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Posted: 06/24/19 08:34am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Jack Spratt wrote:

Snowbirds leave the city water on for months at a time

It’s only waste water if you bathed or cleaned with it. Other wise it’s like filling a bucket from the faucet and dumping it!

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Long Island

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Posted: 06/24/19 06:51pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

OP here.

Selling the salvage TT, for $2500 over what insurance will give me, to the body shop owner. He currently has a 2006 TT - and he renovated that one to the frame. He's been drooling over our 2018 TT the moment I told him insurance said it was a total loss. He's got the time, desire, and manpower to make it as good as new. So, good for him! I hope he enjoys it for years to come.

We saw it today. The floor is completely pulled back and the queen bed is disassembled and gone. Black mold dots here and there throughout. Underbelly completely opened. Cabinet bottoms not too bad but I think I see a little swelling.

I am getting the hell outta dodge with this one.

After what was close to 50-75 combined hours searching the internet at night & weekends, and DW on the phone throughout the day, over the course of the last week and a half....

I believe we found a new TT about 5 hrs away from me in western NY. Put a deposit on it over the phone and negotiated to about 36% off MSRP and $1200 less then three other dealers in the states surrounding us. We are supposed to take the drive this weekend. Hopefully all goes well.

Sheesh, perhaps I didn't have to cancel my Lake George 7/4th trip after all!

...but I didnt want to take a chance on losing a $400 reservation.

Grit dog

Black Diamond, WA

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Posted: 06/25/19 12:24am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

^ Sounds like it'll work out good for you. That's great to hear.
Understand not wanting to do any work to it. Totally, but as proof it isn't destroyed, the camper guy couldn't wait to buy it.

Bionic man, your totally right. No wood to rot in our boat either, but wet cushions and carpet will mold or mildew just as easily. Point was, it's summer. Wet turns to dry pretty quick anywhere south of the Arctic circle.

Similar example. Water heater in garage was leaking for a couple weeks before I got a chance to replace it.
Wood buildup platform under it was saturated, drywall moldy behind it
Replaced water heater, wiped mold down with some Windex (works as good as bleak I found out from my plumber buddy). Turned a fan on it for a couple days. Poof. Good as new.
Not allergic to mold though

"Yes Sir, Oct 10 1888, Those poor school children froze to death in their tracks. They did not even find them until Spring. Especially hard hit were the ones who had to trek uphill to school both ways, with no shoes." -Bert A.


Oliver Springs TN

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Posted: 06/27/19 10:28am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

A long time ago I posted how I equipped my RV with a automatic shut off valve. Half of the people on here responded like I was an idiot.

What I did was add a 12 volt water valve right where the hose attaches to the RV. Then I installed 4 wireless, battery powered buttons in the RV, one above the shower, one at each sink and one in the wet bay. My water is always off unless a button is pressed. If any button is pressed, the water valve is opened for 15 minutes then shuts off again automatically. That's it. I never worry about a pipe busting and flooding the RV while we sleep or are away.

If you are using the water and it goes off, just press the button again. If you are taking a long shower and you don't want it to go off, press it again anytime during the shower, the timer resets with every press for a 15 minute countdown.

Some people say just use the water in the tank but my tank holds 70 gallons of fresh water and my grey holds 40. Do the math. I guess I could just fill the tank half way but that's a pain. My buttons work great.

I don't think anybody sells what I made so you'd have to know someone who can program an Arduino or ESP8266. I used a NODEmcu, a 12 volt valve, Mosfet and four 433 mhz wall mount switches. Cost me about 50 bucks for everything. There was 12 volts in the wet bay for the light so I just tapped into that. You could program it for any about of time you wished to but I felt 15 minutes was about right. I only have 6 gallons of hot water. Shower longer than 15 minutes and the hot water is gone anyway.

If for any reason something in my wiring failed, simply disconnect the hose and hook it up to the RV directly.

* This post was edited 06/27/19 11:05am by TNGW1500SE *

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Open Roads Forum  >  General RVing Issues

 > 2018 TT has been deemed Total Loss by insurance company
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