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Varies with weather

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Posted: 08/10/20 01:10pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

OP here...
Thank you very much for the helpful responses.



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Posted: 08/10/20 05:31pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

There is a difference between a heart attack and CAD... I think you should get a 2nd opinion. I was told more or less the same thing after the stress test .. come back in a week and we will check to see if you need stents (cardiac angiography) to see how bad your blockage is... needless to say, the doctor stopped the procedure, called an ambulance, and the next day at the hospital had triple bypass. They definitely at least should do a cardiac angiography procedure to see how much blockage there is. I had 90% blockage in the main, 80% on another and 2 other blockages. After surgery, the Surgeon told me if I didn't come in when I did, I probably would have been gone in 60 days or less. Nothing to mess with. My heart is strong, but the arteries supposedly now have a 10 year life span.. but the Surgeon would not give me a warranty. [emoticon]

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Posted: 08/10/20 07:29pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

[quote=wildtoad]Heart attacks can be very mild, to debilitating. If the DR says not sufficient to install stents, then At sometime most likely you may feel a little chest pain, tightness. At the first sign of anything take one of the pills and stick it under your tongue. Which is probably what the DR suggested in perhaps a different way. After years of chest pains, a quad bypass in ‘98, two stents (one no longer working), I carry a bottle in my pocket or on a keychain all the time. They work well and quickly to quell the pain.

If one doesn't do it, my DR says try up-to three and then call 911.[/quote]

Same advice from my Dr.this seems to be the standard. Most Dr's will prescribe some type blood thinners, some times just an aspirin. I had stable angina for years & my questions always been how bad does it hurt before I go to the nitro?

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Posted: 08/10/20 08:21pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I've had both types. The first produced minor discomfort in my neck and jaw but not enough to stop me from what I was doing (running) or alert me to seek medical attention (didn't find out about the damage until years later). The second was the worst pain I've ever experienced and it happened while I was in the hospital getting an angiogram performed. I remained conscious, was in extreme pain but nothing I could do but lay on my back because when it happened I was still on the table with a catheter inside me (thru my groin up into one of the coronary arteries). The only thing preventing me from doubling up was the fear of death if I moved and that catheter and whatever they were using to guide in up through my arteries would tear up my insides. That pain lasted for hours and the only relief came when I got a shot of Fentanyl.

Everyone reacts differently to pain but in my mind the pain would be a memory enhancer to remember exactly what needed to do to stop it, unless it's one of those heart attacks that kills you in moments.


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Posted: 08/10/20 10:12pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

FWIW, my eldest sister was told by her doctor that she had atherosclerosis and high blood pressure, and diabetes was kicking in on top of that. He said either change your diet and exercise, or go on insulin and BP meds. She read a book called "The China Study" and became convinced by what she read, so she switched to the whole foods, plant based diet that the authors recommend. I mean, she really stuck to it. Also started some modest exercise. In 8 months I think she'd lost over 40 lbs and her doctor gave her pretty much a clean bill of health... BP 100/60, cholesterol fine, heart is fine, arteries improved, blood sugar normal. She is in her late 70s.

Mike G.
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Posted: 08/11/20 04:37am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Rangerider wrote:

Good suggestions here. Suggest your wife carry a bottle of Nitro also. It never hurts to have a back-up.

Yes. My DH's doctor told me to carry them as well. And remember, these things have a relatively short life. If you don't replenish them periodically you will find nothing but powder when you open up the bottle. Fortunately, DH has never needed one. He actually had a heart attack with no chest pain. Heavy feeling in his legs and arms, but no pain.


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Posted: 08/11/20 09:58am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I don't know where you are, but you can also call the St.Thomas Heart Hospital in Nashville TN. or Vanderbilt hospital.
I am an 8 year heart survivor. I almost waited to long from a severe Widow-Maker I awoke at 4:00 am; I went back to go to sleep when I felt shoulder blade pain and went in to the living room and sat on my chair. I got some water and smoked a cigarette; after two puffs; I had trouble breathing and put it out. I still wasn't sure it was a Heart Attack and waited until about 6:20 am. I then felt some tingling in my biceps. I seen my supervisor was awake; so I called him.
We went to the hospital about 12 miles to a local hospital. We walked from the parking lot about 50 ft.; I got to the ER receptionist desk and just about collapsed try to set on the chair.
When he heard that I thought it was a heart attack; gave me my name; about a minute; they had me prepped. I got two 97%b stents on the left artery then. got me to ICU. The 85% right artery was done two days later.
The interventionist Dr. told me I had a severe Heart Attack and kept me in the ICU for 5 more days to make sure I was good enough to come home. I have quit smoking. I don't drink alcohol. The difficult part is eating since I do not go as much from this pandemic virus!



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Posted: 08/17/20 06:36am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I saved my DH's life in spite of his denial he was having a heart attack. I heard him laboring to breathe in the middle of the night. I reached over an touched him...he was ice cold. I'd worked with 5 nurses and knew that HA's presented differently.

I literally had to trick him into chewing two aspirin...and get him in the car "to get checked out for the flu". Once we were on the road I called the ER and told them my DH was having a HA. He vehemently denied it, wanted to turn around and go home. He was missing his morning jog.

Once at the ER... he was checked out and immediately had a cath angiogram. Two major blockages in the widow maker. Two stents and 18 years later he's fine. The DR's said "we" caught it early and he sustained no damage. It took him a long time to realize he really did have a HA. Had he gone jogging...he would not have lived another hour.

"Stuff" happens. Now you know what you have and you can control many factors. I put DH on a very strict diet to lose weight and bring down his cholesterol. The China Study book is an excellent place to start. Cleveland Clinic in Ohio has an excellent program to reverse heart disease...or at least slow it down. Read "Forks over Knives". Really take a hard look at what you eat... Dr. Mark Hyman (Cleveland Clinic) and many other DR's say that food is medicine. Much of what is sold in grocery stores is poison. Literally chemicals.

I don't want to get on a soap box... I love an occasional DQ Blizzard... but even if you can't reverse the can make changes that will help you.

I'd also get a second opinion from a CVI. Best wishes to you. CTS

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