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 > Heavy tongue weight - change from PP 3P?

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Ellicott City, Maryland

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Posted: 03/16/21 05:53pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Gene K 2 wrote:

Andrewmart wrote:

I have a 2020 SPORTSMEN® SE 301BHKSE that I tow w/ a 2015 F250 gas engine. I use a Propride 3P hitch. I went to the Cat scales today and found a hitch weight of 1220 lbs (did all 3 weight measurements). TT is 7000 lbs, so that puts me at 17.4%. I can provide the data if needed.
Should I consider changing to a lighter WDH to reduce tongue weight and get closer to 15%? Or is being over 2-3% not a big deal? Does being over weight w/ a 3P sort of offset the overage?

Considering changing because, while I love the 3P, hooking up is a chore. We've had the 3P for about 8 months and taken about 10-12 trips with it, and I still struggle with hooking up. Before the 3P we had an equalizer and I attached to the ball easily.

I only towed with the equalizer twice (on a 1/2 ton vehicle), so not sure how much of a difference switching WDH will affect the driving. We got the 3P because we had a 1/2 ton vehicle, but we ended up upgrading to the F250 after one trip. Had we gotten the F250 from the start, I doubt we would have even gotten the 3P.

Since tongue weight is measured at the trailer tongue how would changing your WDH effect it?

You need to subtract the weight of the WDH to get your actual tongue weight.

The PP and HA hitches are mounted to the RV. They stay on the trailer at all times and become a part of the TW.

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Hills of PA

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Posted: 03/17/21 11:27am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Andrewmart wrote:

carringb wrote:

Whoa! Running at normal PSIs should not cause Death Wobble!

Have you had the alignment checked? I'd be suspicious if not-enough-camber. Hooking up a heavy trailer makes it worse because as the front end rises, it removes even more camber. Your WD bars regardless of hitch should restore at least half the unloaded ride-height up front, but if your camber is marginal, you may need to do it the old fashioned way and completely restore your front ride height.

As long as your ProPride is able to bring the front down far enough, I'd keep it. I had a Hensley for a short time, and it towed great with 3,200 pounds of tongue weight. Unfortunately the construction of it just couldn't hold up to that much.

Death Wobble was fixed. I have not had it for 3 months. I have a family member who works for Ford, and they did all the work and looked it over repeatedly. They did an alignment after I had the work done and got the tires. I haven't had death wobble since BUT my truck feels a little shakier (not DW) at lower PSI than higher PSI, so I run at higher PSI (in 70s). I got DW around October 2020 after I had an oil change with tire rotation. This was after towing with the truck all summer with no DW. One of my tires was significantly more worn then the others.

I didn't add it in the earlier info because I didn't think it could be an issue since I had it addressed and was running on new tires. Learning that new tires cause a little squirming was something I didn't know, and I thought I learned a lot about towing, trucks, DW, etc.

Many places, even on this forum, DW means dear wife. The above is a bit funny read DW as dear wife. Reading though a bit I figured out you meant death wobble. I suppose for some both DW meanings could be equated [emoticon]

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Posted: 03/17/21 07:27pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator


Ha! I didn't even think about that when I typed DW. A few months ago I spent a lot of time on forms trying to solve my death wobble that DW was ingrained in me as death wobble.

Rereading it as dear wife, many parts still fit... Ha


Fort Worth

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Posted: 04/27/21 11:30am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Longest life (best performance in braking & handling) WILL be with correct tire pressure.
Not otherwise.

The RV world is full of those who think screwing around with tire pressure is how to fix a problem. Tire pressure is ONLY related to its load. (Use a CAT scale; tire manufacturers load & pressure table and INSIDE vehicle manufacturers RANGE). Get it dead-nuts then test.

I run my ‘04 CTD at 50-psi all around. (As above). Took two sets of tires to cover 250k (MICHELIN).

Still don’t like handling/steering then the WDH needs verification (Three Pass Scale Method).

Better shocks (replace at 40-60k with KONI or BILSTEIN). R&R anti-roll bar bushings with poly inserts.

SUPER STEER Rear Trac Bar (3/4-1T) cures tail wagging. Most (almost all) pickup owners don’t get it that THE TRUCK causes loss of control accidents at a higher rate than do the trailers attached.
Keeping PROPERLY inflated rear tires on the ground is the whole game.

Tires TOO HARD are NOT a good idea. Pressure is a “fixed” value.


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 > Heavy tongue weight - change from PP 3P?
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