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 > Suggestion needed ASAP

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Posted: 09/17/21 09:46am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I think a few misread the OP. The OP lives in the city, a two hour drive to his property. He wants trailer, so he does not have to drive back/forth.

Now the trailer is just 20 miles from his property. I would air the tires. If they can hold air, even for the day, I'd have it towed, using those old tires. Even at very low speed, it would not take long to get there. The towing people can block it up, leveling it, and done.

Now if it were me, I'd buy a newer, nicer trailer, that I could deal with myself. When done with it, sell it, and the purchaser could easily move it to his location.




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Posted: 09/17/21 11:37am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

NamMedevac 70 wrote:

Those tires don't look safe even for a 20 mile two hour move. I doubt if even a mobile home moving outfit would two the trailer with those tires but they probably can provide temporary tires for the move. Of course no bright boys thought of that. Cheers


Are you really this scared of life?

Mobile home movers do this for a living, do you really think they slap brand new tires on 20, 30, 40 yr old trailers to move them?

The answer is no. I have seen mobile home movers use worse looking tires.

If the tires hold air, they will move the trailer.

Many mobile homes are set with tires and axles left on the trailer, it is a common practice, happens every day somewhere in the world. In my area, if the trailer has axles and wheels in place it is not considered a permanent structure and is not taxed as a permanent structure.

Slow speed is key to making old tires last long enough to move something..

I should have taken a pix of the passenger car tires that were on my current TT when I bought it. It was parked with passenger tires for 12yrs in a campground. I have the campground agreement from when it was placed there so I know how long it sat with old tires. The tires had a lot of cracks in sidewalls and tread.

Took my time, kept it at 40 MPH or lower when possible and it traveled 25 miles without blowing out a tire. At low speeds even if a tire blew out, the chances of damage done is minimal, won't be throwing shrapnel like what happens at 70 MPH.

OP is doing a "one and done" low mileage move and as long as they keep the speed low, fair chance the tires will be fine. I see no reason to insist the OP needs to throw $600 or more away in new tires for this one move.

OP can check with a few local mobile home movers to see if they have any take offs for pennies on the dollar if it makes them feel better. But I wouldn't bother messing around changing them to satisfy a bunch of keyboard jockeys..



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Posted: 09/17/21 12:16pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator


Your asking someone to buy new ST tires at say $150 a pop for $600 for a one and done project..

The tires on that unit appear to be "mobile home" tires on open mobile home rims. They are not cheap and getting the correct size to fit those rims is often not an easy task. And now days with all of these shortages could be substantially much more expensive than $600.

As long as the trailer is not loaded to the ceiling and the driver keeps the speed low and the tires are not showing big gapping holes and holding air they WILL most likely survive low speed turning for the 20 miles that was mentioned.

Mobile home movers do this ALL the time with old tires and often on mobile homes that sat in place for well over 40yrs.

The mobile home that was on my property was a 1960s', placed on the property sometime in late 1970's, I bought property early 1990's.. So, if you follow the math the tires on the mobile home I had to make go away were in the range of 30yrs old. All I did was put some air in them and they survived a trip down the road about 10 miles..

Mobile Home mover didn't even blink an eye at those tires..

Now if the route was on a 70MPH Interstate, that would be a hole nuther can o worms to deal with since most states frown on driving too far under the speed limit.

Good point on house trailer wheels. However....
The tires are going on a two hour trip which doesn't tell us how many miles and at what speeds.
The tires are junk and in my opinion won't make a two hour trip at any speed.
WE have no idea of the tires actual age as many mobilehome movers will buy and sell old 14.5" tires/axles/wheels to a trailer owner that is transporting the trailer himself.
The OP says the person doing the moving says to make sure the tires are good.

In the '60s/'70s I had my own mobilehome/camping trailers repair business. We moved and up righted wrecked or storm blow overs back to our shop for R&R. Old (age) 14.5" trailer tires that sat flat like the picture shows for very long are junk and never made it 15-20 miles back to the shop on county roads at slow speeds.

The OP is still going to need tires.
If their 14.5" then many mobilhome movers in that area will be a good place for those size used tires.

The person doing the moving will have some say about how the tires look and willing to take a chance.

"good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment" ............ Will Rogers

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Posted: 09/17/21 08:47pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Gentlemen! Thank you all for your feedback! The OP is a master of confusion people [emoticon] he doesn't do that on purpose, he just gives too much information..

The flat tires didn't pump up, but OP found craigslist and got 4 good-looking tires of mobile homes on those metal rims for 100$ 7-14.5 size

This morning, however, he went to that resort with a 3ton floor jack, a bunch of cinder blocks, and 2x12 pieces to throw them on the ground under the blocks..
He jacked up the left side of the trailer with that single jack, placed 2x12 under the frame, 2 cinder blocks, and had both tires in the air. He looked underneath of the trailer and realized that all the left side of the frame now was standing just on that cinder block to the right of the wheels, as he was walking towards the front of the trailer to check what is it holding on to - the whole thing slid to the side and landed back on the wheels. At that same time, the owner and his lady were in the trailer, they must have thought it was an earthquake.. those never happened in MN before.

The good news is - no one got hurt, including the OP. Also since the mobile house shifted about 6-8 inches to the side now the OP could see the tires on the other side, which were covered before with a big deck.

The bad thing is - now the V-neck that was blocked up too is leaning to the side. They put a bunch more blocks in front of the trailer in case it will lean further to support the front but the OP isn't planning on doing any more work on it until the current owners leave for the winter back to the south, which will be this weekend.

I'm thinking it would make sense to have the mobile house mover come with the truck and attach the v-neck to the hitch so the trailer is connected to the truck and isn't moving anywhere, and only then swap the tires 1 by 1. The mobile house seems to have 1 of the tires on each side that are holding the air, but assuming the tires I have fit - it won't be an issue to swap them out.

The mover of the mobile house didn't offer any help in replacing the tires, he just said: 'You need to remove the skirt, remove the blocks and give me the address of your property, I'll take a wide load permit and will move it'

The OP got that mobile house for a few hundred bucks so the biggest expense would be to pay the movers to bring it for 20 miles to the property

Thank you all for your tips!!!!!

* This post was edited 09/17/21 09:24pm by GInoTheLegend *

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Posted: 09/17/21 10:28pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Cool, man.
Just be careful getting it prepped for travel. Good luck with your venture.

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Posted: 09/18/21 01:52pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Cinder blocks are unreliable for supporting weight like that.They can disintegrate without warning which makes it pretty dangerous to work on something heavy supported by them.Boards,jackstands or something similar are much safer.


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Posted: 09/19/21 08:45pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

This thread really makes me mad.
I have paid a LOT of school district taxes over the years.... And I see that the schools have done a terrible job of instilling reading comprehension in their students.[emoticon]

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