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Northernmost PA

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Posted: 06/25/22 09:59am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

We always travel with our B. It has everything we need in it including sleeping space, meal preparation space, and bathroom space.

That said - we often rent a fancy cabin with our daughter. When we do that we have our fridge and cupboards stocked and we pull stuff out of the B and load up the cabin's fridge and cupboards. We don't like eating out - the cost and the uncertainties...

We think we've got it figured out...

YMMV [emoticon]

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Posted: 06/25/22 12:27pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Before I retired I had worked and traveled all over the world. Never had a RV out of North America. I hated living out of a suitcase and even though I always tried to stay in the best hotels some were dumps at best. Even stayed in some hostels in Europe. Its just the way it was back then. Now that DP in our barn has served us well and continues to. The only disadvantage to me as mentioned above is around big cities which I try to avoid. But sleeping in our own bed, going to our own bathroom, getting a drink when I wish, not having to pack everything up every time we move. Thats priceless. But everyone needs to do what they LIKE and live your own life.



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Posted: 06/25/22 03:10pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Agree reasons for Rving vs hotel / B&B still valid regardless of gas prices, parking space issues, etc. Anytime we need to travel more than an hour the RV gets the nod, small Class C - future may go to Class B. Of course we also travel overseas and stay with family and hotels.



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Posted: 06/26/22 07:24am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

When I read B&B I think of the traditional Bed and Breakfast, which is usually a boarding house style environment in someone's home. We didn't care for renting a bedroom in someone's home. I felt like I was tippy toeing around the host and other guests. Be quiet when you come in late, don't turn up the TV too loud, etc.

We use VRBO and just rent the whole house, condo, beach house, etc when not staying in a hotel.

As far as making last minute VRBO arrangements, we were in a hotel in Glenwood Spings for a few days. After that we had reservations in Aspen for 2 days and then a 3 day VRBO stay in the Divide area.

A severe snow storm was coming our last day in Glenwood. We knew if we stopped in Aspen we would be snowed in and might miss our Denver flight out. We called VRBO management, explained the situation and they changed our 3 day Divide stay to 5. The house was available 2 days early. They had others in the area to offer if it wasn't.

We rode out the storm in Divide and made our flight home.

That was the 1st and only time in my then 58 yrs that I have operated a snow shovel

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New York

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Posted: 06/28/22 10:18pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I also prefer BB, it's much cheaper and the atmosphere is great


No paticular place.

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Posted: 06/29/22 08:44am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

In the USA, we typically use the RV (sold the boat a few years back so that is no longer in the mix). Most winters lately we've been traveling overseas and generally use airbnbs (no these have nothing to do with old style bed & breakfast places or hostels).

Since we generally only cover 100-200miles on a travel day with the RV and travel 2 days or less per week, when you compare the extra fuel to the lower cost of a campsite, the dollars aren't pushing us away from the you have all your stuff.

Your experience is generally consistent with our experience:
- Another advantage to hotels is if you arrive late, they typically have a 24/7 staffed desk. With an airbnb, you have to make arrangements for a late check-in (sometimes at an extra cost), which inevitably get confused.
- The cleaning fees have gotten a little out of hand. For a month stay, it's usually not a big deal as it gets distributed over many days but in Bangkok, one place had a $100 cleaning fee...then the owner let us know when we checked in...for $3 we could have the cleaning lady come in extra times during our stay (and when we did, she took a solid 2 hours doing a really good cleaning)...huh?
- If you are traveling by car, consider putting together a plastic tub with some cookware and spices. Because yes, what is available in the apartments varies wildly. Even overseas, we usually drag around 6-8 of our more commonly used spices in our luggage.
- Since we usually stay for a longer time we are usually looking for a comfortable couch or other seating areas. Sitting on the bed gets old real quick.
- Also look for a place with laundry. Once you go longer than a week, it's nice to be able to throw a load in at the end of the day rather than taking 2-3 hours at a laundromat. (in some places it's cheap to have someone do it. In Merida Mexico, the little old lady across the street would do a big load for $3 and it came back pressed (including socks and undies) in a package a 1/4 the size we gave it to her.
- If you want to visit cities, airbnb is often more convenient than RV as parking a car (or going without) is generally easier. Assuming the city has a decent transit system, makes sure you are easy walking distance to a station.
- We usually eat breakfast in, a big lunch out and then a light dinner in. Helps keep the costs reasonable and is easier with an apartment.
- More an issue overseas but check what floor the apartment is on and if they have an elevator (key point...Floor 1 in most countries is what we would call the 2nd if it's on the 3rd floor with no elevator, you are hoofing it 4 floors up)
- For those paranoid about who sat on the toilet seat...I'll take a freshly cleaned toilet where I push the lever and never have to deal with the deposit ever again and I can take a shower as long as I like.

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Skid Row Joe


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Posted: 07/02/22 04:40pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

georgelesley wrote:

First a bit of context. We have owned nearly all types of RV’s and have RV’ed for well over 20 years. Last year we sold our class A MH and have not bought another RV. We just returned from a 9000 mile road trip with our car traveling thru the Midwest and Rockies staying in B&B’s and hotels.

B&B’s suit our style much better than hotels. However, for quick one night stands, hotels are usually cheaper and are generally a better option for just a place to sleep.

B&B’s usually have a cleaning fee added and sometimes a “service fee”, which hotels do not so staying in a B&B for only one night is more expensive, but if the added fees are spread over several days the benefits of the B&B such as being able to prepare your own meals, often having separate TV’s showers, etc, tend to even the costs out

Both options especially multi day stays in B&B’s require reservations usually well in advance, thus locking you into a hard schedule, whereas hotels are often more flexible and have more liberal cancellation policies.

Contacting the owner/managers of B&B’s is not always as easy as a hotel for maintenance issues. We found some truly excellent, some never responded.

Since B&B’s are individually owned usually, the quality of furnishing and utensils is a **** shoot, some just like or even better than home, some pretty run down. With chain hotels at least the quality is usually more consistent with a particular chain anyway.

We did buy a picnic sized portable refrigerator that we put in the back seat of the car and plugged into 12V. That really made a difference in having the basics available to prepare basic meals.

Bottom line: for one night stands, hotel are usually the best option, like them or not.

For multiple night stays in one place, we much prefer the B&B style.

Cost wise, hotels may be cheaper, but when you factor in meal preparation in a B&B, over several days the costs even out, although some hotels offer some options there as well especially breakfast. We did note that since Covid came along, the hotels with breakfast are fewer and breakfast is often much simpler and less than it used to be, so beware.

One thing we really missed about the RV style of travel was the option of boondocking and the ability to change our plans on short notice. Another was the interaction you can have with fellow RV’ers at a campground. Staying in a B&B or hotel you don’t talk to other people much.

We are also looking into staying at campgrounds that have cabins for rent but have not really found a site that has a good listing of such.

So is another RV in our future? Maybe a small travel trailer we could pull behind our SUV. TBD.

B&Bs are great for meeting the caretaker/s, managers, and sometimes the other guests. Their cleaning standards aren't going to be that of the similarly priced hotel, in my experience. 37 years ago this month, I paid $115.00 per night @ a B&B in a historic section of Santa Barbara, CA. Would much rather have stayed in a hotel.


Monterrey, Mexico

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Posted: 07/02/22 05:45pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Same thing here, 22 years with an RV. I traveled for work most of my life and hotels were a common stay. Can't stand them. We have to use them on occasion, and the Mayan Riviera is not a standard hotel; beachfront, and all-inclusive.

We find that AirBnbs suits us best but requires some research and using the "SuperHost" is the best. We prefer a king-size bed but that is not an amenity option.

We would like to revisit the Oregon coast but with fuel costs (4800 miles R/T, 480 vs 130 gallons) and leaving the RV at home, we believe we could do much better in an Airbnb. We have thought about packing a storage container with what we consider must-haves for food items, drinks, and coffee.

Even in my work days, I always carried my own pillow, 4cup coffeemaker, and lightbulb (hotel lights are too bright). At this stage in life, I won't do without any of my comforts.

Rv rentals are out of the picture, way too expensive. I have been thinking about flying, car rental, and Airbnb as an option.

We really enjoy the RV lifestyle but I believe now we are looking for a hybrid lifestyle that won't limit us because of fuel costs, harder-to-find boondocking spots, and of course the weather.

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