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Harrisville, UT

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Posted: 10/16/20 05:30pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Some buddies and I did a day trip to the lake to do some fishing and on our way home we followed a travel trailer that was driving erratically. Several miles down the highway the trailer blew a tire and the driver never knew it. It took us a bit to catch up to him but finally waved him over. That trailer was all over the road. I don't know if that lead to the tire blowing or the bad tire led to the trailer wondering all over the place.

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Posted: 10/16/20 05:41pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

We were on our way to Florida on 441 in Georgia and just north of Douglas we blew a wheel bearing. I limped into a Walmart to park and try and find a repair shop but it was early evening so we had to overnight in the parking lot. Turns out a guy driving by saw we had a problem and tried to help but he had no access to any parts so he gave me a number to call for a shop just a mile up the road.

I called them in the morning after an interesting night in the parking lot and they sent a guy out to look at the problem. Had to drive it to the shop slowly after we tied up the axle after removing the wheel. Well driving on the scunned up bearing ruined the spindle so I needed a new axle...and yes, they let me see the damage. The shop went above and beyond getting me a replacement axle having had to go to the next county over to get it and worked all day on getting it in place. The people at Amerson tire were the best. We got into Florida and our destination later that same night.


Tucson, AZ

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Posted: 10/16/20 07:25pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Sorry but I've got no experiences to share. Knocking on wood.

2013 Chevy 3500HD CC dually
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Southeast Iowa & Texas Hill Country

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Posted: 10/16/20 09:32pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

1. On a trip to Oregon we had 2 incidents. The first was after we had arrived at our destination and were doing some sightseeing when the transmission failed. I was able to find a private transmission repair shop and the owner did an excellent job of building the transmission to a greater towing capability at a very reasonable price. On the way home with a newly built transmission the truck suddenly lost power. We were in a rather remote area of eastern Oregon but made contact with Coachnet and they had us towed to a campgrounds and took the truck on to a diesel repair shop. It turned out to be a minor short and an easy, inexpensive repair.

Several years later, south of OKC, the truck lost partial power. Again Coachnet towed the trailer to a nearby campground and the truck to a dealership. It was after hours so I called the dealership the next morning regarding the repair and was told they probably wouldn't get to it for a week,which was much different than they had told Coachnet the previous day. So I had the truck towed to a recommended private shop. The owner told me I would probably be on the road the next day. Late the next day he called to say that I needed a new harness because this one was shorting out. He knew this because he could see where it had been shorting out. I tried to describe the previous problem a few years back but he wasn't having any of it and insisted that a new harness was needed. He installed the new harness and...that didn't fix it. When I asked what the next step was he said he wasn't sure and would just have to keep checking to see where the short was. Never one to sit on my laurels, I had been making contingency plans. I made arrangements with friends near where we winter in Texas to have two trucks and a trailer brought to our location. We trailered my truck down to Texas and towed our trailer with the remaining truck. Once there I took my truck to a reputable shop I was familiar with. They called that afternoon to tell me the problem was an injector coil that would fail when the motor got warm. Once that injector failed the computer would shut down the other 2 injectors in that bank. Once that injector was replaced all was well. Live and learn!

'08 Chevy Silverado 3500 Duramax;
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Nv Guy

Reno NV

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Posted: 10/16/20 10:42pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Years ago heading south pulling our toy hauler. We were about 40 min out when both the DW and I heard something- so I stopped. found the RT RE tire blown, no other damage. Switched the tire, continued on to the next big town, bought a replacement tire, headed out. About 3 hours later the people in a car passing us were gesturing and pointing- yep another tire. This time Left FT, installed spare, found a used tire from a literal side of the road tire shop- continued on. When we got to our destination, I found a tire store and replaced all 4.
Since then, I replace trailer tires when they are 3 years old. Haven't had a series of tire failures like that since.


Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

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Posted: 10/17/20 07:08am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I have a 1997 Xplorer 230XL, one of the best Class B's of it's time! I bought it in 2000 with 18,000 miles on it and now have 193,000.

As an avid spring turkey hunter I spent many years with it driving to OK, WY an Sd to hunt in early April. On one trip I was 20 miles east of Indianapolis just after dark when it just quit. I was barely able to steer it to the side just past an overpass. I called AAA and they said they'ld have someone out in an hour. The semi's flying by me swayed the rv quite a bit and scared me. I called AAA several more times to explain the nature of my position. Finally a flatbed tow arrived and got me up and on it, the first time on a flatbed. That made me nervous. As I only had free towing for a few miles, I was going to have him drop me off at a service station at the next exit, but the driver said he had to drive back to the city anyway and towed me to the eastside where a Dodge dealer was located. He dropped me off in front of the closed service bay doors and I spent the night there. They got to it right away and they had to drop the fuel tank to replace the fuel pump.

The next time was driving east on 90 across SD. I stopped at a rest area 44 miles west of Chamberlin. When I came back to my RV I saw fluid pouring out under the engine. It was coolant. I called AAA again and a flatbed came from Chamberlin and dropped the RV off at a Dodge dealer just as they were closing. They let me plug into their electric for overnight. They fixed it the next day with quite a bit of needed work. The one good thing was their labor rates were quite a bit less than my local shops outside of Detroit. I had to play an extra $140 or so for the long tow. That had me upgrade to AAA's RV Plus coverage for 100 free miles of towing which I have not needed since.

The last time was snowbirding in FL. I was driving back to the campground when the RV temp gauge shot all the way up. I pulled into a parking lot and checked it out. I had lost all my coolant. I added a gallon of water after it cooled and it came right out as well. As it was late in the day I got towed back to my campsite. The next morning they came and towed me to their small shop. One of the radiator extension lines to the water heater had burst. They ended up disconnecting them and I was good to go without the water heater exchange. I replaced those lines when I got home.



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Posted: 10/17/20 09:54am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator


Trailer got a flat on the drivers side on the interstate far from an exit.
I pulled over to the left side/missle of the interstate area. It was in the desert. I wanted to not be changing the tire while standing in the road. People do not slow down or move over for breakdowns.
I got a ticket for being on the left of the interstate. Apparently this is not legal, even if you have a breakdown. If you have a crash, move to the right or you will get a ticket.

Other story:
I had a utility trailer lose a wheel, or the axle broke. I drug it 11 miles down interstate before I even knew it. I was in the middle of no where of course. The trailer was so perfect, and custom built, but small and not worth a lot value-wise. I could have rented a flatbed trailer and towed my broken trailer home, one-way rental, but decided that would be costly and the closest u-haul was a long way away. I unloaded the trailer, took off the gas lifts, license plate, tongue mechanism and anything else of any value and abandon the trailer. Sad day.

Other story.
In middle of nowhere again, got flat and ran spare but it developed a bubble (belt broke). Truck camper setup with trailer. I lowered air pressure and drive a max of 35mph for 2 hours, wobbling all the way, to get to the nearest town where I barely made it before closing time to get the tire replaced. All there was was a used tire shop. I got a tire that was close enough to the same size...
Foutunately no police passed me with tickets in hand.

Other story:
Water temps rose, steam filled the hood. I was 2 miles from an exit, so pulled into a gas station and parked out of the way. It was late at night, so I asked attendant if I could stay and explained...
I added water but temps still went up, determined it was water pump, so with cold engine I was able to drive a mile or two downhill to Autoparts store. Got a water pump for about $25 and changed it in the parking lot. Fortunately, on this truck it was super easy and required minimal tools and took about 20 mins. Filled up water and got back on the road.

Always carry a lot of tools, and know what tools you need for your vehicle that might be odd tools.

Last story:
Ram trans went out.
I was 20 miles from a trans shop. I had towing coverage for "rv". They said it did not cover a cargo trailer, and that was specifically why I had the RV coverage, and had even been towed before with the cargo trailer. They kept sending 3/4 ton tow trucks that were not able to tow a 7,500 lb truck with a truck camper on it. I spent two nights camping in a small town in a noisy parking lot, spending days calling, then waiting hours for the insurance co to call back with news that towing is on the way. I had to get a relative to drive up 2 hours to actually tow the trailer, and eventually they sent a flatbed tow truck that could tow my truck. They guy drove through low branches and almost ripped everything off the roof. The camper was ten feet off the ground when on the ground and probably 14-15 feet off the ground on that flatbed. I had his phone number and had to ask him to not drive through branches. That was my worst trip, but at least I was close enough to home that I could get rescued and wait at home for the trans fix.
I sold the truck immediately after I got it back home.



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Posted: 10/29/20 04:17pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

5 miles short of our intended campground, suddenly my rig (1979 Roll-a-Long, Ford chassis) dropped into 2nd gear; no way to get it back into 3rd. Drove slowly (at 10pm) the rest of the way to the campground and pulled in to our site. At that point, realized I also had no reverse (luckily, it was a pull-thru site). Spent the weekend camping, but pulled out early Sunday and headed home. Drove in 2nd gear at about 40mph 150 miles across the desert from Blythe to Banning CA. Limped it to a shop the following weekend for a trans rebuild.

Same RV, different trip (but to the same campground); Headed home at about 2pm; it was at least 110 degrees out. After about 15 miles, the water pump belt failed. Bought a new belt at Autozone in Blythe, and changed it in the parking lot. Worst part was the fact that it was the inside belt (of 3 belts), and so all of them had to come off to replace this one. Did I mention it was 110 degrees? Yeah, it was at least 120 on the parking lot asphalt that I was lying on under the front of the rig! It was like working inside an oven!

We don't stop playing because we grow old...We grow old because we stop playing!

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Greater Gotham City

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Posted: 10/29/20 06:25pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

March 2018, not even 25 miles from home after a 2500 mile trip, pulling out of a tollbooth and headed to an uphill exit ramp, on the 1-2 shift end up with idle power only. Torqued up the ramp off the toll road at idle creep, because getting towed off that in a Class C would have been an expensive experience. Then continued at that pace a mile up the next freeway, remembering there was a Ford dealer not far from the next exit. Crawled there, where they panicked seeing an RV pull-in. Since I had creep power, I was able to maneuver it out of the way while waiting for a tow truck they'd called for me to haul it to my local in-town Ford dealer. This was all transpiring at about 11am. I had to be on a plane at 6pm that night for a work trip, with a stop into the office before, as well as winterize the unit before leaving as it was still very much winter in the northeast. Tow truck finally shows up, gets us to my local dealer about 2pm, they take my wife home to come back with our truck, and the 4 gallons of pink stuff, to unpack and so I can winterize in the dealer lot. I get the arrangements made and start dumping water, and the tech comes out right away to see what he's in for. I was thinking transmission, since it happened right at a shift. Plugs in the scanner. No accelerator pedal signal. This is a DBW throttle. The pedal is a rheostat that has fried itself at only 48k miles. Turns out I could have limped it home via using the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel as a hand throttle. Got the RV winterized, food and clothes unpacked, stopped at home and showered and packed a different bag for the business trip, was able to stop at the office and made my plane.

The next time was October of last year. Second day out, driving down the eastern shore of MD and VA. Headed to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel and points further south. Slowing down for a red light on US 13, feel a skip. Taking off on green, I'm now clearly driving a V9. After a few minutes, a flashing CEL starts. We try to count flashes as sometimes they will morse code you the problem, and internet via phone a diagnosis. No help. Put-put along, as this happened about 50 miles north of the bridge and Virginia Beach. There is an Advance Auto Parts no more than a couple of miles off the end of the bridge, and they'll read codes. I'm suspecting coil and this store even has a few OEM Motorcrafts in stock. Sure enough, the OBDII reader says #8. Have some Advance bucks on my account so even get it at a discount. This is my first time diving into the hell of Mod motor coils and plugs. The cylinder code is via firing order, and #8 is center of the left bank. Yay. The airbox and snorkel had to come out all the way to the throttle body, and the electrical connections to the coils back of #8 removed as well. This was also the first time my wife had ever seen the doghouse off, where upon I was able to point out the proximity of the right bank exhaust manifold and downpipe as to why she complains how hot the passenger footwell gets. Anyway, the R&R working from both the front and back of the motor in the Advance parking lot, including lunch and a bathroom break, took about 45 minutes. Starting up, no more skip! I suspect this coil had been on its way out for sometime, as the first few years I owned this RV from new a couple of times a year it would misfire on deceleration. That went away, but mileage had deteriorated about 0.5-1 mpg. After the coil replacement, there was a bit more seat-of-pants power, and the fuel mileage now is better than ever, getting 9 mpg tanks with the cruise on 70.


Too Many Toys.
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Brunswick, GA

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Posted: 10/30/20 07:47am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

No issue with the RV, but twice had to have the TV and HTT on the back of a tow truck and once the TV had to be towed to replace the transmission. We were heading home from Disney World back in 2005. We had just made it to the VA/NC line when the check engine light came on. We were hoping to make it home that day and still had about 7 hours (we lived in NJ at the time). When we finally stopped to check it out, there was tranny fluid everywhere. We were able to limp to a KOA a few miles away. In the morning we had the TV towed to a nearby GM dealer where they had to replace the tranny; a day and a half and $1,600 later, we were back on the road. The first time both HTT & TV had to be towed was on our way from Ocean City, NJ to Hershey Park. We were planning to spend a few days at Hershey's High Meadow Campground and going to the Park. Going up the Commodore Barry Bridge, I lost power for a moment; pressed the gas pedal and nothing. I backed of the pedal and tried again and all was well. Came down the bridge fine and came to the first traffic light to make a left. Halfway through the turn, I lost power and could not get it back. I was able to coast to the right turning lane for a gas station and I think a Walmart, but didn't have enough momentum to get into the parking lot.

Called AAA. The only tow truck they could find that could accommodate our family of 4 with a booster seat and a car seat was actually back at the Jersey Shore, dropping of a vehicle. So we waited. Since we had just bought the HTT a couple months ago, we had a free year of service from CoachNet, so we called them. They told us the same thing. So a few hours later, the tow truck driver calls to confirm what we have and let us know where he was. After he hooks us up and we get on the way, he explains that AAA and CoachNet both contacted him. Since we wanted to get to Hershey, we stuck with AAA since CoachNet wouldn't tow us the almost 80 miles to Hershey Park, but AAA would. Turns out the TV's fuel pump failed.

The second time was more avoidable. I used to organize an off-roading event every year. We'd spend a few days at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in Tremont, PA and wheel our Nissan Xterras. Since I wheeled with 33" Super Swamper Boggers on my X which don't have great road manners, I had a second set of wheels and tire for the street. I drive up with the street tires and swapped them at the campground. After the last day of wheeling, I took the Boggers off and put the street tires back on. The next morning, I hook up the HTT and head out. I take I-81 to I-78 and head east. I get about 25 miles down I-78 and I can't get the Xterra to accelerate. I can hear and feel the engine revving, but I can't accelerate past 50 mph. I'm a couple miles from the SR 61 exit, where the Cabela's is, so I just accept the lack of power and decide I'll get off at exit 29. It wasn't as built up back then (2008), but I knew there was an Advanced Auto I could go to. About a mile down the road, the rear driver's side tire comes off the Xterra. That corner drops a little and I see the brake drum cover rollback behind me and the tire goes bouncing past me. It bounces over the Jersey wall, avoids 2 different vehicles on the west bound side, then falls. I don't see where it fell. I pulled over and take a look. Four of the 6 lug nut bolts are sheared off and the other 2 are completely stripped. I call AAA. Fortunately the driver isn't far away, but he'll be about 45 minutes. While I wait, I check on my run-away tire. It had fallen just inside the jersey wall, so I grab it and put it in the back of the truck with the other 4 off-road tires. Since we were living in GA then, I just had the driver tow it to my parents in South Jersey. Turned out to be a 98 mile tow, completely covered by AAA Plus with RV. I never found the brake drum cover and ended up having most of the rear suspension replaced. The only things not replaced was the rear diff and axle tube and the axle shaft on the passenger side. We ended up filing a claim with our Auto Insurance.

I assume I did not torque down the rear driver's side lug nuts before leaving the campground and they worked themselves loose. I guess the weight of the HTT and the Eqaul-i-zer hitch removed the wiggle from that tire so I had no idea there was an issue with the tire until it came off. I had plenty of tools with me and could have replaced the lug nut studs in Advanced Auto's parking lot if I could have just made it there.


Michael Girardo
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