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Grit dog

Black Diamond, WA

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Posted: 10/28/22 08:26am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Something to add and I know this is the TH forum so most rigs in this category are 16” or possibly larger commercial size wheels.
But some guys always preach “use LT tires”. That’s fine for 16” and up.
Until now there have been zero 15 or 14” LT tires that have anywhere near the load cap of heavy ST tires. But Falken iirc now offers a high load cap 15” LT tire. Good news for anyone with 15” wheels who can’t get off the LT tire bandwagon.

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To Be Purchased

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Posted: 11/01/22 07:16am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Perhaps been in the trucking industry too long where the common factors for HD Tire blowouts and in all sizing from 16' thru 24.5 diameters there are Age of carcass(Most corporate accounts replace before five years), amount of Static Time(sitting in One Spot), excessive weight and improper inflation. There are numerous 15" LT tires but are harder to locate where capacities are not all that greater than ST series.

Time on a tire seems odd, but rubber compounds lose Elastomeric volatiles' over time, become harder over years as the natural solvents and softening agents leave. Hardened tires take side loading and impact pressures terribly.
Static Time where again the tire compounds are hardening also develop a memory on the flat spot at bottom, as the tire rolls, it heats and that 'flat spot' rounds out again yet is affecting cording buried within the tire that has also developed a position memory, in essence becomes a weak spot.
Tire rated "D" load is for Single position, cannot simply Double on one axle as side loading at near maximum weight will shift excessive weight to those outside tires in corners, short duration excess weight applications not so bad but repetitive and in other high stress as Severe Heat or Severe Cold can be disastrous on those tires reducing longevity before lose carcass strength. In Duals is where Two rated tire capacities can be nearly doubled.
Inflation above or below recommended for loading weight, many see Hard Tires and falsely believe reduction of pressure will soften impact loading, if the tires are of a harder initial compound or have age hardened lowering pressure will only add to sidewall flex and eventual heating within the carcass to point of fail. Opposite when airing Above rated pressures thinking can decrease slewing or side roll as tire heats from friction and environment temperature those pressures reach critical failure point.

Have installed six lug 16" wheels on my own trailers to accommodate heavier GVWR Tires on them yet axles retain the lower weight rating. Do not have a Toy Hauler as yet but looking and will be opting for heavier eight lug hub/axles for better options of tires.


Mesa Az

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Posted: 11/01/22 09:13am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

LT tires will for sure help.
ST tires are not made to same DOT standards as LT tires.
Toy haulers are heavy, can't compare travel trailers to toy haulers.
Ozone cracking/dry rot is a legit reason to have an issue.
People let their trailers sit for months at a time.
Tires need to roll to move the oils around in the rubber.
During summer here, if we aren't camping, I make sure I hook up and tow 50 miles 1 time a month.
At the same time, run the genny for 30 mins to keep the carb from gumming up.

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Posted: 11/29/22 01:24pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I have had one blowout with the Goodyear american made ST tires. Probably going back to LT tires next time.



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Posted: 12/07/22 11:29pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

China bombs are a fact, not a myth. We have never had so many problems until
these Chinese tires entered the market although some of the
newer ones are much better. The LT tire is good advice and
weighing the rv is very important to get the correct load range
and psi.


No paticular place.

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Posted: 12/08/22 12:38am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Over the last 12 yrs averaging about 6 months traveling, had one blow out but can't really blame the tire. One of the leaf springs broke. The end swung out and cut into the side of the tire.

My Dad towed for decades and was thrifty but no blowouts.

Check your weights occasionally to make sure you aren't overloaded, check pressure before heading out and the china tire myth is just that a myth.

Tammy & Mike
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Harrisburg, PA

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Posted: 12/08/22 04:59am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

valhalla360 wrote:

the china tire myth is just that a myth.

It's more of a misunderstanding than a myth. Most of the trailer tires on RV's are made in China. Consequently, most of the blowouts are China "bombs". Simple statistics.

I had one blowout. It was a 4 year old goodyear. Replaced it with the only tire MR. Tire had that weekend. Took the trailer in for inspection the next week. All 3 of the other goodyears had bubbles on them. So much for trusting the name. I've been running Carlisle's for the last two years with no problems. And yes, when I put the Goodyears on I went up to a heavier tire.

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Washington State

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Posted: 12/09/22 09:41pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Had two blowouts - one was an old tire. Lesson: check the dates on the tire! One was when there was a ton of construction on I-90 and the Les Schwab in Ritzville was like "yeah, business is GOOD right now" Grr.

Plus big ole bubbles magically appeared one year when we were parked at Dunefest. Did an inspection before heading for home and went "what are these golf balls doing on our tires?" Yikes! Luckily, saw those before driving off....

Always have LT tires on the rigs. They help.

Children are unpredictable. You never know how high up the wall they're going to drive you!

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Home for the summer.

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Posted: 12/10/22 08:24am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Lots of problems for the first 2-3 years of RVing with ST tires. Then I switched to LT and Sailuns and have had no problems for 16 years.

My TH is a tri-axle.

On edit:

My first TH was a tandem axle with china bombs on it. Two blew the same day after 2000 miles (500 into the return trip). Eventually, I switched to Goodyear G614 and never had another problem.

I insisted on a tri-axle for my current TH (new in 2011). It had china bombs on it but I got 15000 miles out of it before they were worn out. Replaced them with Sailun S637. No problem.

Oh yeah, I NEVER drive over 65 even though these tires are rated for much higher.

* This post was edited 12/10/22 09:30am by joebedford *



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Posted: 12/10/22 08:26am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

i have had 2 blow outs on one toyhauler and then years later caught one tire before it blew. at every fill up i walk around and put my hands on the hub area and a visual inspec all of the tires.

i have a friend that had a 2 year run of blowing atleast one LT tire per trip. i considered that his fault, long story. because of that i carry 2 spares with my tandem axle toyhaulers. 3 toyhaulers back, after the two tires blew out 4 hrs apart. blew 1 hr into the trip and the 2nd 4 hrs down the road. 2nd one blew on I70 ( kansas ) west bound, in road construction where they had narrowed it down to 1 lane and still lots of traffic at midnight! the 2nd one did some damage and was very sketchy changing out on the shoulder in that traffic. luckily i had 2 spares for the trip.

after doing a lot of reading and calling 2 tire manufacturers, i realized that for myself, going a min of 20% over the required axle rating with a speed rating of L or M was the best option. that toyhauler came with 5200 lbs axles, D range (8ply) tires with a speed rating of J on 15" rims. swapped out to E's ( 10 ply) and a speed rating of L. as far as brand goes, when your 7 -16 hrs from home, you get what they stock! after spec'ing my st tries that way, i didn't have another issue for almost 11 years. the last one was on a 900 mile trip, apprx 300 mile of road construction combined, across 3 states, and 75 mph as often as possible on 5 year old tires. belt broke and tread started to roll over to the side wall. luckily i caught that while filling up.

i have owned 6 toyhaulers in the last 21 years. all but 2 manufacturers spec'd out tires that barely met the axle ratings. they do sell 12 ply ( load range F) st tires ( speed rating L & M ) for 15" rims. less common in this area but they are online and i carry 2 spares anyway. that brand was chinese and one i had never heard of. after six 14 hrs ( round trip) runs, at 75 mph as often as possible, in 1.5 years, they showed no noteable signs of wear. set them 10 psi under max cold rating for hot days and truly have no idea if that makes a difference or not.

current toyhauler, i spec'd with 14 ply sailun 235-85x16's speed range L and received 235-80x16 tires without notification. the smaller tire was not a huge deal, i was just trying to match the dia of my truck tires to keep them all spinning at the same rpm. toyhauler weighs 7200 lbs empty and i add 3500 lbs to it for a dune trip. 14 ply tires may sound like over kill but with 7k lb axles, they are just over the axle rating at 3638 lbs each.

* This post was edited 12/10/22 08:33am by dsrace *

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