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 > 2006 Hurricane is this a great deal or a big headache

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dodge guy

Bartlett IL

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Posted: 03/16/21 10:09pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

You have to inspect anything you look at thoroughly! With an 06 what you want to inspect for are water leaks. At 15 years old it's about due for a new roof. Check all over the roof and around the windows and down the corners. After that it's looking it over to make sure everything is working properly.

As far as price, we paid $64k for our 2012 Forest River Georgetown with 44k miles 2 years ago. It's considered a mid level model whereas a Hurricane is entry level. However this year as well as last has prices higher than previous years. Normally that would sell for around $30-35k but I can see them selling this year for $45k, but it would have to be beyond perfect for that price and not need anything like tires which can get pricey!

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Bruce Brown

Northern NY


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Posted: 03/17/21 04:59am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

J&R wrote:

Looked on NADA for average hurricane 06 was a Four Winds product. Many models ford or workhorse chassis, varies models. Average retails are in the low 20s. Everybody is selling a deal. Please take your time.

This. I know Covid has the market messed up but $45k seems pretty high to me.

I know we all have budgets to work with but a quick check on EBay shows you can buy a newer DP from a quality builder for ~20k more.

Need to stay in the $45k range, RV Trader has more than a few options from quality builders.

In other words, I'd keep shopping.

There are 24 hours in every day - it all depends on how you choose to use them.
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Ranger Smith

Wherever the rig is parked

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Posted: 03/17/21 05:59am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

hotjag1 wrote:

rdhetrick wrote:

Ranger Smith wrote:

You’re right . . . They’re not junk . . . They’re Garbage

Well, I guess Tiffins are junk too since they're now owned by Thor!

I agree. Our 2003 Tiffin has been absolutely trouble free. With that said, I wouldn't buy a new one now that Thor bought them out.

I agree 100%. Any pre Thor Tiffin is good. Theyre gonna turn to **** like everything else Thor builds.

There is a post running now where someone bought a Thor and his side wall separated from the floor causing all kinds of damage and Thor is giving him the run around. Its a 2 year old rig.

Form the other post . . .

One year ago we started the process of working with Thor customer support to have repairs to our 2018 Thor Challenger 37TB covered under structural warranty. The passenger side wall had separated from the floor causing the body to twist and rest on the fender. This twisting caused the front windshield to crack, the front cap to separate from the top, the front cargo bay doors to become jammed, and the entry door to jam. The approval process for each individual repair has to be submitted to Thor with documentation. If the wording and semantics in the submitted requests are not what is expected it gets denied and starts a back and forth game wasting more time. Some parts like our replacement fender have taken over 4 months to arrive at the dealership, and the incorrect fender was shipped once.

Our RV has been out of our possession for over 10 months, and has been unusable for over a year. We still make payments, lose value, continue to miss planned trips, incur costs having to fly places instead of drive, and overall are just frustrated and disappointed with the whole experience.

* This post was edited 03/17/21 06:24am by Ranger Smith *

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Wilmington NC

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Posted: 03/17/21 07:04am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Price is more than double what it should be. Look at NADA or RV Trader for comparable models to get comparative pricing. I wouldn't pay much attention to brand on a used unit - especially one that's 15 years old. Condition matters more than brand.

Best advice someone gave me about shopping for a used MH, is floorplan first, condition second.

If you weren't looking for a Class A MH, why are you looking at one now? Get what you want and don't be lured into something you don't for what seems like a good price. But moot point. This is NOT a good price.

Not to sound snarky, but keep educating yourself before you buy. Regret is expensive.

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Blairsville, GA and WPB, FL.

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Posted: 03/17/21 09:44am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Even in Canadian dollars the price is absurd. For half time use I’d want the biggest rig I could afford...don’t believe that you have to have a short rig to use public CGs. In a gas rig I’d want something in the 36-38’ length. Here’s a much better deal on a 2011 for less money.
Many years ago, I made the expensive mistake of believing 36’ was the max for public campgrounds. Buy more Motorhome than you think you need, ONE time!

This post is my opinion (free advice). It is not intended to influence anyone's judgment nor do I advocate anyone do what I propose.
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London, ON, Canada

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Posted: 03/17/21 02:07pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I presently own a Hurricane 33H and have had it for 5 years. In 2006, this coach was NOT built by Thor but Four Winds.

It is not a splashy overly priced rig and I do not know what the market is. Covid-19 has driven the prices of everything off the scale.

Mine has the Ford V10 engine and she purrs like a kitten with less than 50 K miles on her. What can you expect for a 15 year old rig? Unless it has been abused, normal wear and tear can be expected. I have not had to do any major replacements to date.

Check it out closely and look for visible signs of excessive wear or possible problems.

Remember it is not a Thor and should not be compared to their models.


Newport News, VA

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Posted: 03/17/21 02:57pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

From someone who actually owns a 2006 Hurricane unlike most who have replied -

1. I paid less for mine in 2011 but current demand is in uncharted territory so it's diving the prices. Unless you're paying cash you'll be underwater the minute you sign on the bill of sale. Also once demand drops so will the value of the coach and unless you plan to keep it many years it will be hard to recover.
2. Prior owner maintenance will be paramount to the overall condition of the coach. You'll either need to know what to look for regarding potential water leaks or hire someone who does. I highly recommend spending the money and hire someone.
3. My coach has been very reliable both for the chassis and the house. There have been minor problems that I corrected in the driveway and most were not related to anything Thor manufactured.
4. The Hurricane model line is great for weekends and summer vacation. At about day 12 of 16 to me the walls feel like they are starting to closing in. There are full timers in canvas pop ups so for each their own.

Personally I would not buy a new or even a used coach today, and probably not until at least next year, because of where prices and demand are. This is almost a replay of the 2004 housing market and what happened in 2008. Once it does collapses it will be ugly for some owners. Wait for the market to settle and find something newer. A 6 year old Tiffin Allegro 34PA is a really nice rig for a new owner looking to spend a lot of time traveling North America. It will cost more than the Hurricane but for your travel plans it would be a better fit.

2006 Hurricane 31D built on a 2006 Ford F53

Rick Jay

Greater Springfield area, MA

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Posted: 03/17/21 04:01pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I think the price is way over the line. I know prices are currently up, but I think if you give it 6 months, when gas prices will be up even further, I think the bloom will leave this rose pretty quickly.

I think you run the risk of the rig losing half it's value in the next 6 months. If you're OK with losing half your money if you have to sell it, then so be it.

Personally, I agree that I'd look for a good Tiffin or Newmar rig. Winnebago or Itasca would be on my short list as well.

I think the best advice I can give at this time, considering this is your first RV purchase, is to TAKE YOUR TIME!!! Learn as much as you can. There are ALWAYS more rigs becoming available, and I suspect prices will adjust in the not too distant future.

Good Luck,


2005 Georgie Boy Cruise Master 3625 DS on a Workhorse W-22
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 > 2006 Hurricane is this a great deal or a big headache
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