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Buggs Island lake

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Posted: 05/23/21 06:48am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

As was said, higher ccc is mostly axles, but some frame difference too. Also remember water counts against the ccc, if you are going to carry 50 gallons of water thats 400 lbs.
All the stuff that three kids want to carry, plus they will want to bring friends and their stuff. 2000 lbs is likely the minimum you would want available.


Ellicott City, Maryland

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Posted: 05/23/21 08:45am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

paramehdic wrote:

Lantley wrote:

Forget what available, consider what you want . What type of camping will you do.
Tank Capacities, CCC or cargo carrying capacity, GVW, sides of beds, what sides beds, separate bunk room vs. curtain or partition, OEM tire size and capacity.
Once you set your own parameters the trailers will begin to distinguish themselves

Thanks, is there any relationship between the cargo capacity and the quality of the trailer? From my list there is quite a range 1300-3700 and certainly one aspect that I think is important although admittedly I have no context for how much you will typically be adding.

I would say indirectly there is a relationship. A lager CCC does not equate to better quality however it generally equates to more robust materials.
In order to carry more the trailer is generally made with heavier stronger material. That means plywood floors vs. foam floors.
Heavier axles and springs. A larger I-beam and so on.
However the higher CCC does not guarantee these more robust components will be assembled together any better than the other units.
Proper fit and finish is not a criteria determined by cargo capacity.

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Redding, Ca

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Posted: 05/24/21 09:08am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

GDS-3950BH wrote:

We are in Pittsburgh for a long weekend visiting family. We went to the RV show yesterday usually held in January. The build quality of what was displayed looked like all were assembled by kindergarten students after they each ate a party size bag of M&Ms. It was across the board garbage and brand did not matter. The pricing was out of sight and no dealer I talked with will commit to any timeframe if you were to order.

No need to candy coat it.....

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Grit dog

Black Diamond, WA

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Posted: 05/24/21 10:07am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

OP, in this market, I'd say the ONE you find, that checks most of the boxes on your wish list, and not abhorrently overpriced, regardless of brand, is the one to get.
ALL RV's new or used, unless they are used and come from someone who is OCD about fixing every little thing WILL need some work.
Components are fairly standard between mfgs (fridge, AC, water systems, etc). I'd call it luck of the draw.

On our 3rd "RV" now and the first 2 were what I'd consider quite reliable with only a few issues (they were truck campers) and the newest one needs a couple things, but at 4 years old and basically never used, the minor issues thus far are either with the mechanical components (same or similar across brands) or simply age related (needs some caulking, new batteries, etc).

On CCC and durability. I'll say, in general, the units with larger CCC are built on a better chassis.
You're looking at trailers with about a 7-9k gvw I'd imagine. Maybe 10klbs on the big end.
I wouldn't even consider (well, in the Covid camper computer chip shortage market, I might....) anything that's 30' long sitting on 14" wheels. Means you'll have 3500lb axles and corresponding suspension, which WILL be running at a high % or max rating. I have a 32' long 7klb gvw enclosed snomachine trailer sitting on 3500lb axles and 14s. Basically an empty travel trailer. It tows great, handles great, 16 years old, no real issues. BUT, it's about 3500lbs empty and I'm never putting more than about 3klbs of cargo in it, usually less. And when I have 5 machines in it, it feels "full."

Any of the trailers with 15" wheels will have 5klb axles and presumably heavier frame with more headroom for weight carrying capability. Which adds up fast. 3 kids, bikes, wife buys a bunch of outdoor "accessories", you toss some 6V batteries up front, cram a few pieces of firewood in the storage, water tank full. Got enough food and drinks to live for 2 weeks for a 5 day trip, etc...

Good luck in your search, just my 2c to help your decision or hopefully not further the conundrum!

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oklahoma city

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Posted: 05/24/21 10:19am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Set aside for a moment the thoughts of the trailer.

Pick your dealer carefully!

The sales department will be all smiles and glad handing you.

The after sales service department is far more important than you realize.

Don't buy from a scummy dealership, check for referrals and internet and BBB ratings and reviews. Ignore those that are only talking about how great their buying experience was. That's a one time only impression.

If other folks RV's are in the service department for 3,4,5 months or longer "waiting for parts", go on down the road.

If other peoples comment that their RV was trashed, damaged, stolen from, etc, go on down the road.

The brand, of course, is important, but you have to have after purchase support and some dealers just are horrible.

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